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    9780735238381 Hardcover BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs On Sale Date: June 11, 2019
    $32.00 CAD 6.33 x 9.31 x 1.13 in | 368 pages Carton Quantity: 12 Hamish Hamilton
    • Marketing Copy

      An intimate portrait of immigration, family, and the heartbreaking (and sometimes hilarious) things that happen along the way from the author Colum McCann calls “the greatest writer of our generation.”

      In My Parents, Aleksandar Hemon tells the story of his parents’ immigration from Bosnia to Canada—of the lives that were upended in the Siege of Sarajevo and the new lives his parents were forced to build. As ever with his work, Hemon portrays both the perfect, intimate details (his mother’s lonely upbringing, his father’s fanatical beekeeping) and a sweeping, heartbreaking history of his native country, from the rule of Otto von Bismarck to the massacres that shocked the world. It is a story full of many Hemons, of course—his parents, sister, uncles, cousins—and also of German occupying forces, Yugoslav communist revolutionary partisans, royalist Serb collaborators, and a few befuddled Canadians.

      That would be enough to astound readers and yet Hemon also shares an untampered series of beautifully distilled memories and observations titled This Does Not Belong to You, the perfect complement to a major work from a major writer who is about to become unignorable.
      ALEKSANDAR HEMON is the author of The Making of Zombie Wars; The Book of My Lives, which was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award; The Lazarus Project, which was a finalist for the National Book Award and the National Book Critics Circle Award and a New York Times bestseller; and three books of short stories, including Nowhere Man, which was also a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. He was the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and a Genius Grant from the MacArthur Foundation.
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    • Awards & Reviews

      Praise for Aleksandar Hemon:

      “If you’ve never read Aleksandar Hemon, prepare to have your worldview deepened.” -Jonathan Safran Foer

      “When Hemon’s work is funny, it can make you laugh in spite of everything, and when it is sad, it’s hard to stand up afterward.” -John Jeremiah Sullivan

      “If you’ve never read Aleksandar Hemon, prepare to have your worldview deepened.”—Jonathan Safran Foer

      “Hemon is immensely talented—a natural storyteller and a poet, a maker of amazing, gorgeous sentences in what is his second language.”—Los Angeles Times Book Review

      “Hemon’s writing sometimes reminds one of Nabokov’s…yet the feat of his reinvention exceeds the Russian’s.”—James Wood, The New Yorker

      “Not just an extraordinary storyteller but an extraordinary writer: one who seems not simply gifted but necessary.”—The New York Times Book Review

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    Teardown Rebuilding Democracy from the Ground Up Dave Meslin Canada
    9780143197058 Paperback POLITICAL SCIENCE / Civics & Citizenship On Sale Date: May 14, 2019
    $27.00 CAD 5.76 x 8.24 x 1.01 in | 384 pages Carton Quantity: 24 Canadian Rights: Y Penguin Canada
    • Marketing Copy

      A handbook of democratic solutions in troubled times, from the activist the media call a “wizard,” a “mastermind,” “the ultimate ideas guy,” a “mad scientist,” a “start-up genius.”

      Our democracy is a trainwreck. Our elections feel hollow and our legislatures have become toxic. Fierce partisanship, centralized power, distorted election results and rigged systems all contribute to our growing cynicism.

      Voters are increasingly turning towards the angriest candidates, or simply tuning out completely and staying at home. But as Dave Meslin’s career has shown, we can fix things. We can turn elite power structures upside down. We can give a voice to ordinary people. But it means fixing things from the bottom up, and starting locally. It’s hard to change the world if you can’t change a municipal by-law. Teardown shows readers how to do both. And it will show us that these two challenges are not fundamentally different.

      From environmental activism to public space advocacy to the ongoing campaign for electoral reform, Dave Meslin has been both out on the street in marches and in the back rooms drawing up policy. With Teardown he reminds us that the future of our species doesn’t need to look like a trainwreck. That we’re capable of so much more.

      It’s time to raise our expectations: of the system, of each other and of ourselves. Only then can we re-imagine a new democracy, unrecognizable from today’s political mess. This book is a recipe for change. A cure for cynicism. A war on apathy.

      Publication History: Original Trade Paperback
      DAVE MESLIN is an activist, artist, and community organizer who inspires better engagement between governments and citizens. He formed the Toronto Public Space Committee that in 2005 was chosen as the “Best Activist Group” by both EYE Weekly and NOW magazines. TPSC published the first issue of Spacing Magazine, an award-winning urban affairs publication. Meslin appears as an expert on political engagement on national media. His TED talk about apathy has more than 1.5 million views and his 90-second video clip from the 2016 federal election coverage, using colourful stacks of Lego bricks to explain how our voting system fails us, has over 2.5 million views on Facebook alone.

      Author Residence: Toronto, ON

      Author Hometown: Toronto, ON
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    • Awards & Reviews

      Praise for Teardown:

      “Dave Meslin is a force of nature — a one-man think tank/pressure group who won’t stop until he sees his ideas for a better democracy put into action.”
      —Andrew Coyne

      “It’s funny and engaging, and his examples and recommendations are very specific and common-sense” The Toronto Star

      “You must listen to Dave Meslin. Agree or disagree with his prescriptions, he is the clearest voice in our country talking about how to fix our democracy and improve our lives as citizens.”
      —Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary

      “Dave Meslin has written the (long-overdue) Owners and Operators Guide to a Healthy Democracy. Brimming with creative strategies, it is a down to earth, do-able manual to get ourselves out of the toxic, non-user-friendly morass we call Canadian politics.”
      —Elizabeth May, leader, Green Party of Canada

      “An easy-to-read, humorous, honest and blunt assessment of Canadian democracy from Dave Meslin – someone who has experienced first-hand how politics works."
      —Michael Chong, Conservative MP and author of the Reform Act
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    We Were Killers Once Becky Masterman
    9780143196693 Paperback FICTION / Thrillers On Sale Date: June 04, 2019
    $24.95 CAD 5.97 x 8.98 x 0.85 in | 320 pages Carton Quantity: 24 Canadian Rights: Y Penguin Canada
    • Marketing Copy

      Inspired by mysteries that still surround the case explored by Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood, We Were Killers Once pits Brigid Quinn against a man who has gotten away with evil for nearly fifty years—and now has his sights on her family.

