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    The Ghost Ships of Archangel The Arctic Voyage That Defied the Nazis William Geroux
    9780525557463 Hardcover HISTORY / Military On Sale Date: May 14, 2019
    $37.00 CAD 6.24 x 9.29 x 1.27 in | 352 pages Carton Quantity: 12 Viking
    • Marketing Copy

      An extraordinary story of survival and alliance during World War II: the icy journey of four Allied ships crossing the Arctic to deliver much needed supplies to the Soviet war effort.

      On the fourth of July, 1942, four Allied ships traversing the Arctic separated from their decimated convoy to head further north into the ice field of the North Pole, seeking safety from Nazi bombers and U-boats in the perilous white maze of ice floes, growlers, and giant bergs. Despite the risks, they had a better chance of survival than the rest of Convoy PQ-17, a fleet of thirty-five cargo ships carrying $1 billion worth of war supplies to the Soviet port of Archangel—the limited help Roosevelt and Churchill extended to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin to maintain their fragile alliance, even as they avoided joining the fight in Europe while the Eastern Front raged.

      The high-level politics that put Convoy PQ-17 in the path of the Nazis were far from the minds of the diverse crews aboard their ships. U.S. Navy Ensign Howard Carraway, aboard the SS Troubadour, was a farm boy from South Carolina and one of the many Americans for whom the convoy was to be a first taste of war; aboard the SS Ironclad, Ensign William Carter of the U.S. Navy Reserve had passed up a chance at Harvard Business School to join the Navy Armed Guard; from the Royal Navy Reserve, Lt. Leo Gradwell was given command of the HMT Ayrshire, a fishing trawler that had been converted into an antisubmarine vessel. All the while, The Ghost Ships of Archangel turns its focus on Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin, playing diplomatic games that put their ships in peril.

      The twenty-four-hour Arctic daylight in midsummer gave no respite from bombers, and the Germans wielded the terrifying battleship Tirpitz, nicknamed The Big Bad Wolf. Icebergs were as dangerous as Nazis. As a newly forged alliance was close to dissolving and the remnants of Convoy PQ-17 tried to slip through the Arctic in one piece, the fate of the world hung in the balance.
      William Geroux wrote for the Richmond Times-Dispatch for twenty-five years. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, Associated Press, and various regional magazines. His previous book is The Mathews Men. A native of Washington, DC, and a graduate of the College of William and Mary, he lives in Virginia Beach, VA.

      Author Residence: Virginia Beach, VA

      Author Hometown: Washington, DC
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    • Awards & Reviews

      Praise for The Mathews Men:

      “Vividly drawn and emotionally gripping, The Mathews Men shines a light on the mostly forgotten but astonishing role the U.S. Merchant Marine played in winning World War II.”—Daniel James Brown, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Boys in the Boat
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    More Than Enough Claiming Space for Who You Are (No Matter What They Say) Elaine Welteroth
    9780525561583 Hardcover BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs On Sale Date: June 11, 2019
    $35.00 CAD 6.35 x 9.31 x 1.14 in | 336 pages Carton Quantity: 12 Viking
    • Marketing Copy

      In this part-manifesto, part-memoir, the revolutionary editor who infused social consciousness into the pages of Teen Vogue explores what it means to come into your own—on your own terms

      Throughout her life, Elaine Welteroth has climbed the ranks of media and fashion, shattering ceilings along the way. In this riveting and timely memoir, the groundbreaking journalist unpacks lessons on race, identity, and success through her own journey, from navigating her way as the unstoppable child of a unlikely interracial marriage in small-town California to finding herself on the frontlines of a modern movement for the next generation of change makers.

      Welteroth moves beyond the headlines and highlight reels to share the profound lessons and struggles of being a barrier-breaker across so many intersections. As a young boss and the only black woman in the room, she’s had enough of the world telling her—and all women—they’re not enough. As she learns to rely on herself by looking both inward and upward, we’re ultimately reminded that we’re more than enough.

      Story Locale: Northern California to NYC
      Elaine Welteroth is an award-winning journalist, author, and judge on the new Project Runway. She was most recently editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue where she in 2017 became the youngest person ever appointed editor-in-chief and in 2012 had been the first African American ever to hold the post of beauty and health director at a Condé Nast publication. Prior to Teen Vogue, she was the senior beauty editor at Glamour and the beauty and style editor at Ebony. She’s now a leading expert and advocate for the next generation of change-makers. She has written for the hit show Grown-ish and has appeared on-camera for a range of media outlets including ABC News and Netflix. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

      Author Residence: Brooklyn, NY

      Author Hometown: Northern California
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    • Awards & Reviews

      Praise for Elaine Welteroth:

      “Other people have been really good, but no one has been like Elaine.”—Harriette Cole, The New York Times

      “Elaine Welteroth is shaking up expectations for a new generation of young women…. Since her rise, Welteroth has become a media darling—the chic yet socially conscious wunderkind.” --Los Angeles Times
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    Leaving the Witness Exiting a Religion and Finding a Life Amber Scorah
    9780735222540 Hardcover BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Religious On Sale Date: June 04, 2019
    $37.00 CAD 5.77 x 8.54 x 1 in | 288 pages Carton Quantity: 12 Viking
    • Marketing Copy

      “À la Tara Westover’s Educated, Scorah’s pensive, ultimately liberating memoir chronicles her formative years as a Jehovah’s Witness…and captures the bewilderment of belief and the bliss of self-discovery.”—O, The Oprah Magazine, Named one of “The Best Books by Women of Summer 2019”

      “Scorah’s book, the bravery of which cannot be overstated, is an earnest one, fueled by a plucky humor and a can-do spirit that endears. Her tale, though an exploration of extremity, is highly readable and warm.”—The New York Times Book Review

      A riveting memoir of losing faith and finding freedom while a covert missionary in one of the world’s most restrictive countries.

      A third-generation Jehovah’s Witness, Amber Scorah had devoted her life to sounding God’s warning of impending Armageddon. She volunteered to take the message to China, where the preaching she did was illegal and could result in her expulsion or worse. Here, she had some distance from her community for the first time. Immersion in a foreign language and culture—and a whole new way of thinking—turned her world upside down, and eventually led her to lose all that she had been sure was true.

      As a proselytizer in Shanghai, using fake names and secret codes to evade the authorities’ notice, Scorah discreetly looked for targets in public parks and stores. To support herself, she found work at a Chinese language learning podcast, hiding her real purpose from her coworkers. Now with a creative outlet, getting to know worldly people for the first time, she began to understand that there were other ways of seeing the world and living a fulfilling life. When one of these relationships became an “escape hatch,” Scorah’s loss of faith culminated in her own personal apocalypse, the only kind of ending possible for a Jehovah’s Witness.

