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    9781250306661 Paperback FICTION / Magical Realism On Sale Date: December 04, 2018 Print Run: 50000
    $22.50 CAD 8.31 x 6.63 x 0.97 in | 368 pages Carton Quantity: 24 Canadian Rights: Y St. Martin's Griffin
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      Full of nature and wonder, love and adventure,Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstanceis a beautifully written novel that “bristles with charm and curiosity” (Winston Groom,New York Timesbestselling author ofForrest Gump).

      Born in a blizzard, orphaned, and believed to be raised by wolves, Weylyn Grey is someone who inspires endless curiosity in everyone he’s ever met. People say that once Weylyn wanders into your world, you’ll wish he’d never leave. But what makes him different? How does he possess the ability to transform others’ lives? How does he manage to find—and create—magic in the ordinary? This is the story of Weylyn’s journey, told from the perspective of those who knew him, loved him, or were bewildered by him along the way. In this stunning and deeply imaginative debut, author Ruth Emmie Lang introduces us to a character who will live in readers’ hearts long after the last page is turned.

      RUTH EMMIE LANG was born in Glasgow, Scotland and has the red hair to prove it. When she was four years old, she immigrated to Ohio where she has lived ever since. She has since lost her Scottish accent, but still has the hair. Ruth currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio with her husband and dreams of someday owning a little house in the woods where she can write more books.Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance is her first novel.
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      "This tale feels comfortable and familiar, imitating Lewis Carroll’s casual, everyday description of magic and starring a sympathetic, mature boy with Peter Pan-like abilities. Original and imaginative, especially in its multifaceted exploration of one extraordinary person, Lang’s novel is a lovely and fascinating feat of magical realism." —Booklist

      "This enchanting title mixes magical realism with romance, humor, and adventure, delighting readers who enjoy strong fantasy populated with quirky characters and events." —Library Journal

      "Weylyn Grey is enchanting.... Each bittersweet story shows our capacity to accept people who are different." —Real Simplemagazine

      "This exquisite and adventurous book will remind you of classic fantasies that you read as a child." —Bustle

      "Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance by debut author Ruth Emmie Lang will grab you by the hand and thrust you into a world complete with animal whisperers, supernatural occurrences, and people who search their whole lives to find what’s right in front of them." —Book Reporter

      "Ruth Emmie Lang's debut glitters with the glow of fireflies, explodes with the force of fantastically strange events and warms with the love of a man who has so much possibility contained within him it overflows in miraculous ways. Skeptics who shun magic on page one ofBeasts of Extraordinary Circumstance will be converts by the end." —Shelf Awareness

      "I read this book on the first of September and it has stayed with me all month. The story is whimsical and gorgeous. The writing is just beautiful. And it made me smile the entire time." —Kate Krug,Book Riot

      "This wonderful, whimsical, warm-hearted novel is filled with subtle and not-so-subtle nods to the books I loved as a child.... Reading this book is so comfortable and uplifting, you almost feel as if you could conjure a herd of fireflies to get through a power outage, or a field of daffodils to celebrate a loved one’s birthday.Beasts is exactly the book I needed right now, and it made me so happy I wanted to howl at the moon." —Steph Opitz, Book of the Month judge

      "Ruth Emmie Lang's prose has the earthy warmth of a campfire story, best enjoyed in the woods and under the stars. Her contemporary spin on the American folktale,Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance, bristles with charm and curiosity, and its oddball hero, Weylyn Grey, will make you want to follow him into the forest.”—Winston Groom,New York Timesbestselling author ofForrest Gump

      "A wholly original and superbly crafted work of art,Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance is a masterpiece of the imagination. Intelligent, witty, and brave, Ruth Emmie Lang takes us on an uplifting and unforgettable adventure of love, magic, friendship and fate. An extraordinary work of fiction by a truly gifted author. "— Lori Nelson Spielman,New York Times bestselling author ofThe Life ListandSweet Forgiveness

      "Ruth Emmie Lang dazzles with her inventive and magical debut. Told with brains and heart,Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstanceintroduces a protagonist who is both mythical and relatable. Weylyn Grey leaves a lasting impression on everyone he meets, and he will on readers too."—Michelle Gable,New York Timesbestselling author ofA Paris ApartmentandI'll See You in Paris

      "Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance is a brilliant button on the coat of American magical realism. ThinkCharlotte's Web for grown-ups who, like Weylyn Grey, have their own stories of being different, feared, brave, and loved." —Mo Daviau, author ofEvery Anxious Wave

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    Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples: Third Edition A Guide for Couples Harville Hendrix Ph.D., Helen LaKelly Hunt PhD
    9781250310538 Paperback FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Love & Romance On Sale Date: January 22, 2019 Print Run: 50000
    $23.50 CAD 5.94 x 8.24 x 0.93 in | 352 pages Carton Quantity: 24 Canadian Rights: Y St. Martin's Griffin
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      TheNew York Times bestselling guide to transforming an intimate relationship into a lasting source of love and companionship, now fully revised with a new forward and a brand new chapter.

      Getting the Love You Want has helped millions of people experience more satisfying relationships and is recommended every day by professional therapists and happy couples around the world. Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt explain how to revive romance and remove negativity from daily interactions, to help you:

      · Discover why you chose your mate
      · Resolve the power struggle that prevents greater intimacy
      · Learn to listen – really listen – to your partner
      · Increase fun and laughter in your relationship
      · Begin healing early childhood experiences by stretching into new behaviors
      · Become passionate friends with your partner
      · Achieve a common vision of your dream relationship

      Become the most connected couple you know with this revolutionary guide, combining behavioral science, depth psychology, social learning theory, Gestalt therapy, and interpersonal neuroscience to help you and your partner recapture joy, enhance closeness, and experience the reward of a deeply fulfilling relationship.

