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    The Tech Solution Creating Healthy Habits for Kids Growing Up in a Digital World Dr. Shimi Kang Canada
    9780735239548 Hardcover FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Parenting On Sale Date:August 18, 2020
    $29.95 CAD 5.78 x 8.51 x 1.06 in | 0.96 lb | 320 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y Viking
    • Marketing Copy

      A Harvard-trained psychiatrist and mom of 3 gives parents and educators the tech habits children need to achieve their full potential—and a 6-step plan to put them into action.

      You may have picked up on some warning signs: The more your 9-year-old son plays video games, the more distracted and irritable he becomes. Or maybe comparing her life to others on social media is leaving your teenaged daughter feeling down. Then there are the questions that are always looming: Should I limit screen time? Should I give my 11-year-old an iPhone?

      The Tech Solution is a to-the-point resource for parents and educators who want the best approach for raising kids in our digital world. It outlines all you need to know about the short-term and potential long-term consequences of tech use. Dr. Kang simplifies cutting edge neuroscience to reveal a new understanding around how we metabolize experiences with technology that will lay the foundation for lasting success. On top of that, she offers practical advice for tackling specific concerns in the classroom or at home, whether it’s possible tech addiction, anxiety, cyberbullying, or loneliness. With her 6-week 6-step plan for rebalancing your family’s tech diet, Dr. Kang will help your child build healthy habits and make smart choices that will maximize the benefits of tech and minimize its risks.

      Use The Tech Solution to help your child avoid the pitfalls of today’s digital world and to offer them guidance that will boost their brains and bodies, create meaningful connections, explore creative pursuits, and foster a sense of contribution and empowerment for many years to come.
      DR. G. SHIMI KANG is an award-winning, Harvard-trained psychiatrist, researcher, media expert, bestselling author, and speaker. She is the former Medical Director for Child and Youth Mental Health for Vancouver community, a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia, and the founder of the Provincial Youth Concurrent Disorders Program at BC Children’s Hospital. Over her years of work across North America, Europe, and Asia Dr. Kang has helped thousands of children, teens, and adults move towards lives of greater passion, purpose, and joy. She has received six international awards including the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry Research Award. Dr. Kang is most proud of receiving the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for her years of outstanding community service and of being the mother of three awesome but exhausting children.

      Author Residence: Vancouver, BC
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        US Plans:

        National publicity 

        Coverage in parenting, lifestyle and self help media including long leads, dailies and websites

        National radio campaign 

        Podcast outreach 

        Opinion pieces at launch 

        Social advertising  

        Influencer campaign 

        Publicity: Coverage in parenting, lifestyle and self-help media including long leads, dailies and websites

        Features/reviews in national print Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, National Post

        National radio with outlets like CBC The Current

        Broadcast media with outlets like TVO, Global Morning

        Author Website: www.drshimikang.com/
    • Awards & Reviews

      “New research now shows that screen time is correlated with changes in the brain and that children and young teens are particularly vulnerable. Near epidemic levels of teenage and young adult suicides, lack of motivation, and social isolation are alarming. The Tech Solution pulls no punches, but fortunately offers all of us hope and practical, straightforward guidelines for how to protect our most important resource: the next generations’ brains.”
      —Daniel Levitin, Ph.D., New York Times bestselling author of Successful Aging

      “If you are a parent wondering about how to approach the use of technology with your children, this thoughtful guide provides science-backed discussions of how the brain responds to the complex ways digital devices compel us to use them. With this knowledge, Dr. Kang provides practical suggestions to steer the use of these devices in helpful ways that can improve your child's development and well-being—and your important relationship with each other as a family.”
      Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., New York Times bestselling co-author of The Whole-Brain Child, Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine, and Executive Director, Mindsight Institute

      “As we learn more about the powerful impact of new technologies on the health and well-being of kids, it has never been more important for parents to teach responsible ways to use these tools. Dr. Kang offers a practical blueprint for achieving this urgent goal.”
      —Cal Newport, New York Times bestselling author of Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World

      “Without idolizing or demonizing technology, Dr. Shimi Kang offers parents and teachers a science-based guide to its appropriate and positive place in our children’s lives that’s filled with practical advice and heart-sourced wisdom.”
      —Gabor Maté, M.D., author of #1 national bestseller In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction

      “This is just the book that parents need as they try to make sound decisions about their children’s exposure to technology. Dr. Kang draws on the latest findings in neuroscience to advance our understanding of the impact of technology on the developing brain, and how we can maximize the benefits and avoid the dangers of social media, the internet, and gaming.”

      —Dr. Stuart Shanker, author of Self-Reg: How to Help Your Child (and You) Break the Stress Cycle and Successfully Engage with Life and founder of the MEHRIT Centre

      “[Kang] offers practical strategies that parents and caregivers of children can adopt to augment the benefits of good tech.”
      The Globe and Mail
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    A History of My Brief Body Billy-Ray Belcourt Canada
    9780735237780 Hardcover BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Cultural, Ethnic & Regional On Sale Date:August 25, 2020
    $25.00 CAD 5.18 x 7.79 x 0.7 in | 0.54 lb | 192 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y Hamish Hamilton
    • Marketing Copy






      The youngest ever winner of the Griffin Prize mines his own personal history to reconcile the world he was born into with the world that could be.

      Billy-Ray Belcourt’s debut memoir opens with a tender letter to his kokum and memories of his early life in the hamlet of Joussard, Alberta, and on the Driftpile First Nation. From there, it expands to encompass the big and broken world around him, in all its complexity and contradictions: a legacy of colonial violence and the joy that flourishes in spite of it, first loves and first loves lost, sexual exploration and intimacy, and the act of writing as a survival instinct and a way to grieve. What emerges is not only a profound meditation on memory, gender, anger, shame, and ecstasy, but also the outline of a way forward. With startling honesty, and in a voice distinctly and assuredly his own, Belcourt situates his life experiences within a constellation of seminal queer texts, among which this book is sure to earn its place. Eye-opening, intensely emotional, and excessively quotable, A History of My Brief Body demonstrates over and over again the power of words to both devastate and console us.

      BILLY-RAY BELCOURT (he/him) is a writer and scholar from the Driftpile Cree Nation. He won the 2018 Griffin Poetry Prize for his debut collection, This Wound Is a World, which was also a finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award. His second book of poetry, NDN Coping Mechanisms: Notes from the Field, was longlisted for Canada Reads 2020. A recipient of the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship and an Indspire Award, Belcourt is Assistant Professor of Indigenous Creative Writing at UBC.

