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    catalogue cover
    Diala's Kitchen Plant-Forward and Pescatarian Recipes Inspired by Home and Travel Diala Canelo Canada
    9780735234932 Hardcover COOKING / Regional & Ethnic On Sale Date:August 04, 2020
    $38.00 CAD 7.93 x 10.94 x 1.15 in | 2.66 lb | 296 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y Penguin Canada
    • Marketing Copy

      Food and travel writer Diala Canelo shares 100 healthy, vegetable-forward recipes inspired by her international travel.

      On any given day, you’ll find Diala Canelo travelling around the world, walking the streets of her favourite cities—including Barcelona, Paris, Melbourne, Mexico City, Florence, and Santo Domingo, where she grew up near the sea—places that inspire her flavourful and nourishing cooking. Influenced by local flavours, fresh ingredients, and a passion for healthy meals made from scratch, Diala’s recipes embrace the beauty in simply prepared, vegetable-forward, pescatarian-friendly cooking.

      Diala’s Kitchen is a collection of bold and flavourful recipes inspired by home and travel, with stunning food and photography from afar, that food-lovers will want to cook and enjoy with family and friends. With over 100 recipes including Salmon Tacos with Chipotle Crema, Blackened Fish with Creamy Yucca Fries, Wild Mushrooms Over Creamy Polenta with Mascarpone, Coconut Flan, Salted Caramel and Vanilla Pots de Crème, and Caramelized Banana and Cinnamon Loaf, Diala will take you to all the corners of the world and animate your kitchen with lively flavours.
      DIALA CANELO is the recipe creator and writer of Diala’s Kitchen, a food and travel blog where she shares recipes inspired by her trips around the world. She grew up near the sea in Dominican Republic, and later moved to Canada where she fell in love with all things cooking and baking. She graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Mexico City, where she obtained a Grand Diploma in pastry and bread making. Her diverse travel experiences as a flight attendant have given her the chance to taste food from many different cultures and share her gorgegous photography. Diala has been featured on Food52, The Feed Feed, and Flare magazine. She lives near Toronto, Canada with her daughters, Isabella and Gabriela, her partner, Warren, and their two pets, Oliver and Blue.

      Author Residence: Grimsby, Ontario

      Author Hometown: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
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        Longlead targets include Good Housekeeping, O Magazine, Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, and Real Simple

        Review mailing to outlets such as Food52, The Kitchn, Design Sponge, Cup of Jo, and The Splendid Table

        Online Marketing Campaign targeting plant forward consumers 

        Influencer mailing targeting foodies and culinary travelers

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    • Awards & Reviews

      “Diala’s food philosophy is one I love: eat seasonally, listen to your body, and celebrate the sense of community that comes from sharing good food. Her gorgeous new book features an array of accessible, jaw-dropping recipes inspired by international travel, from creative lunches to decadent desserts. Diala’s Kitchen brings flavors from around the world into your kitchen, encouraging you to share delicious, wholesome meals with the people around you.” 
      —Jeanine Donofrio, author of Love & Lemons Every Day and The Love & Lemons Cookbook

      “You can sense that Diala’s heart is focused on family, tradition, and true connection—all lovingly built over time and countless meals. Her recipes are exactly the thing for bringing all of your people together: comforting, abundant, well balanced, and beautifully woven together with the vivid experiences of her travels. This is truly intuitive eating with an equal reverence for pleasure and nourishment. Diala’s Kitchen will inspire you to cook, travel, and to gather friends around the table more often.”
      —Laura Wright, author of The First Mess Cookbook

      “Prepare for Diala Canelo to take you around the world on a mouthwatering adventure with her plant-forward recipes that are both modern and timeless. Part travel diary, part culinary memoir, Diala’s Kitchen is brimming with healthy yet indulgent food that I want to eat every day.”
      —Hetty McKinnon, food writer and award-winning and bestselling author of Community, Neighbourhood, and Family

      “With equal enthusiasm and sincerity, Diala pulls from a repertoire informed by a broad worldview partnered with an earnest concern for well-being and sustainability. Her balanced approach celebrates the indulgent—including her famous Sunday Waffles—as well as the vibrant and feel-good, with her undeniable voice coming through on every page.”
      —Tara O’Brady, food writer and author of Seven Spoons

      “Warm and delightful just like Diala, this book takes you around the world and back to her kitchen where she recreates a splendid assortment of dishes inspired by her travels.”
      —Nik Sharma, author of the James Beard-nominated cookbook Season: Big Flavors, Beautiful Food

      “A burst of colour and flavour is what we crave from summer’s bounty. The plant-forward and pescatarian fare in Diala’s Kitchen by blogger Diala Canelo deliver, and are easy to prep, leaving you time to savour the season.”
      Style at Home
      “For vegetarians and pescatarian inspiration, look to Toronto cookbook author Diala Canelo.”
      House & Home

      “[Diala’s Kitchen] features 100 drool-worth and easy recipes suitable for dinner parties, casual meals and awesome lunches…the Passionfruit Vodka martini recipe is sassy and delicious, too.”
      —The Northern News
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    catalogue cover
    NISHGA Jordan Abel Canada
    9780771007903 Hardcover BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Cultural, Ethnic & Regional On Sale Date:May 18, 2021
    $32.95 CAD 7.41 x 8.96 x 0.96 in | 1.48 lb | 288 pages Carton Quantity:12 McClelland & Stewart
    • Marketing Copy

      From Griffin Poetry Prize winner Jordan Abel comes a groundbreaking, deeply personal, and devastating autobiographical meditation that attempts to address the complicated legacies of Canada’s residential school system and contemporary Indigenous existence.

