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    Good Food, Bad Diet The Habits You Need to Ditch Diet Culture, Lose Weight, and Fix Your Relationship with Food Forever Abby Langer RD Canada
    9781982137502 Paperback HEALTH & FITNESS / Healthy Living On Sale Date:January 05, 2021
    $22.00 CAD 139.7 x 212.72 x 17.78 mm | 0.41 lb | 256 pages Carton Quantity:40 Canadian Rights: Y Simon & Schuster
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      In this science-based book, registered dietitian Abby Langer tackles head-on the negative effects of diet culture and offers advice to help you enjoy food and lose weight without guilt or shame.

      There are so many diets out there, but what if you want to eat well and lose weight without dieting, counting, or restricting? What if you want to love your body, not punish it? Registered dietitian Abby Langer is here to help.

      In her first-ever book, Abby takes on our obsession with being thin and the diets that are sucking the life, sometimes literally, out of us. For the past twenty years, she has worked with clients from all walks of life to free them from restrictive diets and help them heal their relationship with food. Because all food is good for us—yes, even carbs and fats. All diets are bad.

      Diets are like Band-Aids for what’s really bothering us: Although we might lose weight, they prey on our insecurities, rob us of time and money, and often leave us with the same negative views of food and our bodies that we’ve always had. When the weight comes back, we still haven’t solved the real issues behind our eating habits—our “why.”

      This book is different. Chapter by chapter, Abby helps readers uncover the “why” behind their desire to lose weight and their relationship with food, and make lasting, meaningful change to the way they see food, nutrition, themselves, and the world around them. In this book, you’ll learn how guilt and shame affect your food choices, how fullness and satisfaction aren’t the same feeling, why it’s important to quiet your “diet voice” and enjoy food, and what the best way to eat is according to science.

      Empowering, inclusive, smart, and a must-have, Good Food, Bad Diet will give you the tools to reject diets, repair your relationship with food, and lose weight so you can move on with your life.
      Abby Langer is a registered dietitian and owner of Abby Langer Nutrition. Her career has spanned over twenty years in various settings, from hospitals to private practice. She has made it her mission to debunk fad diets and nutrition myths and promote how to live your best life without dieting both in her practice and in her writing. She has written for SELF, Men’s Health, and Women’s Health, and has been featured as an expert in The New York Times, The Cut, and CBC Radio. She lives with her husband and two daughters in midtown Toronto. Visit her website AbbyLangerNutrition.com or connect with her on Twitter or Instagram: @LangerNutrition.
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      “If diet culture has you so confused that you’re not even sure what healthy eating looks like anymore, this is the book for you. Good Food, Bad Diet is a total re-education in nutrition, one that will help you sort fact from internet fiction. Abby calls BS where she sees it and will guide you compassionately towards a healthier, happier you.”
      DESIREE NIELSEN, bestselling author of Eat More Plants
      “Langer’s new book has a simple, but much needed, message: ditch the diet culture. Hear, hear! This highly readable book maps a hype-free path to a realistic, sustainable, and healthy relationship with food and eating. Along the way—with clarity and humor—Langer takes on celebrity culture, the diet and wellness industries, and our society’s wayward obsession with youth and thinness. A timely, fun, and science-informed read!
      TIMOTHY CAULFIELD, bestselling author of The Science of Celebrity
      Abby’s no-nonsense approach to eating is a breath of fresh air in the sea of diet books. If you’ve had enough of diet culture and categorization of food as ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ give this book a read. It will open your eyes to a realistic and doable approach to eating, while helping you accept your body and enjoy the food you consume to nourish it.”
      TOBY AMIDOR, MS, RD, CDN, FAND, award-winning nutrition expert and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook and The Best 3-Ingredient Cookbook
      “In a world overflowing with nutritional nonsense, Abby Langer is the rare expert bringing light to dietary darkness. Good Food, Bad Diet is exceptional.”
      JAMES FELL, author of The Holy Sh!t Moment
      “In the wellness world of extremes, Abby offers a much needed middle ground for those looking to improve their health without the physical and psychological risks of restrictive diets. Good Food, Bad Diet is evidence based, witty, and packed with accessible tips for anyone looking to live their healthiest, happiest life.
      ABBEY SHARP, RD, founder of Abbey’s Kitchen
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    The Winter Sea Susanna Kearsley Canada
    9781982156749 Paperback FICTION / Romance Publication Date:January 05, 2021
    $24.99 CAD 139.7 x 212.72 x 35.56 mm | 1.13 lb | 528 pages Carton Quantity:24 Canadian Rights: Y Simon & Schuster
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      A haunting tale of love across time perfect for fans of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series—from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Susanna Kearsley.

      1707. The walls of Slains castle shelter Jacobite rebels, who are conspiring to sail the young, exiled James Stewart from France into Scotland to reclaim his crown—and a young woman caught up in their plot.

      Present day. Writer Carrie McClelland is enchanted by an impromptu trip to Cruden Bay, Scotland, and decides to settle in the tiny village, hoping to find inspiration for her novel about the Jacobite uprising in the area’s evocative past—and in the haunting ruins of the castle.

      She creates a heroine named after one of her own ancestors, Sophia Paterson, and quickly finds the words flowing, almost faster than she can write them down. But, discovering that her novel inexplicably contains more fact than she can remember researching, Carrie wonders if she could possibly be dealing with ancestral memory—in effect “recalling” what her ancestor lived.