      Author Residence: Vancouver, British Columbia

      Author Hometown: Joussard, Northern Alberta
      Marketing & Promotion
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        Influencer mailing

        Google search to compliment the media tour

        Social media advertising

        Publicity: Extensive interview and feature coverage in print publications

        Tour to Toronto for national media and event

        Regional media out of Calgary/Edmonton

        Pitch for CBC Syndication

        Pitch for national TV interviews

        ARC mailing to key media

        Pitch to fall festivals

        Indie bookstore visits and signings

        Indigo bookstore visits and signings

    • Awards & Reviews

      BC Book Prize's Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize 2021, Winner
      BC Book Prize's Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize 2021, Winner
      BC Book Prize's Jim Deva Prize for Writing That Provokes 2021, Short-listed
      Governor General's Literary Award 2020, Short-listed
      Lambda Literary Award 2021, Short-listed

      One of Quill & Quire's 2020 Books of the Year

      “Displays a pervading lucidity, akin to dreaming while standing wide awake, feet firmly on the soil . . . [A] fascinating exploration of the impact of colonialism in all its ramifications.”
      Quill & Quire (starred)

      A History of My Brief Body knocked me on my ass . . . These essays transcend genre and become something else entirely―a reliquary of self-love and becoming.”

      “Elegantly crafted . . . an urgently needed, unyielding book of theoretical and intimate strength.”
      Kirkus Reviews (starred)

      “Slim but immersive, a work of joy and reckoning, and of imagining a better world.”

      “An incomparable book full of emotion, analysis, and poetic beauty.”
      Star Tribune

      “Bursting with all the movements of sex, riot, and repose, this book presents us with a shock of recognition and reclamation, and we are better for it―punch drunk and aching but, oh, so much better. I’m gutted by his brilliant mind.” ―Cherie Dimaline, author of Empire of Wild and The Marrow Thieves

      “A passionate and vital autobiography about the intellect, the culture, and the flesh, as it bears its assaults and preserves a true light.”
      —Sheila Heti, author of Motherhood and How Should a Person Be?

      An NDN love story that will stop you in your tracks. I’m struck by the gentleness in Belcourt’s words, his ability to move across scales, and the complexity of his thought. He’s achieved something here that we’ve collectively been trying to achieve for a long time, and it makes me feel proud.”
      —Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, author of This Accident of Being Lost

      “Billy-Ray Belcourt uses a dexterity of language and form as a container for memory and nostalgia as vehicles for truth about a still-blooming present. I love a book where a writer treats themselves and their own histories with gentleness and care, and this book is a towering achievement on that front.”
      ―Hanif Abdurraqib, author of They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us

      “With precision and care, Billy-Ray Belcourt presses thought against feeling to make, in each essay, an unbounded space for knowing and for staying whole.”
      ―Elissa Washuta, author of My Body Is a Book of Rules

      “Billy-Ray Belcourt is proving himself to be a literary genius. His poetry and prose are tender and brutal and brilliant.”
      —Heather O’Neill, author of The Lonely Hearts Hotel
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    catalogue cover
    Murder in the Family How the Search for My Mother's Killer Led to My Father Jeff Blackstock Canada
    9780735236615 Paperback BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs On Sale Date:September 01, 2020
    $24.95 CAD 6.22 x 8.97 x 0.99 in | 1.01 lb | 352 pages Carton Quantity:24 Viking
    • Marketing Copy

      Shortlisted for the 2021 Crime Writers of Canada Brass Knuckles Award for Best Nonfiction Crime Book 

      Diplomat father. Murdered mother. Emotionally neglected children. An apparent cover-up. Family dinners will never be the same.

      “I think that my father murdered my mother.”

      That terrible belief spurs author Jeff Blackstock to investigate the circumstances of his mother Carol’s death when he was a child. Carol Blackstock died at age 24 in 1959—poisoned by arsenic—but the cause of her death remained shrouded in mystery for decades. Jeff’s father George Blackstock was a career diplomat in Canada’s foreign service, posted to glamorous Buenos Aires with his wife Carol and their three children. A little more than a year after the family’s arrival, the vivacious young mother, now emaciated and in terrible pain, was transferred to Montreal for treatment of a mysterious illness that proved fatal. In the following year, George Blackstock remarried, and a young woman named Ingrid became the feared stepmother to Jeff and his two siblings.

      Carol’s parents soon had suspicions about their son-in-law George but were unable to get justice for their daughter. Class privilege—George was the scion of a Toronto establishment family and Carol was from modest beginnings—and an aversion to scandal all figured in an apparent cover-up. But secrets have a way of eventually disrupting all families. A damning autopsy report about arsenic poisoning, found among their grandmother’s effects, leads Jeff Blackstock and his sister to horrifying revelations about their father. Eventually, they confront him and accuse him of their mother’s murder. But George offers only vague explanations that don’t add up. George died a broken man, mostly abandoned by his adult children.

      A compelling story of a high-society murder, a heartbreaking tale of emotionally neglected children, and an inquiry into the power and privilege of the Anglo upper classes of the time, Murder in the Family chronicles the shocking legacy of deeply buried secrets and betrayal in one’s own family.

      Publication History: Original Trade Paperback
      JEFF BLACKSTOCK was born in Toronto, and as a child in a foreign service family he lived and was schooled in Argentina, New Orleans, and Switzerland, as well as Canada. A lawyer by training, he has degrees in English literature from the University of Toronto and the University of Kent at Canterbury, England. His career as a Canadian foreign service officer included postings abroad in Costa Rica, Australia, and Saudi Arabia. Now retired, he and his wife divide their time between Merida, Mexico; Kingston, Ontario; and Portland, Maine.

