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    Dog Personalities Dog Personalities
    9780593080382 Hardcover HUMOR / Topic On Sale Date: October 29, 2019
    $21.99 CAD 5.01 x 6.35 x 0.58 in | 0.55 lb | 128 pages Carton Quantity: 40 Bantam Press
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      We all know that dogs have personalities as colourful and unique as any human. They can be confident and dominant – born leaders – or shy and timid. They can be obedient, laid back, cheeky or stubborn. They can be prima donnas, stroppy so-and-sos or lazy sods – just like us.

      With so many characters you’ll recognise, and based on the Instagram account with hundreds of thousands of followers, Dog Personalities reveals ours canine counterparts, all with imaginative backstories and photographs guaranteed to make you smile.

      Dog Personalities is the Instagram and Twitter sensation that has been finding human qualities in our canine pales since late 2016. Having amassed a huge following online, they set their sights on uncovering brand new photographs of hilarious pups to publish in a book for the very first time.
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    Xing Danwen Captive of Love Tarek Abou El Fetouh, Chan Koonchung, Judith Butler, Kwame Appiah
    9783791384344 Hardcover ART / Collections, Catalogs, Exhibitions On Sale Date: August 25, 2020
    $60.00 CAD 8.25 x 11.25 in | 1.25 lb | 200 pages Carton Quantity: 6 Prestel
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      A monograph on one of China’s most accomplished and daring artists, this volume follows the transformation of Xing Danwen’s career from 1989 to the present.

      Since 1989, when she began photographing the lives of artists squatting on the fringes of Beijing, Xing Danwen has forged a significant identity in the Chinese art world. The exhibition and its accompanying catalogue, Captive of Love, focus on Xing’s relationship to Beijing and feature works from all of her major series - Wall House, Urban Fiction, Thread, Because I am in the mountain, disCONNEXION, A Personal Diary, Sleep Walking, and Scroll. Recalling several threads from Jean Genet’s final book, Prisoner of Love, which provides a prism for considering Xing’s artistic practice, this wide-ranging monograph reveals Xing has never stopped developing as an artist. In every image she creates, Xing reconstructs reality, as if driven by a compulsive desire to be at the center of the incident, approaching her characters with a marked sensuality. Through photographs, installations, and videos, Xing positions herself inside the event as a subject, a model, or a critical eye, creating a visual language that is both subversive and poetic.
      TAREK ABOU EL FETOUH is an independent curator. His projects include the 2009 Sharjah Biennale; “Home Works 6”, Beirut, 2013; “Lest the Two Seas Meet”, Museum of Modern Art Warsaw, 2015; and “The Time is Out of Joint”, Sharjah and Gwangju, 2016. Born in Cairo, El Fetouh currently lives and works in Brussels.

      Author Residence: Brussels

      Author Hometown: Cairo
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        Publicity: Pitch to art and feminist magazines (including Artforum, Juxtapoz, BUST, and Ms.)

        Promote through art review and culture websites (Hyperallergic, Nylon, CRAVE Online, ARTnews, Artnet)

        Coordinate social media campaigns with participating institutions, such as the Asia Society in New York

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    The Golf Round I'll Never Forget Fifty of Golf's Biggest Stars Recall Their Finest Moments Matt Adams
    9780228102120 Paperback SPORTS & RECREATION / Golf Publication Date: September 27, 2019
    $24.95 CAD 9 x 11 x 0.25 in | 0.76 kg | 176 pages Carton Quantity: 16 Firefly Books
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      Walk with the legends as they recount their greatest game.

      No matter how good a player you are, the difficult game that is golf can often be summed up as a good walk spoiled. But for every duffer and hacker who has picked up the sticks, there is always one round that stands out from the rest. It's the game in which drives were straight and long, chips were soft and accurate, and putts always found the hole.

      This is why golfers endure the long walk; for the round they will never forget.

      Compiled by golf's best interviewer, Matt Adams, The Golf Round I'll Never Forget presents 50 such rounds from some of golf's best and brightest stars.

      Readers will march the final round at Cherry Hills with Arnold Palmer as he outlasts Ben Hogan and fends off Jack Nicklaus for a remarkable comeback victory that would stand as his only U.S. Open win. Similarly, readers will revel in the 46-year-old Nicklaus' come-from-behind victory at the 1986 Masters. And, of course, there is the Tiger Slam -- the unforgettable rounds that encompassed the never-before-achieved feat of winning all four majors in succession.