      Harville Hendrix,Ph.D. andHelen LaKelly Hunt,PhD., co-created Imago Relationship Therapy, a unique healing process for couples, prospective couples, and parents. Together they have more than thirty years’ experience as educators and therapists and their work has been translated into more than 50 languages, with Imago practiced by over two thousand therapists worldwide. Harville and Helen have six children and live in New York and Dallas.
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      "What a treasure this book is, full of the insight, wisdom, and empathy that enriches loving relationships, even those that may seem worn at the seams or beyond hope. Harville and Helen bring fresh ideas, kind hearts, and deep humanity to everything and everyone they encounter." —Diane Ackerman, author ofA Natural History of Loveand other books

      “This new edition ofGetting the Love You Want, after an amazing 4 million readers, Helen and Harville show how to create safety with an interactional structure that allows two lovers to turn escalating conflicts into a win-win dialogue that is enriched by partners’ differences. Readers will benefit from the new wisdom of these two pioneers in understanding relationships.”Julie Schwartz Gottman & John Gottman, author ofThe Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work

      "In this 30th anniversary edition of the their timeless classic,Getting the Love you Want,Helen Hunt and Harville Hendrix have teamed up to provide couples with a time tested strategy to improve their relationships. By combining Imago Therapy with a new scientific understanding of how brain and behaviors change,Getting the Love You Wantwill help couples untangle the deep and confusing mysteries of love and connection and help them harvest the joy and healing power present in healthy, mutual, intimate relationships."Amy Banks, M.D., senior scholar at the Wellesley Centers for Women, Wellesley College and author ofWired to Connect: The Surprising Link Between Brain Science and Strong, Healthy Relationships

      Getting the Love You Want is one of the most important relationship books of all time. It is a classic. Harville and Helen's insight that we are attracted to mates that are similar to our caregivers is one of the most important revelations in the field of relationship psychology. Millions have benefited from this book, and so will you.” —Doug Abrams, coauthor ofThe Book of Joy, and Rachel Abrams M.D., author ofBodyWise

      Getting the Love You Want is an awesome book. Relationships are the key to life, and this book is a key to getting it right. This book has stood the test of time to be one of the best, and the updates are timely and relevant. We are total fans of Harville and Helen, and love this book.” —Scott & Theresa Beck, cofounders of Gloo, LLC

      “Where would we be withoutGetting the Love You Want? This articulate, wisdom-drenched, and profoundly knowledgeable book has given us tangible relational support when we’ve needed it most. More than just advice, this soulful and practical handbook has helped us build a foundational template for our marriage. We are forever grateful to Helen and Harville for sharing what is certainly among the greatest contributions to relational healing and harmony. Now, more than ever, its pages offer guidance, vision, rituals, insights, and illuminationfor cultivating and maintaining a healthy and vibrant partnership.” —Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Alanis Morissette & rapper Souleye

      “This superb updated revision ofGetting the Love You Want will inspire you to create deeper, more loving connection. The exercises alone are powerful reminders of how to love more elegantly.” —Ellyn Bader, Ph.D, founder of The Couples Institute and creator of the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy

      "Helen LaKelly Hunt and Harville Hendrix have done it again! Their powerful approach to bringing love alive in a couple's relationship through the creation of safety, trust, and connection enables us to let go of the common images of what we've longed for in our past to become fully present for our partner right now. Science affirms what these two pioneers in loving relationships have taught for decades: by taking practical steps to increase our self-understanding and cultivate clear communication, we can achieve the kind of intimacy and connection we've often longed for. By teaching us how to create safe conversations that open us to the true person in front of our eyes, we are literally able to get the love we want—and then some! Take in these time-tested practical steps to love and enjoy the freedom and closeness you deserve." —Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.,Mindsight Institute,New York Times-bestselling author ofAware: The Science and Practice of Presence

      "Harville and Helen have been a force in the world of relationships for decades, and their work has inspired so many. Imago theory and therapy help set a foundation for couples to know themselves, and each other, in ways that will serve them for a lifetime.” —Scott Kriens, cofounder of 1440 Multiversity

      “If you were to read one book one book that would change the way you relate to the most important people in your life, this is that book. When published in 1988,Getting the Love You Want was the first to stress the importance of loving partnership for emotional wellbeing. The messages in it are still most important for anyone, male or female, gay or straight, who want to be in a healthy, happy relationship.” —Marion Solomon, PhD, coauthor ofLove and War in Intimate Relationships: Connection, Disconnection, and Mutual Regulation in Couple Therapy

      “Learn: how the imprints of the past unconsciously eclipse the present. Learn: how safety is fundamental to illuminating relationships. Learn: to practice conscious partnership to brighten your future together. The goal of living is enriching connection. There are no better relationship experts from which to learn than Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt.” —Jeffrey K. Zeig, Ph.D, the Milton H. Erickson Foundation

      “The world has changed drastically since the first edition ofGetting the Love You Wantthirty years ago, and so have many of the dynamics we see between partners. Fortunately, our knowledge about how to help couples improve their relationships has expanded alongside these changes. Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKellyHunt have kept pace with the times. Their new edition provides guidance for couples who are ‘doubly challenged’—both from childhood wounding and also from the cultural reward system in which they operate. At the same time, readers still receive all the many effective exercises from the last edition.”—Stan Tatkin, PsyD, MFT, developer of A Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy® (PACT) and founder the PACT Institute

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    The Stiletto Agreement JaQuavis Coleman
    9781250081285 Paperback FICTION / African American On Sale Date: December 25, 2020 Print Run: 50000
    $22.50 CAD 5.38 x 8.25 x 0 in | 272 pages Carton Quantity: 28 Canadian Rights: Y St. Martin's Griffin
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      A gritty, dramatic, pulse-pounding street thriller byNew York Timesbestselling author JaQuavis Coleman.

      One wife. One mistress. One deadly game of sex, deception, and betrayal...

      Both wife and mistress are attached to the same man, a man heir to the throne of a powerful business. The same man that had led them on for years and kept secrets from them both. But now he’s thousands of miles away, duct-taped and bound to a chair in a basement in Detroit, Michigan.

      As the intricate plan concocted between the two women unfolds, more and more layers of secrets are exposed. What starts out as a quest for ransom money turns into a ruthless game of cat and mouse. Within 72 hours, sex, manipulation, lies, and altered plans will all explode into unpredictable consequences that will change their three lives forever...