      As a Nisga’a writer, Jordan Abel often finds himself in a position where he is asked to explain his relationship to Nisga’a language, Nisga’a community, and Nisga’a cultural knowledge. However, as an intergenerational survivor of residential school—both of his grandparents attended the same residential school—his relationship to his own Indigenous identity is complicated to say the least.

      NISHGA explores those complications and is invested in understanding how the colonial violence originating at the Coqualeetza Indian Residential School impacted his grandparents’ generation, then his father’s generation, and ultimately his own. The project is rooted in a desire to illuminate the realities of intergenerational survivors of residential school, but sheds light on Indigenous experiences that may not seem to be immediately (or inherently) Indigenous.

      Drawing on autobiography and a series of interconnected documents (including pieces of memoir, transcriptions of talks, and photography), NISHGA is a book about confronting difficult truths and it is about how both Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples engage with a history of colonial violence that is quite often rendered invisible.
      JORDAN ABEL is a Nisga’a writer from Vancouver. He is the author of The Place of Scraps (winner of the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize), Un/inhabited, and Injun (winner of the Griffin Poetry Prize). Abel’s work has recently been anthologized in The New Concrete: Visual Poetry in the 21st Century (Hayward), The Next Wave: An Anthology of 21st Century Canadian Poetry (Anstruther), Best Canadian Poetry (Tightrope), Counter-Desecration: A Glossary for Writing Within the Anthropocene (Wesleyan), and The Land We Are: Artists and Writers Unsettle the Politics of Reconciliation (ARP). Abel’s work has been published in numerous journals and magazines—including Canadian Literature, The Capilano Review, and Poetry Is Dead—and his visual poetry has been included in exhibitions at the Polygon Gallery, UNIT/PITT Gallery, and the Oslo Pilot Project Room in Oslo, Norway. Abel recently completed a Ph.D. at Simon Fraser University, and is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Film Studies at the University of Alberta where he teaches Indigenous Literatures and Creative Writing.

      Author Residence: Edmonton
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    • Awards & Reviews

      “With NISHGA, Jordan Abel has reinvented the memoir, incorporating personal anecdotes, archival footage, legal documentation, photos and concrete poetry to create an unforgettable portrait of an Indigenous artist trying to find his place in a world that insists Indigeneity can only ever be the things that he is not. Abel deftly shows us the devastating impact this gate-keeping has had on those who, through no decisions of their own, have been ripped from our communities and forced to claw their way back home, or to a semblance of home, often unassisted. This is a brave, vulnerable, brilliant work that will change the face of nonfiction, as well as the conversations around what constitutes Indigenous identity. It’s a work I will return to again and again.”  —Alicia Elliott, author of A Mind Spread Out on the Ground
      “In NISHGA, Jordan Abel puts to use the documentary impulse that has already established him as an artist of inimitable methodological flair. By way of a mixture of testimonial vignettes, recordings of academic talks, found text/art, and visual art/concrete poetry, Abel sculpts a narrative of dislocation and self-examination that pressurizes received notions of “Canada” and “history” and “art” and “literature” and “belonging” and “forgiveness.” Yes, it is a book of that magnitude, of that enormity and power. By its Afterword, NISHGA adds up to a work of personal and national reckoning that is by turns heartbreaking and scathing.” —Billy-Ray Belcourt, author of NDN Coping Mechanisms and A History of My Brief Body 

      "This is a heartshattering read, and will also be a blanket for others looking for home. NISHGA is a work of absolute courage and vulnerability. I am in complete awe of the sorrow here and the bravery. Mahsi cho, Jordan.” —Richard Van Camp, author of Moccasin Square Gardens

      “Jordan Abel digs deeply into the questions we should all be asking. Questions that need no explanation but ones that require us to crawl back into our bones, back into the marrow of our understanding. NISHGA is a ceremony where we need to be silent. Where we need to listen.” —Gregory Scofield, author of Witness, I Am
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    catalogue cover
    Magdalena River of Dreams Wade Davis Canada
    9780735278929 Hardcover HISTORY / Expeditions & Discoveries On Sale Date:September 15, 2020
    $39.95 CAD 6.6 x 9.5 x 1.5 in | 1.9 lb | 432 pages Carton Quantity:12 Knopf Canada
    • Marketing Copy

      A captivating new book from Wade Davis—award-winning, bestselling author and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence for more than a decade—that brings vividly to life the story of the great Río Magdalena, illuminating Colombia’s complex past, present, and future

      Travelers often become enchanted with the first country that captures their hearts and gives them license to be free. For Wade Davis, it was Colombia. Now in a masterful new book, the bestselling author tells of his travels on the mighty Magdalena, the river that made possible the nation. Along the way, he finds a people who have overcome years of conflict precisely because of their character, informed by an enduring spirit of place, and a deep love of a land that is home to the greatest ecological and geographical diversity on the planet. Only in Colombia can a traveler wash ashore in a coastal desert, follow waterways through wetlands as wide as the sky, ascend narrow tracks through dense tropical forests, and reach verdant Andean valleys rising to soaring ice-clad summits. This rugged and impossible geography finds its perfect coefficient in the topography of the Colombian spirit: restive, potent, at times placid and calm, in moments explosive and wild.

      Both a corridor of commerce and a fountain of culture, the wellspring of Colombian music, literature, poetry and prayer, the Magdalena has served in dark times as the graveyard of the nation. And yet, always, it returns as a river of life. At once an absorbing adventure and an inspiring tale of hope and redemption, Magdalena gives us a rare, kaleidoscopic picture of a nation on the verge of a new period of peace. Braiding together memoir, history, and journalism, Wade Davis tells the story of the country’s most magnificent river, and in doing so, tells the epic story of Colombia.