      Standing alongside these gems from history's three greatest golfers are other rounds that will never be forgotten:

    • Billy Casper (1966 US Open)
    • Sergio Garcia (2017 Masters)
    • Zach Johnson (2007 Masters)
    • Tom Kite (1992 US Open)
    • Gary Player (1978 Masters)
    • Gene Sarazen (1935 Masters)
    • Craig Stadler (1982 Masters)
    • Jordan Spieth (2017 Open)
    • Tom Watson (1977 Open)
    • and many more.

      Presented with photographs and scorecards for each round, Matt Adams' expert prose and the illuminating quotes he elicits from his subjects makes the The Golf Round I'll Never Forget the perfect book for every duffer and accomplished golfer.

    • Bio

      Matt Adams is a Golf Channel personality, a New York Times best-selling author and the host of the most listened-to live daily golf talk show in the world, "the Fairways of Life Show with Matt Adams" available on every major audio platform including FairwaysofLife.com, iHeart Radio, TuneIn Radio, iTunes and Spotify.

      Marketing & Promotion
        • Author will promote through his platforms (Golf Channel, SiriusXM, ESPN)
        • Review mailing

    • Awards & Reviews

      The perfect book for every duffer and accomplished golfer.
      Having been an occasional guest on his show and on Golf Channel, I can attest to Adams' ability to bring out the best in interview subjects. He keeps the atmosphere loose; his questions are well considered; and he's always on the lookout to utilize a guest's answer for a compelling next question or follow-up. That shines through in The Golf Round I'll Never Forget.
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    David Adjaye Public Buildings and Houses, 1998-2008 David Adjaye, Peter Allison
    9780500343517 Hardcover ARCHITECTURE / General On Sale Date: October 19, 2021
    $112.00 CAD 10.13 x 10.13 in | 1.25 lb | 288 pages Carton Quantity: 8 Canadian Rights: Y Thames and Hudson
    • Marketing Copy

      A comprehensive monograph presenting the early work of David Adjaye, one the most important international architects working today.

      Acclaimed architect David Adjaye is known for his artistic sensitivity and deft use of space and inexpensive, unexpected materials. With the hindsight of almost twenty years of practice and a raft of high-profile projects around the world— perhaps best symbolized by the National Museum for African American History and Culture in Washington, DC—this book looks back on the houses and buildings of his early career.

      Adjaye’s early commissions were the test sites for what would become his unique, celebrated, and highly sought-after brand of “critical regionalism.” From London to Brooklyn, in private houses and public buildings, his clever urban interventions abound: roof-level living space is added to a factory-turned-studio, a sunken courtyard encases a tower-like house, and basalt stone extends a basement dining area to a roofless gazebo.

      David Adjaye—Works brings together all of these early projects and more and presents them with new analyses and recently uncovered archival material, testifying to the originality of an architect at the height of his talents who is changing the face of our built world.

      David Adjaye has offices in London, New York, and Berlin, and his public buildings have brought him international critical acclaim. His previous books are David Adjaye: Houses and David Adjaye: Making Public Buildings.

      Peter Allison is a London-based exhibition curator and teacher.
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    Manny Farber Paintings & Writings Michael Almereyda, Robert Polito
    9781732056107 Hardcover ART / Individual Artists On Sale Date: October 10, 2019
    $89.95 CAD 9.25 x 11 x 1.07 in | 1400 gr | 240 pages Carton Quantity: 8 Canadian Rights: Y Hat & Beard Press
    • Marketing Copy


      Hardcover, 160 pages
      9.25 x 11 in.
      24.13 x 27.94 cm.

      An iconoclastic and essential voice in American film criticism, Manny Farber (1927-2008) was also a remarkably resourceful painter. This book celebrates Farber's lush visual art, showcasing his table-top still lifes crammed with personal associations, pop artifacts, and scrawled wisecracks—a series of intimate yet indirect self-portraits, spanning decades. Â

      Samples of Farber’s sly, brash art criticism, previously uncollected, are offered alongside film reviews, manuscript pages, school quizzes, and notes. Â

      The book’s editors provide essays and additional commentary; tribute and analysis are supplied by nearly two dozen other contributors, including Richard Armstrong, Olivier Assayas, Bill Berkson, Durga Chew-Bose, Anne Boyer, Moyra Davey, Josephine Halvorson, JP Gorin, Greil Marcus, Carol Mavor, Patricia Patterson, Chris Petit, Amanda Petrusich, Kelly Reichardt, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Luc Sante, Robert Storr, Gina Telaroli, Wim Wenders, Robert Walsh, and Alice Waters.