      JAQUAVIS COLEMAN is the prolific writer from Flint, Michigan and is known for his witty street tales that depict the street/urban lifestyle. His clever storytelling ability gives readers a perspective from a young street hustler and the authenticity is evident. In 2013 he was honored by Ebony magazine as being one of the top 100 most influential African Americans in the country. He’s the author ofThe Dopeman series andThe Cartel series with Ashley Antoinette Coleman.
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      "An excellent, exciting read for newcomers, longtime Cartel followers, and all urban-lit fans." -BooklistonThe Cartel 6: The Demise

      "[T]hese authors may just be the most successful literary couple in America." -T Magazine

      "[T]he duo is taking the world of street literature by storm." -Rolling Out

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    catalogue cover
    Series: Charles Lenox Mysteries
    The Woman in the Water A Prequel to the Charles Lenox Series Charles Finch
    9781250139474 Paperback FICTION / Mystery & Detective On Sale Date: January 15, 2019 Print Run: 35000
    $23.50 CAD 5.97 x 8.24 x 0.88 in | 320 pages Carton Quantity: 28 Canadian Rights: Y Minotaur Books
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      A chilling new mystery in theUSA Todaybestselling series by Charles Finch,The Woman in the Water takes readers back to Charles Lenox’s very first case and the ruthless serial killer who would set him on the course to become one of London’s most brilliant detectives.

      London, 1850: A young Charles Lenox struggles to make a name for himself as a detective…without a single case. Scotland Yard refuses to take him seriously and his friends deride him for attempting a profession at all. But when an anonymous writer sends a letter to the paper claiming to have committed the perfect crime—and promising to kill again—Lenox is convinced that this is his chance to prove himself.

      The writer’s first victim is a young woman whose body is found in a naval trunk, caught up in the rushes of a small islet in the middle of the Thames. With few clues to go on, Lenox endeavors to solve the crime before another innocent life is lost. When the killer’s sights are turned toward those whom Lenox holds most dear, the stakes are raised and Lenox is trapped in a desperate game of cat and mouse.

      In the tradition of Sherlock Holmes, this newest mystery in the Charles Lenox series pits the young detective against a maniacal murderer who would give Professor Moriarty a run for his money.

      Charles Finch is theUSA Todaybestselling author of the Charles Lenox mysteries, includingThe Woman in the Water (February 2018). His first contemporary novel,The Last Enchantments, is also available from St. Martin's Press. Finch received the 2017 Nona Balakian Citation Award, for excellence in reviewing, from the National Book Critics Circle. His essays and criticism have appeared in theNew York Times,Slate, Washington Post, and elsewhere. He lives in Los Angeles.
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      “Prequels are fun...Lenox is a mere whippersnapper inThe Woman in the Water...a cunning mystery.”—Marilyn Stasio,New York Times Book Review

      “Lenox has officially reached the big leagues—the conclusion waiting for him is nothing short of chilling. A case with enough momentum to recharge this series and grab new readers with its pull.”Kirkus Reviews

      “Bravo Mr. Finch and keep them coming! More Lenox, please.”—Louise Penny, author ofStill Life

      “With its splendidly drawn characters and brisk, supple prose, this can be either an inviting introduction to those new to Finch’s accomplished series or a winning addition to the canon for established fans.”Booklist(starred)

      “Finch does a wonderful job of re-creating the atmosphere of mid-19th-century England; his characters are crisply drawn and believable...An excellent addition to an already terrific series.”Library Journal(starred)

      “Finch supplies an extremely clever solution to the murder mystery.”Publishers Weekly

      “A thick, leisurely, British detective novel, studded with memorable characters.” —Hallie Ephron,The Boston GlobeonThe Laws of Murder

      “Finch is a clever plotter and assiduous researcher.”Seattle Times onHome By Nightfall

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    Series: Black Star Renegades
    Black Star Renegades Michael Moreci
    9781250195067 Paperback FICTION / Science Fiction On Sale Date: January 15, 2019 Print Run: 30000
    $23.50 CAD 5.44 x 8.31 x 1.08 in | 400 pages Carton Quantity: 20 Canadian Rights: Y St. Martin's Griffin
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      Blending the space operatics ofStar Warsand the swagger ofGuardians of the Galaxy, Michael Moreci'sBlack Star Renegades is a galaxy-hopping adventure that blasts its way from seedy spacer bars to sacred temples guarded by deadly creatures—all with a cast of misfit characters who have nowhere to go and nothing to lose.

      SyFy Wire—January Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books to Pick Up as soon as Possible
      The Verge—18 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books to Read in January
      Chicago Review of Books—Best New Books of January

      Cade Sura holds the future of the galaxy in his hands: the ultimate weapon that will bring total peace. He didn’t ask for it, he doesn’t want it, and there’s no worse choice to wield it in all of space, but if he doesn’t, everyone’s totally screwed. The evil Praxis kingdom is on the cusp of having every star system under its control, and if that happens, there’ll be no contesting their cruel reign. Especially if its fanatical overlord, Ga Halle, manages to capture Cade and snag the all-powerful weapon for herself.

      Cade can’t hide from Praxis, and he can’t run from the destiny that’s been shoved into his hands. So he only has one option:

      He has to fight.

      Cade’s not going to let destiny send him on a suicide run, though. With some help from his friends—rebels and scoundrels alike—Cade’s going to use this weapon to chart a new destiny for the galaxy, and for himself.

      He just has to do so before everyone around him discovers that he’s a complete and total fraud.

