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    Syria Recipes for Olive Oil and Vinegar Lovers Emily Lycopolus Canada, DL Acken Canada
    9781771512817 Hardcover COOKING / Specific Ingredients On Sale Date:August 23, 2018
    $22.00 CAD 6.5 x 8 x 0.88 in | 1 gr | 168 pages Carton Quantity:28 TouchWood Editions
    • Marketing Copy


      A new cookbook in the series that reveals the best ways to use specialty olive oils and vinegars in international cuisines—now featuring the succulent, flavourful dishes of Syria.

      Eating together in Syrian culture is all about generosity and hospitality, bustling community, and lively conversation over tables laden with fragrant dishes. Whether you’re a culinary expert or just taste-curious, the newest cookbook in the Recipes for Olive Oil and Vinegar Lovers series offers you plenty of easy, inspired menu items for your next dinner party. Indulge in all fifty recipes using the following premium olive oils and quality vinegars:

      • Lime Fused Olive Oil
      • Harissa Infused Olive Oil
      • Pomegranate Dark Balsamic Vinegar
      • Mango White Balsamic Vinegar

      Now’s the time to try recipes like Baharat, Falafel, Kibbeh, Muhammara (spicy red pepper walnut spread), Red Lentil and Rice Soup, Fatteh, Shakriyyeh (roasted chicken in yogurt sauce), Atayaef (sweet stuffed syrian pancakes), Mango Cardamom Orange blossom Jam, and Mamools with Cardamom coffee. With recipes for appetizers, salads, mains, and sweets, Syria will expand your culinary horizons, and introduce you to unforgettable flavors that you’ll return to again and again. Fe sahatek!


      Emily Lycopolus is a recipe developer, the author of six olive oil-focused cookbooks, a level two olive oil sommelier, the co-founder of eatcreative.ca, a food-driven creative content agency, and the founder of The Olive Oil Critic (oliveoilcritic.com). Her family owns an olive grove in central Italy, where her love of olive oil began. She lives in Victoria, BC.

      Danielle (DL) Acken is a Canadian-born international food writer and photographer who splits her time between London, UK and her farm studio on Canada’s beautiful Salt Spring Island. See her work at dlacken.com.

      Marketing & Promotion
        • Cooking segments on CTV Morning Live Vancouver, Global Noon News Vancouver
        • Radio interview on CBC On the Coast, CBC The Main Ingredient, CBC On the Island
        • Reviews, interviews, excerpts in Chatelaine, Globe and Mail, Western Living, Vancouver Sun
        • eBLADs available June

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    catalogue cover
    9781771512916 Hardcover COOKING / Specific Ingredients On Sale Date:September 20, 2018
    $88.00 CAD 6.5 x 8 x 3.5 in | 1 gr | 672 pages Carton Quantity:6 TouchWood Editions
    • Marketing Copy


      Now you can own all four books in the complete international Recipes for Olive Oil and Vinegar Lovers series in a beautiful box set format.

      Savor the culinary magnificence of the Mediterranean and the Middle East from the comfort of your very own kitchen! Italy, Greece, Spain, and Syria come together in one convenient box set, sending olive oil and vinegar lovers on a culinary adventure into the very heart of these rich, ancient cultures. Each one of these books shows you how to amplify the flavour in all of these dishes using four specialty olive oil and vinegar products, found at an olive oil tasting bar near you.


      • Blood orange fused olive oil
      • Tuscan herb infused olive oil
      • Fig dark balsamic vinegar
      • Sicilian lemon white balsamic


      • Lemon fused olive oil
      • Garlic infused olive oil
      • Apricot white balsamic vinegar
      • Black cherry dark balsamic vinegar


      • Spanish extra virgin olive oil
      • Rosemary infused olive oil
      • Sherry vinegar
      • Grapefruit white balsamic vinegar


      • Lime fused olive oil
      • Harissa infused olive oil
      • Pomegranate dark balsamic
      • Mango white balsamic vinegar

      Emily Lycopolus is a recipe developer, the author of six olive oil-focused cookbooks, a level two olive oil sommelier, the co-founder of eatcreative.ca, a food-driven creative content agency, and the founder of The Olive Oil Critic (oliveoilcritic.com). Her family owns an olive grove in central Italy, where her love of olive oil began. She lives in Victoria, BC.

      Danielle (DL) Acken is a Canadian-born international food writer and photographer who splits her time between London, UK and her farm studio on Canada’s beautiful Salt Spring Island. See her work at dlacken.com.