      The book comes on the heels of Helen Molesworth’s exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles: “One Day at a Time: Manny Farber and Termite Art”—a Farber retrospective and wide-ranging group show in which Molesworth revisited and explored Farber’s seminal 1962 essay “White Elephant Art vs. Termite Art.” Molesworth commends Farber for embracing the glories and uncertainties of the everyday, creating work that is continually gnawing away at its own boundaries.Â

      Farber is this extraordinary case of someone equally fluent in two practices, painting and writing, that inform and modify each other incessantly. It is his existence at the confluence of these two practices that makes his work so layered, contradictory, polyphonic. In short, ALIVE.”Â
      —JP Gorin

      It’s been said that Manny Farber’s film criticism resembles his painting—or maybe vice-versa—in that both are chiefly concerned with exploding a thing into its constituent bits, and then gently surveying the remnants, figuring out how or if they complement each other.Â
      —Amanda Petrusich

      The dizzying appeal of exposing enormity in what’s miniature.”
      —Durga Chew-BoseÂ

      Images of no small exuberance, they urge equal recognition of the flip-side of plenitude: There is no stopping things, no end to the immoderate, chattering, centerless prolixity in which the average earthbound soul finds (or loses) itself, immersed.”
      —Bill Berkson

      Edited and with essays by Michael Almereyda, Jonathan Lethem, and Robert Polito.
      Designed by Scott MasseyÂ


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    9783791385334 Hardcover ART / Subjects & Themes On Sale Date: October 15, 2019
    $79.00 CAD 10.12 x 12.37 x 0.9 in | 3.31 lb | 176 pages Carton Quantity: 8 Prestel
    • Marketing Copy

      As intimate and meticulous as his revered portraits, Lucian Freud’s magnificent paintings and drawings of plant life are gathered for the first time in book form.

      Lucian Freud’s portraits are known for their spectacular detail and unflinching gaze. Although Freud brought the same qualities to his paintings and drawings of plants, flowers, and landscapes, these are largely unknown. This elegant book shows how working with plants emboldened Freud to experiment with style and composition. Reproduced in sumptuous plates that allow readers to indulge in exquisite detail, seventy-five works—including Two Plants, Bananas, Cyclamen, The Painter’s Garden, and Interior at Paddington—reveal Freud’s singular approach to plant life. Readers unfamiliar with this aspect of Freud’s work will find many similarities to his portraits—earthy palettes, unconventional rawness, and assiduous attention to detail. From the delicate realism of the cyclamens’ petals to the bold brushstrokes that immortalize his overgrown garden, readers will appreciate Freud’s ability to portray plants in new and personal ways. Comparative illustrations from throughout art history accompany essays on the history of plants in art and an appreciation of Freud’s oeuvre. This monograph is a tremendous contribution to Freud’s legacy, one that will enrich his admirers’ discernment while also introducing his thoroughly original depictions of plants to a new audience.
      GIOVANNI ALOI teaches art history, theory, and criticism at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and serves as Editor-in-Chief of Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture. He is the author of numerous books and essays about the intersection of nature, science, and art.

      Author Residence: Chicago, IL

      Author Hometown: Milan, Italy
      Marketing & Promotion
        Publicity: Pitch to Art media (Artforum, Art in America, ARTnews, The Art Newspaper, Artsy, Frieze, Artspace, Bomb)

        Pitch to Home and Garden media (Elle Decor, Metropolitan Homes, Better Homes & Gardens, Martha Stewart Living, O, The Oprah Magazine)

        Pitch to Art sections of top-tier newspapers (NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, LA Times)

        Pitch to Culture and Lifestyle magazines (The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Town & Country, Departures, Daily Beast)

        Promote through Visual culture sites (Hyperallergic, Colossal, Brainpickings)

        Promote across social media platforms

    • Awards & Reviews

      “Whatever one thinks of Freud’s nudes, it may come as a surprise to learn that he was also a minor producer of still-lifes. This book presents 75 paintings and drawings of plants—some still-lifes per se and others works in which plants are generously displayed.” —The Art Newspaper

      “The year’s most intriguingly sidelong take on the painter is entitled Lucian Freud Herbarium. Written by Giovanni Aloi, it begins with a potted history of plants in art, and then examines Freud’s own use of plants, flowers, and vegetation in many of his paintings.” —Hyperallergic