      Story Locale: Colombia
      WADE DAVIS is the author of twenty books, including One River, The Wayfinders, and Into the Silence, which won the 2012 Samuel Johnson prize, the top award for literary nonfiction in the English language. Explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic Society from 1999 to 2013, he is currently Professor of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia. In 2016, he was made a Member of the Order of Canada. In 2018 he became an Honorary Citizen of Colombia.

      Author Residence: British Columbia

      Author Hometown: West Vancouver and Bowen Island
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        Launch event in Vancouver

        Multi city tour (cities tbc)

        Author Website:

        Author Social Media: Twitter: @authorwadedavis
    • Awards & Reviews

      A Globe and Mail “Best Book” of 2020

      An Economist Best Book of the Year, Culture and Ideas

      “In this outstanding travelogue Wade Davis traces Colombia’s mighty Magdalena River from source to mouth, encountering stunning vistas and a host of extraordinary people…. [Davis] tells epic tales of passion, violence and ambition with tremendous narrative verve.“ —Sunday Times

      ”Few people can interpret Colombia, this most complicated of countries, as Wade Davis does; fewer people still can write about it with such empathy, knowledge and grace. Magdalena is the ultimate proof that Colombia’s present and past are inextricably linked to the larger fate of the American continent. To say that the book deserves to be read is perhaps inaccurate; I’d rather say that anyone who wishes to understand this mysterious corner of the world deserves Magdalena. It is a capacious, generous and illuminating book.“ —Juan Gabriel Vásquez, bestselling author of The Sound of Things Falling

      “After all our agonies, Wade Davis, through the evocative power of his writing and the clarity of his understanding, gives us all reason to once again love Colombia. That is the wonder of this book, which in many ways reads as a love letter to a nation.” —Héctor Abad, author of Oblivion
      “The author and his subject make an ideal match…. Magdalena is a revelatory and often enchanting book, enhanced by fine photographs and good maps.” —The Economist

      “His passion for Colombia is…expressed in the depth of information he delivers—and the poetic way in which he captures its extraordinary landscape. Those pondering a trip will be inspired to veer off the tourist path.” —The Times

      “[Magdalena] is the culmination of a lifetime’s work in the country and is suffused with a love and knowledge that only such long acquaintance can bring.” —The Spectator

      “Davis suffuses his reportage with a visionary tinge. But his subject more than warrants it. He tells of an indigenous savant who advises lovers of the Magdalena to “know its moods . . . recognise its power, yield to its strength, and be thankful for its bounty.” His torrential book achieves all that.” —Financial Times 

      “[An] ardent travelogue…. Davis stocks his lively narrative with piquant characters, dramatic historical set pieces, and lyrical nature writing…. The result is a rich, fascinating study of how nature and a people shape each other.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

      “Davis is a powerful, penetrating and immensely knowledgeable writer.” —The Guardian

      “[A] delightful journey…. Davis is a natural, engaging storyteller, and while he makes his way through Colombia’s history…the book is also an affecting account of on-the-ground exploration…. An elegant narrative masterfully combining fine reporting and a moving personal journey.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

      “[A] deeply inquisitive, dazzlingly fluent scientific, cultural, and spiritual investigation…Always with a discerning eye to the symbolic and metaphorical, Davis tells the river’s saga of fecundity and horror through the lives of remarkable individuals past and present…. The story of Magdalena, as for every river, is that of an epic struggle between the sacred and the profane, between worship and preservation and reckless exploitation and wanton abuse.” —Booklist (starred review)

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    catalogue cover
    Planet Canada How Our Expats Are Shaping the Future John Stackhouse Canada
    9780345815804 Hardcover SOCIAL SCIENCE / Human Geography On Sale Date:October 06, 2020
    $35.00 CAD 6.24 x 9.25 x 1.26 in | 1.25 lb | 360 pages Carton Quantity:12 Random House Canada
    • Marketing Copy

      A leading thinker on Canada’s place in the world contends that our country’s greatest untapped resource may be the three million Canadians who don’t live here.

      Entrepreneurs, educators, humanitarians: an entire province’s worth of Canadian citizens live outside Canada. Some will return, others won’t. But what they all share is the ability, and often the desire, to export Canadian values to a world sorely in need of them. And to act as ambassadors for Canada in industries and societies where diplomatic efforts find little traction. Surely a country with people as diverse as Canada’s ought to plug itself into every corner of the globe. We don’t, and sometimes not even when our expats are eager to help.

      Failing to put this desire to work, contends bestselling author and longtime foreign correspondent John Stackhouse, is a grave error for a small country whose voice is getting lost behind developing nations of rapidly increasing influence. The soft power we once boasted is getting softer, but we have an unparalleled resource, if we choose to use it. To ensure Canada’s place in the world, Stackhouse argues in Planet Canada, we need this exceptional province of expats and their special claim on the twenty-first century.

      Story Locale: Toronto, Ottawa, Baltimore, Silicon Valley, San Francisco
      JOHN STACKHOUSE is a nationally bestselling author and longtime foreign correspondent for the Globe and Mail and editor of Report on Business. In 2009, he became the national newspaper’s editor-in-chief, a position he held for five years. He is a senior fellow at the C.D. Howe Institute and University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs, and the author of books Out of Poverty: And Into Something More Comfortable, Timbit Nation: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Canada and Mass Disruption:Thirty Years on the Front Lines of a Media Revolution. He presently serves as senior vice-president in the office of the CEO at Royal Bank Canada.

