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    catalogue cover
    9784805315934 Paperback CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Needlework On Sale Date:September 29, 2020
    $24.95 CAD 8.5 x 11.5 x 0 in | 620 gr | 120 pages Carton Quantity:16 Canadian Rights: Y Tuttle Publishing
    • Marketing Copy

      A first-of-its-kind Japanese crochet stitch dictionary!

      For the first time in English, popular knitwear designer Yoko Hatta shows you creative ways to use a little leftover yarn and your own sense of design. You'll find round, square, triangle, polygon and Irish crochet motifs—from really simple to deliciously intricate—all waiting to be incorporated into your latest needlework projects.

      • Make scarves and blankets using the all-time favorite granny squares, or shawls using polygons.
      • Join circles (or throw in some squares) to make fun wall hangings, room dividers and more.
      • Use beautiful Irish crochet motifs to embellish garments, form the outside of a bag, or make into a brooch.
      • Find plenty of ideas for using color, from offbeat mono-and-duo-chromatic arrangements to splashy, multicolored pieces.

      Mastering even just a few of these motifs will open you to endless possibilities. Separate sections explain all the crochet symbols used and show you how to assemble the arrangements.

      Published in the same format as the bestselling Tuttle Publishing knitting dictionaries (Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible,250 Japanese Knitting Stitches, Yoko Hatta'sJapanese Knitting Stitches from Tokyo's Kazekobo Studio ), this book finally brings the same access and knowledge to crocheters.
      Yoko Hatta is the designer behind the Japanese knitting studio Kazekobo. A prolific artist whose work spans over thirty years, she has written numerous knitwear books and stitch dictionaries, and contributed to many magazines and compilations in both Japan and the US. She is a contributor to Brooklyn Tweed and Vogue Knitting, and over a thousand of her designs can be seen on Ravelry.com. Her work is known for adding contemporary flair to classic garments. She is the author ofJapanese Knitting Stitches from Tokyo's Kazekobo Studio.

      Cassandra Harada is a fiber artist living in Tokyo, and spends most of her time knitting, and spinning for herself and good friends. Originally from the US, she has lived in Japan for fifteen years and thoroughly enjoys studying the language and culture of her adopted home. She teaches knitting and spinning in Japan and America and occasionally publishes her own design work.
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    • Awards & Reviews

      "Experienced crocheters should find Hatta's guide a delight."Publishers Weekly

      "…designed to spark imaginations and inspirations…bound to get needle crafters thinking about hundreds of other possibilities…"Booklist

      "Popular knitwear designer Yoko Hatta shows you creative ways to use yarn scraps and your own sense of design. You'll find really simple to deliciously intricate motifs all waiting to be incorporated into your latest crochet projects. There's plenty of ideas for using colour, from offbeat mono-and duo-chromatic arrangements to splashy, multicoloured pieces."Simply Crochet magazine
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    catalogue cover
    Beautiful Origami Paper Wreaths Handmade Japanese Decorations for Every Occasion Noriko Nagata
    9784805315606 Paperback CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Papercrafts On Sale Date:November 10, 2020
    $22.95 CAD 8.5 x 11 x 0.48 in | 590 gr | 112 pages Carton Quantity:24 Canadian Rights: Y Tuttle Publishing
    • Marketing Copy

      These origami decorations may look complex and expensive, but they are actually easy to create and will never wilt or shed, making them highly economical!

      Each wreath is assembled from a number of paper sheets that are folded and then cleverly slotted together. No glue or tape required! The ring itself is held together by the tension of the individual paper pieces using the techniques of modular origami. Full-color, step-by-step instructions help you fold and assemble these beautiful pieces.

      Different designs are provided for each month of the year—34 in all—and you can endlessly vary the colors and materials, which are readily available in any craft store.

      Here are just a few of the seasonal and festive themes found in this book:
      • Valentine Hearts
      • Spring Cherry Blossoms
      • Tulips and Roses
      • Shooting Stars
      • Goldfish and Bunnies
      • Fall Harvest
      • Christmas
      • And many more!

      This is a simple and creative way to add touches of beauty to your home or to create low-cost decorations for weddings, parties, holidays, and other special occasions.