      “Aloi’s focus on plants makes one look again at familiar paintings and provides the opportunity to view others, many of them from private collections, that are equally extraordinary but comparatively little known.” –The Spectator

      “…bringing together the artist’s paintings and drawings of plants…allows us insight into the quality and nature of Lucian Freud’s looking, and through it to find pathos and subtlety in his portraits.” —The Arts Desk

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    catalogue cover
    The Wilderness Idiot Lessons from an Accidental Adventurer Ted Alvarez
    9781493043040 Paperback SPORTS & RECREATION / Essays Publication Date: September 19, 2019
    $24.95 CAD 5.5 x 8.5 x 0.65 in | 0.64 lb | 216 pages Carton Quantity: 4 Canadian Rights: Y Falcon Guides
    • Marketing Copy

      The path to an adventurous life seems straightforward: Crush at an outdoor sport; amass a legion of followers who drool at your hero shots on Instagram; host TED talks exhorting people to live their best life, brah. But there is another way: the way of the Wilderness Idiot. Author Ted Alvarez built a career and an outdoor lifestyle by simply not being smart enough to say no to things that will probably kill him, or at least embarrass him severely. From nearly drowning in pro kayak races to hallucinating on solo trips across bear-and-bug-infested wildernesses, his work exists to show that the outsider Everywoman and -man can have the spotlight. In a series of hilarious and insightful essays, Alvarez shows that you don’t need to shred sick lines to find adventure—you just have to embrace the blank spots beyond your comfort zone. That way lies self-knowledge, soul-quieting confidence, and the soul of wilderness. More than most, Alvarez knows outsiders belong outside—and he wants to welcome them into the tribe. The Wilderness Idiot airlifts readers to the world’s most remote places (in reality and in the mind) and make them feel so at home they’ll start dreaming about adventures of their own.
      Ted Alvarez is BACKPACKER magazine’s Northwest Editor and was a National Magazine Award finalist in 2014. Whether chasing grizzly bears in the North Cascades, fording an icy Alaska river, or drinking his own urine in the desert, he regularly goes to extreme lengths in pursuit of a good story. He lives in Seattle, Washington, where he survives on heroic doses of strong coffee.
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    Home Now How 6000 Refugees Transformed an American Town Cynthia Anderson
    9781541767911 Hardcover SOCIAL SCIENCE / Emigration & Immigration On Sale Date: October 29, 2019
    $35.00 CAD 6.65 x 9.7 x 1.4 in | 1.24 lb | 336 pages Carton Quantity: 20 Canadian Rights: Y PublicAffairs
    • Marketing Copy

      A moving chronicle of who belongs in America.

      Like so many American factory towns, Lewiston, Maine, thrived until its mill jobs disappeared and the young began leaving. But then the story unexpectedly veered: over the course of fifteen years, the city became home to thousands of African immigrants and, along the way, turned into one of the most Muslim towns in the US. Now about 6,000 of Lewiston's 36,000 inhabitants are refugees and asylum seekers, many of them Somali. Cynthia Anderson tells the story of this fractious yet resilient city near where she grew up, offering the unfolding drama of a community's reinvention--and humanizing some of the defining political issues in America today.

      In Lewiston, progress is real but precarious. Anderson takes the reader deep into the lives of both immigrants and lifelong Mainers: a single Muslim mom, an anti-Islamist activist, a Congolese asylum seeker, a Somali community leader. Their lives unfold in these pages as anti-immigrant sentiment rises across the US and national realities collide with those in Lewiston. Home Now gives a poignant account of America's evolving relationship with religion and race, and makes a sensitive yet powerful case for embracing change.

      Cynthia Anderson grew up in western Maine. Her collection of stories, River Talk, was a Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of 2014 and received the 2014 New England Book Festival award for Short Stories. Other work has appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, Boston Magazine, the Miami Herald, the Iowa Review, Redbook, Huffington Post, and others. Anderson lives with her family in Maine and Massachusetts. She teaches writing at Boston University.
      Marketing & Promotion
    • Awards & Reviews