      Author Residence: Toronto

      Author Hometown: Toronto
      Marketing & Promotion
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        Major interview campaign with business, politics and current affairs media

        Multi city tour

    • Awards & Reviews

      Planet Canada is an enthralling guided tour through the uncharted lands of Canada’s ‘undeclared eleventh province.’ This missing piece of our population has an outsized influence on the shape of the world and, potentially, the fate of our country—yet it was nameless and undocumented until John Stackhouse embarked on this extraordinary journey through its workshops, concert halls, executive suites and laboratories, revealing a second Canada that is both a missed opportunity and a potential storehouse of future success.” —Doug Saunders, bestselling author of Arrival City and Maximum Canada

      “John Stackhouse is an eminently wise and thoughtful observer of Canada’s place on the world’s stage. In Planet Canada, he offers a nuanced analysis of how the Canadian diaspora is capitalizing on their uniquely Canadian qualities and makes a case for us, as an evolving middle-power nation, to make the most of them.” The Right Honourable David Johnston, Canada’s 28th Governor General

      “In Planet Canada, John Stackhouse motivates us to rethink the axis of our globetrotting expats, and makes a compelling case for ensuring that the right structures are in place towards achieving the desired ‘boomerang effect,’ ultimately leveraging our diverse diaspora as a fundamental Canadian asset.” —Nurjehan Mawani, distinguished Canadian civil servant and diplomat
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    catalogue cover
    My Mother's Daughter A Memoir of Struggle and Triumph Perdita Felicien Canada
    9780385689960 Hardcover BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs On Sale Date:March 30, 2021
    $32.95 CAD 6.3 x 9.28 x 1.21 in | 1.11 lb | 320 pages Carton Quantity:12 Doubleday Canada
    • Marketing Copy

      A raw and affecting memoir about a mother and daughter who beat the odds together.

      Decades before Perdita Felicien became a World Champion hurdler running the biggest race of her life at the 2004 Olympics, she carried more than a nation’s hopes—she carried her mother Catherine’s dreams.

      In 1974, teenage Catherine is determined and tenacious, but she’s also pregnant with her second child and just scraping by in St. Lucia. When she meets a wealthy white Canadian family vacationing on the island, she knows it’s her chance. They ask her to come to Canada to be their nanny—and she accepts.

      This was the beginning of Catherine’s new life: a life of opportunity, but also suffering. Within a few years, she would find herself pregnant a third time—this time in her new country with no family to support her, and this time, with Perdita. Together, in the years to come, mother and daughter would experience racism, domestic abuse and even homelessness, but Catherine’s will would always pull them through.

      As Perdita grew and began to discover her preternatural gifts, she was edged onward by her mother’s love, grit and faith. Facing literal and figurative hurdles, she learned to leap and pick herself back up when she stumbled. This book is a daughter’s memoir—a book about the power of a parent’s love to transform their child’s life.

      The author will donate a portion of her proceeds from My Mother’s Daughter to The Denise House, an emergency shelter in Oshawa, Ontario, that supports abused women and their children—and that helped Perdita and her family in 1987. Learn more about The Denise House at

      Story Locale: Ontario, Canada; St.Lucia
      PERDITA FELICIEN is an author, television host, sports broadcaster, two-time Olympian, ten-time National Champion and the first Canadian woman to win a World Championship gold medal in track and field. During her career as a 100-metre hurdler, she earned numerous honours, including Canada’s Athlete of the Year and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. Felicien retired from professional sports in 2013 and is now a broadcast journalist. She is a member of CBC’s broadcast team and has covered multiple international sporting events including the 2016 Summer and 2018 Winter Olympic Games, and was inducted into Athletics Canada’s Hall of Fame. My Mother’s Daughter is her first book.

      Author Residence: Toronto, ON

      Author Hometown: Pickering, ON
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        Pitch content to websites such as refinery29, and popsugar 

        Influencer mailing to popular female athletes (Abby Wambach) 

        Social Advertising 

        Publicity: Target key national and local broadcast media in Toronto for segments, especially leveraging her relationship with the CBC (outlets include The Social, The Marilyn Denis Show, Your Morning, Global’s The Morning Show, CBC’s The National, etc.)

        Target impactful print feature attention with outlets like Chatelaine, Refinery29, Elle Canada, and Postmedia

        Leverage author’s profile as an elite Canadian athlete for attention with sports-forward media

        National tour (cities TBC)

        Author Website:

        Author Social Media: Twitter and Instagram: @perditafelicien; Facebook:
    • Awards & Reviews

      “A powerful and inspiring book.” —Deborah Dundas, Toronto Star

      “Perdita Felicien takes on the ambitious feat of chronicling an intergenerational story of resilience and succeeds with unflinching clarity. Her controlled and poised prose details raw and often messy emotions with intelligence and compassion, while the fierce honesty with which she writes emphasizes the magnitude of maternal love and the bonds of family. A memoir with a commanding voice, My Mother’s Daughter is a love letter to mother-daughter relationships.” —Zalika Reid-Benta, Giller Prize-nominated author of Frying Plantain

      “We are not defined by when we fall; rather, it’s the journey of where we come from that holds the deepest definition of self. Perdita Felicien is so much more than a champion athlete. This phenomenal, human story shows a Canada many people will never know, the power of a mother’s love for her daughter, and the indefatigable resilience in the face of so much struggle. I could not put this book down.” —Clara Hughes, six-time Olympic medalist and author of Open Heart, Open Mind