      Jeremiah Beaufort has just been released from prison after a very long time and the world has changed. Most importantly, scientific advances have allowed for DNA testing—and the internet has spread the news that there may exist a long-hidden document that will change what is known about not one but two horrific murders.

      His determination to erase any clue that could put him on death row brings him to Tucson, Arizona, intent on finding a document he believes is in the possession of Carlo Di Forenza, ex-priest, retired professor, and husband of Brigid Quinn. Beaufort’s odd behaviour immediately sets off alarms for Brigid, who assumes he is after her for something she did while in the FBI. Brigid’s quest to find out what he is after takes her to Florida—only to discover the truth too late to stop Beaufort taking her beloved gentle husband hostage. A high-stakes, incredibly tense stand-off ensues, as Brigid takes extreme measures to return and, she hopes, neutralize Beaufort before he kills Carlo—and without ending up dead herself.

      Woven into the suspensful plot is Beaufort’s own voice, unforgettably unfolding a story of tragedy and evil that imagines a story-behind-the story of the horrific murders that inspired In Cold Blood, a book and a case that continues to fascinate more than fifty years after the event.

      Story Locale: Tucson, Arizona; Florida; Kansas

      Publication History: Original Trade Paperback
      BECKY MASTERMAN, who was an acquisitions editor for a press specializing in medical textbooks for forensic examiners and law enforcement, received her MA in creative writing from Florida Atlantic University. Her debut thriller, Rage Against the Dying, was a finalist for the Edgar Award for Best First Novel, the CWA Gold Dagger Award for Best Crime Novel of 2013, and the ITV Thriller Award, as well as the Macavity, Barry, and Anthony awards. Becky lives in Tucson, Arizona, with her husband.

      Author Residence: Tucson, Arizona

      Author Hometown: Florida
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    • Awards & Reviews

      Praise for We Were Killers Once:

      “Former FBI agent Brigid Quinn, with her trademark toughness, raw humor, and human frailty, is back and better than ever in Masterman’s latest novel. As Quinn is drawn into an infamous cold case with a possible link to the two killers immortalized by Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood, she finds danger closing in. A gripping premise, brilliantly executed—you won’t be able to put this one down!”
      —Shari Lapena, New York Times bestselling author of The Couple Next Door
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    catalogue cover
    My Seditious Heart Arundhati Roy
    9780735238299 Hardcover LITERARY COLLECTIONS / Essays On Sale Date: June 04, 2019
    $50.00 CAD 5.27 x 8.02 x 1.98 in | 1040 pages Carton Quantity: 8 Canadian Rights: Y Hamish Hamilton
    • Marketing Copy

      Collected essays and speeches from the bestselling, Booker-winning author of The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

      My Seditious Heart collects the work of a two-decade period when Arundhati Roy devoted herself to the political essay as a way of opening up space for justice, rights, and freedoms in an increasingly hostile environment. Taken together, these essays trace her twenty year journey from the Booker Prize-winning The God of Small Things to the extraordinary The Ministry of Utmost Happiness: a journey marked by compassion, clarity, and courage. Radical and readable, they speak always in defence of the collective, of the individual, and of the land, in the face of the destructive logic of financial, social, religious, military, and governmental elites.

      In constant conversation with the themes and settings of her novels, the essays form a near-unbroken memoir of Arundhati Roy’s journey as both a writer and a citizen, of both India and the world, from “The End of Imagination,” which begins this book, to “Azadi,” with which it ends.
      ARUNDHATI ROY is the author of The God of Small Things, which won the Booker Prize in 1997 and has been translated into more than forty languages, and The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, which was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2017. Roy has also published several works of non-fiction, including The Algebra of Infinite Justice, Listening to Grasshoppers, and Broken Republic. She lives in Delhi.

      Author Residence: New Delhi, India

      Author Hometown: Shillong, India
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    • Awards & Reviews

      Praise for My Seditious Heart:

      “Powerful, damning essays”
      — The Guardian

      “Reading My Seditious Heart, you feel as if Roy has been hollering as extravagantly as possible for years, trying to grab our attention, and we’ve kept motoring on toward the edge of the cliff.”
      —The New Yorker

      The 17 Best Summer Reads of 2019 Harper’s Bazaar

      "The world has never had to face such global confusion. Only in facing it can we make sense of what we have to do. And this is precisely what Arundhati Roy does. She makes sense of what we have to do. Thereby offering an example. An example of what? Of being fully alive in our world, such as it is, and of getting close to and listening to those for whom this world has become intolerable."
      —John Berger

      "Arundhati Roy calls for ‘factual precision’ alongside of the ‘real precision of poetry.’ Remarkably, she combines those achievements to a degree that few can hope to approach."
      —Noam Chomsky

      Praise for Arundhati Roy:

      "Arundhati Roy is one of the most confident and original thinkers of our time."
      —Naomi Klein
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    catalogue cover
    We Have Always Been Here A Queer Muslim Memoir Samra Habib Canada
    9780735235007 Paperback BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / LGBT On Sale Date: June 04, 2019
    $24.95 CAD 5.76 x 8.27 x 0.67 in | 240 pages Carton Quantity: 24 Canadian Rights: Y Viking
    • Marketing Copy

      How do you find yourself when the world tells you that you don’t exist?

      Samra Habib has spent most of her life searching for the safety to be herself. As an Ahmadi Muslim growing up in Pakistan, she faced regular threats from Islamic extremists who believed the small, dynamic sect to be blasphemous. From her parents, she internalized the lesson that revealing her identity could put her in grave danger.

