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August 2022 Juvenile Fiction

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    9780593566671 Paperback JUVENILE FICTION / Diversity & Multicultural Age (years) from 3 - 7, Grade (US) from P - 2 On Sale Date:August 09, 2022
    $7.99 CAD 8 x 8 x 0.07 in | 0.15 lb | 24 pages Carton Quantity:96 Random House Books for Young Readers
    • Marketing Copy

      Rosita de Sésamo aprende a responder cuando extraños en el supermercado le dicen a ella y a su Mami que no hablen español. Este libro de bolsillo ilustrado se basa en el video del mismo nombre en el sitio web de Sesame Street en las Comunidades.
      Sesame Street’s Rosita learns how to respond when strangers at the supermarket tell her and her Mami not to speak Spanish—this illustrated paperback is based on the video of the same name on the Sesame Street in Communities website.

      Rosita y su Mami se enfrentan al racismo cuando les dicen que se abstengan de hablar español en el supermercado. Mientras discuten el inquietante encuentro, a Rosita se le recuerda lo valioso y especial que es hablar dos idiomas. ¡Y que la capacidad de hacerlo es como tener un superpoder! Este importante libro, inspirado en el video del mismo nombre en el sitio web de Sesame Street en las Comunidades, resulta de gran ayuda para presentarles a niños pequeños el delicado tema del racismo.
      Sesame Workshop, la organización educativa sin fines de lucro detrás de Sésamo, tiene como objetivo ayudar a los niños a crecer más inteligentes, fuertes y bondadosos a través de sus muchas iniciativas a nivel local e internacional. Dichos proyectos cubren una amplia esfera de temas para familias de todo el mundo.
      Rosita and her Mami experience racism when they are told not to speak Spanish at the supermarket. While discussing the upsetting encounter, Rosita is reminded how smart and special she is to speak two languages. And that the ability to do so is like having a superpower! This important book—inspired by the video of the same name on the Sesame Street in Communities website—is a helpful way to introduce a tough yet important topic to young children.

      Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street, aims to help kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder through its many unique domestic and international initiatives. These projects cover a wide array of topics for families around the world.
      MARÍA CORREA es una autora y editora de libros infantiles. Sus superpoderes incluyen hablar español, hacer desaparecer el helado y congelar el tiempo en fotografías. Originaria de Medellín, Colombia, ella reside actualmente en la ciudad de Nueva York.
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    12 to 22 POV You Wake Up in the Future! Jen Calonita
    9780593433362 Hardcover JUVENILE FICTION / Science Fiction Age (years) from 8 - 12, Grade (US) from 3 - 7 On Sale Date:August 16, 2022
    $22.99 CAD 5.81 x 8.56 x 0.87 in | 0.8 lb | 256 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y Delacorte Press
    • Marketing Copy

      A smart and funny modern day 13 Going on 30 from New York Times bestselling author Jen Calonita! A tween girl finds out it is like to be 22 when she jumps in time with the help of a mysterious TikTok filter.

      Turning 12 1/2 shouldn’t be the most exciting birthday in the world. It’s a half birthday after all. But Harper is thrilled because she is getting the biggest gift of all: her parent’s approval to finally get social media accounts. 
      Except when she goes to post her first photo, there is a filter she has never heard of before. One that shows you what you will look like when you are older. Curious, Harper clicks on it…but ends up flash forwarding in time to when she is 22. 
      She will quickly find that being in her twenties means the freedom she always wanted, money for the glow up she didn’t know she needed and working for her idol! But Harper soon discovers a lot more has changed than she expected—including the person she wants to be. Will Harper be able to use the filter to get the life of her dreams? Or will there be more glitches?
      Jen Calonita is the New York Times bestselling author of the The Retake, Fairy Tale Reform School series, Secrets of My Hollywood Life as well as several books in the Twisted Tale series. She lives in New York with her husband and two boys. Visit her online at: www.jencalonitaonline.com and Twitter @jencalonita.