      Author Residence: Merida, Mexico; Kingston, Ontario; Portland, Maine

      Author Hometown: Toronto, ON
      Marketing & Promotion
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        Paid social advertising

    • Awards & Reviews

      Heritage Toronto Award - Historical Writing: Book 2021, Nominated
      The Crime Writers of Canada Awards of Excellence - The Brass Knuckles Award for Best Nonfiction Crime Book 2021, Short-listed
      One of The Globe and Mail’s “Five new thrillers to warm up your autumn weekends”
      Shortlisted for the 2021 Crime Writers of Canada Brass Knuckles Award for Best Nonfiction Crime Book

      Nominated for the 2021 Heritage Toronto Book Awards

      Praise for Murder in the Family:

      —Toronto Star

      Murder in the Family hit all the high notes: a dogged investigation, a true murder mystery, and a sense of time and place that only someone who lived it—Jeff Blackstock—could achieve. A page-turner that keeps you guessing to the very end.”
      Kevin Donovan, author of The Billionaire Murders

      “I don’t know which shocked me most in Jeff Blackstock’s account of his mother’s mysterious death: the cold blooded actions of his father, or the deafening silence of the Canadian diplomatic service. He writes in a measured tone without anger or blame, which makes the story all the more chilling.”  
      Carol Hay, Writer/Producer Frankie Drake, Murdoch Mysteries

      “This fascinating book provides captivating insight into family dysfunction in the aftermath of a mysterious death, likely a murder. It answers that oft-posed question, ‘What were they thinking?’ with a compelling portrait of family members in denial—until they weren’t.”
      Ann Brocklehurst, author of Dark Ambition: The Shocking Crime of Dellen Millard and Mark Smich

      “In this intriguing book, Jeff Blackstock relates the tragic events that led to his mother’s death and later the devastating conclusion that his father, George, was responsible. With his superficial charm, lack of empathy or remorse, and ability to lie convincingly, George demonstrated the classic core features of a criminal psychopath. A great read.”
      Dr. John M.W. Bradford, internationally renowned forensic psychiatrist, recognized for his work on the Bernardo, Pickton, and Russell Williams murder cases

      “In [Murder in the Family], Blackstock, a 69-year-old retired Canadian diplomat, presents—in the meticulous language of his profession—a convincing account of how and why his mother died…. [He] lays out facts but leaves the conclusion unspoken.”
        “[N]o reader will want to put [Murder in the Family] down…. This is a fine true crime book.”
        The Globe and Mail

        “[A]n incredibly interesting story…. Blackstock’s research is original…. Even for those who aren’t true crime fans, Blackstock’s personal connection to the story makes the book feel like a heartbreaking memoir at times, rather than a true crime story. It is a very worthwhile read.”
        —Foreign Service Magazine
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      catalogue cover
      Forever Terry A Legacy in Letters Darrell Fox Canada
      9780735240698 Hardcover SPORTS & RECREATION / History On Sale Date:September 01, 2020
      $29.95 CAD 5.73 x 8.52 x 0.84 in | 0.79 lb | 256 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y Viking
      • Marketing Copy


        Terry Fox defined perseverance and hope for a generation of Canadians. Forty years after Terry’s run ended, Forever Terry reflects what Terry’s legacy means to us now, and in the future.

        To mark the 40th anniversary of the Marathon of Hope, Forever Terry: A Legacy in Letters recounts the inspiration, dedication, and perseverance that Terry Fox embodied, and gives voice to an icon whose example spoke much louder than his words. Comprising 40 letters from 40 contributors, and edited by Terry’s younger brother Darrell on behalf of the Fox family, Forever Terry pays tribute to Terry’s legacy, as seen through the eyes of celebrated Canadians ranging from Margaret Atwood, Bobby Orr, Perdita Felicien, Jann Arden, and Christine Sinclair, to those who accompanied Terry on his run, Terry Fox Run organizers, participants, supporters, and cancer champions. Appearing alongside never-before-seen photos of their hero, their reflections reveal connections that readers would never have expected, and offer a glimpse into the way goodness and greatness inspire more of the same.

        Forever Terry is a testament to the influence one brave man has had on the shape of Canadian dreams, ambitions, and commitment to helping others. Author proceeds support the Terry Fox Foundation, which has raised over $800 million for cancer research.

        Contributors include Hayley Wickenheiser, Tom Cochrane, Darryl Sittler, Shawn Ashmore, Doug Alward, Nadine Caron, Douglas Coupland, Rick Hansen, Sidney Crosby, Akshay Grover, Lloyd Robertson, Bret Hart, Leslie Scrivener, Isadore Sharp, Wayne Gretzky, Jim Pattison, Catriona Le May Doan, Malindi Elmore, Michael Bublé, Silken Laumann, Steve Nash, Karl Subban, and Marissa Papaconstantinou, among many others.
        DARRELL FOX is the younger brother of Terry Fox. In late May 1980, at the age of 17, Darrell joined Terry (and Terry’s best friend Doug Alward) on his Marathon of Hope in Saint John, New Brunswick. Darrell has had a long history of involvement with the legacy founded by his brother beyond spending 4 months in a smelly Ford Econoline van witnessing Terry take on the impossible. In 1990, Darrell became the provincial director for The Terry Fox Foundation in British Columbia. In 1994, he moved to the National Office in Toronto, Ontario where he served as the assistant national director and then national director of the Terry Fox Foundation from January 1996 until June 2009. Today Darrell serves on the TFRI’s Board of Directors, is a Senior Advisor to the Institute and along with fellow descendants of Betty and Rolly Fox is a member of both the Terry Fox Foundation and Terry Fox Research Institute. A holder of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, Darrell continues to be involved in fundraising, story and recognition initiatives related to Terry Fox and his legacy.

        Author Residence: Vancouver, British Columbia
        Marketing & Promotion
          Marketing: 40th anniversary celebrations through Terry Fox Foundation – including major sportswear partnerships

          Public outreach and engagement - both regional and national

          Contributors to champion where possible - regional engagement

          Huge library and Indie drive

          Social advertising

          Google display & search

          Podcast advertising

          Influencer outreach

          Gifting campaign

      • Awards & Reviews

        #1 National Bestseller
    • 5
      catalogue cover
      The Primal Gourmet Cookbook 120 Easy and Delicious Recipes for a Paleo Lifestyle Ronny Joseph Lvovski Canada, Melissa Hartwig Urban
      9780735238596 Hardcover COOKING / Health & Healing On Sale Date:September 01, 2020
      $35.00 CAD 8.27 x 9.3 x 0.93 in | 2.33 lb | 304 pages Carton Quantity:14 Canadian Rights: Y Penguin Canada
      • Marketing Copy

        100+ gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-free recipes based on the popular Cook Primal Gourmet blog, fully endorsed by Whole30

        Ronny Joseph Lvovski struggled with a lifetime of obesity, failed diets, and low self-esteem before discovering the paleo diet. Once he eliminated grains and dairy from his diet, his allergies, asthma, upset stomachs, headaches, back pain, lethargy, excess fat, and cravings disappeared. After losing 40 pounds, Ronny set out to create gourmet-quality meals that followed paleo guidelines and left him feeling satisfied. He shared those recipes on his Cook Primal Gourmet blog, and became one of the most popular contributors to the @whole30recipes Instagram account.