      Shunned by family and friends as an apostate, Scorah was alone in Shanghai and thrown into a world she had only known from the periphery—with no education or support system. A coming of age story of a woman already in her thirties, this unforgettable memoir examines what it’s like to start one’s life over again with an entirely new identity. It follows Scorah to New York City, where a personal tragedy forces her to look for new ways to find meaning in the absence of religion. With compelling, spare prose, Leaving the Witness traces the bittersweet process of starting over, when everything one’s life was built around is gone.

      Story Locale: Shanghai, Vancouver, and New York City
      Amber Scorah is a writer living in Brooklyn, NY. Her articles have been published in The New York Times, The Believer, and USA Today. Prior to coming to New York, Scorah lived in Shanghai, where she was creator and host of the podcast Dear Amber - The Insider’s Guide to Everything China. This is her first book.

      Author Residence: Brooklyn, NY

      Author Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
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    • Awards & Reviews

      As seen and heard on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and NPR Morning Edition and Fresh Air

      “A fascinating glimpse into the consciousness of being an outsider in every possible way, and what it takes to find your path into the life you’d like to lead.”Nylon

      “A keen observer…[Scorah’s] book is most remarkable for its intimacy…inviting readers to experience, and confront, the grasp of a fundamentalist religion through the eyes of a former true believer.”The New Yorker

      “Scorah’s book, the bravery of which cannot be overstated, is an earnest one, fueled by a plucky humor and a can-do spirit that endears. Her tale, though an exploration of extremity, is highly readable and warm….She teaches us how integrity is determined not by assenting to the juvenile claims of fundamentalism, but by enduring the universe as we find it — breathtaking in its ecstasies and vicious in its losses — without recourse to a God. Given the enormity of her grief and the wholesale collapse of her previous belief system, the intellectual integrity that Scorah displays is nothing short of a miracle.”—The New York Times Book Review

      “[Scorah] has a jaw-dropping tale to tell—about growing up in a Jehovah’s Witness community where she wasn’t allowed to attend birthday parties or go to college….Surprisingly relatable—we all know what it’s like when a loss of faith becomes too urgent to ignore.”Family Circle

      “[A] riveting debut memoir…Leaving the Witness, witty and moving in turns, offers a rare look into the workings of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, as well as the various complications that prevent others from leaving despite their own doubts. Scorah, by untangling and exposing the mechanisms that once held her, offers a path for others to imagine new and unexpectedly hopeful futures for themselves, despite the fear and grief that accompany such a transition.”—Longreads

      “Fully engrossing. Readers will walk away with a keen understanding of this secretive religion.”—Associated Press

      “This stunning memoir throws back the curtains on a cult-like religion most of us know in name only, as well as the tragedies [Scorah] survived as she forged a new life outside of it. Both religious people and dedicated atheists will find a lot to love in this stark, revelatory book.”Woman’s Day

      “À la Tara Westover’s Educated, Scorah’s pensive, ultimately liberating memoir chronicles her formative years as a Jehovah’s Witness—a “life in waiting” that included a sham marriage, covert missionary work in China, and eventual shunning by her religious community—and captures the bewilderment of belief and the bliss of self-discovery. Writing “stitched the narrative arc of my life back together,” Scorah says; her book is a suture for anyone searching to reconcile their past and present selves.”O, The Oprah Magazine

      “In her impressive debut, Scorah recounts her years as a Jehovah’s Witness in China, her decision to leave the faith, and her ongoing spiritual questioning…Scorah’s prose is straightforward, and she has a winning sense of humor about how much she’s changed…Scorah provides a rare glimpse into the insular world of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and her accounts of expat life and leaving her faith should give this candid memoir wide appeal.”Publishers Weekly (*starred review*)

      ““An intriguing read about a mysterious religion….an eye-opening account of how Jehovah’s Witnesses live and operate.”Kirkus Reviews

      Leaving the Witness is the fascinating and moving story of a woman finding her true place in the world, away from the strict requirements of her family and her religion. Amber Scorah navigates her escape with courage, clarity, and humor. She is a strikingly beautiful writer with the unique perspective and fresh sight that can only belong to an outsider.”—Lisa Brennan-Jobs, author of Small Fry
      “Scorah’s memoir is about a woman’s voice. How she can use that voice to spread a doctrine. How she can reject that doctrine and speak her own beliefs. How she can use that voice to create art, and through that art, process the vicissitudes of her life. This book is perceptive, empathic, fraught, honest and heartbreaking. It is like nothing else you’ve ever read.”—Heidi Julavits, author of The Folded Clock

      “Amber Scorah’s perfectly paced and sharply-written memoir opened my eyes to inner and outer worlds I’d placed in my periphery. Scorah’s gift is this wide-openness. She shares her guts, her intelligent doubt, her pain, and forgives and allows it in her reader. Her questions are answers. This is a book for the fearful and the brave.”—Leanne Shapton, author of Swimming Studies
      “Part love story, part heartbreaking tragedy, part Graham Greene expat intrigue, part Orwellian groupthink exposé, Leaving the Witness is a vivid and unflinching account of what it means to live on the fringes of society. This is essential reading for those who have ever found themselves on the inside hoping to get out—and everyone else who has been on the outside wondering what it might be like to get in.”—Said Sayrafiezadeh, author of When Skateboards Will Be Free

      “Amber Scorah has written an unforgettable book. With warmth, curiosity, and humor, Scorah examines how the experience of living in a society that operates according to different rules, informed by different values, can ultimately change the way we see ourselves.”—Katherine Zoepf, author of Excellent Daughters
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    catalogue cover
    A History of the Bible The Story of the World's Most Influential Book John Barton
    9780525428770 Hardcover RELIGION / Biblical Studies On Sale Date: June 04, 2019
    $47.00 CAD 6.38 x 9.3 x 1.88 in | 640 pages Carton Quantity: 12 Viking
    • Marketing Copy

      A literary history of our most influential book of all time, by an Oxford scholar and Anglican priest

      In our culture, the Bible is monolithic: It is a collection of books that has been unchanged and unchallenged since the earliest days of the Christian church. The idea of the Bible as “Holy Scripture,” a non-negotiable authority straight from God, has prevailed in Western society for some time. And while it provides a firm foundation for centuries of Christian teaching, it denies the depth, variety, and richness of this fascinating text. In A History of the Bible, John Barton argues that the Bible is not a prescription to a complete, fixed religious system, but rather a product of a long and intriguing process, which has inspired Judaism and Christianity, but still does not describe the whole of either religion. Barton shows how the Bible is indeed an important source of religious insight for Jews and Christians alike, yet argues that it must be read in its historical context—from its beginnings in myth and folklore to its many interpretations throughout the centuries.