      The only way to discover the truth is to continue writing and to bring to light the whole of Sophia’s story. With each new chapter, Carrie uncovers the tale of an innocent entangled in a dangerous enterprise, the secret of forbidden love, and the final betrayal that cost James his throne—and may cost Sophia her heart.
      New York Times, USA TODAY, and Globe and Mail bestselling author Susanna Kearsley is a former museum curator who loves restoring the lost voices of real people to the page, often in twin-stranded stories that interweave present and past. Her award-winning novels are published in translation in more than twenty-five countries. She lives near Toronto. Visit her at SusannaKearsley.com or follow her on Twitter @SusannaKearsley.
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    • Awards & Reviews

      Praise for The Winter Sea
      “An epic romance for an epic season, by one of Canada’s best historical-fiction writers.”
      The Globe and Mail
      “Sometimes an author catches lightning in a bottle, and Susanna Kearsley has done just that.”
      The New York Journal of Books
      “A sweeping historical fantasy novel about love, danger, and time travel(!!), Susanna Kearsley masterfully weaves Scotland’s past into the present in this stunning read.”
      The Kit
      “Perfect for fans of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.”
      49th Shelf
      “Kearsley has written a marvelous book.”
      BERNARD CORNWELL, author of The Burning Land
      “Kearsley’s obvious love of history is infectious."
      GAIL ANDERSON-DARGATZ, author of A Recipe for Bees
      “A terrific read, evocative and romantic.”
      NICOLA CORNICK, author of The Scandals of an Innocent
      Praise for Bellewether
      “This new title from New York Times bestselling author Susanna Kearsley grapples with the largest of themes: love and justice. Kearsley, a former museum curator, possesses a deep passion for historical detail, and an unflinching determination to confront the atrocities of the past. As such, this narrative is as much an anti-slavery tract as it is a romance.”
      Toronto Star
      “I’ve loved every one of Susanna’s books! She has bedrock research and a butterfly’s delicate touch with characters—sure recipe for historical fiction that pulls you in and won’t let go!”
      DIANA GABALDON, New York Times bestselling author of the Outlander series
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    The Last High A Thriller Daniel Kalla Canada
    9781501196997 Paperback FICTION / Thrillers Publication Date:February 23, 2021
    $12.99 CAD 104.78 x 190.5 x 17.78 mm | 0.43 lb | 368 pages Carton Quantity:48 Canadian Rights: Y Simon & Schuster
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      In this instant bestselling novel from author Daniel Kalla, a Vancouver doctor and a detective face the deadly consequences of the opioid crisis as they track down the supplier of fentanyl that landed a group of teens in the ER with critical overdoses.

      Deliberately or not, they must’ve been poisoned…And if it happened to them…
      There will be others.

      Dr. Julie Rees, a toxicologist and ER doctor, is stunned when her emergency room is flooded with teenagers from the same party, all on the verge of death. Julie knows the world of opioids inside and out, and she recognizes that there’s nothing typical about these cases. She suspects the teens took—or were given—fentanyl. But why did they succumb so quickly?

      Detective Anson Chen is determined to find out. He and Julie race to track down the supplier of the deadly drugs. But the trail of suspects leads everywhere, from unscrupulous street dealers to ruthless gang leaders who hide behind legitimate business fronts and the walls of their mansions.

      As Anson and Julie follow clues through the drug underworld, Julie finds herself haunted by memories of her troubled past—and the lover she lost to addiction. When other overdoses fill the ER—and the morgue—Julie realizes that something even more sinister than the ongoing fentanyl crisis is devastating the streets. And the body count is rapidly rising.

      A gripping thriller, The Last High explores the perfect storm of greed, addiction, and crime behind the malignant spread of fentanyl, a deadly drug that is killing people faster than any known epidemic.
      Daniel Kalla is an internationally bestselling author of many novels, including The Darkness in the Light, Lost Immunity, The Last High, and We All Fall Down. Kalla practices emergency medicine in Vancouver, British Columbia. Visit him at DanielKalla.com or follow him on Twitter @DanielKalla.
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    • Awards & Reviews

      Praise for The Last High

      “Kalla has long had his stethoscope on the heartbeat of his times. . . . In his latest, the focus is on Vancouver’s opioid crisis. . . . [A] lively story.”
      Toronto Star
      “A thrilling, front-line drama about the opioid crisis.”
      KATHY REICHS, bestselling author of the Bones series
      “If you want an engrossing, edge-of-your-seat thriller that combines good detective work, corruption, savage criminal practices, a dark, seamy portrait of a large Canadian city, and a hard-hitting lesson on the medical and emotional effects of opioid drugs, then The Last High certainly fills that prescription.”
      Montreal Times
      “Kalla is terrific at building suspense as the case progresses, uncovering a web of dealers, sellers, and users.”
      The Globe and Mail
      A riveting thriller, The Last High features the most evil and insidious of villains: opioids. This important, must-read book is not only well-researched and entirely realistic, it gives a human face to a devastating epidemic.”
      — ROBYN HARDING, #1 bestselling author of The Swap
      An exciting police/medical thriller that’s an even better sociological alarm bell . . . everything feels real.”
      Winnipeg Free Press
      “A sobering glimpse into the drug overdose crisis. . . . An entertaining, if slightly eerie read.”
      Vancouver Sun
      Praise for We All Fall Down

      A tightly plotted thriller, energetic and completely believable. Kalla knows how to build a suspenseful story that doesn’t stretch the bounds of plausibility. He also knows how to build realistic characters and put natural-sounding dialogue into their mouths, something many better-known medical-thriller authors often struggle to do. . . . [a] top-drawer thriller.”
      A fast-paced thriller with an historical overlay and a dash of romantic tension.”
      Vancouver Sun
      Kalla inherits the mantle of Michael Crichton. . . . Much more than a medical thriller, We All Fall Down is both a vivid history lesson and a heart-pounding warning, resulting in a page-turning obsession.”
      — STEVEN HARTOV, New York Times bestselling author of The Soul of a Thief
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    catalogue cover
    Woman on the Edge Samantha M. Bailey Canada
    9781982160548 Paperback FICTION / Thrillers Publication Date:February 23, 2021
    $12.99 CAD 104.78 x 190.5 x 15.24 mm | 0.32 lb | 288 pages Carton Quantity:40 Canadian Rights: Y Simon & Schuster
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      A moment on the subway platform changes two women’s lives forever—a debut thriller that will take your breath away.