        Primal Gourmet, Ronny’s first cookbook, is fully endorsed by Whole30. The cookbook includes more than 120 recipes, with blog fan-favorites plus all-new dishes such as Mojo Loco Chicken Wings, Short Rib Ragu, Jerk Ribs, and Moroccan Lamb Stew, proving healthy diets really can be delicious.
        RONNY JOSEPH LVOVSKI is the son of Russian-Jewish immigrants and currently lives in Toronto with his wife, Catalina, and daughter, Sofia. In 2013, after a lifetime of struggling with obesity, body image, and failed diets, he began a health journey that rehabilitated his relationship with food and inspired his popular blog, Cook Primal Gourmet, where he shares easy and delicious paleo and Whole30 recipes. Ronny is a self-taught cook, photographer, and food stylist, and in 2018, he earned a PhD in Art History and Visual Culture from York University, with a focus in Medieval Spanish Architecture. He works as a part-time professor of art history and is an award-winning scholar.

        Author Residence: Toronto, Ontario

        Author Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
        Marketing & Promotion
          Marketing: Pre-order campaign through Ronny’s channels

          Whole30 Instagram takeovers

          Social advertising targeting Ronny’s followers, paleo, keto

          Publicity: Pitch for National broadcast out of Toronto

          Pitch for features and recipe excerpts in print outlets including Hello! Canada, Sharp Magazine, etc.

          Author Website: cookprimalgourmet.com/

          Author Social Media: Instagram: primal_gourmet
      • Awards & Reviews

        Taste Canada Awards - Health and Special Diet Cookbooks 2021, Short-listed
        Praise for The Primal Gourmet Cookbook:

        “It’s quite possible that I’m at the top of the Ronny Joseph Lvovski Fan Club. Every time I see his smiling face on social media, hear his Latin-inspired kitchen music, or watch him take a huge bite out of a freshly made dish, I beam along with him. Ronny is the kind of home cook who inspires pure joy in the kitchen, with his love of fresh ingredients, his encouragement to try new things, and the way he unabashedly savours the heck out of his own finished product. Honestly, if his recipes were just pretty good, I’d still be cooking along with him, he’s that charming and engaging. But his recipes are SO MUCH MORE than just pretty good.”
        —Melissa Urban, Whole30 Co-Founder and CEO

        “Ronny's creations in the kitchen are works of art and out-of-this-world delicious every single time! His recipes are indeed gourmet, but I also find that they are simple and straightforward, which is why they've been staples in my kitchen for years. I have been waiting a long time for this book, and I can't wait to cook my way through it and share these recipes with my family.”
        —Alex Snodgrass, New York Times best-selling author and creator of The Defined Dish

        “I've been a huge fan of Ronny's blog for many years, and his debut cookbook does not disappoint. The Primal Gourmet Cookbook is packed with delectable and healthy recipes with an international flair, and Ronny's sardonic wit is sprinkled throughout the prose. Cooking with Ronny puts a big smile on my face!”
        —Michelle Tam, New York Times best-selling author and creator of Nom Nom Paleo

        “Ronny’s short rib ragù is our family’s dinner of choice when we are in need of nourishment of body and soul. It certainly would be a part of my last meal. I once threw out leftovers because I forgot them on the counter overnight, and I couldn’t forgive myself for weeks. I became a Primal Gourmet fan because of his delicious food. I am now a Ronny Lvovski fan because I admire his pursuit of his dream to be his best for his family and his audience.”
        —Connor Carrick, NHL hockey player

        “This is the book I am most excited about this year. The Primal Gourmet Cookbook is full of heart and soul, and the recipes are an extraordinary toolkit for everyday cooking—both for beginning cooks as well as lifelong food explorers. Whether you’re eating Whole30 or Paleo or just want to cook delicious everyday food, this is an absolute must-have.”
        —Teri Turner, founder of No Crumbs Left and best-selling author

        “The Primal Gourmet blog has long been a big source of inspiration for me and a real pillar in the cooking community. Ronny has a talent for making scrumptious food that’s also friendly on the waistline (but you wouldn’t even know it), and The Primal Gourmet Cookbook is a reflection of what he does best. I can’t wait to cook from it—the Everything-but-the-Bagel Salad and the Mojo Loco Chicken Wings are at the top of my list! Everyone needs this book in their kitchen. It will be your go-to book for making mouth-watering recipes that will leave you satisfied and fueled!”
        —Laura Vitale, author and cooking show host

        The Primal Gourmet Cookbook is a collection of bold, flavorful and drool-worthy recipes inspired by home and travel. You can sense that Ronny's heart is focused on family, tradition and creating memories through food that's wholesome, utterly delicious, and healthy. With his very first cookbook, Ronny celebrates meals for every occasion, infusing his splendid dishes with flavors from around the world and encourages you to share them with the people around you. This is a cookbook that will permanently have a spot in your kitchen.”
        Diala Canelo, author of Diala's Kitchen

        “Ronny has inspired me for years with his impressive knife skills and, most important, his cooking style—approachable, family-friendly recipes using whole ingredients that are easily accessible to all! The Primal Gourmet Cookbook is a collection of healthy, delicious recipes and stories that will motivate you to become the confident home cook you want to be, and it deserves a permanent home on every bookshelf.”
        —Kirsten Buck, holistic nutritionist and author of Buck Naked Kitchen

        “Home chef and social-media star Ronny Joseph Lvovski wants us to be passionate about paleo. [In The Primal Gourmet Cookbook] he shares . . . mouth-watering reasons why.”
        Hello! Canada

        “[Lvovski’s] recipes are bold, flavourful and filling, and include such dishes as chicken with spinach and artichoke cream sauce, and let’s not get started on his jerk ribs. . . . [The Primal Gourmet Cookbook] includes more than 120 recipes, including such mouth-watering dishes [as] short rib ragu, Moroccan lamb stew and more—all delicious, and all healthy.”
        Regina Leader-Post
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      catalogue cover
      Eating Out Loud Bold Middle Eastern Flavors for All Day, Every Day Eden Grinshpan Canada
      9780735238695 Hardcover COOKING / Regional & Ethnic On Sale Date:September 01, 2020
      $35.00 CAD 7.68 x 10.25 x 0.92 in | 2.38 lb | 272 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y Penguin Canada
      • Marketing Copy

        Discover a playful new take on Middle Eastern cuisine with more than 100 fresh, flavorful recipes.