      It is a book full of narratives, laws, proverbs, prophecies, poems, and letters, each with their own character and origin stories. Barton explains how and by whom these disparate pieces were written, how they were canonized (and which ones weren’t), and how they were assembled, disseminated, and interpreted around the world—and, importantly, to what effect. Ultimately, A History of the Bible argues that a thorough understanding of the history and context of its writing encourages religious communities to move away from the Bible’s literal wording—which is impossible to determine—and focus instead on the broader meanings of scripture.
      John Barton is a theologian who served as the Oriel and Laing Professor of the Interpretation of Holy Scripture at the University of Oxford in England for twenty-three years, and has been an ordained and serving priest in the Church of England since 1973. He has studied and taught the Bible throughout his academic career, and has written many books on it, including Ethics in Ancient Israel and The Bible: The Basics. He is the editor in chief of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion. He lives in Abingdon, United Kingdom.

      Author Residence: Abingdon, England, United Kingdom
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    • Awards & Reviews

      Praise for A History of the Bible:

      “In addition to laying out the historical contexts in which the Old and the New Testaments were created, this stimulating study considers how they have been read, taught, and lived by believers…[Barton] proposes a nuanced approach that seeks to give the Bible its due without asking too much of it.”—The New Yorker

      A History of the Bible is a lucidly written distillation of a vast array of scholarship.”—Wall Street Journal

      “A supple and intelligent recap of the Holy Scriptures, their origins and contexts, [and] their meaning in a broad historical sense”—Lit Hub

      “Immensely impressive…A HISTORY OF THE BIBLE is a confident, distinctly courteous performance, wary of overstatement and sure of its intellectual footing. No work of literature has a more fascinating life story than the Bible, and Barton has told it with a precision and insight that will make this the definitive account of the century.“— Christian Science Monitor

      ”John Barton has written a wise and eminently sane book about a book which has inspired both insanity and wisdom. It is a landmark in the field, and it will do great good.“—Diarmaid MacCulloch

      ”John Barton’s new book gives a superb overview…condensing masses of research into an easily accessible volume for the non-specialist… even for those deeply familiar with the Bible there is much here to be learnt.“— Bart D Ehrman, author of The Triumph of Christianity: How a Forbidden Religion Swept the World

      ”With emotional and psychological insight, Barton unlocks this sleeping giant of our culture for the untrained but curious general reader…He has produced a masterpiece.“—Peter Stanford, Sunday Times

      ”This strikingly accessible yet wonderfully erudite volume will be welcomed by many … a tour de force.“ — BBC History Magazine

      “Barton’s rigorous, accessible history will appeal to academics and general readers alike.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review
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    catalogue cover
    9780525522683 Hardcover FICTION / Mystery & Detective On Sale Date: June 18, 2019
    $35.00 CAD 5.72 x 8.55 x 0.84 in | 240 pages Carton Quantity: 12 Viking
    • Marketing Copy

      In the newest installment of the bestselling Aunt Dimity series, a dreary Christmas leads to hidden treasure and new friendships

      It’s almost Christmas in the small English village of Finch—and everyone is sick. Though many of the villagers regretfully decline their invitations to Emma Harris’s annual Christmas bash, Lori Shepherd has no intention of missing it. When the winter weather takes a turn for the worse, it’s agreed that none of the guests will leave until morning. There’s general merriment as the Christmas party becomes a pajama party—until a car appears in the winding driveway and promptly slides off the slick pavement and into a ditch.

      Matilda “Tilly” Trout—a lost and scatterbrained, middle-aged woman—is mercifully unhurt and invited to stay the night. While she catches her breath, Emma asks her other guests if they would like a tour of the Manor—including an odd room that puzzles her. Several guests put forth guesses as to its purpose, but it’s Tilly who correctly identifies the room as a chapel. Placing a palm on one of the ornately-carved panels, Tilly finds a hidden compartment concealing a pile of glittering treasure—including an exquisitely decorated heart made of solid gold. Where did it come from, and why does it look so different from everything else in the chapel? Why didn’t Emma even know about this hidden compartment in her own home until now—and how did Tilly?

      With Aunt Dimity’s otherworldly help and Tilly’s bewildering store of knowledge, Lori and friends set out to unravel the mystery behind the heart of gold. And, against all odds—and Christmas finally comes to Finch!

      Story Locale: Rye, England (Coastal Southeast England)
      Nancy Atherton is the bestselling author of twenty-four Aunt Dimity Mysteries. The first book in the series, Aunt Dimity’s Death, was voted “One of the Century’s 100 Favorite Mysteries” by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association. She lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

      Author Residence: Colorado Springs, CO
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    • Awards & Reviews

      Praise for Nancy Atherton and the Aunt Dimity series:

      “Coziest of cozies and a good bet for those who miss Dorothy Cannell’s Ellie Haskell mysteries.” —Booklist

      “[Aunt Dimity and the Widow’s Curse is] perhaps the most heartwarming entry in this long-running series…one that presents a very different path to solving the case.”—Kirkus Reviews

      “[Aunt Dimity and the Buried Treasure], Atherton’s amiable 21st paranormal cozy…smoothly blends history, village life, and the otherworldly.”—Publisher’s Weekly

      Aunt Dimity and the Summer King illuminates the layered writing room of Nancy Atherton’s mind…. The best of Nancy Atherton on full display.”—Electric Review
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    catalogue cover
    How Could She A Novel Lauren Mechling
    9780525559382 Hardcover FICTION / Women On Sale Date: June 25, 2019
    $35.00 CAD 5.8 x 8.8 x 1.1 in | 320 pages Carton Quantity: 12 Viking
    • Marketing Copy

      “Brilliant…. The perfect summer read.”—Nylon

      “[A] compulsively readable page-turner.”—Cosmopolitan

      Named a most anticipated novel of the summer by Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, Elle, Bustle, Vulture, and more.

      An assured and savagely funny novel about three old friends as they navigate careers, husbands, an ex-fiancé, new suitors, and, most importantly, their relationships with one another

      After a devastating break-up with her fiancé, Geraldine is struggling to get her life back on track in Toronto. Her two old friends, Sunny and Rachel, left ages ago for New York, where they’ve landed good jobs, handsome husbands, and unfairly glamorous lives (or at least so it appears to Geraldine). Sick of watching from the sidelines, Geraldine decides to force the universe to give her the big break she knows she deserves, and moves to New York City.