      These versatile designs can be used in many creative ways:
      • Wall and door hangings
      • Table centerpieces
      • Tree ornaments and toppers
      • Doorknob hangers
      • Picture frames
      Noriko Nagata was first inspired to fold origami more than 30 years ago after being impressed by theoretical physicist Koji Fushimi's book,Geometry of Origami. She strives to continue making simple, unique, elegant and beautiful pieces with carefully considered folds and connections. Her work has appeared in several Japanese publications, includingUnit Origami Boxes (edited by Tomoko Fuse), monthly issues ofOrigami (Japan Origami Association's publication),A Study of Twist Boxes and more. Noriko's work has also been featured in countless international magazines. She coauthoredThe Mathematics and Science of Origami with renowned American modular origami artist Thomas Hull. Noriko is a member of the Japan Origami Association, the Thinking About Origami Education Society and the British Origami Association.
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    catalogue cover
    A Beginner's Guide to Chinese Brush Painting 35 Painting Activities from Calligraphy to Animals to Landscapes Caroline Self, Susan Self
    9780804852630 Hardcover ART / Techniques On Sale Date:November 09, 2021
    $16.95 CAD 7.5 x 10 x 0 in | 450 gr | 64 pages Carton Quantity:20 Canadian Rights: Y Tuttle Publishing
    • Marketing Copy

      A Beginner's Guide to Chinese Brush Painting teaches this ancient art form in an easy-to-understand way—no prior experience necessary!

      As one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world, Chinese brush painting has been used for thousands of years to create images that harness the imagination, and capture the inner spirit of a subject—be it an animal, landscape or tree. All you need for this simple, but beautiful, art form is black watercolor paint, white paper, a brush and some creativity!

      An introduction tells you about the history of brush painting, and also gives tips for holding your brush, achieving different shades and collecting your materials. After that, the book takes you step-by-step through more than 35 hands-on activities—including basic strokes, putting them together to create an object or scene, the importance of leaving open space and even writing some Chinese calligraphy.

      With the help of this book, artists of all ages can learn to paint:
      • Bamboo stalks, branches and leaf clusters
      • A knotted pine tree and its delicate needles
      • A snail with a spiral shell and little body peeking out from underneath
      • A waterfall gliding down the side of a mountain
      • And much more!

      You'll find that this activity will help you learn to center your mind and thoughts, and your masterpieces will be inspiring decorations or great gifts for friends and family. Get started learning this "soft martial art!"
      Caroline Self has studied Asian brush painting for over thirty years. She holds a B. A. in bacteriology and public health, a teaching credential in art from UC Berkeley and a master's degree in art education and sculpture from San Diego State University. She taught art in the San Diego City Schools for twenty-five years and taught Asian brush painting to children for six years at the San Diego Museum of Art. She has studied traditional brush painting with teachers in Southern California, Japan, China, and Taiwan. She also paints and exhibits her colorful watercolor and acrylic paintings.

      Susan Self studied art in college and on trips to Europe and Asia, often accompanying her mother. She has a Ph.D. in comparative literature from UC San Diego, where she taught in writing programs. She worked as a technical writer documenting software development tools before transitioning into the wireless telecommunications industry, where she works as a writer and research consultant.
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    catalogue cover
    Buddhism for Beginners A Guide to Enlightened Living C. Alexander Simpkins Ph.D., Annellen Simpkins
    9780804852616 Hardcover RELIGION / Buddhism On Sale Date:January 19, 2021
    $16.95 CAD 5 x 7.5 x 0.77 in | 260 gr | 128 pages Carton Quantity:40 Canadian Rights: Y Tuttle Publishing
    • Marketing Copy

      For those searching for mindful moments or for a more engaged way of navigating life in the twenty-first century,Buddhism for Beginners opens the door to understanding Buddhism's key concepts and practices. The authors tap into their years of training and study in meditation, martial arts and Eastern philosophy to bring readers a comprehensive introduction to the spiritual tenets and attainments that mark the pathway to enlightenment.