        “Finally! Eden Grinshpan is letting us in on her secrets of her healthful and deliriously delicious cooking.”—Bobby Flay

        Eden Grinshpan’s accessible cooking is full of bright tastes and textures that reflect her Israeli heritage and laid-back but thoughtful style. In Eating Out Loud, Eden introduces readers to a whirlwind of exciting flavors, mixing and matching simple, traditional ingredients in new ways: roasted whole heads of broccoli topped with herbaceous yogurt and crunchy, spice-infused dukkah; a toasted pita salad full of juicy summer peaches, tomatoes, and a bevy of fresh herbs; and babka that becomes pull-apart morning buns, layered with chocolate and tahini and sticky with a salted sugar glaze, to name a few.

        For anyone who loves a big, boisterous spirit both on the plate and around the table, Eating Out Loud is the perfect guide to the kind of meal—full of family and friends eating with their hands, double-dipping, and letting loose—that you never want to end.
        EDEN GRINSHPAN is a chef, food personality, and the current host of Top Chef Canada. After earning her culinary degree at Le Cordon Bleu in London, Eden found herself chasing big flavours around the world, cooking in restaurants, and eating her way across Europe, India, Southeast Asia, and of course Israel, from which her family hails. She conceptualized, produced, and hosted Eden Eats, her first culinary travel show for the Cooking Channel. Her career in television sparked, Eden then went on to host and judge a multitude of television shows, including Log On and Eat with Eden Grinshpan and Chopped Canada. Eden lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Ido, and their daughter, Ayv.

        Collaborator RACHEL HOLTZMAN has worked on bestselling books with clients ranging from personalities such as Kate Hudson, Tiffani Thiessen, and Alicia Silverstone; to chefs such as Paul Kahan, Stephanie Izard, and Grant Achatz; to

        forward-thinking brands such as Moon Juice, Sakara Life, and The Home Edit.

        Author Residence: Brooklyn, NY, USA

        Author Hometown: Toronto, Canada
        Marketing & Promotion
          Marketing: Cover reveal and pre-order push

          Instagram advertising

          Boosted posts on author’s channels

          Partnership with Food Network

          Partnership with Parallel and other Israeli businesses in Canada

          Publicity: Pitch for women’s magazines and online media

          Pitch for top level national broadcast media: The Social, Marilyn Denis, Your Morning etc.

          Large scale event with UJA and TBD based on Eden’s partnerships and avail abilities (ie Toronto LIfe), potential restaurant partnership

          Author Website: edeneats.com

          Author Social Media: @edengrinshpan (109k followers on Instagram)
      • Awards & Reviews

        Gourmand World Cookbook Award - Celebrity Chefs - In English 2020, Winner
        Taste Canada Food Writing Awards – Regional/Cultural Cookbooks 2021, Winner
        Eating Out Loud oozes Eden’s culinary perspective and overall hotness. From the Tahini Caesar to Lemony Mejadra with Extra, Extra-Fried Shallots, she brings new life to everyday dinner staples, making them unique to her experience and fresh to our senses.”
        —Antoni Porowski, bestselling author of Antoni in the Kitchen

        “Cooking a recipe from Eating Out Loud is like flooding your kitchen with sunlight! The energy, warmth, and deliciousness this cookbook exudes is infectious and instantly puts me in a good mood. Eden’s food is seductive, unfussy, superfresh, and always flavour forward. Just like her! I’d happily bask in its glow from morning ’til night . . . and sop up every drop!”
        —Gail Simmons, food expert, TV host, and author of Bringing It Home

        “This is the cookbook you won’t be able to put down, can cook out of every day, and comes from the heart and soul of the stunningly talented Eden Grinshpan. Deciphering the flavours and techniques of the Levant? Sure. Delicious recipes? Absolutely. And this book does more than that, taking inspiration from Eden’s childhood, where the kitchen was a safe place to express herself and passing that gift on to the readers and home cooks.”
        —Andrew Zimmern, traveler, chef, writer, and teacher

        “I have always said that my next culinary adventure would be to dive into the foods of the Middle East. Learning a new cuisine can be intimidating, but what I love about this book is that Eden gives you the basics of typical ingredients, sauces, and flavour combinations to get you started and then turns them on their head to provide her own modern and fresh approach that leaves you wanting to explore every dish in the book.”
        —Missy Robbins, chef and owner of Lilia Ristorante and Misi; cofounder of Grovehouse

        Eating Out Loud is the kind of cookbook that you will actually use!! It will inspire you at the farmers market, get messy in your kitchen, and make you laugh on the couch. Eden has written a book about her life, which revolves around family, heritage, and glorious food. Bravo, dude.”
        —Michael Solomonov, chef of Zahav

        “Eden is one of the most vivacious people in the food world and these recipes match her personality 100 percent. If you’re looking for more flavour and fun in the kitchen, Eating Out Loud is your perfect guide.”
        —Kerry Diamond, founder of Cherry Bombe and author of Cherry Bombe: The Cookbook

        “This book is a total party! These recipes are so colorful and vibrant that the flavours practically jump off of the page, right along with Eden’s magnetic personality. If you’re ever in need of a reason to get excited in the kitchen, just open up this book to literally any page.”
        —Molly Yeh, TV host and author of Molly on the Range
    • 7
      catalogue cover
      The New Corporation How "Good" Corporations Are Bad for Democracy Joel Bakan Canada
      9780735238848 Paperback BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Business On Sale Date:September 22, 2020
      $19.95 CAD 5.17 x 8.03 x 0.69 in | 0.53 lb | 240 pages Carton Quantity:24 Canadian Rights: Y Allen Lane
      • Marketing Copy

        Silver WINNER of the 2021 Axiom Business Book Awards in Business Ethics

        WINNER of the 2021 Jim Deva Prize for Writing That Provokes

        From the author of The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power comes this deeply informed and unflinching look at the way corporations have slyly rebranded themselves as socially conscious entities ready to tackle society’s problems, while CEO compensation soars, income inequality is at all-time highs, and democracy sits in a

        precarious situation.

        Over the last decade and a half, business leaders, Silicon Valley executives, and the Davos elite have been calling for a new kind of capitalism. The writing was on the wall. With income inequality soaring, wages stagnating, and a

        climate crisis escalating, it was no longer viable to justify harming the environment and ducking taxes in the name of shareholder value. Business leaders realized that to get out in front of these problems, they had to make

        social and environmental values the very core of their messaging. Their essential pitch was: Who could be better suited to address major societal issues than efficiently run corporations? There is just one small problem with their

        doing well by doing good pitch. Corporations are still, ultimately, answerable to their shareholders, and doing well always comes first.