      A total stranger on the subway platform whispers, “Take my baby.”
      She places her child in your arms. She says your name.
      Then she jumps…

      In a split second, Morgan Kincaid’s life changes forever. She’s on her way home from work when a mother begs her to take her baby, then places the infant in her arms. Before Morgan can stop her, the distraught mother jumps in front of an oncoming train.

      Morgan has never seen this woman before, and she can’t understand what would cause a person to give away her child and take her own life. She also can’t understand how this woman knew her name.

      The police take Morgan in for questioning. She soon learns that the woman who jumped was Nicole Markham, prominent CEO of the athletic brand Breathe. She also learns that no witness can corroborate her version of events, which means she’s just become a murder suspect.

      To prove her innocence, Morgan frantically retraces the last days of Nicole’s life. Was Nicole a new mother struggling with paranoia or was she in danger? When strange things start happening to Morgan, she suddenly realizes she might be in danger, too.

      Woman on the Edge is a pulse-pounding, propulsive thriller about the lengths to which a woman will go to protect her baby—even if that means sacrificing her own life.
      Samantha M. Bailey is the author of Woman on the Edge, a USA TODAY and #1 national bestseller; her second novel, Watch Out for Her, was an instant #1 national bestseller. Her books have sold in eleven countries to date. Samantha is a journalist and freelance editor; her writing has appeared in NOW Magazine, The Village Post, The Thrill Begins, and The Crime Hub, among other publications. She lives in Toronto, where she can usually be found tapping away at her computer or curled up on her couch with a book. Connect with her on Twitter and Instagram @SBaileyBooks and on her website at SamanthaMBailey.com.
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    • Awards & Reviews

      “A fast-moving thriller with satisfying twists.”
      Toronto Star
      “Bailey has talent and I, dear reader, am looking forward to her next novel.”
      The Globe and Mail
      “One woman’s struggles with motherhood and another’s desperate desire to be a mother collide in this explosive debut. Woman on the Edge is a white-knuckle read that welcomes a bright new talent to the world of psychological suspense.”
      MARY KUBICA, New York Times bestselling author of The Good Girl
      “[A] nail-biting debut. . . . The tension becomes unrelenting . . . Fans of psychological suspense are in for a treat.”
      Publisher's Weekly (Starred review)
      Woman on the Edge begins with a shocking, tragic event and doesn’t stop there. Samantha M. Bailey has written an impressive debut that will keep you reading until the final twist.”
      — SAMANTHA DOWNING, USA Today bestselling author of My Lovely Wife
      “From its first chapter—its first line!—Woman on the Edge will grip you like so few novels manage to do. From the moment two women’s lives collide on a subway platform to the shocking finale, you’ll be dizzied by the twists and turns the story takes. Some writers toil their entire career trying to master this kind of adept plotting, but Samantha M. Bailey nails it in her first effort. Woman on the Edge stayed with me for days after I turned its final pages. A truly thrilling debut.”
      AMY STUART, bestselling author of Still Here
      “A fast-paced, twisty rollercoaster ride in which a desperate widow, a guilt-ridden new mother, and the secrets of the past collide—with a baby’s life hanging in the balance. . . . I couldn’t race to the end quickly enough! An exciting, binge-worthy debut.”
      KRISTIN HARMEL, bestselling author of The Book of Lost Names
      “A shocking premise and two intriguingly damaged characters whose storylines hurtle toward each other, colliding in a powerful, moving climax. A propulsive read! Samantha M. Bailey is a writer to watch in the thriller genre.”
      ROBYN HARDING, #1 bestselling author of The Swap
      A propulsive beginning grabs the reader by the throat, but it’s the unspooling of the plot and the layers of Bailey’s characters that keep you turning the pages.”
      LISA UNGER, New York Times bestselling author of Confessions on the 7:45
      “A tale so tightly told that you won’t swallow or exhale for the entire duration. Dark, riveting, utterly gripping. . . . Bailey is a new name to watch in the genre!”
      ROZ NAY, bestselling author of Hurry Home
      Exhilarating and evocative. . . . Woman on the Edge had me gripped. This book effortlessly ticks all the boxes: wonderful world building, realistic characters and a gripping plot that made me keep flipping the pages. It’s about obsession and madness, motherhood and trauma. This is a debut you’ll want to slip straight to the top of your to-read pile!
      — CHRISTINA MCDONALD, USA Today bestselling author of The Night Olivia Fell
      “Readers, clear yourself a block of time for this one, because once you pick up Woman on the Edge, you won’t want to set it down. From its breathless first chapter to its startling conclusion, Bailey is in control, delivering a gripping plot, palpable tension, and characters pushed ever closer to the brink in this unmissable debut.”
      PAULA TREICK DEBOARD, critically acclaimed author of Here We Lie and The Drowning Girls
      Woman on the Edge opens with an ingenious setup: a woman on the subway hands her baby to a total stranger, then jumps in front of an oncoming train. But were they really strangers, and did she really jump? Suspicions swirl in this propulsive debut, and the truth is revealed in twisty, page-turning increments that culminate in a whopper of an ending. A clever and addictive read from a bright new talent.
      KIMBERLY BELLE, USA Today bestselling author of Dear Wife
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    catalogue cover
    Letters Across the Sea Genevieve Graham Canada
    9781982156633 Paperback FICTION / Historical On Sale Date:April 27, 2021
    $24.99 CAD 155.57 x 234.95 x 25.4 mm | 0.92 lb | 384 pages Carton Quantity:20 Canadian Rights: Y Simon & Schuster
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      Inspired by a little-known chapter of World War II history, a young Protestant girl and her Jewish neighbour are caught up in the terrible wave of hate sweeping the globe on the eve of war in this powerful love story that’s perfect for fans of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

      If you’re reading this letter, that means I’m dead. I had obviously hoped to see you again, to explain in person, but fate had other plans.