      MICHAEL MORECI is a novelist and author of comic books. His comics include the critically acclaimed sci-fi trilogy Roche Limit and the military horror dramaBurning Fields. He's also writtenSuicide Squad for DC,Planet of the Apes for Boom!, and his other original titles includeCurse,Hoax Hunters,ReincarNATE, andBlack Hole Repo. As a novelist, Michael is the author ofSpy Swap, an espionage thriller for Tor/Forge. He lives in Chicago with his wife, two sons, and dog.
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      Chicago Review of Books10 Best Science Fiction Books of the Year

      “Part 'Star Wars' homage, part unexpected coming-of-age novel...Moreci balances character with plot very well; the story moves at a brisk pace, and the frequent action sequences fit in well with the overall story. [A] complex, self-aware and fun romp through space. Fascinating...Thought-provoking...I was on the edge of my seat." —Los Angeles Times

      "Those who dig Arthurian legend,Guardians of the Galaxy cosmic high jinks and especiallyStar Wars mythology will find oodles to love....Character relationships, a sense of familial duty and a fast-paced narrative all makeRenegades a worthwhile read." —USA Today(three stars)

      "This book really, truly feels like the next big thing. It’s not a shocker that combiningStar Wars,Guardians of the Galaxy,Lord of the Rings, and classic pulp would result in an awesome story, but it is surprising at how Moreci is able to take all those elements and make them into something that feels fresh. If you like any of the franchises we’ve mentioned in this review, you’ll likeBlack Star Renegades."

      "Moreci’s debut novel is a delightful mash-up of genre tropes: a reluctant hero, swashbuckling space adventure, martial arts, an evil empire, a scrappy band of outcasts, and a sentient killer robot. It’s a loving ode to the science fiction Moreci grew up with. The pacing is fast and exciting, strong on action and generous with humor." —Booklist

      "A propulsive space opera that is also an unapologetic love letter to Star Wars. . . . Impossible not to love . . . . From intergalactic space battles to blaster fights to rogue robots and various hives of scum and villainy, this shiny space opera is bound to be a pleasure for fans of all stripes." —Kirkus Reviews

      “Combining Marvel wit with the geeky jokes ofGalaxy Quest, the book is set in a universe filled with Jedi-like warriors, star-destroying weapons, and planet-hopping misfits.” —Chicago Magazine

      "Moreci delivers a story that recalls his work for the Star Wars franchise: it brims with exotic locales, weird aliens, an evil empire, and a Jedilike hero with a cohort of misfits. . . . Moreci’s sci-fi adventure delivers plenty of action." —Publishers Weekly

      "Moreci's novel starts off his intended trilogy with flair: it's a bold space opera of a book, and like any good space opera, it introduces us to a wide range of flawed, fascinating characters in a dizzying array of vivid locales. It's funny, fast-paced and full of satisfyingly sudden conflict. . . . The action — as rapid as the snappy dialogue — will keep most readers pinned to the page." —RT Book Reviews

      "A beach read for nerds — like Ready Player One or Andy Weir’s The Martian and Artemis. It’s a lighthearted, nostalgic novel that focuses on vibrant characters and adventure, built out of recognizable parts from the likes of Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Arthurian legend. As such, it’s a genuinely entertaining adventure that understands what people love about grand struggles between good and evil." —The Verge

      "Michael Moreci has tapped into something that feels classically sci-fi but wholly new and refreshing. BLACK STAR RENEGADES hits on a place in our hearts reserved for early childhood recollections of the originalStar Wars films and the first time we witnessed a Skywalker losing a hand. This riveting book carries all the clever quips, character melodrama and ship-to-ship combat we could ask for in a Grade-A space opera while also taking common and oftentimes overused tropes and kicking them over." —Teen Reads

      “Engaging and inventive twists on a much-loved genre. A fun ride for space opera fans!” —John Jackson Miller,New York Times bestselling author ofStar Wars: A New Dawn

      "Black Star Renegades is a wonderful Star Wars book that just happens to not be set in the Star Wars universe. . . . The magic of Moreci’s book is in the way he takes these elements and creates a story that blasts off and doesn’t let up. The backdrop is written with care and brings the reader into a universe that, despite first-glance similarities to the familiar Galaxy, stands apart and feels fresh and worthy of its creation. . . . Definitely read this." —Stardust Pop

      "A must-read." —Michigan Avenue Magazine

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    catalogue cover
    Love Worth Making How to Have Ridiculously Great Sex in a Long-Lasting Relationship Stephen Snyder M.D.
    9781250113108 Paperback FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Love & Romance On Sale Date: January 15, 2019 Print Run: 30000
    $22.50 CAD 5.56 x 8.32 x 0.83 in | 304 pages Carton Quantity: 28 Canadian Rights: Y St. Martin's Griffin
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      Winner, Nautilus Gold Book Award for Relationships and Communication.

      Can sex survive monogamy?Yes, once you understand how sexual emotions really work.

      This award-winning, paradigm-shifting guide turns traditional sex therapy inside-out to reveal the hidden rules for great sex. Gentle, compassionate, and filled with compelling stories from Dr. Stephen Snyder’s thirty years as a sex therapist working with over 1,500 individuals and couples,Love Worth Making is essential reading for anyone hoping to keep sexual inspiration alive in a committed relationship.

      STEPHEN SNYDER, M.D., is a sex and relationship therapist and writer, with a national reputation as one of the most creative thinkers in the sex field today. An Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City, Dr. Snyder is a guest on major media outlets nationwide and writes forPsychology Today andThe Huffington Post. He lives with his wife and children in New York City.
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    • Awards & Reviews


      Praise for Dr. Stephen Snyder andLove Worth Making:

      “An indispensable resource.” —PsychCentral

      “Whether you’ve been married for twenty years or you’re in the swipe-right chapter of your life, Snyder makes a compelling case that the essence of good—rewarding, memorable, impassioned—sex is understanding our sexual selves.” —GOOP

      “Hands down, the most practical, fun, and empowering book I’ve ever read on how to have a fabulous sex life in a committed relationship.” - Christiane Northrup, M.D.,New York Timesbestselling author ofGoddesses Never Age;Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom; andThe Wisdom of Menopause

      Love Worth Making does for sex therapy whatHamilton did for the Broadway musical. This playful yet profound book reminds us that sex should be easy and can be, once we learn how to get out of our own way.”Jennifer Ashton, M.D., Chief Medical Correspondent,ABC News andGood Morning America

      “Thoughtful, helpful . . . This sex therapist has the secret to great long-term relationship sex.” —Brides Magazine