      In this new hardcover edition, the authors explain in clear and simple terms:
      • The history of Buddhism
      • The key themes and belief systems (the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path, Mahayana, nirvana and more)
      • Ways of integrating Buddhist principles and philosophy into the everyday
      • The organizing notions and overarching thesis of Buddhism: to live fully aware in the moment, to see things as they truly are, and to recognize yourself as part of the whole
      • Buddhism's relevance today

      Buddhism for Beginners then completes this introduction to meditation and mindful moments by offering simple exercises, practices and prompts reflective and supportive of the Buddhist teachings and tenets laid out in the volume, including filling- and clearing-the-mind meditations, performing acts of compassion and inner-peace and conflict-resolution exercises.

      An essential purchase for people looking to integrate Buddhist principles into their lives or for those seeking a more meaningful, mindful or meditative path.
      Drs. C. Alexander andAnnellen Simpkins have been involved with Eastern philosophy for over thirty years. They were first introduced to these ideas through the practice of martial arts which they began in the 1960s, and their interest continued to deepen over time. As psychologists they have specialized in studies of the mind as well as hypnosis. They are authors of numerous books on Eastern philosophy including a series on meditation:Principles of Meditation,Living Meditation andMeditation from Thought to Action, a historical and practical book on Zen entitledZen Around the World, and theSimple series on different Eastern philosophies:Simple Zen,Simple Taoism,Simple Confucianism,Simple Buddhism, andSimple Tibetan Buddhism. Dr. Simpkins lives in San Diego, California.
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    catalogue cover
    The Complete Guide to Drawing Dynamic Manga Sword Fighters (An Action-Packed Guide with Over 600 illustrations) Natsuo
    9784805315651 Paperback ART / Techniques On Sale Date:November 10, 2020
    $24.95 CAD 8.5 x 11 x 0.58 in | 850 gr | 168 pages Carton Quantity:16 Canadian Rights: Y Tuttle Publishing
    • Marketing Copy

      The legendary Samurai, and the sharp-edged katanas they mastered, are the point of this thrill-seeking guide to drawing swordfights, battle scenes and skirmishes.

      The Complete Guide to Drawing Dynamic Manga Sword Fighters provides a highly detailed series of lessons—ideal for digital artists—starting with the body, the fighter's stance and the various ways your characters can be twisted, torqued and turned into powerful poses. No detail is overlooked: from the grip on the weapon to the intense look on your character's face. Also included is an entire chapter devoted to the various razor-sharp weapons your characters can come armed with.

      This invaluable manga drawing guide then concludes with a gallery of full-color scenes, poses and anime stills showing important, aspirational details: captivating scenes, compelling characters and powerful weapons at the ready.

      With this book, intermediate artists of all ages can refine their style and add intensity, authenticity and drama to their stories. Enjoy as your characters slash, fence and fight their way through your own custom-designed action manga.
      Natsuo specializes in character design, digital illustration and television animation. In addition to his expertise at drawing fight scenes and combat manga, he's contributed artwork and illustrations to the Vazzrock series,Tsukipro the AnimationandPhantom Thief Nocturne.
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    catalogue cover
    Comprehensive Handbook of Traditional Chinese Medicine Prevention & Natural Healing Yifang Zhang
    9781602201729 Paperback HEALTH & FITNESS / Acupressure & Acupuncture On Sale Date:September 29, 2020
    $34.95 CAD 139.7 x 209.55 x 20.32 mm | 0.94 lb | 292 pages Carton Quantity:36 Shanghai Press
    • Marketing Copy


      For thousands of years, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has helped countless people with their health, and is still widely sought after today—especially by those all over the world who are intrigued by natural healing and healthcare.

      The culture underlying TCM is broad and the information incredibly extensive, which means it can be difficult to know where to start for those who are interested in learning. This book does just that, providing both an encyclopedia of knowledge in the field, while also acting as a practical manual to guide readers to greater health. It offers an effective, easy-to-learn set of daily TCM skills and expert advice on how to use them.

      Through this book, you can learn: •Basic concepts such as yin-yang, the five elements, meridians and acupoints, qi, blood flow and constitution •How to judge your own health status through constitution tests and develop a personalized health plan for yourself •How to make external adjustments for your health through TCM practices such as acupressure, cupping, scraping, heat treatment, acupuncture, massage and other methods •TCM methods of natural internal adjustments including food therapy, herbal medicine, breathing techniques, sleep, meditation, qigong and other practices that will enhance your physical and mental health from the inside out •A twelve-hour regimen with adaptations for each of the four seasons, stages in life, times of day, and place where it is practiced, allowing readers to customize the plan to their lives.