      Author Residence: Long Island, NY
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        Author Website: www.jencalonitaonline.com/

        Author Social Media: @jencalonita
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    Baby Whale Ventures North Samantha Baker Canada, Dawn Baker Canada
    9781774571125 Paperback JUVENILE FICTION / Animals Age (years) from 4 - 10 Publication Date:August 19, 2022
    $16.95 CAD 9 x 9 x 0.12 in | 0.66 lb | 32 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y Flanker Press
    • Marketing Copy

      Whether above or below the surface, the North Atlantic Ocean is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Whales, dolphins, fish, and seabirds are just a few of the creatures that live in or near the sea. Join a humpback whale calf as she encounters many new sights and sounds during her first summer in the waters surrounding Newfoundland. Though the world around the calf constantly changes, one thing remains the same—her mother is always by her side.
      Samantha Baker grew up with a great love for the arts and has always enjoyed singing, playing the piano, drawing, and, most of all, writing. She studied linguistics and psychology at Memorial University of Newfoundland, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in 2013. Upon graduating, she received the Michael Staveley Award for maintaining Dean’s List status every year of her program. Samantha later returned to Memorial University, where she completed her Bachelor of Education in 2016. She has since worked as a substitute teacher and as an adult basic education instructor at Keyin College, where she primarily taught English language arts. Today she works with The Rooms as part of the Programming and Public Engagement division. In her spare time, Samantha enjoys reading, cooking, taking walks around local parks, and spending time with her loved ones.

      Dawn Baker has been a visual artist and children’s writer since 1992. A graduate of Memorial University with a Bachelor of Education and a certificate in library studies, she served on the board of directors of The Rooms from 2006 until 2019. In 2015, Dawn served as a juror for the Governor General’s Literary Awards and toured Ontario as part of TD Canadian Children’s Book Week. A Baby Whale Ventures North is the thirteenth book that she has published with Flanker Press.
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    A Backyard Pet Ready-to-Read Level 2 Doreen Cronin, Stephen Gilpin
    9781665906173 Hardcover JUVENILE FICTION / Readers Age (years) from 5 - 7, Grade (US) from K - 2, Reading age from 5 - 7 Publication Date:August 30, 2022
    $23.99 CAD 152.4 x 228.6 x 12.7 mm | 0.48 lb | 32 pages Carton Quantity:100 Canadian Rights: Y Simon Spotlight
    • Marketing Copy

      Now an animated series on Disney Junior!

      The Chicken Squad is back for their eighth (mis)adventure, and this time the fowl siblings adopt unique pets in this Level 2 Ready-to-Read from the bestselling author of Click, Clack, Moo.

      Sugar sees all her siblings have different pets in the backyard. At first, she thinks some of them are silly (how can wildflowers be a pet?). But she wants to join in the fun and find a backyard pet, too!
      Doreen Cronin is the author of many bestselling and New York Times bestselling picture books, including Click, Clack, Quack to School!; Click, Clack, Surprise!; Click, Clack, Ho, Ho, Ho; Click, Clack, Peep; Click, Clack, Boo!; Dooby Dooby Moo; Thump, Quack, Moo: A Whacky Adventure; Bounce; Wiggle; Duck for President; Giggle, Giggle, Quack; Bloom; and the Caldecott Honor Book Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type as well as The Chicken Squad series and Cyclone. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. Visit her at DoreenCronin.com.

      Stephen Gilpin graduated from the NYC School of Visual Arts where he studied painting and cartooning. He is the illustrator of the Who Shrunk Daniel Funk series and The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy series. Stephen currently lives in Hiawatha, Kansas. Visit him at SGilpin.com.
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    A Better Way to Bell a Cat Bonnie Grubman, Judi Abbot
    9781605377667 Hardcover JUVENILE FICTION / Humorous Stories Age (years) from 5 - 10 On Sale Date:August 26, 2022
    $26.95 CAD 8.27 x 11.42 x 0.11 in | 390 gr | 32 pages Carton Quantity:31 Canadian Rights: Y Clavis
    • Marketing Copy


      "A familiar story told with a bit of pathos, ending with camaraderie and some suspense." - Kirkus Reviews

      Elwood, Bernardo, and Vincent enjoy a nice, easy life. Until the humans bring home . . . MEOW! Oh, no, a cat in the house! Goodbye, lazy days. Unless the mice succeed in their plan, of course!

      A funny story about a new roommate and clever, scheming mice. For mouse and cat lovers ages 5 years and up.