      “A book about the most important team any of us plays on—our family—by one of the greatest athletes Canada has ever produced. Perdita Felicien reminds us that the accomplishments you see out on the track, field or rink are the result not just of talent and practice, but of someone’s love.” —Cathal Kelly, author of Boy Wonders ​
      “Perdita Felicien first stole our hearts as a world champion, but now she takes us behind the scenes to the heartache of her tumultuous childhood and to the grit she needed to triumph over adversity. Her story is for everyone who dreams big. This book made me laugh and cry and cheer out loud. It’s a winner—like Perdita herself.” —Sally Armstrong, journalist
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    catalogue cover
    9781770499249 Hardcover YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fantasy Age (years) from 12, Grade (US) from 7 On Sale Date:April 14, 2020
    $21.99 CAD 6.25 x 8 x 0.86 in | 1.36 lb | 240 pages Carton Quantity:24 Canadian Rights: Y Tundra Books
    • Marketing Copy

      After moving to a seemingly quaint and quiet new town, Lucy faces a new reality in which fairies exist, weather can be bottled and witches hold grudges. Accompanied by gorgeous color paintings, this novel is perfect for fans of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, The Hazel Wood and Gregory Maguire.

      It has been a year since Lucy Crisp graduated from high school and she still hasn’t found her calling. That is, until she discovers an exclusive arts college called Ladywyck Lodge. On a whim, she applies and is thrilled to be accepted into their program. Lucy moves to Esther Wren, the charming little town where it’s based, and stays in the house her father buys as an investment: a magnificent building built by a sea captain in 1876. The house has history and personality—perhaps too much personality…

      Strange things start happening: Lucy hears voices and footsteps in empty rooms. She sees people and things that should not be there. Furniture disappears and elaborate desserts appear. What’s worse is that the strange events are not restricted to her house. Lucy begins to understand that the town and its inhabitants are hiding many secrets, and Ladywyck is at the heart. As the eerie happenings escalate, Lucy fears she is being threatened—but she is determined not to let fairy potions, spells and talk of witchcraft scare her away.

      Janet Hill’s enchanting debut novel is part mystery, part supernatural thriller and all fun.

      Story Locale: Upstate New York
      JANET HILL is a painter and children’s book author/illustrator. Her work is both elegant and whimsical, and her painting style evokes a sense of nostalgia, mystery, and humor. She has written and illustrated two picture books: Miss Moon: Wise Words from a Dog Governess and Miss Mink: Life Lessons for a Cat Countess. Lucy Crisp and the Vanishing House is her first novel. Janet lives in Stratford, Ontario, where she paints in a small in-house studio and lives with her husband, John, the manager of an independent bookstore, and their cat and dog.

      Author Residence: Stratford, Ontario
      Marketing & Promotion
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        Dedicated website

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        Pursue women’s magazine coverage for Janet Hill

        Author Website:

        Author Social Media: @janethillstudio
    • Awards & Reviews

      “Teens seeking a terror-free spine tingle are in for a treat.” —Kirkus Reviews

      “A quirky combination of magic and ordinariness, of historic detail and imagination. Janet Hill adds beautiful colour illustrations throughout the text. The result is uniquely enchanting.”—Resource Links

      “…An enchanting blend of mystery, supernatural investigation, and thriller, embellished by gorgeous colorful drawings peppered throughout.”Midwest Book Review

      “Teenage readers are in for a treat.”Winnipeg Free Press
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    catalogue cover
    Relax, Dammit! A User's Guide to the Age of Anxiety Timothy Caulfield Canada
    9780735236325 Hardcover SOCIAL SCIENCE / Popular Culture On Sale Date:December 01, 2020
    $32.00 CAD 6.2 x 9.31 x 1.02 in | 1.12 lb | 320 pages Carton Quantity:12 Allen Lane
    • Marketing Copy

      FINALIST for the 2021 Alberta Literary Awards’ Wilfrid Eggleston Award for Nonfiction

      “Will vaccinate you against misinformation!”—Dr. Jen Gunter, renowned gynecologist and author of The Vagina Bible 

      An entertaining and practical guide to getting through the day with less stress and better health, from the host of the hit TV series A User’s Guide to Cheating Death.

      We make a ridiculous number of decisions every day—possibly even thousands. We make decisions about when to wake up, how to brush our teeth, what to have for breakfast, how to get our kids to school, the amount of coffee to drink, and on and on.

      Making so many decisions is tough. It can cause stock analysts to perform progressively worse over the course of a day. It can lead us to make poor decisions about the food we eat—the more brain fatigue we experience, the more junk food we consume. And the more deliberate the decision—that is, the more we need to think about it—the more fatiguing the process. There are many social forces at work that make how and what we choose an unnecessarily anxious process. But it doesn’t have to be.

      In Relax, Dammit!, health policy expert Timothy Caulfield takes us through a regular day—from the moment we wake up to when we go to sleep—and shows the underlying science behind our actions and habits. What he reveals is that we make decisions that are based, to a lesser or greater extent, on misinformation. Whether he’s studying cell phone use, bike commuting, or raw-milk cheese consumption, Caulfield shows that many of the things we believe to be healthier, safer, or just better, simply aren’t. With solid grounding in current and reliable scientific findings, the author points to a less stressful way forward—which means we can all afford to relax a lot more.

      Insightful, sometimes controversial, and always entertaining, Relax, Dammit! is a surprising and liberating guide to modern life.

      Story Locale: North America
      TIMOTHY CAULFIELD is a Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy, a Professor in the Faculty of Law and the School of Public Health, and Research Director of the Health Law Institute at the University of Alberta. His interdisciplinary research on topics like stem cells, genetics, research ethics, the public representations of science, and health policy issues has allowed him to publish over 350 academic articles. He has won numerous academic and writing awards and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, the Trudeau Foundation, and the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. He contributes frequently for the popular press and is the author of two national bestsellers: The Cure for Everything: Untangling the Twisted Messages about Health, Fitness and Happiness, and Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?: When Celebrity Culture and Science Clash. Caulfield also has a strong social media presence and is the host and co-producer of the documentary TV series, A User’s Guide to Cheating Death.