      As she zigzags her way through the downtown art scene and rooftop party circuit, she discovers how hard it is to find her footing in a world of influencers and media darlings. Meanwhile, Sunny’s life as an It Girl watercolorist is not nearly as charmed as it seemed to Geraldine from Toronto. And Rachel is trying to keep it together as a new mom, writer, and wife—how is it that she was more confident and successful at twenty-five than in her mid-thirties? Perhaps worst of all, why are Sunny and Rachel—who’ve always been suspicious of each other—suddenly hanging out without Geraldine?

      Hilarious and fiercely observed, How Could She is an essential novel of female friendship, an insider’s look into the cutthroat world of New York media—from print to podcasting—and a witty exploration of the ways we can and cannot escape our pasts.

      Story Locale: New York, NY; Toronto, Canada
      Lauren Mechling has written for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Slate, The New Yorker online, and Vogue, where she writes a book column. She’s worked as a crime reporter and metro columnist for The New York Sun, a young adult novelist, and a features editor at The Wall Street Journal. A graduate of Harvard College, she lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two children.

      Author Residence: Brooklyn, NY

      Author Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
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    • Awards & Reviews

      “[How Could She is] both a satire of the 21st-century media world—with its podcasts, tastemakers, and print products on life support—and an emotional accounting of changed friendship and aspirations.”
      The New York Times

      “Precise and of-the-moment….  A delectably uncomfortable time capsule of our post-aughts selves and the honest struggles that lurk inside the hearts of women everywhere.”
      Vogue, “10 New Books to Read This Summer”

      “This wily send-up of NYC’s high-flying media elites proves that hell is a party filled with velvet-clad single men. A trio of 30-something BFFs drift apart and back together amid ego-bruising soirées and dubious alliances. Mechling poses the age-old question: Do men work better as soul mates or accessories?”
      O, the Oprah magazine, “The Best Books by Women of Summer 2019”

      “With the big-hearted psychological acuity of Meg Wolitzer and the keen social scrutiny of Edith Wharton, Mechling probes what’s thorny and brutal about female friendships while also affirming just how ferociously important they are.”
      Esquire, “Best Books of Summer 2019”

      “Fifteen years after the finale of Sex and the City, our collective appetite for stories of highly ambitious female friends living, laughing, and loving in New York City hasn’t waned one bit…. This summer’s living proof of that concept is the bitingly funny and often painfully realistic How Could She.”
      Entertainment Weekly

      “For when you want a book to match your Aperol Spritz…enter Lauren Mechling’s How Could She…. An inside look at female friendships—and betrayals.”
      The Skimm

      “Mechling captures the prickly feelings of possessiveness and isolation that creep in when two people in a triangle—even a platonic one—draw close, shutting out the third. Add to that the stress of trying to make a living when you’re a woman on the far side of 30, in a field that’s almost no longer a field yet is still dominated by men. How Could She has a vibrant modern energy, and it gets how hard it can be to preserve friendships when we’re so busy going after everything else we want in life.”

      “Wit and spritzy entertainment…. In the lineage of Candace Bushnell’s Sex and the City and, well before that, Edith Wharton’s novels of New York status-striving, How Could She is enjoyably rich in taxonomic details…. The ever-shifting media landscape is a fitting backdrop for Ms. Mechling’s trenchant look at the subjective nature of status envy.”
      Sam Sacks, The Wall Street Journal

      “Mechling gives the time-honored moving-to-New York City novel a refreshing update: failure. Three thirtysomething friends reckon with seemingly successful lives that aren’t living up to expectations, thanks to mediocre apartments, marital strife, and the gradual dissolution of their chosen industry, print media.” 
      Entertainment Weekly, “This Season’s 35 Hottest Reads”

      “In How Could She, Lauren Mechling captures the power dynamics, competitiveness, and beauty of female friendships.”
      Real Simple, “The Best Books of 2019 (So Far)”

      “[A] compulsively readable page-turner about three friends—one just went through a breakup with her fiancé, one is struggling to keep it together as a new mom, and one is aging out of her It Girl persona. The thing is, they all think the others have perfect lives.”
      Cosmopolitan, “Books We’re Excited About”

      Smart novels about adult friendship are so, so, so hard to find that this very 2019 novel…is destined to become the book you turn to when you can’t decide whether to hug or throttle your suddenly successful best friend.”

      “People will be drawn to [How Could She] because it’s a story about adult friendship….  How Could She drops into midlife for three women…. Each one trying to renegotiate her past as a means to getting somewhere else in the future. And in the process, they all have to navigate their increasingly complicated ties to one another.”
      Goop, “22 Books for Summer 2019”

      “Drop [this] into your beach bag: Lauren Mechling’s keenly observed How Could She…examines how both fulfilling and fraught female friendships can be.”
      Marie Claire
      “Engrossing…. Sharply funny…. Change isn’t always pretty for these women, but Mechling deftly captures the excitement and wisdom that come along with it.”
      Martha Stewart Living

      “There’s nothing like a trio of female friends, and their shifting allegiances and two-versus-one dynamics, to remind you that life truly is a lot like high school. Mechling weaves the stories of three women…as they figure out their lives in NYC. These three will intrigue you at times, annoy you at others and, best of all, make you laugh out loud.”
      Catherine Hong, Family Circle

      “The joy in Lauren Mechling’s novel comes in the details. Mechling’s novel follows three old friends, all turning 37, as they face professional and personal crossroads. Their New York social circle, ambitions, and personalities are so specifically rendered you’ll be convinced by the end that you know Geraldine, Sunny, and Rachel.“
      Refinery 29

      “Brilliant…. An incisive, brutally funny look at one year in the lives of three close friends…. This is the perfect summer read.”
      Nylon, ”35 Great Books to Read This Summer“

      “If #relatable is your main criterion for reading material, then why not try the novel that earned the endorsement from Sweetbitter author Stephanie Danler: ‘I know these women; I am these women.’… We’ve all been disappointed by our crappy lives and lusted after others’ brighter-looking ones, haven’t we?”,The 30 Best Books to Read this Summer“

      “Brilliantly titled…. Mechling focuses on jealousy motivated by vanity and cruelty…. The novel does not render an emotional world that brings us to our knees. It’s more like she’s making a case for rejiggering chick lit as the cruelest genre…. Completely satisfying.”
      Kaitlin Phillips, Bookforum

      “A modern twist on the ‘just moved to New York’ story by focusing on three women in their mid-thirties, stumbling through their lives while trying to keep up appearances.”
      Town & Country,The Must-Read Books of Spring 2019“

      “[A] brilliant new novel…. [Mechling is] one of our most intelligent and honest cultural writers…in the same league as Nora Ephron and Laurie Colwin.”
      The Observer

      “[How Could She] chronicles the complicated and awkward dissolution of friendships…. The bonds between Mechling’s characters were forged in the irradiant light and heat of their early working years…. Insecurities and rivalries creep in, eventually taking centre stage in the theatre of friendship.”
      —The Globe and Mail

      “Mechling does a remarkable job portraying the shifting realignments of the women’s loyalties…. [How Could She] manages to nail our moment in time.”
      am New York
      “Devastating, reliably hilarious…. Perhaps what’s most striking about How Could She is the way in which Mechling has written a novel that is simultaneously about connection and alienation, unspoken social codes and explicitly laid out rules of interpersonal engagement.”