      When her family came to Canada as refugees, Samra encountered a whole new host of challenges: bullies, racism, the threat of poverty, and an arranged marriage. Backed into a corner, her need for a safe space—in which to grow and nurture her creative, feminist spirit—became dire. The men in her life wanted to police her, the women in her life had only shown her the example of pious obedience, and her body was a problem to be solved.

      So begins an exploration of faith, art, love, and queer sexuality, a journey that takes her to the far reaches of the globe to uncover a truth that was within her all along. A triumphant memoir of forgiveness and family, both chosen and not, We Have Always Been Here is a rallying cry for anyone who has ever felt out of place and a testament to the power of fearlessly inhabiting one’s truest self.

      Publication History: Original Trade Paperback
      SAMRA HABIB is a writer, photographer, and activist. As a journalist she’s covered topics ranging from fashion trends and Muslim dating apps to the rise of Islamophobia in the US. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Advocate, and her photo project, “Just Me and Allah,” has been featured in Nylon, i-D, Vanity Fair Italia, Vice, and The Washington Post. She works with LGBTQ organizations internationally, raising awareness of issues that impact queer Muslims around the world. We Have Always Been Here is her first book.

      Author Residence: Toronto, Ontario

      Author Hometown: Lahore, Pakistan
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    • Awards & Reviews

      We Have Always Been Here challenges so many received wisdoms on gender, faith and sexuality that its very existence in the world is cause for celebration.”—The Globe and Mail

      “Habib writes through a lens of compassion, hope, and ever-widening circles of understanding.”Quill and Quire

      “I fell in love with this book. In prose as economical, crisp, clear, and truthful as poetry, Samra Habib offers a map of how we might learn to see and treasure one another and ourselves. In this way it calls to mind the works of James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, and Jane Rule. I predict that this book will never go out of print—it will become required and desired reading for people of all ages, persuasions, and backgrounds. How I wish I had had it to keep close to my heart when I was younger.”—Shani Mootoo, author of Cereus Blooms at Night

      “A brave coming-of-age account . . . A heartfelt act of resistance for queer Muslims and progressive Islam everywhere.”Literary Review of Canada

      “Gutting and redemptive, We Have Always Been Here is the story of one woman’s path to self-determination against every odd. Habib’s voice is sensual and mesmerizing, her talent fierce and necessary. A transformative reading experience . . . Habib’s every word lifts off the page, vital and bright as a match being struck.”—Claudia Dey, author of Heartbreaker

      “Powerful . . . We Have Always Been Here is a portrait of a woman who eventually does find the key to her identity.” Toronto Star

      “I could not put down this drama of crossing borders, both external and interior, that teaches us to look into ourselves more deeply and to see others with more empathy. This book is a gift in a historical moment of many struggles, and we are lucky to share Habib’s generous and courageous story. I will be giving everyone I know this book!”—Kim Echlin, author of The Disappeared

      “A memoir of coming of age and coming out told in rich detail. Samra Habib’s account of growing up queer and Muslim in Pakistan and Canada is at once searching and tender.”—Rachel Giese, author of Boys: What It Means to Become a Man

      “Samra Habib’s memoir unfolds like a pre-digital photograph developing before our eyes. The identities she carries lovingly and with pride insist we revere a complication for so long denied. To say I count, I exist, is revolutionary when you are denied complication. Habib has written the book she wished she had when she was young. It is a book we should all have had long ago.”—Mona Eltahawy, author of Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution

      “A beautiful telling of a life, of love, of the reclamation of power, of feeling truly seen, and of finding your way home. An exquisite, powerful, and urgent book.”—Stacey May Fowles

      "A poignantly told memoir about a life fiercely lived."Kirkus Reviews
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    catalogue cover
    Bunny Mona Awad Canada
    9780735235885 Hardcover FICTION / Satire On Sale Date: June 11, 2019
    $29.95 CAD 6.23 x 9.29 x 1.07 in | 320 pages Carton Quantity: 12 Canadian Rights: Y Hamish Hamilton
    • Marketing Copy

      The Vegetarian meets Heathers in this darkly funny, seductively strange novel about a lonely graduate student drawn into a clique of rich girls who seem to move and speak as one.

      “We were just these innocent girls in the night trying to make something beautiful. We nearly died. We very nearly did, didn’t we?”

      Samantha Heather Mackey couldn’t be more different from the other members of her master’s program at New England’s elite Warren University. A self-conscious scholarship student who prefers the company of her imagination to that of most people, she is utterly repelled by the rest of her fiction writing cohort—a clique of unbearably twee rich girls who call each other “Bunny,” and are often found entangled in a group hug so tight it seems their bodies might become permanently fused.

      But everything changes when Samantha receives an invitation to the Bunnies’ exclusive monthly “Smut Salon,” and finds herself drawn as if by magic to their front door—ditching her only friend, Ava, an audacious art school dropout, in the process. As Samantha plunges deeper and deeper into Bunny world, and starts to take part in the off-campus “Workshop” where they devise their monstrous creations, the edges of reality begin to blur, and her friendships with Ava and the Bunnies are brought into deadly collision.

      A spellbinding, down-the-rabbit-hole tale about loneliness and belonging, creativity and agency, and female friendship and desire, Bunny is the dazzlingly original second book from an author with tremendous “insight into the often-baffling complexities of being a woman” (The Atlantic).
      MONA AWAD is the author of 13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl, a finalist for the Scotiabank Giller Prize that won the Amazon Canada First Novel Award, the Colorado Book Award, and an Honorable Mention from the Arab American Book Awards. It was also longlisted for the International Dublin Literary Award and the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour. The recipient of an MFA in Fiction from Brown University and a PhD in English and Creative Writing from the University of Denver, she has published work in Time, VICE, Electric Literature, McSweeney’s, Los Angeles Review of Books, and elsewhere. She currently lives in Boston.