      At eighteen years old, Molly Ryan dreams of becoming a journalist, but instead she spends her days working any job she can to help her family through the Depression crippling her city. The one bright spot in her life is watching baseball with her best friend, Hannah Dreyfus, and sneaking glances at Hannah’s handsome older brother, Max.

      But as the summer unfolds, more and more of Hitler’s hateful ideas cross the sea and “Swastika Clubs” and “No Jews Allowed” signs spring up around Toronto, a city already simmering with mass unemployment, protests, and unrest. When tensions between the Irish and Jewish communities erupt in a riot one smouldering day in August, Molly and Max are caught in the middle, with devastating consequences for both their families.


      Six years later, the Depression has eased and Molly is a reporter at her local paper. But a new war is on the horizon, putting everyone she cares about most in peril. As letters trickle in from overseas, Molly is forced to confront what happened all those years ago, but is it too late to make things right?

      From the desperate streets of Toronto to the embattled shores of Hong Kong, Letters Across the Sea is a poignant novel about the enduring power of love to cross dangerous divides even in the darkest of times—from the #1 bestselling author of The Forgotten Home Child.
      Genevieve Graham is the USA TODAY and #1 bestselling author of eleven novels, including The Forgotten Home Child, which has been optioned for TV, Letters Across the Sea, and Bluebird. She is passionate about breathing life back into history through tales of love and adventure. She lives in Alberta. Visit her at GenevieveGraham.com or on Twitter and Instagram @GenGrahamAuthor.
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    • Awards & Reviews

      “Readers weary of European-centric World War II dramas will delight in Genevieve Graham’s Letters Across the Sea, which centers on the courage and tenacity of Canadian soldiers, veterans, and home-front fighters. A budding love affair between Irish aspiring-journalist Molly and Jewish medical student Max is derailed first by a shocking anti-Semitic riot, then by the winds of war which send Max to fight in the Pacific as Molly carves herself a niche as a reporter. A lost letter has the power to bring them back into each other’s lives, but at what cost? A tender, moving tale illuminating a fascinating lesser-known chapter of World War II history!”
      KATE QUINN, New York Times bestselling author of The Huntress and The Alice Network
      “An epic tale of enduring love, loyalty and heroism, and a haunting portrayal of one of the most tragic yet overlooked battles of WWII, Letters Across the Sea has all the ingredients of a historical fiction masterpiece. Genevieve Graham has delivered once more a powerful, devastating, and ultimately redemptive story that stirs the heart in profound and lasting ways.”
      ROXANNE VELETZOS, internationally bestselling author of The Girl They Left Behind
      “I always look forward to diving into a Genevieve Graham novel, because I know I’ll be swept away by her meticulous evocation of the past, her memorable and wonderfully observed characters, and her unmatchable flair for shining a light into the neglected corners of our shared past. In Letters Across the Sea, she sends us from 1930s Toronto, then under siege by a relentless plague of anti-Semitism, to a different battleground altogether: the last stand of Canadian troops at the Battle of Hong Kong. This is history worth remembering—and fiction that both enlightens and entertains.”
      JENNIFER ROBSON, internationally bestselling author of The Gown
      “Graham further cements her status as one of the preeminent writers of Canadian twentieth century historical fiction by illuminating a dark and complex chapter in the nation’s past in the decade leading up to World War II. With meticulous research and vivid prose and memorable characters, Graham demonstrates once more her unique ability to inspire, educate, and entertain.”
      PAM JENOFF, New York Times bestselling author of The Woman with the Blue Star
      “A beautiful book that tells a little-known chapter of history with incredible humanity. From the neighbourhoods of Toronto to the battlefields of Hong Kong, Genevieve Graham weaves exquisite research, nail-biting tension, and rich characters into a sweeping novel of courage, betrayal, and reconciliation. I loved it!”
      JULIA KELLY, internationally bestselling author of The Light Over London
      “A compelling story, meticulously researched and beautifully told—to the point that I was moved to tears on several occasions. Graham is a master storyteller with a gift to touch the heart. I’m so happy to have discovered her work.”
      SANTA MONTEFIORE, bestselling author of The Temptation of Gracie
      “Inspired by a little-known chapter of World War II history—including Toronto’s race riot at Christie Pits—a young Protestant girl and her Jewish neighbour are caught up in the terrible wave of hate sweeping the globe on the eve of war in Letters Across the Sea, powerful love story from Genevieve Graham, bestselling author of The Forgotten Home Child.”
      49th Shelf
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    The Girls Are All So Nice Here Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
    9781982145026 Paperback FICTION / Thrillers On Sale Date:March 09, 2021
    $24.99 CAD 152.4 x 228.6 x 22.86 mm | 0.85 lb | 320 pages Carton Quantity:40 Canadian Rights: Y Simon & Schuster
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      Two former best friends return to their college reunion to find that they’re being circled by someone who wants revenge for what they did ten years before—and will stop at nothing to get it—in this shocking psychological thriller about ambition, toxic friendship, and deadly desire.

      A lot has changed in the years since Ambrosia Wellington graduated from college, and she’s worked hard to create a new life for herself. But then an invitation to her ten-year reunion arrives in the mail, along with an anonymous note that reads “We need to talk about what we did that night.”