      "In this detailed, sensitive portrait of the city's revitalization by African immigrants... [Anderson] expertly captures the multilayered dynamics between Lewiston natives and African immigrants...The result is a vivid and finely tuned portrait of immigration in America."—Publishers Weekly
      "This compelling account relates how 6,000 African refugees came to settle in Lewiston, Maine... Anderson relies on several voices and story threads to convey the complexities of assimilation: long-time residents, concerned about strained resources; bewildered, often traumatized newcomers; passionate, steadfast activists; parents determined to provide better lives for their children; and government officials grappling with ingrained cultural traditions...Readers will find lots to think about."
      "It's a book that feels both current and necessary, a microcosm of the immigration stories we see playing out daily on the national stage."—Portland Press Herald
      "[Anderson] chronicles the transformation of a formerly white town by an influx of Somali refugees, drawing on the perspectives of old and new residents...The result is a varied political picture."—The New Yorker
      "The arrival of thousands of African refugees in a fading Maine city is a situation ripe for a writer as gifted as Cynthia Anderson. Home Now is immediately relevant and universally resonant, as it illuminates the explosive politics of immigration and explores complex issues around our relationships to places and each other. The richly told stories of Fatuma, Jamilo, Nasafari, Abdikadir, Carrys, and the other remarkable people in these pages will deepen and expand the ways that readers see the world."—Mitchell Zuckoff, New York Times-bestselling author of Fall and Rise: The Story of 9/11
      "In this journalist's beautifully written, balanced, personal account, we learn how a former Maine mill town losing business 'like a mouth losing teeth' begins in 2001 to absorb 6,000 Somali, Congolese, and Sudanese refugees. . . . In discouraging times, such an honest and heartening read."—Arlie Hochschild, bestselling author of Strangers In Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right
      "Home Now is a thrilling narration of the lives of the new Mainers settled in one of America's whitest towns--Lewiston, Maine. Cynthia Anderson humanizes the stories of the recent immigrants--many of them Somalis--who helped reawaken a sleepy town. As a recent Somali immigrant myself, I saw in this book a true, intimate, and timely account of what I live every day. This book should be read by everyone to learn about the stories, geography, tradition, strength, and resilience of their new neighbors."—Abdi Nor Iftin, author of Call Me American
      "A compassionate and insightful account of the human stories behind one of the most divisive issues in American politics."—Farah Stockman, New York Times reporter and Pulitzer Prize winner
      "Home Now is a breathtaking work of journalism and heart. Following several 'new Mainers' who arrive from war-ravaged African countries, Anderson brings her own deep Maine roots to bear as she illuminates their culture, assimilation, trauma, and homecoming. Her writing is graceful and clear-eyed and brimming with compassion both for the intrepid newcomers and the often-ambivalent citizens who receive them. I found it instructive, poignant, and riveting. We need this book right now."—Monica Wood, author of The One-in-a-Million Boy and When We Were the Kennedys
      "An essential book to remind us that racism and prejudice will never be more powerful than what binds us together in the great American mosaic--community, family, faith, and ultimately, hope. Cynthia Anderson provides an honest portrayal of being a Muslim immigrant in Trump's America."—Ali S. Khan, dean of the School of Public Health, University of Nebraska
      "Home Now folds us into a non-polemical but clear refutation of the villainization of immigrants. Families we come to know and respect have survived appalling hardship in Africa and settled in a Maine mill town that's been demoralized after factories closed or moved on. Nasafari Nahumure, Jamilo Maalim, and the many others on these pages--they stand in for about 6,000 new immigrants in all--help revitalize Lewiston's spirit and commerce. Cynthia Anderson's expert reporting welcomes us, in highly readable style, to the complex and constructive fate of the real America. Her careful rendering, and her insights, deepen our understanding of what's happening here and now."—Mark Kramer, founding director of the Nieman Program on Narrative Journalism at Harvard University
      "With great clarity and honesty, Cynthia Anderson blends intensely personal narratives with first-rate reporting to produce an indisputably necessary book for our times. Both an homage to those fearless immigrants who, through their industry and dedication, remake our country, and a wake-up call, Home Now gives us an America as it is now, today, not some bogus vision of what it never was. There's hope in this book, and struggle, and endurance-all beautifully and intimately captured. And you want to know what it is like at the Walmart at 9PM in late August in Lewiston? Anderson can tell you; she's been there."—Peter Orner, author of Maggie Brown & Others and Am I Alone Here?
      "With the depth and detail of a skilled reporter and the narrative grace of a master storyteller, Cynthia Anderson brings to life one of America's unlikeliest immigrant communities: the six thousand people from Sub-Saharan Africa who have made a home for themselves in one of the coldest states in the nation. In Home Now, she carefully strips away the politics surrounding Muslim refugees in the United States to reveal human beings whose relationships with each other are anything but foreign. These individuals are recognizable as mothers, daughters, fathers, and sons and recognizably American in their dreams of a better future."—Paul Doiron, author of The Poacher's Son
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    Brazil Apart 1964-2019 Perry Anderson
    9781788737944 Hardcover POLITICAL SCIENCE / World On Sale Date: October 15, 2019
    $35.95 CAD 5.79 x 8.55 x 0.92 in | 0.91 lb | 256 pages Carton Quantity: 16 Verso
    • Marketing Copy