      Author Residence: Boston, MA

      Author Hometown: Toronto, Canada
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        Event in Toronto, possibility of Montreal

        Author Website:

        Author Social Media: Twitter: @MonaAwadAuthor; Instagram: @Misery_Saga
    • Awards & Reviews

      "O Bunny you are sooo genius!"—Margaret Atwood, via Twitter

      Bunny is a curioser Wonderland where vicious, rabidly entitled artists mix hare-brained potions, where sweet bunnies are terrifying swains, and where literature’s newest and sexiest hybrid lurks. Hilarious and creepy with dead-on satire: I cannot think of a new book I like more.”
      Lynn Crosbie

      A Globe and Mail, Chatelaine, and Vancouver Sun Best Book of Summer

      One of CBC's Most Anticipated Books of Summer
      One of NOW's Most Anticipated Books of Summer
      Loan Star Best of June

      "Mona Awad’s precision is only matched by her wit as she mounts one of the most pristine, delightful attacks on popular girls since Clueless. Bunny made me cackle and nod in terrified recognition. You will be glued to your cashmere blanket."
      —Lena Dunham, author of Not That Kind of Girl

      “Prepare to go down the rabbit hole withthis weird and wonderful book.”
      —The Globe and Mail

      “Gripping [and] frenetically readable . . .In this exploration of how women’s repressed rageand desires can manifest, Awad weaponizescuteness in a ferocious and dynamic way.”
      Quill and Quire, STARRED REVIEW

      "Like one of those razors marketed to women: you know, pink but still GD dangerous."

      "Bunny is a kind of pastel-toned goth lit, an examination of what happens when 'soft' femininity meets the tougher kind—but one that also recognizes how blurry the distinction can be . . . This isn’t your garden-variety–or even your rabbit-hutch–view of feminist sisterhood . . . It's a spiritual cousin to Stephen King’s Carrie."

      "Mona Awad lets femininity bare its fangs."
      The Toronto Star

      "To call this a dark comedy undersells the richness of its message, and to say it’s a satire misses its realism. Bunny is so sharp it will leave you bloody."

      "A viciously funny bloodbath . . . Awad gleefully pumps up the novel's nightmarish quality until the boundary between perception and reality has all but dissolved completely. It's clear that Awad is having fun here—the proof is in the gore—and her delight is contagious . . . Wickedly sharp . . . A near-perfect realization of a singular vision."
      Kirkus, STARRED REVIEW

      "Outstanding . . . highly addictive, darkly comedic . . . Awad will have readers racing to find out how it all ends—and they won’t be disappointed once the story reaches its wild finale. This is an enchanting and stunningly bizarre novel."
      Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

      "Awad has proved herself one of the most innovative and original authors out there, and Bunny is a wild, audacious and ultimately unforgettable novel."
      Los Angeles Times

      "A work of toothsome and fanged intelligence."
      The New Yorker

      "Deliciously evil . . . Awad is a stone-cold genius."
      The Washington Post

      "The Secret History meets Jennifer’s Body. This brilliant, sharp, weird book skewers the heightened rhetoric of obsessive female friendship in a way I don't think I've ever seen before. I loved it and I couldn't put it down."
      —Kristen Roupenian, author of "Cat Person" and You Know You Want This

      "Hilarious and subversive, magical and knife-sharp. This novel—a send-up of academia, an astute exploration of class in creative circles, and an ode to the uncanny power of art—confirms Mona Awad as one of our great chroniclers of what it means to be alive right now. Bunny is a stunner."
      —Laura van den Berg, author of The Third Hotel

      "It is not an exaggeration to say that I devoured Bunny—teeth, fur, claws and all. Mona Awad has written a truly delectable novel that is equal parts wit, fancy, and wickedness. Unafraid to challenge some sacrosanct notions about women artists, female friendship, and writing, her book is a compulsively readable testament to the sheer creative force of loneliness and longing."
      —Sarah Shun-lien Bynum, author of Miss Hempel Chronicles

      "Very funny and very sharp . . . An extremely readable page-turner."
      —NPR's "Weekend Edition"

      "[One of] the most cerebral and compulsively readable books of the season . . . This compelling novel about a mysterious grad school clique draws a bit of inspiration from Mean Girls or Heathers...before long, the novel takes a turn into the surreal, applying the logic of a horror movie to its incisive exploration of cruelty between young women."
      Vanity Fair

      "Vivid [and] gripping . . . What makes it memorable, and powerful, is the coupling of its go-for-broke sendup with an immense compassion . . . For all its dagger-sharpness, Bunny has a tenderly accommodating heart."
      The Boston Globe

      "It’s creepy and it’s kooky, mysterious and spooky, and you will not be able to put it down."
      The Washington Post

      "A surreal, darkly funny take on art, power, and female friendships."
      Entertainment Weekly

      "Exquisitely precise [and] funny as hell.'"
      The Boston Globe

      “The weirdest novel you'll read this year . . . in the best way possible…With hints of Heathers and Mean Girls, I read Bunny in one night and was genuinely bummed when it was over.”

      "[A] dizzying tale of misandry, class anxiety, and psychological torment . . . Fans of sinister girl gangs, take heart!"
      Harper’s Bazaar

      "A dark, twisted novel that sharply interrogates women's relationships to one another and to art, academia, and class—it's the kind of book that leaves a taste in your mouth, the taste of blood. Who knew that would taste so good?"

      "Mona Awad’s prose is dangerous. She crafts beautiful meals laced with poison."
      The Paris Review

      "With notes of Scream Queens and Heathers, Bunny takes readers into a twisted, terrifying cabal." Newsweek

      "[Bunny] quickly ascends to a Heathers level of camp without losing its grip on emotional reality . . . the struggle, shame, and frustration of making art rings true . . . enjoyable, insightful [and] compulsively readable."

      "Awad’s genius lies in her ability to take a familiar setup and turn it on its head—and then shake it and throw it off a cliff. That’s how twisted Bunny gets."

      "Tall, dark and culty."

      "If you’ve ever been the odd one out, read Bunny."