      Marketing & Promotion
        • Direct marketing to Olive Oil tasting rooms
        • Coverage in olive oil industry online magazines Olive Oil Times and Oil & Vinegar
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    catalogue cover
    From Bear Rock Mountain The Life and Times of a Dene Residential School Survivor Antoine Bear Rock Mountain Canada
    9781927366806 Hardcover BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Cultural, Ethnic & Regional On Sale Date:May 28, 2019
    $30.00 CAD 5.5 x 8.5 x 0.1 in | 1 gr | 416 pages Carton Quantity:24 Canadian Rights: Y Brindle & Glass
    • Marketing Copy


      In this poetic, poignant memoir, Dene artist and social activist Antoine Mountain paints an unforgettable picture of his journey from residential school to art school—and his path to healing.

      In 1949, Antoine Mountain was born on the land near Radelie Koe, Fort Good Hope, Northwest Territories. At the tender age of seven, he was stolen away from his home and sent to a residential school—run by the Roman Catholic Church in collusion with the Government of Canada—three hundred kilometres away. Over the next twelve years, the three residential schools Mountain was forced to attend systematically worked to erase his language and culture, the very roots of his identity.

      While reconnecting to that which had been taken from him, he had a disturbing and painful revelation of the bitter depths of colonialism and its legacy of cultural genocide. Canada has its own holocaust, Mountain argues.

      As a celebrated artist and social activist today, Mountain shares this moving, personal story of healing and the reclamation of his Dene identity.

      Antoine Mountain has received many awards for his art, community activism, and athletic achievement. Mountain is currently completing a PhD in Indigenous Studies at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario but will always call Radelie Koe (Fort Good Hope), Northwest Territories home. Find out more at amountainarts.com.
      Marketing & Promotion
        • National, regional and subject specific print features, excerpts and review coverage
        • Subject specific print features, excerpts, review coverage, broadcast and television interviews
        • Festival appearances
        • Electronic ARCs
        • Targeted media: Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, Library Journal, Globe and Mail, Quill & Quire, National Post, Vancouver Sun, Hamilton Book Review,  Canadian Literature, Canadian Notes and Queries, Muskrat Magazine, Macleans, CBC Unreserved, CBC The Next Chapter, CBC The Current, Windspeaker, First Nations Drum, Kukukwes.com, Nation Talk, Indigenous Now
        • Outreach to festivals. Pitches to North Words, Indigenous Arts Festival, Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival, Victoria Indigenous Cultural Festival, Vancouver Writers Fest, Thin Air, International Festival of Authors, Kingston Lit Festival, Ottawa International Festival of Authors
        • Electronic galleys
        • Excerpts
        • Press release
        • BIO026000     BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs
        • BIO028000     BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Cultural, Ethnic & Regional / Native American & Aboriginal
        • SOC062000    SOCIAL SCIENCE / Indigenous Studies
        • Canada
        • Northwest Territories
        • ET150     CULTURAL HERITAGE / Native American
        • DNC

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    catalogue cover
    City in Colour Rediscovered Stories of Victoria's Multicultural Past May Q. Wong Canada
    9781771512855 Paperback HISTORY / Social History On Sale Date:October 01, 2018
    $22.00 CAD 5.5 x 7.5 x 0.1 in | 1 gr | 352 pages Carton Quantity:32 TouchWood Editions
    • Marketing Copy


      A timely, intriguing collection of the overlooked stories of Victoria’s pioneers, trailblazers, and community builders who were also diverse people of colour.

      Often described as “more English than the English,” the city of Victoria has a much more ethnically diverse background than historical record and current literature reveal. Significant contributions were made by many people of colour with fascinating stories, including:

      • the Kanaka, or Hawaiian Islanders, who constructed Fort Victoria, and members of the Kanaka community such as Maria Mahoi and William Naukana
      • three Metis matriarchs—Amelia Connolly Douglas, Josette Legacé Work, and Isabelle M. Mainville Ross
      • the Victoria Voltigeurs, the earliest police presence in the Colony of Vancouver Island, and who were primarily men of colour
      • Grafton Tyler Brown, now known in the United States as one of the first and best African American artists of the American West
      • Manzo Nagano, Canada’s first recorded immigrant from Japan
      • and many more

      With information about various cultural communities in early Victoria and significant dates, May Wong’s City in Colour is a collection of fascinating stories of unsung characters whose stories are at the heart of Victoria’s history.