      Author Residence: Edmonton, AB
      Marketing & Promotion
        Marketing: Facebook advertising

        Influencer mailing

        Google search to complement the media tour

        Publicity: Review coverage in all major outlets - The Globe and Mail, CBC Books, Postmedia, and the Toronto Star

        Toronto/Calgary tour and have the opportunity to get other local media when Tim is traveling through Speakers Spotlight

        National and regional radio/TV interviews like Global Morning, Your Morning, The Social, CBC Syndication

        Author Social Media: Twitter: @CaulfieldTim
    • Awards & Reviews

      “Perhaps you, like me, find yourself bewildered by conflicting claims about everything from the food you should eat, to the ’five second rule’ if that food falls on the floor, to whether public toilet seats pass along terrifying diseases. Tim Caulfield masterfully, and humorously, walks you through all of the things you’re likely to encounter in a typical day and provides much needed sanity in a world of claims run amok. It also serves as an introduction to critical thinking for those who don’t know how to approach such questions, enabling all of us to make better sense of any new nonsense that comes forward. I devoured it (and it didn’t even fall on the floor).”
      —Daniel Levitin, author of Successful Aging and The Organized Mind

      “In Relax, Dammit! Tim Caulfield gives us an entertaining guide to some of the most entrenched as well as the more recent wellness fads. No one understands the impact of pop culture on health communication better than Caulfield, who is an expert in the marketing of health misinformation and disinformation. He is an entertaining science communicator who understands that fear is a big driver of our headline-driven 24/7 news cycle. Every day we are met with headlines—which often contradict the ones from the previous week—as to how we should be living our lives. Caulfield tackles this confusing clickbait by walking the reader through an imaginary day. His style of communication is effective and easy to understand. And I learned a lot! Read this book—it will vaccinate you against misinformation!”
      —Dr. Jen Gunter, renowned gynecologist and author of The Vagina Bible
      “This is Tim Caulfield at his best! He takes us on a witty romp through a day’s activities, casting a critical eye on the numerous decisions we routinely make. Should we worry about fluoride in our water, gluten in our food, shaking hands with strangers? Are dietary supplements all they claim to be? How often should we wash our hair, hug our friends or check e-mails? There is always a risk-benefit ratio to consider and Tim is marvelous at digging up the science that tells us when to worry and when to, dammit, relax!”
      —Joe Schwarcz, PhD, Director, McGill Office for Science and Society, and author of A Grain of Salt and A Feast of Science 

      “Goop debunker Timothy Caulfield returns with a science-informed daily guide to living with less stress and better health.”
      Quill & Quire
  • 8
    catalogue cover
    The BC Wine Lover's Cookbook Recipes & Stories from Wineries Across British Columbia Jennifer Schell Canada, John Schreiner
    9780525610366 Hardcover COOKING / Regional & Ethnic On Sale Date:June 23, 2020
    $35.00 CAD 8.24 x 10.31 x 0.95 in | 2.66 lb | 288 pages Carton Quantity:10 Canadian Rights: Y Appetite by Random House
    • Marketing Copy


      Discover the vineyards, valleys, islands, deserts—and kitchens—of BC’s Wine Country in this collection of recipes, tour ideas, menus and more.

      Take a tour through beautiful British Columbia with award-winning cookbook author and winemaker Jennifer Schell. The BC Wine Lover’s Cookbook shares family stories and recipes from 53 top wineries located across the province—from the verdant, rolling fields of the Okanagan and Fraser Valley, to the misty coastlines of Vancouver Island, and beyond.

      Meet the winemakers of BC wine country and take a seat at their table to share dishes that evoke the multicultural heritage of BC’s wine industry. From tourtière to turkey moussaka and Michelle’s Panna Cotta to Nana’s Roast Caribou, these recipes have been lovingly handed down through the generations—on handwritten recipe cards, on creased and spattered pages, sometimes by word of mouth. And don’t forget the wine! Each recipe is accompanied by a pairing suggestion from the winery’s cellars. Whether you are perched on Naramata Bench or tucked up at home, this is a cookbook to read and to inspire.
      JENNIFER SCHELL is a food and wine writer, photographer and co-owner of Schell Wines. She is the author of the award-winning The Butcher, the Baker, the Wine and Cheese Maker series of books (shortlisted for Taste Canada Awards, winners of two Gourmand Awards and a gold medal at the IPPY Awards), and former editor of Food & Wine Trails Magazine. She is co-producer of the Garagiste North Wine Festivals (a celebration of the small lot wineries in BC).

      Jennifer was born and raised on an apple orchard in East Kelowna, BC. She is a committed advocate for her community, and was co-founder of the Kelowna chapter of Soup Sisters. Jennifer is a passionate ambassador for BC farming, as well as the province’s food and wine industries, and has provided a creative lens to them for over a decade.

      Author Residence: Kelowna, BC
      Marketing & Promotion
        Marketing: Produce hard materials and social media assets for key winery partners

        Partner with Special Markets team to send out print materials, email outreach to all wineries

        Promotion on author and Appetite’s social channels

        Publicity: Target Vancouver Radio and TV including CBC Radio Cooking Club, CKNW The Simi Sara show, Global Weekend, BT, CTV and CBC Our Vancouver.

        Engage local print media – dailies, magazines, and syndication – including outlets like Western Living, TASTE, Vancouver Sun and Georgia Straight.