      "[A] riotous, pitch-black novel . . . [Awad's] sheer panache powers you through the hilarious, hallucinogenic freakery."
      The Daily Mail

      "Gripping [and] unique."

      "The Secret History meets Heathers with a dash of Mean Girls. You’re gonna love it." HelloGiggles

      "[A] clever, contemplative, truly absurd campus novel that manages to strike to the truth of things with a hot blade of magic.”

      "[Awad] has a wicked sense of humor . . . The energy in her writing is truly infectious, and it’s a lot of fun to go with her down the rabbit hole."
      Washington Independent Review of Books

      "Bunny is the lovechild of Otessa Moshfegh’s Eileen and Donna Tartt’s The Secret History after a chance meeting at a midnight showing of Heathers . . . Dark but hilarious, quirky yet insightful, and at times just flat out weird, Bunny is the perfect anti-beach read for those of us who spend summer dreading the outside, opting to stay in burning scented candles with our curtains drawn and our white noise machine set to 'thunder storm.'"
      Napa Valley Register

      "[A] riveting and often funny tale about the dark side of female seduction."
      Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

      "Social acceptance, female friendship, the coming-of-age process . . . it's all ripe for the discussion here."

      “Astonishingly self-assured...Awad’s writing is somehow both gorgeous and gritty as she explores creativity, art and the universal desire to belong.”

      "Sharp and utterly bonkers; think Heathers gone to grad school."

      "[A] dark story that defies categorization."
      Library Journal
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    catalogue cover
    The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook Wholesome, Indulgent Plant-Based Recipes Made in the Instant Pot Nisha Vora
    9780735237360 Hardcover COOKING / Methods On Sale Date: June 18, 2019
    $29.95 CAD 8.24 x 9.31 x 0.91 in | 320 pages Carton Quantity: 12 Canadian Rights: Y Penguin Canada
    • Marketing Copy

      A vibrant authorized vegan Instant Pot cookbook from the creator of the popular blog RainbowPlantLife.

      With food and photos as colorful, joyous, and wholesome as the title of her blog, RainbowPlantLife, suggests, Nisha Vora shares recipes with 240k+ Instagram followers daily. Now, in her debut cookbook, she offers up more than 90 nourishing recipes to achieve the nutritious (and colorful!) food she’s known for with the magic of the widely-popular Instant Pot electric cooker. In a book that includes a comprehensive guide to the Instant Pot and all its functions, you too can taste the rainbow with a full repertoire of vegan dishes, including Nisha’s Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Tacos, Sweet Potato Bean Burgers, Blueberry Cheesecake, and many more.
      NISHA VORA is a food blogger, photographer, and stylist. After graduating from Harvard Law School and working as a lawyer for four years, she turned in her casebooks for cookbooks and launched a career in her dream world of food by creating RainbowPlantLife, a popular vegan Instagram account, blog, and YouTube channel. Nisha is a Californian at heart but has lived in New York City for the last six years, where she resides with her partner in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

      Author Residence: Brooklyn, New York

      Author Hometown: San Diego, California
      Marketing & Promotion
        Marketing: Instagram advertising

        Facebook advertising

        Recipe cards

        Recipe excerpt online

        Penguin Canada social content

        Food influencer / author mailing


        Publicity: Pitch for interviews and recipe excerpts with health and food publications

        Pitch for remote broadcast interviews

    • Awards & Reviews

      Praise for The Instant Pot Cookbook:

      “Vegan cooking can feel intimidating for many—even without introducing a new appliance into the equation—but Nisha brings them together in such an approachable way you’ll be a pro in no time! The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook is brimming with cozy plant-centric vegan recipes, like Creamy Dreamy Cauliflower Soup and Macaroni and Cheese, mouth-watering photos, and plenty of tips for successful pressure cooking to guide you along the way.
      —Angela Liddon, New York Times bestselling author of The Oh She Glows Cookbook and Oh She Glows Every Day

      “This cookbook is an impressive arrangement of Instant Pot recipes. Made with hearty and nutritious plant-based based ingredients, the end results are truly satisfying, ideal for quick weeknight dinners and meal prepping for the week. And did you know that you can use an Instant Pot to make recipes like chickpea-stuffed bell peppers, savory tofu quiche, homemade coonut yogurt, and vegan cheesecake? Nisha's got you covered!”
      —Timothy Pakron of Mississippi Vegan

      "I love my Instant Pot, but eating plant-based means that I'm often turning to it for the same recipes over and over. Nisha's tips, recipes, and techniques open up an entirely new, exciting, and not at all intimidating world of naturally vegan enjoyment! From Homemade Coconut Yogurt to Miso Mushroom Risotto, and even a Double Fudge Chocolate Cake, these recipes have you covered for all meals and occasions, and all with the ease and efficiency of the Instant Pot."
      —Laura Wright, award-winning blogger and author of The First Mess Cookbook
  • 8
    catalogue cover
    Hideaway Nicole Lundrigan Canada
    9780735237810 Paperback FICTION / Thrillers On Sale Date: July 09, 2019
    $24.95 CAD 6.26 x 8.98 x 0.9 in | 336 pages Carton Quantity: 24 Canadian Rights: Y Viking
    • Marketing Copy

      “Authentic, disturbing and unbearably tense, Hideaway will leave you reeling.”—Shari Lapena, #1 internationally bestselling author of The Couple Next Door

      Gloria Janes appears to be a doting suburban mother and loving wife. But beyond her canary-yellow door, Gloria controls her husband, Telly, as well as seven-year-old Maisy and her older brother Rowan, through a disorienting cycle of adoration and banishment.

      When Telly leaves, Gloria turns on Rowan. He runs away, finding unlikely refuge with a homeless man named Carl, with whom he forms the kind of bond he has never found with his parents. After they are menaced by strangers, Rowan follows Carl to an isolated cottage, where he accidentally sets off a burst of heightened paranoia in Carl, and their adventure takes a dark turn.