      Bonnie Grubman grew up with a love of reading. As a child, she lived in an apartment with her family, pet turtles, and a parakeet. On hot summer nights, she would cool off on the fire escape with a flashlight and a big stack of books. Bonnie went to nursing school, but later decided to trade her nurse's hat for a classroom full of picture books. She was inspired by her students who found joy and curiosity in everything they saw. Because of these kids, and for all kids, she became a writer. Bonnie lives in Syosset, New York.

      Judi Abbot was born and raised in Italy. She studied illustration at the art school in Milan. Now, she lives with her family in London. Judy usually works with acrylics, collage and color pencils, but she is also good with digital media. Next to her work as an illustrator, Judy organizes creative workshops for children in bookshops and in libraries.

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    • Awards & Reviews

      "The peaceful, safe life three mice enjoy is threatened when the homeowner introduces a “rather large tabby.” The mice flee and, while hiding, try to come up with a plan to bell the cat. Several failed though innovative ideas later, the clever rodents come up with a Trojan horse–style plan. They hide within the stuffing of Fluffy, a toy dog, and approach the napping feline with loud woofs, hoping to scare the newcomer away. The cat is unimpressed, but the three mice are relieved when the feline states, “I’m not a mouser. I’m just a cat who fancies canned food, friendship, and harmonious living.” The cat is warmly welcomed, and a lasting friendship is formed between the new and existing housemates. Then, ominously the humans bring home “a rather large pup.” The foregone cliffhanger conclusion leaves readers with some anticipation and intrigue. Pleasing, emotive, cartoon-style illustrations enhance this straightforward, sympathetic narrative with characters who are apprehensive though amenable to a changing situation. (This book was reviewed digitally.) A familiar story told with a bit of pathos, ending with camaraderie and some suspense." - Kirkus Reviews
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    A Bilingual Treasury of Chinese Folktales Ten Traditional Stories in Chinese and English (Free Online Audio Recordings) Vivian Ling, Wang Peng, Yang Xi
    9780804854986 Hardcover JUVENILE FICTION / Legends, Myths, Fables Age (years) from 10 - 13 On Sale Date:August 02, 2022
    $22.95 CAD 8.5 x 11 x 0 in | 600 gr | 64 pages Carton Quantity:20 Canadian Rights: Y Tuttle Publishing
    • Marketing Copy

      The timeless wisdom of Chinese folktales presented in parallel English and Chinese texts!

      Switch up your bedtime reading with this memorable bilingual anthology. These traditional Chinese tales are fun to read and each one contains a gentle moral telling kids how to be a good person and live a good life. The stories are presented with parallel English and Chinese texts on every page, along with dozens of charming color illustrations by illustrator Yang Xi.

      The ten traditional folktales in this volume include:
      • "Gold and Silver Hatchets"-Showing children the rewards that honesty can bring
      • "How Can You Weigh an Elephant?"-It takes a small boy to solve an impossible task
      • " How Silk Was Invented"- And how women contributed to the development of Chinese culture
      • And many more!

      Sure to delight readers of all ages, A Bilingual Treasury of Chinese Folktales is perfect for parents who want their children to absorb the timeless wisdom of Chinese folk stories and also perhaps learn some Chinese along the way!
      Vivian Ling has enjoyed a long career in Chinese language and literature. She has taught at Oberlin College and Indiana University and directed Chinese language programs in Taipei, Shanghai, Kunming, and Beijing. She is the author of numerous Chinese language textbooks and books, including The Field of Chinese Language Education in the U.S.: A Retrospective of the 20th Century. She also co-authored Essential Mandarin Chinese Grammar and Chinese Stories for Language Learners, both published by Tuttle.

      Wang Peng has been on the faculty at Georgetown University since 2002, teaching various levels of Chinese language courses, including Business Chinese and Chinese for Heritage Learners. Formerly, she was the chief instructor at the Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies at Tsinghua University, as well as a visiting faculty member at Oberlin College and Brown University. She also co-authored Essential Mandarin Chinese Grammar and Chinese Stories for Language Learners, both published by Tuttle.