        This essential truth lies at the heart of Joel Bakan’s argument. In lucid and engaging prose, Bakan lays bare a litany of immoral corporate actions and documents corporate power grabs dressed up as social initiatives. He makes

        clear the urgency of the problem of the corporatization of society itself and shows how people are fighting back and making gains on a grassroots level.

        Story Locale: Global

        Publication History: Original Trade Paperback
        JOEL BAKAN is a professor of law at the University of British Columbia, and an internationally renowned legal scholar and commentator. A former Rhodes Scholar, he has law degrees from Oxford, Dalhousie, and Harvard and has worked on landmark legal cases and government policies. His critically acclaimed international hit, The Corporation, electrified readers around the world (it was published in over 20 languages), and became a bestseller in several countries. The book inspired a feature documentary film of the same name, which won numerous awards, including best foreign documentary at the Sundance Film Festival. He is also the author the critically acclaimed Childhood Under Siege. He lives in Vancouver, BC.

        Author Residence: Vancouver, BC
        Marketing & Promotion
          Marketing: Social media advertising

          Google ad words

          Support from Penguin social channels

          Google display and search around documentary release

          Podcast advertising

          Influencer outreach

          Publicity: Event with Hot Docs/tie-in with Hot Docs festival

          National radio coverage with outlets like CBC Q, CBC Ideas, Front Burner podcast

          Broadcast media like TVO, Global Morning, BNN

          Tie in with film media

          Author Website: www.joelbakan.com/

          Author Social Media: Twitter: @joelbakan
      • Awards & Reviews

        Axiom Business Book Awards - Business Ethics - Silver 2021, Winner
        BC Book Prize's Jim Deva Prize for Writing That Provokes 2021, Winner
        Silver WINNER of the 2021 Axiom Business Book Awards in Business Ethics
        WINNER of
        the 2021 Jim Deva Prize for Writing That Provokes

        Praise for The New Corporation:

        “A very important book: an arresting study directed to a central issue of the times.”
        Noam Chomsky

        “Impeccably researched and beautifully written.”
        Wendy Brown

        “Vital reading for all who are concerned to protect the public good, life, and freedom.”
        Vandana Shiva

        “A rigorously argued manifesto against corporate capitalism.”
        Kirkus Reviews
    • 8
      catalogue cover
      Bestiary A Novel K-Ming Chang
      9780735238824 Paperback FICTION / Asian American On Sale Date:September 29, 2020
      $24.95 CAD 5.69 x 8.2 x 0.68 in | 0.64 lb | 272 pages Carton Quantity:24 Canadian Rights: Y Hamish Hamilton
      • Marketing Copy



        “Fierce and funny, full of magic and grit…truly remarkable.”—Tash Aw, author of We, the Survivors

        Three generations of Taiwanese American women are haunted by the myths of their homeland in this blazing debut of one family’s queer desires, violent impulses, and buried secrets.

        One evening, Mother tells Daughter a story about a tiger spirit who lived in a woman’s body. She was called Hu Gu Po, and she hungered to eat children, especially their toes. Soon afterwards, Daughter awakes with a tiger tail. And more mysterious events follow: holes in the backyard spit up letters penned by her grandmother; a visiting aunt arrives with snakes in her belly; a brother tests the possibility of flight. All the while, Daughter is falling for Ben, a neighbourhood girl with strange powers of her own. As the two young lovers translate the grandmother’s letters, Daughter begins to understand that each woman in her family embodies a myth—and that she will have to bring her family’s secrets to light in order to change their destiny.

        With a poetic voice of crackling electricity, K-Ming Chang is an explosive young writer who combines the wit and fabulism of Helen Oyeyemi with the subversive storytelling of Maxine Hong Kingston. Tracing one family’s history from Taiwan to America, from Arkansas to California, Bestiary is a novel of migration, queer lineages, and girlhood.

        Story Locale: Los Angeles, California
        K-Ming Chang was born in the year of the tiger. She is a Kundiman Fellow and a Lambda Literary Award finalist in poetry. Her poems have been anthologized in Ink Knows No Borders, Best New Poets 2018, Bettering American Poetry Vol. 3, the 2019 Pushcart Prize Anthology, and elsewhere. Raised in California, she now lives in New York.

        Author Residence: New York City

        Author Hometown: Los Angeles, California
        Marketing & Promotion
          Marketing: Influencer outreach

          NetGalley and Goodreads review drive

          Social advertising

          Author Website: www.kmingchang.com

          Author Social Media: Twitter @KXinming
      • Awards & Reviews

        Lambda Literary Award 2021, Short-listed
        PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction 2021, Long-listed
        Finalist for the Lambda Literary Award, Lesbian Fiction
        Longlisted for the 2020 Center for Fiction First Novel Prize

        New York Times Book Review Editor's Choice
        LA Times Best Books of the Year
        NPR's Best Books of 2020

        The Oprah Magazine Best Books of 2020
        Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2020

        The New York Public Library Best Books of 2020
        Flipboard’s 2020 “Book of the Fall”

        One of:
        The New York Times’ “12 new books we recommend
        National Book Foundation’s 5 “outstanding debuts from writers under 35”

        Fiction’s buzziest books in The Globe and Mail's Fall books preview
        Los Angeles Times’s “20 reads book people really want this year”
        Electric Lit's “56 Books By Women and Nonbinary Writers of Color to Read in 2020”

        Lit Hub's “17 of the Most Anticipated Books by LGBTQIA+ Authors For the Second Half of 2020”
        Oprah Magazine’s “LGBTQ Books That Are Changing the Literary Landscape in 2020”
        Publishers Weekly's Fall 2020 Writers to Watch
        Lit Hubs “Most Anticipated Books of 2020” Bustles Best Books of Fall 2020
        Barnes and Noble's Discover Picks of the Month” for October 2020

        Praise for Bestiary:

        “This book astounded me, unsettled me, and left me envious of K-Ming Chang's talent. Bestiary is a gleaming, meticulously crafted gem. I could spend all day marvelling at Chang's prose; these are sentences you want to climb inside, relish, and read again and again just for the pleasure of the language.”
        —Jessica J. Lee, author of Two Trees Make a Forest

        Bestiary is shockingly original. K-Ming Chang writes with ferocity and vitality, shaping her raw materials--history and memory, personal and cultural--into a dense, rich amalgam of dream, poem, fable and myth. I didn't read this novel so much as become immersed in it, a jungle filled with surprises, countless moments of desire and pain and light.”
        —Charles Yu, author of Interior Chinatown