      “Lauren Mechling has a gift for creating elaborate, realistic pretense and then marching straight through it with a machete, slicing it to bits in a way that is both shocking and frankly fun…. Mechling excels at creating realistically complex hopes, needs, and disappointments…. How Could She is the perfect summer read. It’s entertaining, insightful, and at times agonizingly true to life.”

      “On every long list of summer reads should be a juicy female friendship story. …This is the one for 2019. …A painfully yet shrewdly relatable story of the trials and tribulations of adulting with friends who are all at different stages in life.”
      Women’s Health, ”Best Beach Reads To Add To Your Summer 2019 Reading List Stat“

      ”As soon as I finished this book, I wanted to send it to my closest friends and talk about our own relationship struggles over a glass of wine.“
      She Reads

      ”A sharp dissection of the fraught dynamics of 30-something female friendship…. [The characters’] relationships to each other are delicate and often painful but also essential to their understanding of their own adult lives…. There is a profound and wistful melancholy at [How Could She’s] core…. Emotionally astute; a pleasure.“
      Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

      ”Mechling’s whip-smart portrait of female friendship is perfect for fans of Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings…. Mechling excavates the layers of envy, support, and respect that fill the cracks of any long-term relationship. With an insider’s view of today’s media landscape, How Could She is a delight.“

      “Mechling turns a sharp eye on the relationships between women in her first adult novel…. [She] is particularly insightful when it comes to the envy and affection that marks friendship…. A breezy, entertaining romp.
      Publishers Weekly

      ”Lauren Mechling’s portrait of the ramifications of female friendship is so razor-sharp and accurate I found myself wincing as I read. I know these women; I am these women: flawed, conspiring, neurotic, and loving. Very few writers can entertain and still reveal deep pathos—Mechling has done it flawlessly.“
      Stephanie Danler, bestselling author of Sweetbitter

      ”What a hilarious, devastating, yet humane representation of a gratifyingly specific slice of New York life! How Could She is at once a compulsively readable catalogue of ’painfully curated’ (Mechling’s phrase) outfits, menus, emails, guest lists, and magazine assignments, a true-and mysterious-feeling portrayal of the way friends’ relative statuses fluctuate over time, and as wise and unforgiving as a nineteenth-century French novel.“
      Elif Batuman, author of Pulitzer Prize finalist The Idiot

      ”Lauren Mechling’s sophisticated new novel dives right into those stickiest parts of women’s inner lives, their friendships with each other. Mechling’s observations are vivid and fresh, and this book will win her many a fan.“
      Emma Straub, New York Times bestselling author of The Vacationers

      “Lauren Mechling’s debut is at once a portrait of three very real women and a wry send up of the times in which we live. Witty but never too wicked, cutting but never too cruel, How Could She is a thoroughly modern comedy of manners.”
      Rumaan Alam, author of Rich and Pretty and That Kind of Mother

      ”There doesn’t begin to be enough fiction centered on friendships, especially friendships among women. Profound, radiantly alive, insightful, large-hearted, Lauren Mechling’s How Could She goes a long way toward addressing this. Mechling’s novel is vital reading.“
      R. O. Kwon, author of The Incendiaries

      How Could She is so much sheer fun, such pure joy to read, that it wasn’t until I finished the final page that I fully understood how profound it is. Mechling’s dissection of a three-way female friendship is tender and brutal, lighthearted and fierce, warm-hearted and unsparing, wise and satirical—a triumphant literary debut.“
      Kate Christensen, author of The Last Cruise

      ”A cunning, witty book. How Could She satirizes New York’s cultural elite and tells a brutally honest story about the fluctuations of power between friends; Lauren Mechling is an obvious heir to Nora Ephron."
      Catherine Lacey, author of Certain American States
  • 7
    catalogue cover
    American Predator The Hunt for the Most Meticulous Serial Killer of the 21st Century Maureen Callahan
    9780525428640 Hardcover TRUE CRIME / Murder On Sale Date: July 02, 2019
    $36.00 CAD 6.2 x 9.4 x 1.1 in | 304 pages Carton Quantity: 12 Viking
    • Marketing Copy

      A Los Angeles Times “Seven Highly Anticipated Books for Summer Reading”

      A USA Today “20 of the Season’s Hottest New Books”

      A New York Post “25 Best Beach Reads of 2019 You Need to Pre-Order Now”

      “Maureen Callahan’s deft reporting and stylish writing have created one of the all-time-great serial-killer books: sensitive, chilling, and completely impossible to put down.”—Ada Calhoun, author of St. Marks Is Dead

      Ted Bundy. John Wayne Gacy. Jeffrey Dahmer. The names of notorious serial killers are usually well-known; they echo in the news and in public consciousness. But most people have never heard of Israel Keyes, one of the most ambitious and terrifying serial killers in modern history. The FBI considered his behavior unprecedented. Described by a prosecutor as “a force of pure evil,” Keyes was a predator who struck all over the United States. He buried “kill kits”—cash, weapons, and body-disposal tools—in remote locations across the country. Over the course of fourteen years, Keyes would fly to a city, rent a car, and drive thousands of miles in order to use his kits. He would break into a stranger’s house, abduct his victims in broad daylight, and kill and dispose of them in mere hours. And then he would return home to Alaska, resuming life as a quiet, reliable construction worker devoted to his only daughter.

      When journalist Maureen Callahan first heard about Israel Keyes in 2012, she was captivated by how a killer of this magnitude could go undetected by law enforcement for over a decade. And so began a project that consumed her for the next several years—uncovering the true story behind how the FBI ultimately caught Israel Keyes, and trying to understand what it means for a killer like Keyes to exist. A killer who left a path of monstrous, randomly committed crimes in his wake—many of which remain unsolved to this day.