      Zhang Yifang is an M.D. and associate professor of TCM. With more than 30 years of clinical and teaching experience in the United States, China, and England, she is an expert TCM practitioner, consulting doctor at Shanhai East International Hospital, licensed herbalist, and acupuncturist. Her website, www.acherbs.com, is a resource for understanding and utilizing TCM to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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    catalogue cover
    Decorative Macrame 20 Stylish Projects for Your Home Shufunotomo, Shufunotomo Co., Ltd.
    9784805316238 Hardcover CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Knots, Macrame & Rope Work On Sale Date:September 01, 2020
    $19.95 CAD 7.5 x 10 x 0.58 in | 510 gr | 64 pages Carton Quantity:20 Canadian Rights: Y Tuttle Publishing
    • Marketing Copy

      Chic and timeless, macrame has once again established itself as a popular home decor trend.

      Decorative Macrame walks you through the process of creating your own unique pieces, perfect for your space. Clear step-by-step photographs show you how to create the four basic knots and apply simple macrame techniques, while detailed diagrams help you with things like measurements—making the creation process less daunting.

      Diagrams, drawings and instructions show you how to create 20 projects that are simple enough for beginners and satisfying enough for practiced knotters. Ranging from small accessories to hanging statement pieces, everyone will be able to find something that catches their eye.

      The projects in this book include:
      • Soft wall hangings—perfect for warming up any space
      • An elegant room divider
      • A boho chic lampshade
      • An adorable bunting that can hang year-round
      • Multiple hanging plant holders
      • Curtain ties that add a touch of interest to your windows
      • A keychain so you can carry your crafts with you
      • And much more!

      Beautiful lifestyle images of the finished projects (surrounded by muted tones, natural materials and an abundance of plants) are sure to inspire your own space.
      Shufunotomo Co., Ltd. is a leading Japanese publisher of books and magazines on topics such as cooking, handcrafts, home decor, health and nutrition, fiction, manga and more.
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    • Awards & Reviews

      "Macrame is back, and this guide walks readers through several patterns sure to please those seeking classic motifs and new enthusiasts eager to embrace a boho aesthetic alike."Booklist

      "Profusely illustrated throughout and thoroughly 'user friendly' in organization and presentation,Decorative Macrame is an ideal and unreservedly recommended addition to personal, professional, and community library Needlecraft instructional reference collection."Midwest Book Review
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    catalogue cover
    Drawing Cute Manga Chibi A Beginner's Guide to Drawing Super Cute Characters Mosoko Miyatsuki, Tsubura Kadomaru, Ryusuke Hamamoto
    9784805316078 Paperback ART / Techniques On Sale Date:August 25, 2020
    $22.95 CAD 8.5 x 11 x 0.45 in | 600 gr | 144 pages Carton Quantity:16 Canadian Rights: Y Tuttle Publishing
    • Marketing Copy

      This guide introduces aspiring manga artists to drawing chibi characters—wide-eyed caricatures beloved for their cartoonish exaggeration.

      Drawing Cute Manga Chibi walks you through the steps needed to draw these adorable characters, while sidebars offer expert tips, pointers on the pitfalls to avoid, and how to use details to bring your drawings to life.

      In this book, readers will learn how to imagine and express:
      • Facial expressions
      • Body posture
      • Hairstyles
      • Different ages
      • Poses
      • Bringing your characters into full-color
      • Different character identities—from a punk rocker to a samurai

      Author and Japanese manga artist Ryusuke Hamamoto (Ryu Moto) is best known for his design and creation of the Petit Eva character—who even makes an appearance in this book! InDrawing Cute Manga Chibi, he shares his personal tips, showing you how to break the "rules" of figure drawing in order to create these bobbleheaded cuties.