      Gloria is publicly desperate for the safe return of her son while privately plotting ever wilder ways to lure Telly home for good. Her behaviour grows more erratic and her manipulation of Maisy begins to seem dedicated toward an outcome that only she can see. The two storylines drive relentlessly toward a climax that is both shocking and emotionally riveting.

      Suspenseful, unsettling, and masterful, Hideaway explores the secrets of a troubled family and illuminates an unlikely hero and a source of unexpected strength.

      Story Locale: Little Sliding, a fictional town in northeastern North America

      Publication History: Original Trade Paperback
      NICOLE LUNDRIGAN is the author of six critically acclaimed novels, including The Substitute and Glass Boys. Her work has appeared on best of the year selections of The Globe and Mail,, and Now magazine. She grew up in Newfoundland, and now lives in Toronto.

      Author Residence: Toronto

      Author Hometown: Upper Gullies, Newfoundland
      Marketing & Promotion
        Marketing: Pre-Pub:

        -       3/8/19 – Cover reveal on author’s Facebook page

        -       5/8/19 – ARC giveaway on author’s Facebook page

        -       5/16/19 – 5/31/19 – Goodreads ARCs giveaway

        -       5/20/19 – e-book preorder discount

        -       6/18/19 -7/9/19 – Premium Goodreads contest with final copies

        -       6/27/19 - ARC giveaway on Penguin Canada social channels

        -       6/27/19 – Facebook pre-order advertising


        -       7/9/19 – Podcast advertising

        -       7/9/19 – 7/22/19 - Goodreads advertising

        -       7/23/19 - 8/9/19 – Online digital ad campaign

        -       8/10/19 – 8/22/19 Facebook advertising

        -       Ongoing organic social media support

        - Finished copies influencer mailing

        US Plans:

        Wide ARC distribution

        Promotion at BEA

        Goodreads promotion

        BookRiot promotion

        Social media campaign

        Pitch for reviews and summer reading lists

        Publicity: Extensive review coverage in daily newspapers like the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star

        Select review and feature coverage in lifestyle magazines like Canadian Living and Chatelaine

        Select national radio interviews with programs like CBC The Next Chapter

        Extensive blogger outreach to our thriller community

        Pitch for CTV’s The Social “The Social Chapter” book club selection for August

        Toronto launch event

        Potential to tour to: Winnipeg and SW Ontario (Sarnia, Orangeville & Uxbridge)

        Pitch to Fall festivals

        Extensive ARC mailing for early review coverage

        Indie bookstore visits and signings

        Indigo bookstore visits and signings

        Potential for an in-house event with Kobo

        Author Website:
    • Awards & Reviews

      “Authentic, disturbing and unbearably tense, Hideaway will leave you reeling.”
      —Shari Lapena, #1 internationally bestselling author of The Couple Next Door

      One of:
      Chatelaine's "The Most Suspenseful Thrillers Of Summer 2019"

      Toronto Star's "Loan Stars: Canadian librarians’ top picks for July"
      NOW Toronto's "The 14 best books to read in summer 2019"
      The Globe and Mail's "The summer’s best books"
      's "40 New Thrillers Out This Summer That Make The Perfect Vacation Reads"

      Post Media's "Page-turners to take to the beach"

      Praise for Hideaway:

      "Hideaway is a potent exploration of abuse, desperation, coming of age, and broken trust...With her latest novel, Lundrigan proves she’s hit her stride"
      —Quill and Quire

      "In elegant, stylish prose, Lundrigan captures the bewilderment of childhood when it’s set against the backdrop of how awful adults can be. If ever there was a book that will hook you with hatred and love, Hideaway is it. With a great, tense finish, you’ll be desperate for the right characters to win. I loved Maisy as much as I do Scout Finch, and that’s saying something."
      —Roz Nay, internationally-bestselling author of Our Little Secret

      "Lundrigan is a fearless writer, and has created an unforgettable, psychologically complex, smart, dark story in Hideaway. Questioning ideas of safety, truth, and responsibility, it's a bone-chilling tale that goes places you'll never expect - your heart will be racing by the final, shocking climax and you'll never stop cheering for the irresistible child heroes Rowan and Maisy, even in the darkest moments."
      —Grace O’Connell, author of Be Ready for the Lightning and Magnified World

      “Haunting, harrowing, and beautifully written, Hideaway splendidly showcases the unique talents of Nicole Lundrigan."
      —Ian Hamilton, bestselling author of the Ava Lee series

      "There are few better at writing familial claustrophobia than Nicole Lundrigan, and in Hideaway she uses it to drive the suspense in a thriller about the idea of home, its comforts and entrapments."
      —Andrew Pyper, bestselling author of The Homecoming and The Demonologist
  • 9
    catalogue cover
    Supper Club A Novel Lara Williams
    9780735237728 Paperback FICTION / Humorous On Sale Date: July 09, 2019
    $24.95 CAD 5.6 x 8.2 x 0.83 in | 304 pages Carton Quantity: 24 Canadian Rights: Y Hamish Hamilton
    • Marketing Copy

      A sharply intelligent and intimate debut novel about a secret society of hungry young women who meet after dark and feast to reclaim their appetites—and their physical spaces—that posits the question: if you feed a starving woman, what will she grow into?

      Roberta spends her life trying not to take up space. At almost thirty, she is adrift and alienated from life. Stuck in a mindless job and reluctant to pursue her passion for food, she suppresses her appetite and recedes to the corners of rooms. But when she meets Stevie, a spirited and effervescent artist, their intense friendship sparks a change in Roberta, a shift in her desire for more. Together, they invent the Supper Club, a transgressive and joyous collective of women who gather to celebrate, rather than admonish, their hungers. They gather after dark and feast until they are sick; they break into private buildings and leave carnage in their wake; they embrace their changing bodies; they stop apologizing. For these women, each extraordinary yet unfulfilled, the club is a way to explore, discover, and push the boundaries of the space they take up in the world. Yet as the club expands, growing both in size and rebellion, Roberta is forced to reconcile herself to the desire and vulnerabilities of the body—and the past she has worked so hard to repress. Devastatingly perceptive and savagely funny, Supper Club is an essential coming-of-age story for our times.