      Essential reading for anyone hoping to mate for life.”Wednesday Martin, Ph.D.,New York Times bestselling author ofPrimates of Park Avenue andUntrue

      “Mandatory reading for anyone who wants a better understanding of what the other sex is thinking in the bedroom.” —Debra W. Soh, PhD.,sex columnist at

      This is a ridiculously great book. I've easily read over 1,000 books in this genre and Love Worth Making is one of the best. Thank you, Dr. Snyder!” —Laura Corn, New York Times bestselling of author of 101 Nights of Great Sex

      “Fantastic! I've never read anything quite like this. I enjoyed it immensely, and could hardly put it down.” —Kendall Ryan, New York Times bestselling romance author ofMister TonightandThe Room Mate

      I have long sought a book that I could comfortably and enthusiastically recommend to my patients that adequately addressed their relational sexual concerns. This is the book I've been searching for. I only wish I had written it first!” —Daniel Watter, Ed.D., Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy

      “My go-to book for clients in long term relationships interested in understanding, enhancing, and deepening the connection in their sexual relationship.” —Laurie Mintz, PhD, Professor of Psychology, University of Florida.Author, Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters and How to Get It

      I am so glad to have two copies of Love Worth Making—one in my office and one on my bedside table!” —Lori Brotto, Ph.D., Canada Research Chair in Women’s Sexual Health and Professor, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, University of British Columbia and author, Better Sex Through Mindfulness

      If you can only buy one book to help you understand sexuality in general, and sex in relationships in particular—this book is it.” —Margie Nichols, PhD. Founder and President, Institute for Personal Growth, Jersey City, NJ

      “Covers everything from how to know if you're really excited (it's not what you think) to how to handle the sexual consequences of your husband’s ADHD. This book is one I'll be recommending to colleagues and clients for many years to come.” —Lori Gottlieb, psychotherapist, New York Times bestselling author ofMarry Him, and New York Magazine "What Your Therapist Really Thinks" columnist

      “Rich with wisdom, compassion, curiosity, and joy. Its profoundly healing invitation to love comes through on every page.” —Alexandra H. Solomon, Ph.D., Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology at Northwestern University. Author, Loving Bravely: 20 Lessons of Self-Discovery to Help You Get the Love You Want

      "The wisest and most profound of anything I've read in a long time concerning the challenge of staying sexually alive in a long relationship. In a voice that manages to be frank, clear, unflinching , non-judging and compassionate, Dr. Snyder offers an approach that goes far beyond the fashions of the moment to what is lasting and real.” —Joyce Maynard,New York Times bestselling author ofAt Home in the World andThe Best of Us

      “A tour de force of what a skilled therapist can do to engage and lead clients to insight and personal growth. This is not a how-to-do book, but rather is a front seat on how successful sex therapy really works.” —Julian Slowinski, Psy.D., co-author,The Sexual Male: Problems and Solutions

      “A breath of fresh air! Opens up new possibilities for understanding desire in long term relationships." —Flavia Dos Santos,Caracol TV, Bogota. Author,Sexo Sin Misterios andSexo Mandamiento

      “Brilliant, funny, useful and a joy to read. I think this book will go far toward helping people practically understand how to keep a vibrant, loving, creative, and intimate sex life alive over the life cycle of a long-term relationship.” —David Ortmann, LCSW, co-author ofSexual Outsiders: Understanding BDSM Sexualities and Communities

      “Dr. Snyder reminds us that in marriage, it is not new toys or novel positions but feelings that are the final erotic frontier.” —Peggy J. Kleinplatz, Ph.D., Professor and Director of Sex and Couples Therapy Training at the University of Ottawa, Canada

      “Master sex therapist Dr. Stephen Snyder takes us beneath the surface to the complex emotions and vulnerabilities that inhabit our sexual underground, then brings us back up again to connect with our true sexual selves.” —Ian Kerner, Ph.D. LMFT,New York Timesbestselling author ofShe Comes First

      “Anyone with any interest in this topic (which should mean everyone!) will enjoy the sanity, groundedness, and unflagging sense of humor that Dr Snyder brings to his work and his writing. I can't imagine anyone reading this book without coming away with a sense of gratitude toward its plainspoken, funny, and wise author.” —Nathan Kravis, M.D., Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College and author ofOn the Couch

      “You won't agree with everything, and there will be some things that undoubtedly will make you uncomfortable. But if you want to have some fun reading a book that will actually improve your sex life, this is the book for you.” —Jed Diamond, Ph.D. Founder, MenAlive. Author,The Irritable Male Syndrome andSurviving Male Menopause

      “It’s a fun read. But it’s also a deep read, because in the end, Snyder is prescribing a return not to sex per se, but to erotic life. It’s not a ‘how-to’ book. It’s a ‘why’ and a ‘what’ book. As such, it may actually live up to its title.” —Rosalyn Dischiavo, Founder and Director of the Institute for Sexuality Education & Enlightenment. Author ofThe Deep Yes: The Lost Art of True Receiving

      “One of the most gifted therapists in the sexuality field today.” —Kathryn Hall, Ph.D., president of The Society for Sex Therapy and Research and author of Reclaiming Your Sexual Self

      “Most sex advice in books and on the internet today is wrong. Dr. Snyder explains why. There are at least ten core concepts here that will motivate and empower couples everywhere—including some that are unique and not found anywhere else.” —Barry McCarthy, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at American University and author of Rekindling Desire

      “A must-read for therapists who are not sex experts, this book is a guided tour of what happens when sex falls apart, and how to put it back together again.” —Susan C. Vaughan, M.D., Director of the Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research, and author of The Talking Cure

      “I have very rarely been so impressed with the practicality and engagement of a couples’ guide to maintaining long-term intimacy. Dr. Snyder’s approach is incredibly compelling and will serve readers of this book well. I am so glad he has made his work available to all.” — Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D., author ofThe Married Sex Solution: A Realistic Guide to Saving Your Sex Life