        Target travel magazines including En Route, Westjet Magazine.

        Series of regional events at wineries in the book.

        Partner with Fairmont Pacific Rim on event at Botanist.

        Feast of Fields dinner series

        Wine festivals and craft fairs.

        Visa Infinite

        Author Website:

        Author Social Media: Instagram (2.6k), Twitter (2.2k): @jenniferschell8
    • Awards & Reviews

      “A focused, compelling journey through 53 wineries in British Columbia. Discover the diverse families who are making their dreams come true by producing top-quality, world-class wine. This friendly, well-conceived cookbook has a strong sense of place, and detailed, useable “insider” recipes from the wineries. A must-read!”
      —Sid Cross, co-founder of The Chefs’ Table Society of BC
      “Each page of this book is proof that there is a story in every bottle, and each offers an intimate glimpse into the BC wine landscape—along with mouthwatering locally and culturally inspired recipes. It is a brilliant snapshot of the bounty of BC and what drew us all here in the beginning. Bravo.”
      —Daenna Van Mulligen, The Wine Diva
      “Jennifer has done a wonderful job capturing the essence of each of the wineries she features and the families behind them. I feel like I’ve been invited to dine with them! There are about 350 wineries in BC, and this cookbook whets my appetite to discover more.”
      —Howard Soon, award-winning winemaker & recipient of the Order of Canada
      “As broadcasters, we have had the pleasure of working with BC wineries for decades. Jennifer Schell’s cookbook with seasonal menus, engaging winemaker profiles and weekend getaways takes precedence over all similar guides. Pour a glass of wine and head to the kitchen to toast what makes British Columbia unique in the world of wine."
      —Anthony Gismondi and Kasey Wilson, BC Food + Wine Radio BNN Bloomberg 1410
      The BC Wine Lover’s Cookbook offers a vibrant, informative and delightfully candid snapshot of BC’s blossoming wine scene. Jennifer Schell’s taste-filled odyssey through every region brings the genuine hospitality of BC’s wine families right into your kitchen. Packed with recipes, as well as helpful pairing tips and touring ideas!”
      —Tim Pawsey,
  • 9
    catalogue cover
    Falastin A Cookbook Sami Tamimi, Tara Wigley, Yotam Ottolenghi
    9780525610151 Hardcover COOKING / Regional & Ethnic On Sale Date:June 16, 2020
    $45.00 CAD 7.94 x 10.88 x 1.11 in | 3.19 lb | 352 pages Carton Quantity:8 Appetite by Random House
    • Marketing Copy


      Falastin is a soulful tour of Palestinian cookery today from Ottolenghi’s Executive Chef Sami Tamimi, with 120 highly cookable recipes contextualized by his personal narrative of the Palestine he grew up in.

      The story of Palestine’s food is really the story of its people. When the events of 1948 forced people from all the regions of Palestine together into one compressed land, recipes that were once closely guarded family secrets were shared and passed between different groups in an effort to ensure that they were not lost forever. In Falastin, Tamimi retraces the lineage and evolution of his country’s cuisine, born of its agriculturally optimal geography, many distinct regional cooking traditions, and, ultimately, Palestinian cooks’ ingenuity and resourcefulness as the country’s foodways mingled and morphed. From the recipes of refugee-camp cooks to the home kitchens of Gaza and the mill of a master tahini maker, Tamimi teases out the vestiges of an ancient cuisine while recording the derivations of a dynamic cuisine and the stories of the people of Palestine—as told from the kitchen.
      SAMI TAMIMI was born and raised in Jerusalem and was immersed in food from childhood. He started his career as commis-chef in a Jerusalem hotel and worked his way up, through many restaurants and ethnic traditions, to become head chef of Lilith, one of the top restaurants in Tel Aviv in the 1990’s. The company now has four stores and two restaurants, NOPI and ROVI, all in central London. As the executive head chef, Sami is involved in developing and nurturing young kitchen talents and creating new dishes and innovative menus. Alongside Yotam Ottolenghi, Sami Tamimi is co-author of two bestselling cookbooks: Ottolenghi: The Cookbook (Ebury, UK, 2008; Ten Speed, US, 2012) and Jerusalem: A Cookbook (Ebury, UK, and Ten Speed, US, 2012) TARA WIGLEY spent a decade working in publishing—at the Abner Stein Literary Agency in London and then Simon & Schuster—before going to cookery school in Ireland. She has developed, tested, and writen recipes for Ottolenghi’s weekly column in the Guardian magazine and monthly New York Times’s columns, as well as for his cookbooks. For Falastin, Tara has travelled with Tamimi in Palestine and eaten her body weight in chickpeas and tahini.

      Author Residence: London, UK
      Marketing & Promotion
        Marketing: Large scale influencer mailing to Ottolenghi and Middle Eastern food fans

        Advertising targeting Ottolenghi fans, Palestinian-Canadians, general adventurous foodies, and those interested in Palestinian culture/causes.