      Publication History: Original Trade Paperback
      LARA WILLIAMS is the author of the short story collection A Selfie as Big as the Ritz, and her writing has been featured in The Guardian, The Independent, Vice, the Times Literary Supplement, McSweeney’s, and elsewhere. She has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and is featured in Best British Short Stories 2017. She writes and teaches Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. She lives in Manchester, England.

      Author Residence: Manchester, England
      Marketing & Promotion
        Marketing: Reader guide

        Instagram advertising

        Penguin Canada social media advertising

        Finished copy giveaway


        Publicity: Potential visit during Fiction Preview

        Reviews in national magazines Chatelaine, Elle, Fashion

        Blogger/influencer mailing

        Summer reading book club

        Remote radio interviews

        Author Website:

        Author Social Media: Twitter: @Lara_A_Williams
    • Content Preview

    • Awards & Reviews

      One of:
      Real Simple's "Best Books of 2019 (So Far)"
      USA Today
      's "New & Noteworthy" Picks
      's “12 Books We Can't Wait to Read This Summer”
      TIME's "6 New Fiction Books You Should Read in July"
      Forbes's "10 Summer Book Recommendations"
      PureWow's "8 Books We Can't Wait to Read in July"
      Domino's "What to Read This Summer"

      "[Williams] decants her first novel into flights, like wine....Confer[s] dignity on the small, quotidian self-adjustments that women are always making in order to survive....This is one of Williams's strengths: an exquisite patience with the emerging texture of emotion. As a stylist, she is subtle and superbly attentive....But where Williams truly shines is, if you'll forgive me, in the kitchen. The food in the book eats you. (It literally changed my dinner plans.)...These interludes perfume the narrative, like aromatics in a stock, imparting a depth of flavor that resurfaces stylishly when you least expect it."The New York Times Book Review

      "The conceit of [Supper Club] is a bold and aggressively indelicate one that challenges society's expectations of women's appetites — for food, sex, pleasure, all of it...Delectable...Bursting with deep meditations on the lives of women and how they're shaped and distorted by men who are careless, monstrous and all points in between...Supper Club fascinates as an unflinching embrace of women and their many appetites and smashes the patriarchy with heaping plates of pasta."USA Today

      "[A] deliciously anarchic first novel about an ever-growing group of women who gather to indulge in the hedonistic freedom of acting unladylike. Topless feasts and Prosecco-soaked dancing abound."—O, The Oprah Magazine

      "Williams explores the complex relationship many women have with their deepest desires."TIME

      “Lara Williams's debut...will leave you panting and ravenous....In its unselfconscious splendor, [Supper Club] tackles age-old questions about the female form with a delightfully 21st-century voice.”Vulture

      “Like Fight Club but with food…Morphs into something that is less about food and more about rebellion and power and all the desires women have suppressed for so, so long.”—Bustle

      Supper Club will speak to parts of you that you didn’t know were yearning. A thought-provoking read that will make you hungry for Roberta’s cooking and more of Williams’ insights on women at crossroads.”Refinery29

      “You’ll want to feast on this book.…It’s truly that delicious.”Cosmopolitan

      Supper Club is the ravenous read we all need…A darkly funny coming-of-age story like no other.”—Read It Forward

      “There's no other book to read this month than Lara Williams' debut, in which two women start an underground supper club devoted to indulging all sorts of earthly desires. For reading while eating in the bath, and licking your lips.”LitHub

      "[An] assured debut...Williams wields her svelte poetic prose like a knife....Supper Club is a love letter to those friends, both retained and lost, who have an irrevocable influence on who we are and how we understand ourselves....It is also a provocation to demand more, a challenge to hold each other to account, and an enticement to celebrate the vibrancy of women’s lives with the raucous abandon they deserve. It’s the country fairy tale: biting the apple brought wisdom and confidence, not a loss of consciousness. No prince necessary.” Women's Review of Books

      "Funny, astute and timely, this novel is as satisfying as a great meal with friends."Elle (UK)

      “A celebration of female power and friendship, with some wonderful food writing, this is darkly delicious.”—The Sunday Mirror (UK)

      “Like Conversations with Friends...[A] smart, zeitgeisty, but genuinely affecting, coming-of-age tale.”The Daily Mail (UK)

      “[A] delicious first novel...Mixing together insights about food and friendship, hunger and happiness, and the space women allot themselves in the world today, Williams writes with warmth, wit, and wisdom, serving up distinctive characters and a delectably unusual story. [Supper Club] will satisfy your craving for terrific writing and leave you hungry for more from this talented writer.”Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

      “[An] engrossing, rollicking tale...William's humorous and candid exploration of a woman on the verge of finding herself makes for an enthralling novel.”Publishers Weekly (starred review)

      "A radical retake on the notion that women must starve themselves to meet society's demands... Written with total glee and rollocking sense of unlimited possibility, Lara Williams is one to watch" Stylist UK

      "Cool and knowing, jam-packed with cultural references, not to mention mouthwatering recipes... Kicks back against the degradations and appetite-shaming strictures of a notionally feminist age" Metro

      “Poignant... An homage to female rage and the bonds of friendship, [Supper Club] will entice readers like a gourmet feast and leave them just as satisfied.”Library Journal

      “[Williams is] a keen chronicler of contemporary women’s lives; her sly, perceptive first novel...offers food for thought on the sorts of love (and sorts of women) that society doesn’t accommodate....Dive right into the soothing-cooking-show-meets-Fight-Club-concept.”Booklist

      "For fans of Ottessa Moshfegh, this book spans a decade and is a story of identity and finding your place in the world."She Reads