      It seems that the secrets of Ambrosia’s past—and the people she thought she’d left there—aren’t as buried as she’d believed. Amb can’t stop fixating on what she did or who she did it with: larger-than-life Sloane “Sully” Sullivan, Amb’s former best friend, who could make anyone do anything.

      At the reunion, Amb and Sully receive increasingly menacing messages, and it becomes clear that they’re being pursued by someone who wants more than just the truth of what happened that first semester. This person wants revenge for what they did and the damage they caused—the extent of which Amb is only now fully understanding. And it was all because of the game they played to get a boy who belonged to someone else, and the girl who paid the price.

      Alternating between the reunion and Amb’s freshman year, The Girls Are All So Nice Here is a shocking novel about the brutal lengths girls can go to get what they think they’re owed, and what happens when the games we play in college become matters of life and death.
      Laurie Elizabeth Flynn is a former model who lives in London, Ontario, with her husband and three children. She is the author of three young adult novels: Firsts, a YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults pick, along with Last Girl Lied To and All Eyes on Her, under the name L.E. Flynn.
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    • Awards & Reviews

      Heathers meets The Secret History.
      Toronto Star
      “We know, practically from the opening pages of this terrific novel, that it’s not about ‘nice’ girls.”
      The Globe and Mail
      Deliciously dark, full of simmering menace, and I totally fell under its compelling and addictive spell.”
      KAREN HAMILTON, bestselling author of The Perfect Girlfriend
      “Kept me up all night—literally. I tore through the book in less than 24 hours, forcing my eyes to stay open as if the remaining pages wouldn't be there in the morning.”
      USA Today
      Dark, twisted, and utterly gripping, The Girls Are All So Nice Here explores the unparalleled cruelty of mean girls on a leafy college campus. This propulsive thriller has a killer ending to match its killer title.”
      ROBYN HARDING, #1 bestselling author of The Swap
      Chilling, disturbing, and spellbinding, The Girls Are All So Nice Here by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn is a brilliantly written, terrifying dive into toxic friendship, deep insecurity, betrayal, and revenge. A shocking thriller that crackles with tension on every page, it’s a breathless, unforgettable read.”
      — SAMANTHA M. BAILEY, #1 bestselling author of Woman on the Edge
      “Flynn smartly examines the darker complexities of friendship, ambition, and social dynamics in this propulsive thriller. Full of twists and surprises, The Girls Are All So Nice Here reminds us that the past has a long reach, and secrets never stay buried forever. I couldn’t stop reading until the shocking final twist!”
      MEGAN MIRANDA, author of The Girl from Widow Hills
      “[Flynn] maintains suspense as the story unfolds, without dropping the propulsive energy set up from page one. . . . Fans of Megan Abbott and her dissection of femininity and violence will find common ground in The Girls Are All So Nice Here. Flynn provides a new take on the dead girl trope through the eyes of an unrepentant female protagonist driven by personal desire and self-interest.”
      Quill & Quire
      Twisted, compelling, and so very dark. This devastating story about the friends we keep—and those we don’t—is surprising in the best possible way. Flynn’s first adult fiction book makes me wonder what she’ll come up with next.”
      SAMANTHA DOWNING, USA Today bestselling author of My Lovely Wife and He Started It
      Juicy, twisty, and relentlessly unsettling, The Girls Are All So Nice Here is more than a thriller; it’s a masterful portrait of the complexities of female friendships and the raw yearning to fit in. With characters unflinchingly wrought in all their vulnerability and a setting so real, I felt I’d visited the Wesleyan campus myself, this book is a brilliant and wickedly wild ride. I couldn’t put it down.”
      ANDREA BARTZ, author of The Herd
      “So deliciously dark, and I was completely hooked from the first page. . . . Incredible. . . . It’s Mean Girls all grown up, with a very dark twist!
      ELLE CROFT, bestselling author of The Guilty Wife
      “Absolutely brilliant—so claustrophobic and tense.”
      LISA HALL, author of The Perfect Couple
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    catalogue cover
    Darling Rose Gold Stephanie Wrobel
    9781982135065 Paperback FICTION / Thrillers Publication Date:March 30, 2021
    $12.99 CAD 104.78 x 190.5 x 22.86 mm | 0.42 lb | 368 pages Carton Quantity:48 Canadian Rights: Y Simon & Schuster
    • Marketing Copy

      A dark, shocking, bestselling thriller debut about a mother and daughter—and the lengths to which a daughter will go to find independence.

      Nobody wants to hear the truth from a liar.”

      For the first eighteen years of her life, Rose Gold Watts believed she was seriously ill. She was allergic to everything, used a wheelchair, and practically lived at the hospital. Neighbors did all they could, holding fundraisers and offering shoulders to cry on, but no matter how many doctors, tests, or surgeries, no one could figure out what was wrong with her.

      Turns out her mom, Patty Watts, was just a really good liar.

      After serving five years in prison, Patty gets out with nowhere to go and begs her daughter to take her in. The entire community is shocked when Rose Gold says yes.

      Patty insists all she wants is to reconcile their differences. She says she’s forgiven Rose Gold for turning her in and testifying against her. But Rose Gold knows her mother. Patty Watts always settles a score.