        “The poet K-Ming Chang’s debut novel, Bestiary, [is] full of magic realism that reaches down your throat, grabs hold of your guts and forces a slow reckoning with what it means to be a foreigner, a native, a mother, a daughter—and all the things in between. . . . [I]n retelling so many of Taiwan’s legends, Chang manages to create new ones. . . . Chang’s poetry lifts her prose, creating a hybrid voice that lends itself well to the magic realism at play throughout the novel. . . . [Bestiary]’s portrait of motherhood stayed with me long after I put it down.”
        The New York Times

        “Fierce and funny, full of magic and grit, Bestiary is the most searching exploration of love and belonging I’ve read in a long time. Family, immigrant, queer, magic realist—none of these tags can quite capture the energy of this startling novel, which is all of those things, yet somehow more. K-Ming Chang has created something truly remarkable.”
        —Tash Aw, author of We, the Survivors

        “In Bestiary, K-Ming Chang pays homage to earlier Asian American brilliance while innovating and pushing up against its boundaries. This is an inventive novel that lays bare the beauty and filth of life. That refuses to separate them. Chang shatters our expectations of kinship and legacy and the ways those stories are to be told. Philosophically rich, Bestiary is a debut by a writer we’ll be hearing about for years to come.”
        —Jenny Heijun Wills, author of Older Sister. Not Necessarily Related.

        “An unflinching examination of unbreakable ties. You may want to look away, but K-Ming Chang won't let you.”
        —Thea Lim, author of An Ocean of Minutes

        "K-Ming Chang’s prose ravishes, ravages, rampages. This is an absolute lightning strike of a debut. The world grew brighter as I read it."
        —Kelly Link, author of Get in Trouble

        “Epic and intimate at once, Bestiary brings myth to visceral life, showing what becomes of women and girls who carry tigers, birds, and fish within. K-Ming Chang’s talent exposes what is hidden inside us. She makes magic on the page.”
        —Julia Phillips, author of the National Book Award finalist Disappearing Earth

        “To read K-Ming Chang is to see the world in fresh, surreal technicolor. Hers is a dizzyingly imaginative, sharp-witted voice queering migration, adolescence, and questions of family and belonging in totally new and unexpected ways. Both wild and lyrical, visionary and touching. Read her!”
        —Sharlene Teo, author of Ponti

        “K-Ming Chang is ferociously talented, one of my favorite new writers. She understands the language of desire and secrecy. Here is a book so wise; so gripping; so mythical and dangerous; so infused with surreal beauty, it burns to be read, and read again.”
        —Justin Torres, author of We the Animals

        Bestiary is crafted at the scale of epic poetry: origin stories that feel at once gravely older than their years, yet viscerally contemporary. Chang knows well that the life of a family—marriage, immigration, queer coming-of-age—can so often feel like a wild and tender myth, being spun and unspun by its members, again and again. These are fables I wish I’d had growing up.”
        —Elaine Castillo, author of America Is Not the Heart

        “Told by many voices, Bestiary is a queer, transnational fairy tale whose irresistible heroine is a Taiwanese American baby dyke. Written in a prose style as inventive and astonishing as the story it tells, to read it is to enter a world where the female body possesses enormous power, where the borders between generations are porous and shifting. A worthy heir to Maxine Hong Kingston, Lois-Ann Yamanaka, and Jamaica Kincaid, K-Ming Chang is a woman warrior for the 21st century—part oracle, part witness, all heart.”
        —Jennifer Tseng, author of Mayumi and the Sea of Happiness

        Bestiary’s magical and exuberant language spins Taiwan, ancestors, intergenerational trauma, immigration, and love into a world that is simultaneously mythical and viscerally real. This searing, lush novel can’t be justly summarized—you must read it yourself, for K-Ming Chang is a fearless, singular talent.”
        —Shawna Yang Ryan, author of Green Island

        “[A] fabulist debut in the vein of Helen Oyeyemi. . .”
        —The Globe and Mail

        “A visceral book that promises a major new literary voice.”
        Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

        “Every line of this sensuous, magical-realist marvel—about multiple generations of Taiwanese-American women in Arkansas whose lives are imbued with cultural and familial myth—is utterly alive.”
        Oprah Magazine

        “[A] vivid, fabulist debut . . . the prose is full of imagery. Chang’s wild story of a family’s tenuous grasp on belonging in the U.S. stands out with a deep commitment to exploring discomfort with the body and its transformations.”
        Publishers Weekly

        “[A] sensuous, twisty, gorgeous debut novel . . . The story is woven in the divine, precise, and melodic prose of a poet, which Chang is, and will burrow into you like an animal.”
        Lit Hub

        “[A] spell-binding debut . . .”
        —Lambda Literary

        “K-Ming Chang’s debut novel, Bestiary, bursts open like delicious fruit on the edge of rot. Believe me when I say that’s a good thing. . . . Chang not only ups the intersectional ante but also raises the stakes with vivid, earthy language. . . . Her lyrical imagery promises a better future, and Bestiary promises more great work to come from K-Ming Chang.”
        Los Angeles Times

        “[In Bestiary,] Chang's facility for making even mundane or traumatic events beautiful with words is a reminder that stories are, among other things, some of our very best survival tools.”

        “[A] unique debut novel . . .”
        IN Magazine

        “Chang’s mix of the real and the surreal allows for a sense of hope. . . . Bestiary is about the echoes of yesterday butting heads with the realities of today, and the work of a young writer whose stories I hope will continue to grab us in the years to come.”
        Slant Magazine

        “There are so many lines throughout [Bestiary] and in [Chang’s] short fiction too—the ways in which [she] describe[s] certain images or feelings—that feel really visceral in the way poetry can be.”
        —PEN America

        “This strange and stunning debut by K-Ming Chang is a singular combination of family epic and folkloric myth. . . . Chang's writing is fierce and tensile, the perfect tool for unspooling this magical story that addresses the very real issues surrounding identity, trauma, alienation, and desire.”

        “Its prose is relentlessly, ruthlessly corporeal, and it is fearlessly beautiful. Told from the point of view of Daughter, a Taiwanese American early-adolescence girl, the book deftly threads together three generations of women with each other, land, water, trauma, violence, and love. . . ."
        ?Lambda Literary

        “[A] whimsical . . . myth-twisting novel.”

        “With an extraordinary hand and a dose of magical realism, Chang's debut novel paints a captivating picture of three Taiwanese American women and the cultural stories that inform their lives.”