      Artists of all ages and levels will have fun creating original characters or reimagining their friends and family as kawaii chibi drawings.
      Ryusuke Hamamoto (also known by his pen name Ryu Moto) is an experienced manga illustrator whose work extends over a broad range—from novels to character and digital design. His extensive body of work includes the character design for Petit Eva (from the deformed edition of the well known animeEvangelion) and theDungeons and Dam game, as well as mangaGesu to Kamisama,Hiyokobocci andLR Shojo Tanteidan. He teaches at Tokyo Polytechnic University and also devotes time to mentoring. See more of his work at ryumoto.com
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    • Awards & Reviews

      "…richly designed books that SHOW you how to refine and perfect your drawings so you actually improve…if you're (or someone you know is) looking to up your game and improve your art, they've made it super easy to assemble a super helpful library."The Roarbots
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    catalogue cover
    Easy Ikebana 30 Beautiful Flower Arrangements You Can Make in Three Simple Steps Shinichi Nagatsuka
    9784805316283 Hardcover CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Flower Arranging On Sale Date:November 03, 2020
    $21.95 CAD 8 x 8 x 0.67 in | 630 gr | 120 pages Carton Quantity:20 Canadian Rights: Y Tuttle Publishing
    • Marketing Copy

      Cut, place and embellish. With the easy 3-step technique and design guidelines inEasy Ikebana, making an extraordinary flower arrangement is that simple!

      You don't need exotic flowers or expensive vases to create a stunning floral arrangement. Even a single flower from your garden or local market, combined with a simple container that matches its size and shape, will result in a uniquely beautiful addition to your space. Water, a pair of scissors, and maybe a few leaves, sprigs, or wildflowers are the only other items you'll need to complete your arrangement.

      WithEasy Ikebana, even the most inexperienced beginner will:
      • Become familiar with different types of seasonal flowers, what they require and how to handle them
      • Develop a sense of proportion to create a balanced arrangement
      • Learn how to choose and use greenery in your arrangements, whether you're placing one flower or several
      • Pick up tips for making cut flowers last longer
      • Discover ways to make a strong statement using very few components

    • These arrangements show how striking understatement can be—not to mention how affordable. The gentle lessons in this book will make flower-arranging a relaxing and satisfying activity season after season, and the stunning photos will inspire practitioners at all levels with the beauty and power of simplicity—the heart of ikebana.
Shinichi Nagatsuka is an award-winning floral designer whose work has graced such events as the ceremony marking the Dalai Lama's visit to Japan and others. His authored works cover ikebana at all levels, from the most basic to the most intricate. He is an active instructor who has made numerous television appearances in his native Japan, in which he demonstrates design basics and tutorials for quick flower arrangements. He is president of N Flower Design International, an instructional network teaching floral design throughout Japan.
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    catalogue cover
    Enchanting Embroidery Designs Whimsical Animal and Plant Motifs to Stitch MIW Morita
    9784805316184 Paperback CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Needlework On Sale Date:August 25, 2020
    $19.95 CAD 9 x 7 x 0.42 in | 340 gr | 96 pages Carton Quantity:30 Canadian Rights: Y Tuttle Publishing
    • Marketing Copy

      Enchanting Embroidery Designs invites you to create your own world using bright thread colors and imaginative stitches.

      Full of motifs that are both simple and playful, from zany crocodiles, and cuddly cats to big-eared bats and stealthy ravens. This book invites you to be creative with its whimsical designs and step-by-step instructions—whether you use these projects as visible mending techniques or simply to add interest to a piece. The sweet scenes and cute characters are full of life and texture, making them at home on your favorite clothing, home accessories or wall hangings.

      The unusual and versatile designs in this book include:
      • Cheery flowers on a broach
      • Pretty pine trees on hanging ornaments
      • A colorful curly sheep
      • Fluffy and stormy clouds
      • Bushy-tailed foxes
      • Moss on stone and microorganisms in Petri dishes
      • And more!

      Simple how-tos take you through every recommended stitch, while a section on combining colors will inspire you to try mixing and matching to create something new. There's also a section on turning your stitchery into embellishments you can use, wear and share. Put your imagination and hands to work with the help of this inspiring embroidery book.
      MiW Morita is a widely-exhibited painter, illustrator, animator, textile designer/artist and graphic designer whose work has appeared on everything from book and magazine covers to confectionery boxes and store logos. See her work at miw.cc
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    • Awards & Reviews

      "…[Morita] combines poetry and instruction in this gracious embroidery guide…Her diagrams and instructions are tidy, with helpful arrows and outlines. [She] set out to make designs 'that are fun to do,' and any crafter who picks this up will agree she hit the mark."Publishers Weekly
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