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Renaud Bray/Archambault: Adult Highlights Jan-Feb 2021

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    catalogue cover
    The Push Ashley Audrain Canada
    9780735239890 Paperback FICTION / Thrillers On Sale Date:January 05, 2021
    $24.95 CAD 6.03 x 8.97 x 0.86 in | 0.84 lb | 320 pages Carton Quantity:24 Viking
    • Marketing Copy

      A tense, page-turning psychological drama about the making and breaking of a family, told through the eyes of a woman whose experience of motherhood is nothing at all what she hoped for—and everything she feared.

      Blythe Connor is determined that she will be the warm, supportive mother she never had to her new baby Violet.

      But in the thick of motherhood’s exhausting early days, Blythe doesn’t find the connection with her daughter she expected. She’s convinced that something is wrong with Violet—the little girl is distant, rejects affection, and becomes increasingly disruptive at preschool.

      Or is it all in Blythe’s head? Her husband, Fox, says she is imagining things. Fox doesn’t see what Blythe sees; he sees a wife who is struggling to cope with the day-to-day challenges of being a mother. And the more Fox dismisses her fears, the more Blythe begins to question her own sanity…

      Then their son Sam is born—and with him, Blythe has the natural maternal connection she’d always dreamed of. Even Violet seems to love her little brother. But when life as they know it is changed in an instant, the devastating fall-out forces Blythe to face the truth about herself, her past, and her daughter.

      The Push is a rare and extraordinary gift to readers: a novel about the expectations of motherhood we’re taught not to challenge and what really happens behind the closed doors of even the most perfect-looking families. It’s impossible to put down and impossible to forget.

      Publication History: Original Trade Paperback
      ASHLEY AUDRAIN previously worked as the publicity director of Penguin Books Canada. Prior to Penguin, she worked in public relations. She lives in Toronto, where she and her partner are raising their two young children. The Push is her first novel.

      Author Residence: Toronto, Canada
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        Author Social Media: @audrain
    • Awards & Reviews


      One of:
      CBC’s “Five Canadian books we can’t wait to read in 2021”
      Marie Claire’s “2021 Book Releases to Pre-Order and Thank Yourself Later”
      Good Morning America’s Book Club Picks

      Praise for The Push:

      “[A] taut, tense thriller…[and] chilling debut.”
      The New York Times

      “[A] stunning, compelling read…. Written with an unflinching eye and a stylistically sharp, tight economy The Push is a single-sitting read, as suspenseful as any thriller, as thoughtful as any literary novel, with an almost physical force behind each of its turns and revelations. By the end, the reader will feel wrung out in the way only the best of books leaves you. Audrain’s debut is a stunning, devastating novel and, frankly, one hell of a way to start a year of reading.”
      Toronto Star

      “Audrain cleverly examines and exploits women’s near-universal anxiety that they won’t measure up to some internalized standard of maternal perfection dictated by society… But what makes it stand out from the rest is Audrain’s nuanced understanding of how women’s voices are discounted, how a thousand little slights can curdle a solid marriage and—in defiance of maternal taboos—how mothers really feel, sometimes, toward difficult children…. The Push [is] more than a novel of suspense, the sum of its parts speaking to the burdens we all carry, whether we are mothers or simply children of women who did the best they could, however far their best efforts may have fallen short.”
      Los Angeles Times

      “Starkly original and compulsively readable, Ashley Audrain’s The Push is a deep dive into the darkest nooks and crannies of motherhood. Raw, visceral, and often disturbing, this is an intense psychological drama that will be embraced by serious book clubs and fans of Lionel Shriver’s We Need to Talk about Kevin.”
      —Kristin Hannah, #1 New York Times bestselling author

      The Push was a poetic, propulsive read that set my nerves jangling in both horror and recognition. I read it in one sitting and it stayed with me for days afterwards. Not to be missed.”
      —Lisa Jewell, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Then She Was Gone

      “With its riveting prose and deep convictions, Ashley Audrain’s The Push had me in its clutches from the first page. Audrain’s astute portrayal of motherhood was unsettling in its insights, yet highly entertaining on the page. Complex, nuanced, and unflinching, I inhaled this debut in one sitting.” 
      —Karma Brown, bestselling author of Recipe for a Perfect Wife

      “Intensely absorbing, gripping until the final page, The Push excavates the myths of motherhood, deftly exploring the shape-shifting landscape of parenting, the powerful impact of the past on the present, and the deep unease of our inability to ever fully know even those we hold the closest.”
      —Kim Edwards, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