        Organic social on author channels

        Tour announcement on author channels

        Publicity: Two-city Canadian tour stops - Toronto + TBD

        Long lead print coverage - Chatelaine, Canadian House&Home, Hello!, Globe & Mail

        Toronto media day towards national TV and daily print coverage - ie CTV Your Morning, Marilyn Denis Show, Chatelaine Test Kitchen, Toronto Star, National Post

        Explore In Conversation and restaurant takeover event opportunities

        Author Website:

        Author Social Media: Instagram: @sami_tamimi, @ottolenghi; Twitter: @samitamimi, @ottolenghi
    • Awards & Reviews

      “This is a beautiful book and I want to cook every single recipe in it.”—Nigella Lawson

      “Sami Tamimi and Tara Wigley’s beautiful Falastin is a love letter to Palestine—its warm and hospitable people and its bright and mouthwatering cuisine. A cookbook should make you dream, it should invite you to an expanding table, and, more important, it should make you drop everything and head straight to the kitchen. This book does all that. One day I hope to visit Sami’s homeland; but until then, with Sami as my host and Tara as my guide, I’ll let the scents and flavors of the Palestinian kitchen take me there as I pull up extra seats at my table to share this colorful and soulful food with family and friends.”—Naz Deravian, author of Bottom of the Pot  

      “A stunning collection of recipes and stories that showcase the best of Palestinian culture. I want to eat everything in this book”—Yasmin Khan, author of Zaitoun and The Saffron Tales

      Falastin is not a political book; it’s a people book. But most of all, it’s a cookbook that translates the rich culinary history of traditional Palestine into healthy, vibrant food for the twenty-first-century table.”—177 Milk Street

      “[A] celebration of Palestinian cooking…Adding to the overall connection between words and stomach are elegant photographs and additional instructions…. The temptation to try [all the recipes] is almost overwhelming. Expect enthusiastic demand from home cooks and foodie readers.”Booklist (starred review)
      “[An] expert dive into the food of Palestine. The dishes overflow with bold flavors…. Like the best cookbooks, this one opens a window to expand both palates and minds.”Publishers Weekly (starred review)

      “A love letter to palestinian food.” — Chatelaine
  • 10
    catalogue cover
    Forest Green Kate Pullinger Canada
    9780385683043 Hardcover FICTION / Literary On Sale Date:August 25, 2020
    $29.95 CAD 5.8 x 8.56 x 0.8 in | 0.78 lb | 240 pages Carton Quantity:12 Doubleday Canada
    • Marketing Copy

      For readers of Elizabeth Strout and Anne Tyler, a powerful, heartrending novel about a man on the run from himself, by Governor General’s Award-winning author Kate Pullinger.

      On a rain-soaked Vancouver sidewalk in 1995, a homeless man fights for breath. Forest Green is the story of how he ended up there.

      Arthur Lunn is a golden boy who spends long summer days roaming the hills and swimming in the lakes of the Okanagan Valley. But the Great Depression is destroying lives, even in Art’s remote and bucolic hometown. Soon, Art finds himself caught up in a battle between the town and the vagrants flowing through it, and before long the tension reaches a boiling point.

      A catastrophe follows—and changes everything. The trauma from this event shapes and haunts Art’s life moving forward, from his experiences as a soldier in World War II to his reckless, nomadic working days in logging camps across British Columbia to his turbulent relationship with his one great love—a woman he cannot believe he deserves.

      Painful, poignant, yet full of hope, Forest Green explores how trauma can warp our lives while love can help us to mend.

      Story Locale: British Columbia (Okanagan, Charlotte Islands, Vancouver) and Italy
      KATE PULLINGER grew up in British Columbia. In 2009, her novel The Mistress of Nothing won the Governor General’s Literary Award for Fiction. Her prize-winning digital fiction projects include the ground-breaking title for children Inanimate Alice and, most recently, a ghost story for smartphones, Breathe. Flight Paths: A Networked Novel was the inspiration for her 2014 novel, Landing Gear. She is currently Professor of Creative Writing and Digital Media at Bath Spa University, England. Forest Green is her tenth novel.

      Author Residence: London, UK

      Author Hometown: Cranbrook and Vancouver Island, British Columbia
      Marketing & Promotion
        Marketing: Focus of Penguin Random House Canada/Doubleday Canada social accounts

        Goodreads Giveaways

        Facebook advertising

        Publicity: Canadian tour (cities tbc)

        Review coverage

        Long lead women’s magazines

        Author Website:

        Author Social Media: Twitter: @katepullinger
    • Awards & Reviews

      Praise for Forest Green:

      “Pullinger’s beautiful writing captures the sweep of a life.” —Toronto Star

      “[This] novel evokes a lifespan turned paltry and ruinous by the reverberations of one childhood event. Forest Green is a spare, economical novel…[and an] artful portrait of steady personal erosion.” —Vancouver Sun

      “On a rainy Vancouver day, Art Lunn lies tangled up in a blanket in a doorway. Estranged from family, the homeless man finds solace in his memories…. Lyrical prose by the Governor General’s Literary Award-winner slowly unravels the past that led to this present…. The poignant glimpses and fragments take shape to reveal how childhood trauma can set decades of misfortune in motion.” —Zoomer

      “Kate Pullinger renders Art Lunn’s tumultuous life in episodes that have the clarity of tree rings. This slim, engrossing novel holds worlds, and its complicated central character is offered up to us with deep and unwavering empathy.” —Catherine Bush, bestselling author of The Rules of Engagement, Claire’s Head and Blaze Island

      “I read Forest Green in one go, gripped and charmed and moved by its Everyman logger protagonist and all he lives through.” —Emma Donoghue, bestselling author of The Wonder and Room

      “At the same time intimate and sweeping, Forest Green tells the story of a single man’s life, and the history of a family, an industry, a nation. Pullinger expertly and sensitively reveals the different stages of her character’s life, and the way it has been shaped by both inside and outside pressures.” —Johanna Skibsrud, award-winning author of The Sentimentalists and Island

      “Childhood wonder and promise collide with a day whose lifelong repercussions Springsteen might have penned had he decided to turn to prose and reimagine Nesbit’s The Railway Children. Pullinger’s new novel is a freedom song for the working man.” —Kathleen Winter, #1 bestselling author of Annabel and Lost in September

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