      “What Dr. Snyder shows us is that the best sex is in a committed relationship, and that working together, couples can have the best sex imaginable—and he gives multiple suggestions on how to achieve that. I would highly recommend his book to my patients who really want the joys of a long term relationship, and want to have continued fabulous sex.” —Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., Clinical Professor in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at Yale Medical School

  • 7
    catalogue cover
    Heavens on Earth The Scientific Search for the Afterlife, Immortality, and Utopia Michael Shermer
    9781250314130 Paperback SCIENCE / Philosophy & Social Aspects On Sale Date: January 08, 2019 Print Run: 30000
    $25.99 CAD 6.48 x 9.18 x 0.87 in | 320 pages Carton Quantity: 28 Canadian Rights: Y St. Martin's Griffin
    • Marketing Copy


      A scientific exploration into humanity’s obsession with the afterlife and quest for immortality from the bestselling author and skeptic Michael Shermer

      In his most ambitious work yet, Shermer sets out to discover what drives humans’ belief in life after death, focusing on recent scientific attempts to achieve immortality along with utopian attempts to create heaven on earth.

      For millennia, religions have concocted numerous manifestations of heaven and the afterlife, and though no one has ever returned from such a place to report what it is really like—or that it even exists—today science and technology are being used to try to make it happen in our lifetime. From radical life extension to cryonic suspension to mind uploading, Shermer considers how realistic these attempts are from a proper skeptical perspective.

      Heavens on Earth concludes with an uplifting paean to purpose and progress and how we can live well in the here-and-now, whether or not there is a hereafter.

      Michael Shermer is the Publisher ofSkeptic magazine, a monthly columnist forScientific American, and a Presidential Fellow at Chapman University. He is the author ofThe Moral Arc, The Believing Brain, and many other bestselling titles.
      Marketing & Promotion
    • Awards & Reviews


      “[A] fascinating book…Shermer visits…utopian theories with detail and considered analysis, drawing readers along increasingly unrealistic (or are they?) possibilities for our future evolution. It’s a journey as boggling as it is engrossing.” —Maria Konnikova,The New York Times Book Review

      “[An] intriguing study.” —Nature

      “[An] ambitious, erudite volume…bringing the high evidentiary standards of science to bear on heavenly claims.”—The Washington Post

      “[An] inviting and informative tour of human kind’s various conceptions of where God locates himself…In bringing so many heavens together, Mr. Shermer does us a service. Among other things, he shows us why we are lucky that not everything can be fully grasped by our limited capacities.” —The Wall Street Journal

      "Faulty religious reasoning and sloppy secular arguments earn a skeptic's side-eye....Michael Shermer aims to deconstruct systems of irrational beliefs." —Science Magazine

      “This is fascinating stuff.”—St. Louis Post-Dispatch

      “[T]he author delivers a moving essay on the meaning of life… an ingenious popular-science account of how we deal with mortality.”—Kirkus Reviews

      “Michael Shermer is a beacon of reason in an ocean of irrationality.” —Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium, host ofCosmos andStarTalk, and author ofAstrophysics for People in a Hurry

      “This book’s theme is the one of greatest practical importance to all of us: does some heaven or afterlife await us after we die? Most Americans, and even many atheists, believe that the answer is ‘yes.’ If there is no heaven, how can we find purpose in life? Michael Shermer explores these big questions with the delightful, powerful style that made his previous books so successful—but this is his best book.”—Jared Diamond, professor of geography at UCLA and Pulitzer Prize-winning author ofGuns, Germs, and Steel and other books

      “Thank goodness for Michael Shermer’s sound and inspired mindfulness and for this importantly useful volume. Truly a delicious read. Ten Goldblums out of a possible ten Goldblums!”—Jeff Goldblum, actor

      Heavens on Earth is absolutely brilliant, filled with profundity, startling facts, and mind-expanding ideas. Michael Shermer somehow manages to be entertaining and scientifically erudite at the same time. He also brings some of history’s greatest thinkers to life and makes their ideas accessible. This is one of the most fascinating books I’ve read in a long time.”—Amy Chua, Yale Law professor and author ofBattle Hymn of the Tiger Mother andThe Triple Package

      “[A] refreshing change. Most takedowns of religion simply preach to the unconverted, so to speak, and they hardly ever convince true believers to recant.Heavens might not convince them, either, but Shermer listens to people with spiritual leanings and engages them in legitimate debate. ”—The American Scholar

      “How do you convincingly dismiss most of civilization’s beliefs in the hereafter and still arrive at fresh optimism about the meaning of our all-too-human existence? …Michael Shermer does a fine job of it – and much more – in his absorbing 15th book.”—Book Page

      “Shermer argues compellingly that awareness of our mortality leads us to live purpose-driven lives, since our legacy may be the only thing that survives our deaths.” —Booklist

      “Shermer succeeds not only in analyzing human beings’ efforts to live forever in a utopian existence, but he ends the journey by encouraging readers to seek the forms of heaven which exist around us, in our own lives.” —Library Journal

      “I appreciate every evolutionary step skepticism takes toward openness.Heavens on Earthis an affirmation that other world views deserve respect and understanding. In this book science may actually be catching up with the world’s wisdom traditions.”—Deepak Chopra, M.D., authorWar of the WorldviewsandYou Are the Universe

  • 8
    catalogue cover
    Series: Dark Iceland
    Rupture An Ari Thor Thriller Ragnar Jonasson
    9781250193353 Paperback FICTION / Mystery & Detective On Sale Date: January 22, 2019 Print Run: 25000
    $22.50 CAD 5.62 x 8.27 x 0.74 in | 272 pages Carton Quantity: 32 Canadian Rights: Y Minotaur Books
    • Marketing Copy


      A huge bestseller in England, France, and Australia, the fourth book in the Ari Thor thriller series from a spectacular new crime writer.

      Hailed for combining the darkness of Nordic Noir with classic mystery writing, author Ragnar Jonasson’s books are haunting, atmospheric, and complex. Rupture, the latest Ari Thór thriller, delivers another dark mystery that is chillingly stunning with its complexity and fluidity.