      “The Push is written on the edge of a knife. It’s a howl in the face of what we think we know—or want to believe—about motherhood. Relentlessly compelling, distressing and beautiful, Ashley Audrain’s debut is the next Gone Girl, with shades of We Need to Talk About Kevin. I devoured it whole.”
      —Marissa Stapley, bestselling author of The Last Resort

      “Stayed up too late finishing [Audrain’s] deeply unsettling The Push about the darkest reaches of motherhood (and profound maternal ambivalence). Visceral, provocative, compulsive, and with the most graphic and relatable description of childbirth I’ve read (or written).”
      —Sarah Vaughan, bestselling author of Anatomy of a Scandal

      Ashley Audrain’s The Push is not only a propulsively entertaining, read-in-one-sitting novel, it is also a deeply provocative and fearless look at motherhood written in some of the prettiest prose you’ll read all year.”
      Aimee Molloy, New York Times bestselling author of The Perfect Mother

      “Written with a courage that borders on audacity, and with uncanny emotional and psychological precision, Ashley Audrain’s The Push is a taut, tour-de-force literary thriller that draws you in from the very first pages and plunges you into the most harrowing of journeys: parenthood.”
      Bill Clegg, New York Times bestselling author of Did You Ever Have A Family?

      “A tense and unsettling thriller that’s immersive, chilling, and provocative. A book that’s best read in one sitting.”
      —Iain Reid, author of I’m Thinking of Ending Things

      “A meteoric debut. Ashley Audrain’s The Push is a force of nature, an unforgettable arrival that will linger in your heart—shimmer, darken and then haunt you. Every sentence is just so achingly alive. Audrain descends with near pointillistic precision into the gore of motherhood and love. Perhaps if Stephen King had experienced motherhood—the singular exaltation and morbid terror of that state—he might have been able to dream up this book. Wise, monstrous, and tender, The Push operates at a different frequency. It seemed to pulse in my hands. I could not put it down. I could not look away.”
      —Claudia Dey, author of Heartbreaker and Stunt

      “Compelling, beautifully written and wickedly entertaining…. A tremendously thought-provoking read.”
      —Liz Nugent, author of Little Cruelties and Lying in Wait

      “Utterly mesmerising. Ashley Audrain’s powerful debut novel explores the challenges of motherhood and the terrifying isolation of being trapped within a sinister truth that no one else believes.”
      —Fiona Valpy, #1 bestselling digital author of The Dressmaker’s Gift

      “A chilling and beautifully written novel that will strike dread into the heart of any new parent. The ending gave me goosebumps.”
      —Mark Edwards, bestselling digital author of The House Guest
      “I cannot recall the last time I read a novel as haunting as The Push. It is challenging, moving and thought provoking in all the best ways.”
      —David Heyman, film producer of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

      “I was completely engrossed in The Push from the very first page. So tense, so all-encompassing! It’s a jet-black story of motherhood, inheritance and expectations, and I loved it.”
      —Abigail Dean, author of Girl A

      “A provocative, compulsive novel about modern motherhood.” 

      “[A] twisty, harrowing ride to the dark side of motherhood…. [The Push] is a sterling addition to the burgeoning canon of bad seed suspense, from an arrestingly original new voice.” 
      Publishers Weekly, starred review

      “[T]ense, gripping…[The Push] will stay with you long after you finish the last page.”
      “An utterly gripping novel that goes deep into the psychology of motherhood. Audrain begins by placing two facets of motherhood before us: first, that baby girls already have the capacity for motherhood within them—in their ovaries—in utero; and second, that girls and women are told not only that they will be mothers but that they will be good mothers. Female biology gets entangled with a woman’s fate, and The Push digs into this mess in a jaw-dropping way.”
      —Martha Sharpe, founder of Flying Books

      “Both an absorbing thriller and an intense, profound look at the heartbreaking ways motherhood can go wrong, [The Push] is sure to provoke discussion.”

      “[A] thrilling debut.”
      —Harper’s Bazaar
      The Push is a dazzling exercise in both economy of language and vividness of expression… [it] announces Audrain as a sophisticated, compelling writer, perfect for fans of thrillers and intimate family dramas alike.”
      “A gripping debut that explores and manipulates the fears and insecurities of mothers everywhere…Well thought out, vividly realised and gripping.” 
      Guardian (UK)

      “An inventive twist on the psychological thriller formula…Audrain sustains the suspense expertly through assured handling of her unravelling protagonist’s voice.”
      Sunday Times (UK)

      “Ashley dares us to find the relatable in the worst we can imagine…the knife-edge between relatability and horror keeps the reader hooked.” 