      Illustrations by:
      Yang Xi
      is an up-and-coming artist and illustrator in China. Her distinctive style can be characterized as an amalgamation of classical and contemporary, and Chinese and Western elements. She holds an MA from the College of Fine Arts at Nanjing Art Institute. While specializing in illustrations related to Chinese culture, she has an eye toward the sensibilities of a worldwide audience.
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    A Day That's Ours Blake Nuto, Vyara Boyadjieva
    9781838740757 Hardcover JUVENILE FICTION / Family Age (years) from 3 - 7, Grade (US) from P - 2 On Sale Date:August 23, 2022
    $22.99 CAD 10.88 x 9.31 x 0.38 in | 0.76 lb | 32 pages Carton Quantity:26 Flying Eye Books
    • Marketing Copy

      For the parent and child, A Day That’s Ours slows down to explore the small wonders of our surroundings, and the emotions of sending a child to school.

      In this heart-warming, poetic story, a father and child share the last few moments of quiet before the school year begins. They take the time to notice each detail as they spend their special day together – from making a special pancake breakfast to noticing each spider’s web and falling feather. A moving story for parents to share with their little ones as they take their first steps into school or nursery.
      Blake Nuto is an elementary teacher with a deep love of children’s literature and a desire to integrate philosophy and mindfulness into education. His first picture book, A Child of Galaxies, was nominated for the Klaus Flugge Prize 2021. He currently lives and works in Tasmania.

      Vyara Boyadjieva is a Bulgarian illustrator, currently based in Sofia. In 2017, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna with a degree in Illustration and Comics, and in 2020 she completed a Master’s in Children’s Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art. She now has the pleasure to be working full-time as a picture book maker.

      Author Residence: Australia

      Author Hometown: Australia

      Vyara Boyadjieva is a Bulgarian illustrator, currently based in Sofia. In 2017, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna with a degree in Illustration and Comics, and in 2020 she completed a Master’s in Children’s Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art. She now has the pleasure to be working full-time as a picture book maker.

      Illustrator Residence: Sofia, Bulgaria

      Illustrator Hometown: Bulgaria
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        Author Website: www.blakenuto.com/

        Author Social Media: www.instagram.com/blake_nuto/?hl=en
    • Awards & Reviews

      Selected by the CBC’s Love Makes the World Go Round Summer 2022 Showcase
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    A Friend for Ghost Suzanne Kaufman
    9780823448524 Hardcover JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes Age (years) from 4 - 8, Grade (US) from P - 3 On Sale Date:August 23, 2022
    $24.99 CAD 9.8 x 9.28 x 0.37 in | 0.85 lb | 32 pages Carton Quantity:30 Canadian Rights: Y Neal Porter Books
    • Marketing Copy

      Friendship comes in the most unlikely of places when a lonely ghost meets a buoyant new companion.

      “Above a noisy family,
      On a crowded street,
      In the big city,
      In a dark lonely attic,
      Lived Ghost.”

      For Ghost, it can be pretty hard to make new friends. Some people are frightened, others don’t understand, most don’t seem to realize Ghost is even there.
      One day when a bright red balloon wanders Ghost’s way, the connection is instantaneous. Together they do everything Ghost had ever hoped to share with a friend, but balloons rarely stick around for long.  That’s when Ghost learns that when you’re looking for a friend, a friend might find you.
      With A Friend for Ghost Suzanne Kaufman, New York Times Bestselling illustrator of All Are Welcome, brings her talents to bear in an utterly charming tale about friendships and the wish to find them.
      Suzanne Kaufman is the illustrator of the New York Times Bestseller All Are Welcome and the follow-up, Big Feelings, written by Alexandra Penfold. She also illustrated 100 Bugs by Kate Narita. She lives in Seattle, Washington.

      Author Residence: Seattle, Washington
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    • Awards & Reviews

      “[A] lovely title…. The emotional journey of Ghost is captured through expressive illustrations of Ghost and Ghost’s surroundings. Ghost does not have a personal pronoun which creates a wonderful opening for classroom or story-hour discussion…. Recommended for libraries looking for sweet ghost stories as well as titles on friendship and the challenges of making friends”—School Library Journal

      “[This] tale offers plenty of opportunities to spark discussions about friendship and compatibility…. Children will enjoy seeing ghosts behaving as nonthreatening, fun-seeking, and peoplelike.”—Kirkus Reviews
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