      Young policeman Ari Thór tries to solve a 50-year-old murder when new evidence surfaces. But the case proves difficult in a town where no one wants to know the truth, where secrets are a way of life. He's assisted by Ísrún, a news reporter in Reykjavik who is investigating an increasingly chilling case of her own. Things take a sinister turn when a child goes missing in broad daylight. With a stalker on the loose, and the town in quarantine, the past might just come back to haunt them.

      RAGNAR JONASSON was born in Iceland and works as an Attorney at Law and writer in Reykjavik. Before embarking on a writing career, Ragnar translated fourteen Agatha Christie novels into Icelandic. Ragnar is the co-founder of the Reykjavik international crime writing festival Iceland Noir. He has appeared on panels at various crime fiction festivals, including Bouchercon and Left Coast Crime in the US. Ragnar lives in Reykjavik with his wife and two daughters.Ruptureis the fourth book in his Ari Thor thriller series.
      Marketing & Promotion
        - international bestselling author of the Ari Thor thrillers
        - previous books in the series have received rave reviews from Lee Child, Ian Rankin, Anne Cleeves, and more
        - a Raincoast Rep Pick

        Rep Pick:
         Fourth in Ragnar Jonasson’s Icelandic thriller series, starring detective Ari Thor. If you are fan of Nordic Noir, or not, read this dark atmospheric mystery, packed with fabulous scenery, quirky characters and a strong plot-driven story. —Karen Stacey

    • Awards & Reviews


      Praise for RUPTURE:
      "Fans of the Ari Thór series, which began withSnowblind, know that they can depend on Ragnar Jónasson to tie everything up in a beautiful Agatha Christie-esque bow." —Shelf Awareness

      "Ragnar Jonasson is Iceland’s Agatha Christie...a clever craftsman whose cast of characters come vividly to life. A WARNING…Dress warm when readingRupture." — David Rothberg

      Praise for BLACKOUT:
      “Easily the best yet… A chiller of a thriller whose style and pace are influenced by Jonasson's admiration for Agatha Christie. It's good enough to share shelf space with the works of Yrsa Sigurdardottir and Arnaldur Indridason, Iceland's crime novel royalty."--The Washington Post

      “Beautifully written and elegantly paced with a plot that only gradually becomes visible, as if the reader had been staring into the freezing fog waiting for shapes to emerge." —The Guardian(UK)

      “Ragnar Jonasson does claustrophobia beautifully.” —Ann Cleeves

      “Jonasson’s writing is a masterful reinvention of the Golden Age classic style, both contemporary and timeless… enclosed by the poetic beauty of the location” —Crime Review

      Praise for NIGHTBLIND:
      “Story’s got me gripped but even more satisfying is how the characters are never just there as pawns in the plot.”—Ian Rankin, author of the Inspector Rebus series

      "Excellent...Jonasson plants clues fairly before a devastatingly unexpected reveal, without sublimating characterization to plot."—Publishers Weekly (starred)

      “The final surprise carries a real shock; and of course the advent of the Icelandic winter is likely to chill hearts even below the Arctic Circle.”—Kirkus Reviews

      "A unique Nordic Noir of the first order."—BookPage

      "Jonasson delights in playing with the expectations of his audience, pulling the carpet out from under us on more than one occasion. Pure entertainment."—Mystery Scene

      “British aficionados of Nordic Noir are familiar with two excellent Icelandic writers, Arnaldur Indridason and Yrsa Sigurdardottir. Here’s a third: Ragnar Jonasson…the darkness and cold are almost palpable.”—The Times(UK)

      “There will be no better way to start the year than by readingNightblind by Ragnar Jonasson…Jonasson’s books have breathed new life into Nordic noir.”—Sunday Express

      Nightblind…certainly lives up to the promise of its predecessor…this is an atmospheric portrayal of a claustrophobic place where everyone is connected…economical and evocative prose, as well as some masterful prestidigitation…”—The Guardian

      Praise for SNOWBLIND:
      "Jónasson skillfully alternates points of view and shifts of time...The action builds to a shattering climax."—Publishers Weekly (boxed and starred)

      "A classic crime story . . .first-rate and highly recommended." —Lee Child

      “A modern Icelandic take on an Agatha Christie-style mystery, as twisty as any slalom...” —Ian Rankin, author of the Inspector Rebus series

      “This classically crafted whodunit holds up nicely, but Jónasson’s true gift is for describing the daunting beauty of the fierce setting, lashed by blinding snowstorms that smother the village in “a thick, white darkness” that is strangely comforting.”—New York Times Book Review

      “A chiller of a thriller whose style and pace are influence by Jónasson’s admiration for Agatha Christie. It’s good enough to share shelf space with the works of Yrsa Sigurdardottir and Arnaldur Indridason, Iceland’s crime novel royalty.”—The Washington Post, “Best Mysteries and Thrillers to Read in January”

      “Jónasson's whodunit puts a lively, sophisticated spin on the Agatha Christie model, taking it down intriguing dark alleys.”—Kirkus Reviews

      “In this debut novel, Jónasson has taken the locked-room mystery and transformed it into a dark tale of isolation and intrigue that will keep readers guessing until the final page.”—Library Journal Xpress

      “Jónasson spins an involving tale of small-town police work that vividly captures the snowy setting that so affects the rookie cop. Iceland noir at its moodiest”—Booklist

      “Required reading.”—New York Post

      “What setsSnowblind apart is the deep melancholy pervading the characters. Most of them, including Ari, have suffered a tragic loss. That's bad for them, but along with the 24-hour darkness closing in, it makes for the best sort of gloomy storytelling.” —Chicago Tribune

      “Perfectly capturing the pressures of rural life and the freezing, deadly Icelandic winter,Snowblind will keep readers on the edge of their seats--preferably snuggled beneath a warm blanket.”—Shelf Awareness

      “A real find. I loved it. The turns of the plot are clever and unexpected, and Ari is a wonderful character to spend time with."—Mystery Scene

      Snowblindhas the classic red herrings, plot twists and surprises that characterize the best of Christie’s work. Jónasson’s latest is nicely done and simply begs for a sequel.”—BookPage