      Unfortunately for Patty, Rose Gold is no longer her weak little darling…

      And she’s waited such a long time for her mother to come home.
      Stephanie Wrobel is the author of Darling Rose Gold, a USA TODAY and international bestseller that has sold in twenty-one countries and was shortlisted for the Edgar Award for Best First Novel. Wrobel grew up in Chicago and now lives in London. This Might Hurt is her second novel. Visit her at StephanieWrobel.com and connect with her on Twitter @StephWrobel and Instagram @StephanieWrobel.
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    • Awards & Reviews

      Praise for Darling Rose Gold

      Indigo’s Most Anticipated Books of 2020
      Marie Claire’s Best Books by Women in 2020
      Bustle’s 20 Must-Read Books of 2020
      PopSugar’s 41 Books Coming Out in 2020 That Need to Be on Your TBR Now
      Newsweek’s 20 Most Anticipated Books of 2020
      Washington Post’s What to read in 2020 based on the books you loved in 2019
      Woman’s Day Best Fiction Books Coming Out in 2020
      SheReads’ Most-Anticipated Books of 2020
      Book Riot’s 10 captivating debut fiction novels to check out in 2020
      Darling Rose Gold is an absolutely brilliant book; funny, dark, authentic and a total page turner. I loved it.”
      LISA JEWELL, bestselling author of The Family Upstairs
      “Two extraordinary narrators drive the nail-biting action in this sensational, compulsively readable debut. A tour de force of captivating psychological suspense.”
      — GILLY MACMILLAN, New York Times bestselling author of I Know You Know
      “It’s rare for something genuinely fresh to come along in this genre, but this book has it all—a killer premise, twisty plotting, crisp writing and compelling characters. Dazzling, dark and utterly delicious.”
      JP DELANEY, New York Times bestselling author of The Girl Before
      Sensationally good—two complex characters power the story like a nuclear reaction, and won’t let you forget them. Wrobel is one to watch.”
      LEE CHILD, #1 New York Times bestselling author
      “I inhaled this book. Darling Rose Gold delves so deep into family dysfunction that we are left gasping as the last pages turn. Compelling, intriguing, beautifully written and paced like a roller coaster ride, cancel all your plans when you pick up this terrific book.”
      LIZ NUGENT, bestselling author of Unraveling Oliver and Lying in Wait
      “A twisty and darkly entertaining read.”
      — AMY STUART, #1 bestselling author of Still Here, Still Water, and Still Mine
      “An original, stunning debut! Masterful crafting of a split time-frame and utterly compelling characters will hook readers from the very first page until they finally learn the truth hiding within this chilling mother-daughter relationship. An intelligent, beguiling read that should be at the top of every reader’s list.”
      — WENDY WALKER, author of The Night Before
      “One of the most captivating and disturbing thrillers I’ve read this year. An astonishing debut.”
      SAMANTHA DOWNING, USA Today bestselling author of My Lovely Wife
      “Takes twisted mum and daughter relationships to a whole new level. Think Misery meets Sharp Objects.”
      CJ TUDOR, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Chalk Man
  • 8
    catalogue cover
    9781982144746 Paperback FICTION / Thrillers On Sale Date:July 06, 2021
    $24.99 CAD 152.4 x 228.6 x 25.4 mm | 0.9 lb | 368 pages Carton Quantity:40 Canadian Rights: Y Simon & Schuster
    • Marketing Copy

      #1 New York Times bestselling author Kathy Reichs returns with her twentieth gripping novel featuring forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan, whose examinations, fifteen years apart, of unidentified bodies ignite a terrifying series of events.

      On the way to hurricane-ravaged Isle of Palms, a barrier island off the South Carolina coast, Tempe receives a call from the Charleston coroner. The storm has tossed ashore a medical waste container. Inside are two decomposed bodies wrapped in plastic sheeting and bound with electrical wire. Tempe recognizes many details as identical to those of an unsolved case she handled in Quebec years earlier. With a growing sense of foreboding, she travels to Montreal to gather evidence.

      Meanwhile, health authorities in South Carolina become increasingly alarmed as a human flesh-eating contagion spreads. So focused is Tempe on identifying the container victims that, initially, she doesn’t register how their murders and the pestilence may be related. But she does recognize one unsettling fact. Someone is protecting a dark secret—and is willing to do anything to keep it hidden.

      An absorbing look at the sinister uses to which genetics can be put, and featuring a cascade of ever-more-shocking revelations, The Bone Code is Temperance Brennan’s most astonishing case yet—one that gives new meaning to today’s headlines.
      Kathy Reichs’s first novel Déjà Dead, published in 1997, won the Ellis Award for Best First Novel and was an international bestseller. She has written twenty-two novels featuring forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan. Kathy was also a producer of Fox Television’s longest running scripted drama, Bones, which was based on her work and her novels. One of very few forensic anthropologists certified by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology, Kathy divides her time between Charlotte, North Carolina, and Montreal, Québec. Visit her at KathyReichs.com or follow her on Twitter @KathyReichs.
      Marketing & Promotion
    • Awards & Reviews