      American Predator is the ambitious culmination of years of interviews with key figures in law enforcement and in Keyes’s life, and research uncovered from classified FBI files. Callahan takes us on a journey into the chilling, nightmarish mind of a relentless killer, and to the limitations of traditional law enforcement.

      Story Locale: Anchorage, Alaska
      Maureen Callahan is an award-winning investigative journalist, author, columnist, and commentator. She has covered everything from pop culture to politics. Her writing has appeared in Vanity Fair, New York, Spin, and the New York Post, where she is critic at large. She lives in New York.

      Author Residence: Brooklyn, NY
      Marketing & Promotion
        Marketing: Online advertising

        Social media and online promotion

        Library promotions

        Publicity: Print and online reviews and features

        National radio interviews

    • Awards & Reviews

      Praise for American Predator

      “Chilling…Propulsive and un-put-downable.”
      —USA Today

      “If you’ve never heard of Israel Keyes, his name will fill you with dread after reading Callahan’s superb investigation of how such a monster managed to thrive in our modern world.”
      Bethanne Patrick, The Washington Post

      “A page-turning mystery.”
      —New York Post

      “Riveting… American Predator is a fine book—exhaustively researched and candid without being prurient—that should be as illuminating to law-enforcement as it is fascinating to the general reader.”
      —Dennis Drabelle, The Washington Post

      “An interesting, illuminating, and chilling account of a strange and lethal killer who baffled even the FBI’s famed Behavioral Analysis Unit’s profilers…. American Predator is a well-researched and well-written book about a modern monster and the law enforcement people who caught him and tried to understand him.”
      —The Washington Times

      “Vivid…chilling…Callahan’s portrait of this monster, and of the men and women who do their best to uncover his secrets, is one that will keep you up all night.”
      —Tampa Bay Times

      “A chilling and riveting read, it’s a peek into the mind of a killer and the investigators who eventually tracked him down.”

      American Predator is the scariest book I’ve ever read. No exaggeration—the book you hold is bone-chilling. Maureen Callahan explores the black heart of a new kind of American monster—a serial killer that confounded our most elite criminal profilers—and the race-against-time investigation to follow. This is the work of a journalist in her prime, telling you the story the FBI doesn’t want you to hear and delivering an unforgettable tale of evil that will haunt you. Mark my words: This modern true crime classic will stand with the likes of Jeff Guinn’s Manson, Ann Rule’s The Stranger Beside Me, and Michelle McNamara’s I’ll Be Gone in the Dark.”
      —Susannah Cahalan, New York Times bestselling author of Brain on Fire

      “Wow! American Predator is excellent and it is terrifying. Maureen Callahan’s deft reporting and stylish writing have created one of the all-time-great serial-killer books: sensitive, chilling, and completely impossible to put down.”
      —Ada Calhoun, author of St. Marks Is Dead  

      “I started American Predator late at night and grew terrified just a few pages in—yet I could not put it down. Through deep interviews with FBI special agents and newly uncovered documents, Maureen Callahan crafts a chilling and unforgettable portrait of a singularly cunning killer and the diverse members of law enforcement he strove to outwit. Read it as soon as possible—in daylight.”
      —Karen Abbott, New York Times bestselling author of Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy and Sin in the Second City

      “Prepare to lose sleep. Prepare to skip meals. Maureen Callahan delivers a masterful telling of the monster who threatened a nation. Spellbinding and unforgettable.” 
      —Adam Makos, New York Times bestselling author of Spearhead  

      “An extensively researched and well-written account of a unique serial killer…. I commanded the Bronx Homicide Task Force, I have worked homicide investigations, I continue to consult on cases and have trained nearly 75,000 professionals in practical homicide investigation….  I highly recommend this book.”
      —Vernon J. Geberth, author of Practical Homicide Investigation

      “A riveting true crime saga…. The 21st century’s most meticulous serial killer baffles investigators with his forethought and ruthlessness in Maureen Callahan’s riveting true crime narrative.”
      —Shelf Awareness

      “A deep dive into the twisted life of Israel Keyes, ‘a new kind of monster’…Serial killers often commit their crimes close to home, inside a comfort zone, but as the author documents throughout this compelling narrative, little about Keyes fit the conventional serial-killer mold…[Callahan] offers fascinating context about law enforcement investigative techniques and revelations about how a murderer can strike again and again without being detected for more than a decade.”

      “Investigative journalist Callahan provides a chilling true-crime narrative in this detailed study of Israel Keyes, whom she describes as ‘a new kind of monster, likely responsible for the greatest string of unsolved disappearances and murders in modern American history.’…Through Callahan’s access to many of the key players in law enforcement, she has produced the definitive account of a terrifying psychopath.”
      Publishers Weekly (starred review)

      “A riveting, propulsive account of a highly intelligent serial killer who skillfully evaded capture for years…. Callahan recounts the story with a deft touch, blending multiple sources, including his court psychological profile, into a seamless narrative…. Gripping and superbly researched, this is destined to be a true crime classic, alongside titles such as Vincent Bugliosi’s Helter Skelter. And to readers who enjoyed Michelle McNamara’s I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer.”
      —Library Journal (starred review)

      “Keyes is terrifying, and his crimes horrific, but Callahan’s focus on the FBI’s attempts to learn about his other crimes makes for a truly edge-of-your-seat page-turner even without the “hunt.” A must for fans of Mindhunter—both the book and its recent Netflix adaptation—and the long-running police drama Criminal Minds.”
      Booklist (starred review)
  • 8
    catalogue cover
    Death and Other Happy Endings A Novel Melanie Cantor
    9780525562115 Hardcover FICTION / Women On Sale Date: July 09, 2019
    $35.00 CAD 5.9 x 8.6 x 1.1 in | 352 pages Carton Quantity: 12 Pamela Dorman Books
    • Marketing Copy

      There’s nothing like being told that in three months you’ll be dead to make you think about what you really want in life

      “A novel about self-discovery, with plenty of surprises and a snappy, Bridget-Jones-gets-a-terminal-diagnosis vibe.” -Booklist

      Jennifer Cole has just been told that she has a terminal blood disorder and has just three months to live—ninety days to say goodbye to friends and family, and to put her affairs in order. Ninety days to come to terms with a diagnosis that is unfair, unexpected, and completely unpronounceable. Focusing on the positives (she won’t have to go on in a world without Bowie or Maya Angelou; she won’t get Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s like her parents, or have teeth that flop out at the mere mention of the word apple), Jennifer realizes she only has one real regret: the relationships she’s lost.

      Rather than running off to complete a frantic bucket list, Jennifer chooses to stay put and write a letter to the three most significant people in her life, to say the things she wished she’d said before but never dared: her overbearing, selfish sister, her jelly-spined, cheating ex-husband, and her charming, unreliable ex-boyfriend—and finally tell them the truth.