      Leading English-language account of the fall of Lula’s Workers’ Party and rise of Bolsonaro and the New Right

      What does Brazil’s lurch to the hard right under Jair Bolsonaro portend for Latin America’s largest country, and how has it come about? Always something of a world unto itself, Brazil became, under the Workers’ Party from 2003 to 2016, “the theatre of a socio-political drama without equivalent in any other major state.” Bucking the global trend towards a tighter neoliberalism, former steelworker Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva swept aside the broken promises of previous years to invest in social transfers, defying vituperations in the Brazilian media to become the most popular ruler of the age. But in a second spectacular reversal, a parliamentary coup d’état against Lula’s successor—backed by forces in the judiciary and a youthful New Right—has been consolidated by Bolsonaro’s 2018 capture of the Planalto. With the PT’s lodestar now behind bars, a weighing up of his legacy, and of the contrasting Bolsonaro regime, is urgently needed. Brazil Apart is the sharp-edged, comprehensive analytic account required.
      Perry Anderson is the author of, among other books, Spectrum, Lineages of the Absolutist State, Passages from Antiquity to Feudalism, Considerations on Western Marxism, English Questions, The Origins of Postmodernity, and The New Old World. He teaches history at UCLA and is on the editorial board of New Left Review.

      Author Residence: Los Angeles, CA

      Author Hometown: UK
      Marketing & Promotion
        Marketing: Global marketing campaign

        Giveaways and online promotions

        Library outreach

        Academic outreach to Latin American history and politics professors

        Publicity: First serial in national magazine

        Excerpts and features in lefty magazines and online outlets

        Reviews and mentions in newspapers and online lefty outlets

        Local radio interviews

        Reviews and excerpts in international affairs journals

        Lectures on university campuses

    • Awards & Reviews

      “One of the world’s great historians, unrivalled in his ability to master and synthesize vast historical literatures.”
      —Jeet Heer, New Republic

      “Masterfully recounts the rise and fall of the Brazilian Left.”
      —Nick Burns, The American Interest

      “Erudite and insightful.”
      —Geoff Dyer, Financial Times

      “A devastating critique of the rule of the PT.”
      —Marcelo Hoffman, Berfrois
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    catalogue cover
    Retail Design 2nd edition Stephen Anderson, Lynne Mesher
    9781474289252 Paperback ARCHITECTURE / General Publication Date: October 03, 2019
    $49.95 CAD 6.3 x 9.06 x 0.55 in | 0.95 lb | 192 pages Carton Quantity: 1 Canadian Rights: Y Bloomsbury Visual Arts
    • Marketing Copy

      TheBasics Interior Designseries comprises a collection of titles examining the application of interior design principles to different types of space. Packed with cutting-edge examples and fully illustrated with clear diagrams and inspiring imagery, they offer an essential introduction to the subject. This second edition ofRetail Designexamines the latest developments in the contemporary retail design sector worldwide. It guides the reader step by step through the retail design process, providing strategies that can produce a successful retail space and a design that is appropriate for the brand, product, consumer and retailer. A new chapter exploring consumer behaviour is combined with clear explanations of branding and identity, to provide the starting point for the design concept. The relationship between the interior and its context, site and setting is then examined, alongside in-depth investigations of layout, circulation and pace and other design considerations. Fully updated with new international case studies and expanded coverage on sustainability, interactivity, and innovative design concepts - this new edition of Retail Design offers cutting-edge insights into the practice of contemporary retail design and shows designers how to meet and exceed the expectations of today's clients and consumers.
      Stephen AndersonandLynne Mesherboth teach at the University of Portsmouth, UK. Stephen is a Senior Lecturer in Interior Architecture & Design, and Lynne is Associate Dean for the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries.
      Marketing & Promotion
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