      “This is, I think, the best of all of Reichs’s Temperance Brennan novels and, despite its lush location on South Carolina’s beautiful Isle of Palms, it’s a scary, wary book. . . . Genetics plays a role in this story and it’s gripping, with enough real science (as always with Reichs) to keep the plot from drifting. Save it for the weekend you have nothing to do but read.”
      The Globe and Mail
      “I await the next Kathy Reichs thriller with the same anticipation I have for the new Lee Child or Patricia Cornwell. The Bone Code over-achieves. Temperance Brennan uses all her skills as a forensic anthropologist to solve a murder mystery story that races across America at the speed of fright.”
      JAMES PATTERSON, bestselling author of the Alex Cross series
      “A brilliant entry in a ground-breaking series and does Temperance Brennan proud. The story has all the elements we’ve come to expect—it’s smart, gripping, and builds to a heart-stopping crescendo. More than twenty years ago, these wonderful novels began paving the way for other writers, especially Canadians like me, to be noticed. I owe Kathy and Tempe a debt of gratitude, not just for helping to make my own writing life possible but for hours of white-knuckle reading.”
      LOUISE PENNY, #1 New York Times bestselling author of All the Devils Are Here
      “Reichs is expert at making science both scary and thrilling, and she’s in top form in The Bone Code. The story moves at such a relentless pace I couldn’t stop turning the pages!”
      TESS GERRITSEN, New York Times bestselling author of Choose Me
      “Over the course of twenty books, Kathy Reichs and Tempe Brennan have thrilled readers with pacey, mazey tales grounded in real science, with plots springing from the author’s prodigious knowledge and passion for truth and justice. We readers are truly grateful—and looking forward to the next twenty!”
      IAN RANKIN, New York Times bestselling author of the Inspector Rebus novels
      “Reichs brings her forensic knowledge and prodigious storytelling to a cross-border story that weaves in genetics and the strange spread of a human flesh-eating disease. Compelling stuff.”
      Toronto Star
      “Terrific, right up there with Reichs’ best. There’s plenty here to keep us hooked. Reichs paints her characters so brilliantly, even the minor ones, and she knows her disparate cultures so intricately.”
      Winnipeg Free Press
      “Readers have come to expect certain things from a Brennan novel: a strong protagonist, a cast of well-drawn supporting characters, an intriguing mystery, a surprising resolution, and at least one really good scene in which Brennan puts someone in their place. . . . Fans will happily check all those boxes here: this is A-game Reichs, with crisp prose, sharp dialogue, and plenty of suspense.”
      “As usual in this venerable franchise, the forensics are grimly detailed, the cliffhanger chapter endings nonstop, and the range of incidents competing for attention with the issues the newest remains have thrown into the spotlight dizzying. . . . Comfort food for fans who are far past the point of being easily shocked.”
      “An entertaining, gripping book just like Reichs’ other thrillers.”
      Montreal Times
  • 9
    catalogue cover
    9781982139353 Paperback FICTION / Thrillers On Sale Date:March 17, 2020
    $24.99 CAD 152.4 x 228.6 x 33.02 mm | 0.99 lb | 432 pages Carton Quantity:20 Canadian Rights: Y Simon & Schuster
    • Marketing Copy


      #1 New York Times bestselling author Kathy Reichs returns with her nineteenth novel featuring forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan, who must use all her tradecraft to discover the identity of a faceless corpse, its connection to a decade-old missing child case, and why the dead man had her cellphone number.

      It’s sweltering in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Temperance Brennan, still recovering from neurosurgery following an aneurysm, is battling nightmares, migraines, and what she thinks might be hallucinations when she receives a series of mysterious text messages, each containing a new picture of a corpse that is missing its face and hands. Immediately, she’s anxious to know who the dead man is, and why the images were sent to her.

      An unidentified corpse soon turns up, only partly answering her questions.

      To win answers to the others, including the man’s identity, she must go rogue, working mostly outside the system. That’s because Tempe’s new boss holds a fierce grudge against her and is determined to keep her off the case. Tempe bulls forward anyway, even as she begins questioning her instincts. But the clues she discovers are disturbing and confusing. Was the faceless man a spy? A trafficker? A target for assassination by the government? And why was he carrying the name of a child missing for almost a decade?

      With help from a number of law enforcement associates including her Montreal beau Andrew Ryan and the always-ready-with-a-smart-quip, ex-homicide investigator Skinny Slidell, and utilizing new cutting-edge forensic methods, Tempe draws closer to the astonishing truth.

      But the more she uncovers, the darker and more twisted the picture becomes...
      Kathy Reichs’s first novel Déjà Dead, published in 1997, won the Ellis Award for Best First Novel and was an international bestseller. She has written twenty-two novels featuring forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan. Kathy was also a producer of Fox Television’s longest running scripted drama, Bones, which was based on her work and her novels. One of very few forensic anthropologists certified by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology, Kathy divides her time between Charlotte, North Carolina, and Montreal, Québec. Visit her at KathyReichs.com or follow her on Twitter @KathyReichs.
      Marketing & Promotion
    • Awards & Reviews

      “A page-turner from a masterful crime writer.”
      The Globe and Mail
      “A crime fiction dynasty of rare richness and enormous popularity.”
      Montreal Gazette
      “This is Kathy Reichs as maybe you’ve never read her before. The story starts like a pistol shot and fires nonstop through over three hundred layered pages. The twists are meticulously planned and thrown like bamboozling curves on the edge of the plate. But you will see new layers to the brilliant Tempe Brennan that may surprise you. Read this book. It was created by a master of the genre who knocks it out of the park.”
      — DAVID BALDACCI, bestselling author of One Good Deed and Redemption
      “[A] plot loaded with delicious forensic stuff.”
      Toronto Star
      “Nobody writes a more imaginative thriller than Kathy Reichs or crafts a better sentence. Her latest forensic investigation, A Conspiracy of Bones, rivets with its non-stop pursuit of some of the vilest villains ever.”
      — CLIVE CUSSLER, bestselling author of Night Probe and Sahara
      “Sinister and chilling. In Tempe Brennan’s riveting return to the investigative trail, she suddenly finds herself caught in a tangled web. Who can she trust? Maybe not even herself. Bones is back and better than ever.”
      — LISA GARDNER, bestselling author of Never Tell, Look for Me, and Right Behind You
      “A welcome return to form for Brennan (and Reichs), who’s always entertaining and manages to treat us as adults able to follow along when she does a deep dive into science.”
      Winnipeg Free Press
      “It’s a pleasure to see Temperance returning to what she does best, peeling back the layers and using her forensic brilliance to expose a shocking cover-up. . . . A Conspiracy of Bones offers page-turning proof that Kathy Reichs won’t be giving up her forensic-anthropologist-in-distress throne anytime soon.”
      — DAVID MORRELL, bestselling author of Murder As a Fine Art
      “Reichs pits the indomitable Temperance Brennan against straight-from-today’s-headlines terror to create a story that launches at maximum velocity and never lets up. Edgy. Eerie. Irresistible. Don’t miss this one.”
      — SANDRA BROWN, bestselling author of Outfox, Tailspin, and Seeing Red
      “Tempe Brennan is back, dealing with health issues, career setbacks, and the nagging—and driving—fear of inadequacy that is the flipside of her talent. Reich’s fast-paced, tightly-constructed, and very contemporary story dives underground here, both literally and virtually, as she follows the thinnest of threads deeper and deeper into a shocking conspiracy. You will find it hard to put down.”
      — MARK BOWDEN, bestselling author of The Last Stone and Black Hawk Down
  • 10
    catalogue cover
    Downfall Canadian Origin Robert Rotenberg Canada
    9781476740607 Paperback FICTION / Mystery & Detective On Sale Date:February 02, 2021
    $22.00 CAD 152.4 x 228.6 x 20.32 mm | 0.7 lb | 336 pages Carton Quantity:40 Canadian Rights: Y Touchstone
    • Marketing Copy