      “Supper Club
      is outrageously good—an exploration of female appetites and friendships that is dark, funny, and joyful. From the first page to the last, it's a delight.”—Sophie Mackintosh, author of The Water Cure

      “Supper Club is a genuine pleasure to read.”—Jami Attenberg, author of The Middlesteins and All Grown Up

      “A visceral and dangerous celebration of feminine appetite and agency. Dark, vivid and infinitely compelling, Williams boldly explores what happens when women dare to cross lines and take up space with their bodies, the hungers and delights to be found in transgression, and the anger and pain we are afraid to claim.”—Mona Awad, author of Bunny and 13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl

      “Fantastic. Funny and incisive with some of the best food writing I’ve read. On its surface, the story of Supper Club is a simple one: a bunch of damaged women get together to eat dinner. But what lies beneath Williams’ acerbically funny prose is a full-fanged celebration of the carnal, the feral and the freedom that comes when women rediscover their own appetites. I love it.” —Caroline O’Donoghue, author of Promising Young Women

      “A bacchanalian homage to women's rage and the healing balm of female friendship, Supper Club is an enticing feast for the heart and mind.”—Courtney Maum, author of Touch and I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You

      “I ADORED Supper Club. It's the most visceral, satisfying, wildly indulgent thing I've read in years—clever and subtle about growing up and learning how to embody conflicting desires, as a woman and an animal. I wanted to stand on the roof, beat my chest and bellow like some kind of mad dinner gong for repressed women. I was hungry for this book, and I know many other women will be too.”—Emma Jane Unsworth, author of Animals

      "A wholly original look at literal and figurative hunger, female friendship, and finding yourself."Real Simple

      "a promising debut and an inspirational talking point" The Mail On Sunday UK

      "bold, wild and witty. . .spills over with rage and revelry, giving voice to silent women who feel belittled by a hostile world." —The Sunday Express

  • 10
    catalogue cover
    Sprout Right Family Food Good Nutrition and Over 130 Simple Recipes for Baby, Toddler, and the Whole Family Lianne Phillipson Canada
    9780735236059 Paperback COOKING / Cooking for Kids On Sale Date: July 23, 2019
    $29.95 CAD 8.04 x 10 x 0.8 in | 344 pages Carton Quantity: 12 Canadian Rights: Y Penguin Canada
    • Marketing Copy

      Everything there is to know about getting your family off to a nutritious start, from birth to school age and beyond.

      Whether your son is starting to eat more finger foods as he approaches his first birthday, or you’re sending your daughter off to her first soccer practice, giving your family the food they need to live healthy, energetic lives doesn’t need to be a source of stress. In Sprout Right Family Food, registered nutritionist Lianne Phillipson clearly explains the simple nutritional steps you can take to maximize the health of your baby, toddler, and the whole family. Learn everything there is to know about starting your baby on solids with ease and confidence, about navigating allergy concerns and food reactions as your little one progresses to family food in the toddler years, and about the importance—for everyone—of eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day.

      Sprout Right Family Food is packed with essential nutritional information and over 130 delicious recipes that range from smooth and chunky purées for babies, to energy-packed meals for toddlers including Veggie Pesto Pizza and Go Faster Granola Bars, and timeless healthy family recipes such as Baked Butternut Squash and Garlic Risotto and Corn Coconut and Ginger Soup. Phillipson believes good food and good health go hand in hand, and that learning how to make the best food choices today will ensure long-term health as everyone in your family grows.

      Publication History: Original Trade Paperback
      LIANNE PHILLIPSON is a registered nutritionist and bestselling author. She is a go-to expert for nutrition quotes, ideas, tips, and articles, and appears regularly on CityTV’s Breakfast Television, CTV’s Your Morning, CHCH Morning Live,, and is featured weekly as the nutrition expert on the Jerry Agar Show on NewsTalk1010 radio. She’s also a mom to two healthy daughters and helps thousands of families to make healthier choices, one mouthful at a time.

      Author Residence: Toronto, ON
      Marketing & Promotion
        Marketing: Facebook advertising

        Recipe cards

        Recipe excerpt online

        Penguin Canada social content

        US Plans:

        Target parenting media including magazines and websites for review and excerpts

        Influencer campaign

        Facebook promotion

        Google ad words 


        Publicity: Pitch for interviews and recipe excerpts with parenting, food and lifestyle publications

        Pitch for national TV segments in Toronto (leverage author’s regular media appearances)

        Toronto-based events

        Author Website:

        Author Social Media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook: @SproutRight
    • Awards & Reviews

      "With vibrant photography, nutrient-dense, delicious recipes for the baby stage and beyond, and most importantly, expert, detailed advice on everything health-conscious new parents want to know about feeding their children, Sprout Right Family Food is a must-have book for nourishing a young family." —Leah Garrad-Cole, author of It All Begins with Food

      “A must-have on the cookbook shelf of every family. I spent many nights researching all kinds of things when I was a new mom—all of which Lianne addresses with her signature calm, wise and straight forward approach. As a nutritionist, what I feed my son is a focus in our family, and before this book, there wasn’t one that came close to aligning with our food philosophy. Sprout Right Family Food is now at the top of my list of recommended reads and references for expecting and new parents alike.” —Meghan Telpner, author of UnDiet and The UnDiet Cookbook

      "Sprout Right Family Food is one of the most comprehensive nutrition books for raising a healthy, happy family from birth to young adulthood and beyond—in the most delicious and nourishing way. I can’t think of a better gift to give a new parent or caregiver! I look forward to making and sharing these recipes with my own family for years to come." —Joy McCarthy, author of Joyous Health

      “In Sprout Right Family Food, Lianne Phillipson balances evidence-based nutrition with a deep sense of loving care for her family--and yours and mine! This book is a must read for every parent, doctor, and patient who is seeking uncomplicated and immediately applicable approaches to the often-confusing world of practical nutrition.” —Dr. Robert Cass, Naturopathic Physician and Master Formulator of Physica Energetics nutritional products

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