      “Seductive … an old-fashioned murder mystery with a strong central character and the fascinating background of a small Icelandic town cut off by snow. Ragnar does claustrophobia beautifully.” —Ann Cleeves, author of the Vera Stanhope and Shetland Island series

      “A dazzling novel ... Thór is a welcome addition to the pantheon of Scandinavian detectives. I can’t wait until the sequel!” —William Ryan, author of the Captain Alexei Korolev series

      "A classic whodunit with a vividly drawn protagonist and an intriguing, claustrophobic setting,Snowblind dazzles like sunlight on snow, chills like ice and confirms the growing influence of Scandinavian crime fiction."-Richmond Times-Dispatch

      "A satisfying mystery where all the pieces, in the end, fall together."- Dallas Morning News

      “[Ragnar] definitely shows a knack for the whodunit business.”—Minnesota Star Tribune

      “A chilling, thrilling slice of Icelandic Noir.”—Thomas Enger, author of the Henning Juul series

      “An isolated community, subtle clueing, clever mis-direction and more than a few surprises combine to give a modern-day, golden age whodunit. Well Done! I look forward to the next in the series.”—Dr. John Curran, author ofAgatha Christie’s Secret Notebooks

      “An intricately plotted crime novel,Snowblindis a remarkable debut. Ragnar Jonasson has delivered an intelligent whodunit that updates, stretches, and redefines the locked-room mystery format. A tense and thrilling book that paints a vivid portrait of a remote town in long-term decline, facing the chilling aftershocks of the global financial meltdown.”—EuroDrama

      "Jónasson has produced a tense and convincing thriller; he is a welcome addition to the roster of Scandi authors, and I really look forward to his next offering." —Mystery People

      "Snowblind is a dark, claustrophobic read, and Jónasson evokes perfectly the 24-hour darkness, the biting cold, the relentless snow and fear of a killer on the loose in a village suddenly cut off by an avalanche. His crisp, bleak prose is an exemplary lesson in how to create atmosphere without producing over-inflated books that would cause their own avalanche if dropped."—Crime Review

      "Ragnar Jónasson is a new name in the crime writing genre and I urge anyone who is a fan of Nordic crime noir to rush out and get yourself a copy ofSnowblind this you will want to add to your collection. It is really that good."—The Last Word-Book Review

      "If Arnaldur is the King and Yrsa the Queen of Icelandic crime fiction, then Ragnar is surely the Crown Prince … more please!" —EuroCrime

      "A delight" – ELLE (France)

  • 9
    catalogue cover
    Series: Dark Iceland
    Rupture An Ari Thor Thriller Ragnar Jonasson
    9781250193346 Hardcover FICTION / Mystery & Detective On Sale Date: January 22, 2019 Print Run: 25000
    $37.99 CAD 5.74 x 8.51 x 0.96 in | 272 pages Carton Quantity: 28 Canadian Rights: Y Minotaur Books
    • Marketing Copy


      A huge bestseller in England, France, and Australia, the fourth book in the Ari Thor thriller series from a spectacular new crime writer.

      Hailed for combining the darkness of Nordic Noir with classic mystery writing, author Ragnar Jonasson’s books are haunting, atmospheric, and complex. Rupture, the latest Ari Thór thriller, delivers another dark mystery that is chillingly stunning with its complexity and fluidity.

      Young policeman Ari Thór tries to solve a 50-year-old murder when new evidence surfaces. But the case proves difficult in a town where no one wants to know the truth, where secrets are a way of life. He's assisted by Ísrún, a news reporter in Reykjavik who is investigating an increasingly chilling case of her own. Things take a sinister turn when a child goes missing in broad daylight. With a stalker on the loose, and the town in quarantine, the past might just come back to haunt them.

      RAGNAR JONASSON was born in Iceland and works as an Attorney at Law and writer in Reykjavik. Before embarking on a writing career, Ragnar translated fourteen Agatha Christie novels into Icelandic. Ragnar is the co-founder of the Reykjavik international crime writing festival Iceland Noir. He has appeared on panels at various crime fiction festivals, including Bouchercon and Left Coast Crime in the US. Ragnar lives in Reykjavik with his wife and two daughters.Ruptureis the fourth book in his Ari Thor thriller series.
      Marketing & Promotion
  • 10
    catalogue cover
    Series: Ellery Hathaway
    The Vanishing Season A Mystery Joanna Schaffhausen
    9781250199553 Paperback FICTION / Mystery & Detective On Sale Date: January 08, 2019 Print Run: 25000
    $22.50 CAD 5.75 x 8.26 x 0.82 in | 304 pages Carton Quantity: 28 Canadian Rights: Y Minotaur Books
    • Marketing Copy


      "A gripping and powerful read. It is what we call edge-of-your-seat, rollercoaster of a thriller. You will not be able to put it down before you finish it."—The Washington Book Review

      Winner of the Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Competition, Joanna Schaffhausen’s accomplished debut,The Vanishing Season, will grip readers from the opening page to the stunning conclusion.

      Ellery Hathaway knows about serial killers, but not through her police training. She's an officer in sleepy Woodbury, MA, where a bicycle theft still makes the newspapers. No one there knows she was once victim number seventeen in the grisly story of serial killer Francis Michael Coben. The only one who lived.

      When three people disappear from her town in three years, all around her birthday—the day she was kidnapped so long ago—Ellery fears someone knows her secret. Someone very dangerous. Her superiors dismiss her concerns, but Ellery knows the vanishing season is coming and anyone could be next. She contacts the one man she knows will believe her: the FBI agent who saved her from a killer’s closet all those years ago.

      Joanna Schaffhausen wields a mean scalpel, skills developed in her years studying neuroscience. She has a doctorate in psychology, which reflects her long-standing interest in the brain—how it develops and the many ways it can go wrong. Previously, she worked for ABC News, writing for programs such as World News Tonight, Good Morning America, and 20/20. She lives in the Boston area with her husband and daughter. The Vanishing Season is her first novel.
      Marketing & Promotion

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