      Detectives dig into the dark side of Toronto when a serial killer targets homeless people camped out near one of the city’s most exclusive enclaves in this latest crime thriller from bestselling author Robert Rotenberg.

      Exactly what is one person’s death worth?

      For decades, the Humber River Golf Course has been one of the city’s most elite clubs. All is perfect in this playground for the rich, until homeless people move into the pristine ravine nearby, and tensions mount between rich and poor and reach a head when two of the squatters are brutally murdered.

      The killings send shockwaves through the city, and suspicion immediately falls upon the members of the club. Protests by homeless groups and their supporters erupt. Suddenly the homelessness problem has caught the attention of the press, politicians, and the public. Ari Greene, now the head of the homicide squad, leaves behind his plush new office and, with his former protégé Daniel Kennicott in tow, returns to the streets to investigate. Meanwhile, Greene’s daughter, Alison, a dynamic young TV journalist, reports on the untold story of extreme poverty in Toronto.

      With all the attention focused on the murders, pressure is on Greene to find the killer—now. He calls on his old contacts and his well-honed instincts to pursue the killer and save the city and the people he loves. But then a third body is found.

      A riveting page-turner ringing with authenticity, Downfall is a scathing look at the growing disparity between rich and poor in Canada’s wealthiest city.
      Robert Rotenberg is the author of several bestselling novels, including Old City Hall, The Guilty Plea, Stray Bullets, Stranglehold, and Heart of the City. He is a criminal lawyer in Toronto with his firm Rotenberg, Shidlowski, Jesin. He is also a television screenwriter and a writing teacher. Visit him at RobertRotenberg.com or follow him on Twitter: @RobertRotenberg.
      Marketing & Promotion
    • Awards & Reviews

      “Takes the reader on a suspenseful descent into a seldom-examined underworld, as police track a serial killer who is stalking the homeless in Toronto’s Humber River Valley. Well written and fast-paced, Downfall explores the growing problem of homelessness in our cities—what causes it and what keeps feeding it.”
      BEVERLEY McLACHLIN, former Chief Justice and #1 bestselling author of Full Disclosure
      “A well-crafted tale, alive with real characters and a riveting plot, making for another thoroughly compelling read.”
      RICK MOFINA, USA Today bestselling author of Search for Her
      “[A] complex and thoughtfully realized series. . . . Rotenberg juggles these plot items with his customary aplomb and plenty of verisimilitude.”
      Toronto Star
      “An unsparing exploration of the hostility between those who have it all, the members of an elite golf glub, and those who’ve lost it all, the squatters who make the ravine near the club their home. When two of the homeless are murdered, Ari Greene, the new head of the homicide squad, wads up the banal public relations statement he’s been handed and sets out to learn the truth. Rotenberg gets everything right in this stellar novel, but the scene in which ‘The Three Amigas,’ friends since they articled at the same law firm, have a late night meeting in the firm’s washroom is such a tender evocation of female solidarity that it brought me to tears.”
      GAIL BOWEN, author of the Joanne Kilbourn Shreve mystery series
      “A riveting read that fired my conscience as well as my imagination.”
      IAN HAMILTON, author of the bestselling Ava Lee series
      “Rotenberg has outdone himself again. Downfall is a superb read. With his trademark elegant prose, he masterfully weaves heart-stopping suspense with astute observations of human nature, delivering a story that is gripping and complex. I highly recommend!”
      PAMELA CALLOW, bestselling author of the Kate Lange series
      “Rotenberg, ever the attorney, outlines his people, builds his case, then hides the clues. . . . Haunting.”
      The Globe and Mail
      Downfall is so much more than a murder-mystery, opening our eyes to what lies in the ravines of our cities and our souls.”
      NORMAN BACAL, bestselling author of Breakdown and Odell's Fall
      “The plight of Toronto’s homeless is one that deserves our attention, and Rotenberg efficiently portrays the [city’s] egregious inequalities.”
      Winnipeg Free Press
      “Grabs your attention from page one. . . . A gripping detective thriller that explicitly exposes the division between rich and poor, but also brings to light the tragedy of being homeless and dispossessed that should not be treated as a social burden, but as a national emergency.”
      Montreal Times
      “The Toronto criminal lawyer draws on 30 years’ experience defending everyone from the super rich to the super poor to write about the deep roots of economic disparity.”
      “There has never been a better time to be swept up in a new novel by Robert Rotenberg. His characters are as real as the city streets they live in: a perfect antidote to a digital world. Leave it to his imagination to spark yours.”
      DALTON McGUINTY, former Premier of Ontario

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