        “[A] mythical debut. A tale of queer desire and family secrets, Bestiary is a kaleidoscopic tale of the women in this family as the youngest eventually finds herself in America decades later.”
        Electric Lit

        “[A] gorgeous debut. . . . [Bestiary] is magical realism at its realest.”
        Los Angeles Times

        "K-Ming Chang’s debut novel is one wild romp. It follows three generations of Taiwanese-American women, infusing their lives with the fantastical. Inside Bestiary, you will find: a tiger woman hungry for children, a woman pregnant with snakes, and a grandmother’s letters appearing through holes in the yard. K-Ming Chang operates with a poet’s touch, and the images she conjures here have real staying power."
        Lit Hub

        “[Chang’s] experience as a poet is ever-present in [Bestiary]’s prose—in how shockingly perfect her line breaks are, how every simile forces you to pause for a moment. . . . Bestiary is about the echoes of yesterday butting heads with the realities of today, and the work of a young writer whose stories I hope will continue to grab us in the years to come.”

        “Chang’s novel is like no other I have ever read. She reinvents the genres of immigrant novel, queer coming-of-age story, and mother-and-daughter tale at every level. . . . Chang’s greatest accomplishment in Bestiary may be that her artistry allows the reader to see her characters’ great resilience rather than merely their pain.”
        Star Tribune

        “This is a powerful novel that will sit inside you for days after reading.”
        ?Sunday Times
    • 9
      catalogue cover
      Azadi Arundhati Roy
      9780735240766 Hardcover POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Ideologies On Sale Date:September 08, 2020
      $26.95 CAD 5.32 x 7.32 x 0.87 in | 0.64 lb | 256 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y Hamish Hamilton
      • Marketing Copy

        From the author of My Seditious Heart and The Ministry Of Utmost Happiness, comes a new and pressing dispatch from the heart of the crowd and the solitude of a writer’s desk.

        The chant of Azadi!—Urdu for “Freedom!”—is the slogan of the freedom struggle in Kasmir against what Kasmirris see as the Indian Occupation. Ironically it has also become the chant of millions on the streets of India against the project of Hindu Nationalism. What lies between these two calls for Freedom? A chasm or a bridge?

        In this series of penetrating essays on politics and literature, Arundhati Roy examines this question and challenges us to reflect on the meaning of freedom in a world of growing authoritarianism.

        Roy writes of the existential threat posed to Indian democracy by an emboldened Hindu nationalism, of the internet shutdown and information siege in Kashmir—the most densely militarized zone in the world—and India’s new citizenship laws that discriminate against Muslims and marginalized communities and could create a crisis of statelessness on a scale previously unknown. The essays include mediations on language, public as well as private, and the role of fiction and alternative imaginations in these disturbing times.

        Azadi, she warns, hangs in the balance for us all.
        ARUNDHATI ROY is the author of The God of Small Things, which won the Booker Prize in 1997 and has been translated into more than forty languages, and The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, which was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2017. Roy has also published several works of non-fiction, including The Algebra of Infinite Justice, Listening to Grasshoppers, and Broken Republic. She lives in Delhi.

        Illustrator Residence: Delhi, India
        Marketing & Promotion
      • Awards & Reviews

        “Arundhati Roy is one of the most confident and original thinkers of our time.”
        —Naomi Klein, New York Times bestselling author of On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal

        “Roy’s . . . nonfictional engagement with the conflicts and traumas of a heedlessly globalized world has manifested the virtues of an unflinching emotional as well as political intelligence. . . . In an age of intellectual logrolling and mass-manufactured infotainment, she continues to offer bracing ways of seeing, thinking and feeling.”
        —Pankaj Mishra, author of Age of Anger

        “[Roy is] at her passionate best. . . . The passion and beauty of [Roy’s] voice is unabated, but what comes through in [Azadi], too, is a new sense of maturity in both her execution and engagement as she comes to terms with her vocation and the choices she has made. . . . What she has produced, in Azadi, is . . . the outcome of a life of writing from the frontline of solidarity and humanism, and from a writer who is perhaps only now reaching the height of her literary powers.”
        The Guardian

        “In Azadi too, as in her fiction, Arundhati Roy's writing underlines the importance of specificity, of allowing the reader to look down over a particular issue and notice the power dynamics at play. . . . [H]er prose is so poetic; it always feels like a conversation, never a monologue. She takes us through the grim realities that we live in, and she ends on a vaguely hopeful note, powered by the conviction, the rage and the pain we must feel within.”
        The Daily Star

        “[Azadi] is an eloquent and scorching indictment of growing authoritarianism and Hindu nationalism. . . . [A] tour de force . . .”
        The i (UK)

        “Roy masterfully examines [the] irony [behind the term “Azadi”] and the questions that arise from it by drawing on her expertise as a novelist, and meditating on fiction and the power of ‘reimagining the world.’”
        New Statesman

        Azadi is necessary writing.”
        Newcity Lit

        “Arundhati Roy's Azadi is a collection of essays and speeches describing India's recent descent into totalitarianism that speaks to the heart and the mind. Intelligent and thoughtful and written with empathy, it brings the reality of the situation home in way few other writers can.”
        Seattle Post-Intelligencer

        “No writer today, in India or anywhere in the world, writes with the kind of beautiful, piercing prose in defense of the wretched of the earth that Roy does. . . . Roy the essayist embodies the legalistic but humanistic ruthlessness of a public defender, the wit and wordplay of a poet, a comrade who takes no injustice as a given.”

        “[Roy’s] tal­ent is in expos­ing . . . sto­ries of pow­er and abuse—by gov­ern­ments, cor­po­ra­tions, reli­gious com­mu­ni­ties—with hor­rif­ic detail. Stun­ning­ly, Roy has not become desen­si­tized. Her objec­tive is to make sure we don’t, either. . . . Roy’s trade­mark voice is one of urgency, alter­nat­ing­ly plead­ing and furi­ous, heart­bro­ken and drip­ping with sar­casm. Anger comes quick­ly to her, albeit jus­ti­fi­ably. . . . The essays in Azadi are pierc­ing­ly human.”
        —In These Times

        “[A]n amalgam of language, hope, love, fiction and history. . . . The best part of Azadi is its strange ability to shout and scream as well as to whisper softly into our ears. . . . We are on the verge of losing [freedom] in more than figurative ways. Roy’s Azadi grabs us by the collar and reminds us of just that.”
        The Indian Express
    • 10
      catalogue cover
      Saga Boy My Life of Blackness and Becoming
      9780735237308 Paperback BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs On Sale Date:January 19, 2021
      $26.95 CAD Carton Quantity:24 Canadian Rights: Y Viking

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