      At first, Jennifer feels cleansed by her catharsis. Liberated, even. Her ex-boyfriend rushes to her side and she even starts to build bridges with her sister Isabelle (that is, once Isabelle’s confirmed that Jennifer’s condition isn’t genetic). But once you start telling the truth, it’s hard to stop. And as Jennifer soon discovers, the truth isn’t always as straightforward as it seems, and death has a way of surprising you….

      Story Locale: England
      Melanie Cantor worked for many years in PR and as a celebrity talent agent, and has dabbled in interior renovations, which led to her hosting a UK TV series where she tidied up people’s messy houses. She has since concentrated on writing; Death and Other Happy Endings is her first published novel. She has two grown up sons, a dog and lives in London.

      Author Residence: London, UK
      Marketing & Promotion
        Marketing: Online Advertising

        Social Media and Online Promotion

        Twitter / Instagram

        Publicity: Print and online reviews and features

        Blog outreach

        Author Social Media: Twitter: @MelanieCantor; Instagram: @Melanie.Cantor
    • Awards & Reviews

      Praise for Death and Other Happy Endings:

      “[An] accomplished debut…Twists push the story in intriguing directions, and the clever, personable voice of Jennifer is like that of a witty friend with a bad news/good news story to tell, resulting in a moving novel with a surprisingly playful edge.”-Publishers Weekly
  • 9
    catalogue cover
    This Land How Cowboys, Capitalism, and Corruption are Ruining the American West Christopher Ketcham
    9780735220980 Hardcover HISTORY / United States On Sale Date: July 16, 2019
    $39.00 CAD 6.2 x 9.2 x 1.4 in | 432 pages Carton Quantity: 12 Viking
    • Marketing Copy

      A hard-hitting look at the battle now raging over the fate of the public lands in the American West—and a plea for the protection of these last wild places

      The public lands of the western United States comprise some 450 million acres of grassland, steppe land, canyons, forests, and mountains. It’s an American commons, and it is under assault as never before.

      Journalist Christopher Ketcham has been documenting the confluence of commercial exploitation and governmental misconduct in this region for over a decade. His revelatory book takes the reader on a journey across these last wild places, to see how capitalism is killing our great commons. Ketcham begins in Utah, revealing the environmental destruction caused by unregulated public lands livestock grazing, and exposing rampant malfeasance in the federal land management agencies, who have been compromised by the profit-driven livestock and energy interests they are supposed to regulate. He then turns to the broad effects of those corrupt politics on wildlife. He tracks the Department of Interior’s failure to implement and enforce the Endangered Species Act—including its stark betrayal of protections for the grizzly bear and the sage grouse—and investigates the destructive behavior of U.S. Wildlife Services in their shocking mass slaughter of animals that threaten the livestock industry. Along the way, Ketcham talks with ecologists, biologists, botanists, former government employees, whistleblowers, grassroots environmentalists and other citizens who are fighting to protect the public domain for future generations.

      This Land is a colorful muckraking journey—part Edward Abbey, part Upton Sinclair—exposing the rot in American politics that is rapidly leading to the sell-out of our national heritage. The book ends with Ketcham’s vision of ecological restoration for the American West: freeing the trampled, denuded ecosystems from the effects of grazing, enforcing the laws already in place to defend biodiversity, allowing the native species of the West to recover under a fully implemented Endangered Species Act, and establishing vast stretches of public land where there will be no development at all, not even for recreation.

      Story Locale: Utah, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, and Colorado
      Christopher Ketcham has written for dozens of publications, including Harper’s, National Geographic, and The New Republic. He has reported from the American West for more than a decade. This book is a product of those years in the last wild places. He currently lives in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

      Author Residence: Catskill Mountains, New York
      Marketing & Promotion
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        Social media and online promotion

        Academic Marketing and Library Promotions

        Publicity: National print and online reviews and features

        National radio interviews

        Regional Western media attention

    • Awards & Reviews

      Praise for This Land:

      “Ketcham’s important book is an urgent cry to expose the greed, stubbornness and neglect that is harming public lands…he has written a psalm to nature and a manifesto to stop the forces that are threatening a territory that stretches from Colorado to the Pacific Coast.” Los Angeles Times

      “A rollicking and unsparing look at the threats to our public lands…part reportage, part history, part backcountry travelogue, the book is full of righteous anger and reverence for wild spaces…brings the fighting spirit and conservation vision of great writers like Edward Abbey, Rachel Carson, and Bernard DeVoto into the 21st century.” Outside

      “[An] encyclopedic exposé…[Ketcham] uses darkly humorous stories to illuminate the political, ideological, and physical threats to America’s parks, forests, rivers, and monuments.” The New Yorker

      “Ketcham is a muckraking activist…his brutally clear reporting supports his view…This Land is a catalog of depredations wrought by grazers, drillers, miners, loggers and the holders of public office who abet them, betraying their duty to the public trust in favor of money and political power…[Ketcham’s] book is ultimately a call to arms.” The New York Times Book Review

      “Ferocious…[a] stunning book…What makes This Land so pressing and so painful is that it drains any reservoirs of political naïveté you may have left. It reminds us that myths…are the collective lies we tell ourselves to keep from seeing what is actually happening… This Land is a book that will help us tell the story truthfully, a book for the hard times now that are a prelude to harder times ahead.” —Verlyn Klinkenborg, The American Scholar 

      “A searing account of the use and abuse of America’s public lands…an eye-opener in the tradition of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring.” The Denver Post

      This Land is a striking cry of anguish…Chronicling a history of subjugation beginning 200 years ago, the book offers infuriating evidence of a broken system leading to a broken ecosystem.” —Salt Lake City Weekly

      “This book minces no words on how environmental deterioration has created a situation that will make our descendants wonder what corporations were thinking about besides making money.”Roundup Magazine 

      “As Christopher Ketcham says so eloquently in these pages, the vast public lands are perhaps America’s greatest legacy, a landscape of the scale necessary to help preserve the diversity of life on a hot planet in a tough century. That’s why we need to pay such attention to the stories he tells of the threats they face.” —Bill McKibben, author of Falter: Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out?