      May Q. Wong was born to Chinese immigrants and raised in Montreal along "the Main" a major boulevard that connects Canada's most diverse neighbourhoods. Educated at McGill University and the University of Victoria, she spent her career in the British Columbia Public Service working toward improving the lives of those in need. Since retiring in 2004, May has devoted her time to travelling with her husband and writing about the people they have met and the places they have been. Wong is the author of the memoir, A Cowherd in Paradise: From China to Canada and the non-fiction history of Victoria's multicultural past, City in Colour. She lives in Victoria, BC.

      Marketing & Promotion
        • Reviews and features in BC BookWorld, the Ormsby Review, Times Colonist, BC History, BC Studies, Oak Bay News
        • Radio interviews on CBC's On the Island and All Points West, CFAX 1070
        • Paid advertising in BC BookWorld
        • Digital galleys available July
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    catalogue cover
    A Sorrowful Sanctuary A Lane Winslow Mystery Iona Whishaw Canada
    9781771512893 Paperback FICTION / Mystery & Detective On Sale Date:August 31, 2018
    $16.95 CAD 5 x 7.5 x 0.1 in | 1 gr | 368 pages Carton Quantity:24 Canadian Rights: Y TouchWood Editions
    • Marketing Copy


      In the fifth book of the series that the Globe and Mail calls “terrific,” Lane Winslow investigates the murder of an unidentified man she found adrift in a boat near King’s Cove.

      Lane Winslow is enjoying a perfect, sunny day at the lake when she spots a gravely injured young man drifting in a sinking rowboat. Hypothermic, bleeding, and soaked in icy, bloody water, he is unable to speak, leaving Lane at a loss. What series of events brought him to this grisly fate?

      Darling and Ames are quick to pick up the case, but leads are few until Angela’s young son finds an unsettling clue on the beach—a bright red swastika lapel pin—that points to the National Unity Party of Canada. When the anonymous man succumbs to his injuries, Darling and Lane are thrown headlong into a murder investigation with ties to the old country.

      Fans of Maisie Dobbs, Bess Crawford, and the ever-popular Kopp Sisters will be enchanted by Lane Winslow, a clever, no-nonsense sleuth based on the author’s own mother, who was a wartime spy.


      Iona Whishaw is a former educator and social worker whose mother and grandfather were both spies during their respective wars. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with her husband. Visit her at ionawhishaw.com.

      Marketing & Promotion
        • Features and reviews targeting Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun as well as Canadian Mystery Reviews, Kirkus Reviews, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and Foreword Reviews
        • Reviews and interviews on respected mystery review sites CrimeFictionLover.com, ReviewingtheEvidence.com
        • Mystery blog outreach campaign; blog tour to coincide with pub date
        • Paid advertising with Shelf Awareness Pro, Baker & Taylor, ULS
        • Online promotion and publicity via TouchWood Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and paid ads
        • Print and digital ARCs available

    • Awards & Reviews


      Praise+for the Lane Winslow Mysteries

      It Begins in Betrayal (#4)

      • “A tale of two murders. . . . relentlessly exciting from start to finish.” —Kirkus Reviews
      • It Begins in Betrayal has a wonderfully complex plot with threads that eventually resolve most satisfactorily. The post-war time period is particularly interesting and well captured.” —Maureen Jennings, author of the Murdoch Mysteries series
      • “Action-packed and emotionally charged from the prologue to the climax . . . it just doesn't get much better than this.” —Don Graves, Canadian Mystery Reviews

      An Old, Cold Grave (#3)

      • “A fascinating picture of a life in which many people spent every waking hour working and a disturbing look at the fate of orphaned children raise this mystery above the ordinary. “ —Kirkus Reviews

      • “Lane Winslow, the intrepid sleuth of King's Cove, is back in her third adventure and, like the first two, it's a charmer. Once again, British Columbia's own Iona Whishaw's delightful modern gloss on the venerable British cozy provides a perfect weekend getaway . . . a cleverly plotted story with a delightful setting and amusing characters. Once again, Whishaw keeps us guessing to the end.” —Margaret Cannon, Globe and Mail
      • An Old, Cold Grave—Iona Whishaw's compelling third novel—gives us a gentle rural setting, a body in a root cellar, and, of course, Lane Winslow, the best new amateur sleuth to come along in quite some time. Plot, dialogue, and place: all the requisite elements for an award-winning novel.” —Don Graves, Canadian Mystery Reviews blog
      • “If you enjoy a puzzle set in a 1947, rural BC community, with dialogue that reaches into the soul and a sense of place that is integral to the mystery, then An Old, Cold Grave is a summer read for you . . . In short, sin, plot, dialogue and place: all the requisite elements for an award-winning novel. It's easy to imagine a fourth in this increasingly fine series.” —Bay Observer
      • “This series, with a strong and likable female protagonist . . . continues to get better and better. The novels not only use the past as a setting, but there are lessons about history—and how the consequences of past actions always catch up, sooner or later, with those involved.” —ReviewingtheEvidence.com