      “Christopher Ketcham is a marvelously fresh and forceful voice, one unaffected by the squishy language and languid resistance of our grotesquely compromised (and well-funded) environmental organizations. Instructive and swiftly, smartly written, this book about the pillage and poisoning of our public lands reinvigorates writing as a force for outrage and change at the same time as it returns us to the clear-headed, big-hearted zeal of classic environmental works.” —Joy Williams, author of The Florida Keys

      “As potent in its way as Silent Spring. This book will open your eyes to the greed and abuse destroying our public lands. Better yet, it will make you angry.” —T. C. Boyle, author of Outside Looking In

      “[A]n impressive book debut…Echoing writers such as Bernard DeVoto, Edward Abbey, and Aldo Leopold, Ketcham underscores the crucial importance of diverse, wild ecosystems and urges ‘a campaign for public lands that is vital, fierce, impassioned, occasionally dangerous, without hypocrisy, that stands against the tyranny of money.’ Angry, eloquent, and urgent—required reading for anyone who cares about the Earth.” Kirkus (starred review) 

      “Powerful…passionate…Ketcham’s roster of villains is long…he balances vehemence with sharp-eyed reportage, fascinating explanations of ecological intricacies, and rapturous evocations of wild places.” Publishers Weekly 

      “Engaging and unsparing… This Land deserves wide circulation, critique, and discussion.” National Parks Traveler

      “At a time when our politics couldn’t be more superficial, shallow, and ephemeral, here is a war cry for the profound, deep, and long lasting. In this country, our public lands have always defined us, and the original vision for those lands was revolutionary. With This Land, Christopher Ketcham helps us see that vision anew, and offers us an equally revolutionary picture of our public lands as large, connected, healthy, cow-less, car-less (and sometimes people-less), and as perhaps our last hope in a warming world steeped in the politics of despair. In the thoughtful but rowdy tradition of Bernard DeVoto and Edward Abbey, with a dash of John Wesley Powell and Wallace Stegner thrown in, Ketcham reminds us that while the way we have treated our public lands has been criminal, we can find salvation, for them and for ourselves, in their restoration. I would challenge anyone to read this inspiring book and not be stirred to fight for this land.” —David Gessner, author of All the Wild That Remains: Edward Abbey, Wallace Stegner and the American West

      “Brutally honest accounts about politicians are rarely welcomed by their subjects. Christopher Ketcham’s book about contemporary conflicts over public lands in the western United States is such a book. If I were an official of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, or if I were associated with the livestock industry in the West, I’m sure that I would pay many hundreds of thousands of dollars to have it suppressed.” —Michael Soulé, professor emeritus of environmental studies, University of California, Santa Cruz

      This Land is the book we’ve all been waiting for. It is simultaneously profound and incisive, breathtaking and heartbreaking, inspiring and sobering. Most of all it is imbued with a love of the land: the land we all love, the land we need, the land that needs us now more than ever. This book is desperately and wildly important.” —Derrick Jensen, author of The Myth of Human Supremacy

      “This may be the most important book about the American West since Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire and, like Abbey before him, Ketcham refuses to go down without a fight. This Land is a Code Red alert for what’s left of the West, an urgent howl to join him on the frontlines of the only war that really matters: the war against life on Earth. Nearly every page burns with a ferocious rage at the mutilation of the landscape that shaped the American character.” —Jeffrey St. Clair, editor-in-chief of CounterPunch

      “America’s patchwork system of public lands—nearly all in the West—is a socialist anomaly in the heart of the capitalist beast, and one of the wonders of the world. But those lands and their irreplaceable animal and plant life face unrelenting threat from the forces of rapine and pillage. Christopher Ketcham lays bare those many threats in pissed-off, funny, loving, deeply informed prose. He calls for nothing more or less than a people’s war in defense of what remains, and he makes a superb case for the fight.” —Jeff Nichols, author of Prostitution, Polygamy, and Power: Salt Lake City, 1847-1918

      “A full-force, book-length investigation of the forces destroying protections for public lands and wildlife, not just in the West but throughout the entire country. Illuminating and disturbing.” EcoWatch, “The 13 Best Environmental Books of July” 
  • 10
    catalogue cover
    The Nature Cure A Doctor's Guide to the Science of Natural Medicine Andreas Michalsen MD
    9780525561279 Hardcover HEALTH & FITNESS / Naturopathy On Sale Date: August 06, 2019
    $37.00 CAD 6.2 x 9.3 x 1.17 in | 352 pages Carton Quantity: 12 Viking
    • Marketing Copy

      International bestselling author Dr. Andreas Michalsen uncovers the natural cures that will transform your health and change your life

      Sunlight. Forest bathing. Fasting. Cold-water baths. Bloodletting. Leeches. Cupping. These ways of healing have been practiced in different cultures around the world for centuries. But as a cardiologist working with the most high-tech medical tools, Dr. Andreas Michalsen was taught that these practices were medieval and outdated, even dangerous. As he saw surprising results in his patients, however, Dr. Michalsen explored more deeply those seemingly “outdated” methods of healing. The more he researched, the more he was convinced by the power of natural medicine—naturopathy—to heal the human body.

      Over the past few decades, Dr. Michalsen has published the most cutting-edge scientific research on the efficacy of natural medicine. At the prestigious Charité University Hospital in Berlin, Dr. Michalsen has successfully treated thousands of patients using elements found in nature—sunlight, water, nourishing foods, medicinal plants and animals. The culmination of years of research and clinical knowledge, The Nature Cure explains how and why naturopathy works. Dr. Michalsen breaks down the science behind natural ways of healing and shows how we can incorporate these methods into our everyday lives to trigger our body’s self-healing mechanism.

      Thoughtfully written and filled with science, history, case studies, and practical guidance, this illuminating book shares knowledge that has changed the lives of thousands of patients, teaching you what your body needs to heal—without medicine riddled with side effects or invasive procedures. Discover methods of healing that don’t just cover up your symptoms, but actually address the root cause of illness.
      Andreas Michalsen, MD, PhD is professor of clinical complementary medicine at the Charité University Medical Center Berlin, the largest university hospital in Europe. He is also head of the department of internal and complementary medicine at Immanuel Hospital Berlin. Dr. Michalsen is board-certified in internal medicine, emergency medicine, nutritional medicine, and physical medicine and rehabilitation. He has published over 200 scientific articles in top medical journals and has collaborated with Stanford University, Harvard University, USC, the Mayo Clinic, and many other institutions.

      Author Residence: Berlin, Germany
      Marketing & Promotion
        Marketing: Social media and online promotion

        Academic Marketing and Library Promotions

        Publicity: Print and online reviews and features

        Health media coverage

    • Awards & Reviews

      Praise for The Nature Cure:

      “Essential reading for anyone interested in living a long and healthy life. Filled with compelling research and gripping stories of his own patients, Dr. Michalsen reveals the simple and accessible changes we can make to live well.” —Dr. Qing Li, author of Forest Bathing

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