      Death in a Darkening Mist (#2)

      • “The late L. R. Wright's marvellous mysteries set on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast remain some of my favourite Canadian books. But this second novel by Iona Whishaw, also set in BC, is every bit as good. Both writers know how to make a book's setting as important a factor as the plot line or the characters . . . [an] excellent chapter in what appears to be a terrific series.” —Margaret Cannon, Globe and Mail
      • “An absolute winner [that] moves the notch up several levels when it comes to mystery writing with a historical twinge. The highlight of the writing is the seamless blend of the sense of place into the storyline. The impact of both world wars settles into the essence of any place, and this is a sterling example of how place impacts both events and people.” —Don Graves, Canadian Mystery Reviews blog
      • “Set in 1946, this series cleverly combines both elements of a cozy and a spy thriller, with a heroine who is tough and independent, but harboring secrets of her own . . . The local townspeople are quirky and a nice addition, reminding the reader of another Canadian writer, Louise Penny, who populates her town with interesting characters . . . a series I hope to continue reading.” —ReviewingtheEvidence.com

      A Killer in King's Cove (#1)

      • “A good historical mystery with a cast of characters that will provide plot lines for the series to come. Iona Whishaw is a writer to watch.” —Margaret Cannon, Globe and Mail
      • “Exquisitely written, psychologically deft . . . If you miss Mary Stewart's sleuthing heroines, if you loved Broadchurch and its village of suspects, settle in, turn off the phone, and enjoy.” —Linda Svendsen, author of Sussex Drive and Marine Life
      • “A debut mystery from an author destined for awards. A setting that is ripe for storytelling and a convincing gift for portraying the painful and challenging life for the survivors of the two world wars . . . Whishaw is an exciting addition to Canada's fine roster of mystery writers.” —Don Graves, Canadian Mystery Reviews blog
      • “The writing . . . conjures up nicely the ambiance of a 1940s west Canadian locale and develops in depth both the characters and their interactions.” —San Francisco Book Review
      • A Killer in King's Cove is worth a look, especially as the author intends to reprise her lead character.” —Seattle Book Review
      • “Iona Whishaw brings to life a rural country town from the 1940s . . . She's created an engaging, quirky cast of characters in the countryside who, some more reluctantly than others, welcome Lane into their circle. . . . Despite Lane's promise to Inspector Darling to not cause any more mayhem in town, we sort of hope she does!” —ReviewingtheEvidence.com
      • "A simply riveting read by a master of the genre, A Killer in King's Cove is especially recommended the personal reading lists of dedicated mystery buffs, as well as an enduringly popular acquisition choice for community library Mystery/Suspense collections." —Wisconsin Bookwatch
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    catalogue cover
    Great Canadian Ghost Stories Legendary Tales of Haunting from Coast to Coast Barbara Smith Canada
    9781771512794 Paperback BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Supernatural (incl. Ghosts) On Sale Date:September 21, 2018
    $20.00 CAD 5.5 x 8.5 x 0.1 in | 1 gr | 232 pages Carton Quantity:32 TouchWood Editions
    • Marketing Copy


      A compelling collection of iconic ghost stories from all across Canada.

      Time and place are infused with ghosts and hauntings. From coast to coast to coast, Canada’s provinces and territories teem with the supernatural—phantoms obscured in the mists of time, spectres that delight in wreaking terror, and spirits destined to linger forever at the edge of the veil.

      Visit the far-flung corners of Canada to discover the folklore and legends behind:

      • the ghost of a Newfoundland outlaw that leads blizzard-blind men to safety
      • A poltergeist infestation that gleefully tortured an entire Nova Scotia family
      • A fleet of phantom ships that haunt the coastline of New Brunswick
      • the haggard spectre of a murderous witch in historic Quebec City
      • Saskatchewan’s ghost-ridden military cadet academy
      • an Alberta cabbie’s encounter with a silent shadow of a man in black
      • the headless railway brakeman of Vancouver
      • a moaning, man-shaped mist that haunts a Yukon cabin

      From east to west to way up north, bestselling author and renowned storyteller Barbara Smith traverses Canada’s provinces and territories to unearth more than 100 supernatural tales that careen between heartwarming, horrifying, sorrowful, and spine-chilling.

      Barbara Smith is the bestselling author of over thirty books, including Campfire Stories of Western Canada, Ghostly Campfire Stories of Western Canada, Great Canadian Ghost Stories, The Famous Five, The Valiant Nellie McClung, and perennial favourites in the ghost-story genre, Ghost Stories of Alberta, Ghost Stories and Mysterious Creatures of British Columbia, and Ghost Stories of the Rocky Mountains.
      Marketing & Promotion
        • Interviews on local CBC programming in each province: On the Coast, All Points West, Alberta at Noon, Saskatoon Morning, Metro Morning
        • Reviews and excerpts in key provincial newspapers: Times Colonist, Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, Saskatoon StarPhoenix, Regina Leader-Post, Winnipeg Free Press, Brandon Sun, Toronto Star
        • Interview on The Ghost Story Guys podcast
        • Digital ARCs available

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    catalogue cover
    Island Home Out and About on Vancouver Island Anny Scoones Canada
    9781771512589 Paperback HUMOR / Topic On Sale Date:April 30, 2019
    $20.00 CAD 6 x 8 x 0.1 in | 1 gr | 344 pages Carton Quantity:28 Canadian Rights: Y TouchWood Editions
    • Marketing Copy


      A collection of humorous essays about Vancouver Island’s unique quirks by the convivial and thoughtful storyteller Anny Scoones.

      Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands are celebrated for their ineffable charisma, laid-back pace, and distinct grooviness. Anny Scoones travels the length of Vancouver Island to explore the nooks and crannies of coastal communities, inland towns, and iconic places, sharing observations, musings, and tidbits about the region’s fascinating and layered history.

      Whether it’s an account of the chainsaw carving festival in Campbell River, a take on the giant gnome just north of Nanoose Bay, or a description of folks met at the Foggy Mountain Fall Fair in Cumberland, this book takes us to extraordinary locations and introduces us to the people who make this part of the world so magnetic. Observe, pause, ponder, and indulge in what Anny calls “a little think” on the area’s characteristics and personalities.

      Whether you’re a Lycra-clad cyclist climbing the hills of Mayne Island, a slow food enthusiast besotted with “sexy” apples on Salt Spring Island, or someone dreaming about Vancouver Island as a potential destination, these essays and illustrations will connect you with places and people that seem curiously familiar…maybe even yourself.


      Anny Scoones is the author of Home and Away, True Home, Hometown, Last Dance in Shediac, and Island Home. She lives in the historic neighbourhood of James Bay in Victoria, British Columbia.

      Marketing & Promotion


        • Regional and subject specific print features, excerpts and review coverage
        • Electronic galleys

        • Targeted media: Targeted media includes: Times Colonist, CBC On the Island, CBC North by Northwest, CFAX 1070, CHEK News, Go!Island, Global Victoria, BC Studies, BC History, BC BookWorld, The Ormsby Review,  Campbell River Mirror, Nanaimo News Bulletin, Tofino-Ucluelet Westerly, Comox Valley Record, Cowichan Valley Citizen, Alberni Valley Times, Sooke News Mirror, Shawnigan Focus

        • Electronic galleys
        • Excerpts
        • Press release

        • HUM026000     HUMOR / Topic / Travel
        • HUM0000000   HUMOR / General

        • British Columbia
        • Vancouver Island

        • WH
        • WTLC
        • WTM

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    catalogue cover
    Following the Curve of Time The Untold Story of Capi Blanchet Cathy Converse Canada
    9781771512961 Paperback BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Historical On Sale Date:August 27, 2018
    $20.00 CAD 5.5 x 8 x 1 in | 1 gr | 224 pages Carton Quantity:48 TouchWood Editions
    • Marketing Copy


      A paperback edition of the BC Book Award–nominated biography of Capi Blanchet, the author of the BC coastal classic, The Curve of Time.

      After her husband died in 1926 from a suspected drowning, Capi Blanchet spent every summer cruising BC’s west coast with her five children and their dog in the family’s 25-foot boat. The Curve of Time is the book Capi wrote chronicling these adventures, and it remains a bestseller and a classic in the annals of nautical literature. But little is known about the rest of her life. Cathy Converse found herself asking: who was this skipper, this mother, this writer?

      In this biography, Converse offers insiders' recollections of this enigmatic woman, along with family photos and updated information about the villages, inlets and islands described in The Curve of Time. Following the Curve of Time is essential reading for anyone who has ever been captivated by the book, the West Coast or Capi herself.


      Cathy Converse has been writing for over thirty years and has written and co-authored six books and numerous cover stories for magazines and journals. She is the author of Against the Current: The Remarkable Life of Agnes Deans Cameron. For more information, please visit cathyconverse.com.

      Marketing & Promotion
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