      “I was gripped from the first word to the last. I’ve been wanting a book to take me back to how I felt when I first read We Need to Talk About Kevin. When you close the book but can’t function until you know how it ends…I really recommend this one.” 
      —Dawn O’Porter

      “I was gripped…dazzling and gloriously complete.”
      —Daisy Buchanan

      “A compelling, compulsively readable thriller that never lets up and will keep you guessing right to the very last page.” 
      Daily Express

      “Powerful and immersive.” 
      —Emma Stonex, author of The Lamplighters
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    catalogue cover
    The Prophets Robert Jones, Jr.
    9780593085684 Hardcover FICTION / Literary On Sale Date:January 05, 2021
    $36.00 CAD 6.3 x 9.3 x 1.33 in | 1.34 lb | 400 pages Carton Quantity:12 G.P. Putnam's Sons
    • Marketing Copy

      Instant New York Times Bestseller 

      A singular and stunning debut novel about the forbidden union between two enslaved young men on a Deep South plantation, the refuge they find in each other, and a betrayal that threatens their existence.

      Isaiah was Samuel’s and Samuel was Isaiah’s. That was the way it was since the beginning, and the way it was to be until the end. In the barn they tended to the animals, but also to each other, transforming the hollowed-out shed into a place of human refuge, a source of intimacy and hope in a world ruled by vicious masters. But when an older man—a fellow slave—seeks to gain favor by preaching the master’s gospel on the plantation, the enslaved begin to turn on their own. Isaiah and Samuel’s love, which was once so simple, is seen as sinful and a clear danger to the plantation’s harmony.

      With a lyricism reminiscent of Toni Morrison, Robert Jones, Jr., fiercely summons the voices of slaver and enslaved alike, from Isaiah and Samuel to the calculating slave master to the long line of women that surround them, women who have carried the soul of the plantation on their shoulders. As tensions build and the weight of centuries—of ancestors and future generations to come—culminates in a climactic reckoning, The Prophets masterfully reveals the pain and suffering of inheritance, but is also shot through with hope, beauty, and truth, portraying the enormous, heroic power of love.

      Story Locale: Mississippi
      Robert Jones, Jr. is a writer from New York City. He received his BFA in creative writing, and MFA in fiction from Brooklyn College. He has written for numerous publications, including The New York Times, Essence, and The Paris Review. He is the creator and curator of the social-justice, social-media community Son of Baldwin, which has over 275,000 members across platforms. The Prophets is his debut novel.

      Author Residence: Brooklyn, NY
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        Author Social Media: Twitter: @sonofbaldwin; Instagram: @thesonofbaldwin; Facebook: @sonofbaldwinfb
    • Awards & Reviews

      #1 Indie Next Pick 

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      “An extraordinary, vivid novel written with heart and imagination….The Prophets really dazzles.” –NPR, Weekend Edition

      “[An] often lyrical and rebellious love story…Jones seems to be reaching across centuries of blood and memory in an attempt to shake awake a warrior armed with weapon and wit that lies sleeping in his imagined, beloved, Black reader….Jones proves himself an amazing lyricist, pulling poetry out of every image and shift of light….What a fiery kindness that ending, this book. A book I entered hesitantly, cautiously, I exited anew—something in me unloosed, running. May this book cast its spell on all of us, restore to us some memory of our most warrior and softest selves.” The New York Times Book Review

      “A lyrical and rebellious love story.” The New York Times Book Review (Editors’ Choice)

      “With this epic novel, Jones, who is known for his blogging and Twitter presence as Son of Baldwin, marks his entry into the literary arena….The greatest gift of this novel is its efforts to render emotional interiority to enslaved people who are too often depicted either as vessels for sadistic violence or as noble, superhuman warriors for liberation….Jones’s debut novel is an important contribution to American letters, Black queer studies and the present moment’s profound reckoning with the legacy of America’s racialized violence.” The Washington Post

      The Prophets, Jones’ debut novel, is a marvel, as much an extraordinary queer love story as a devastating and inimitable portrayal of the agony endured by slaves in the antebellum South. Jones’ stunning storytelling crafts deep and powerful portraits….Each chapter is its own work of art, delving deep into each character’s heart and mind and creating a rhythmic tapestry of profound love and unbearable pain….The Prophets is a novel, but feels almost like poetry, with every word holding a weight and power that will continue to astound those who lose themselves in its pages.” –Associated Press

      “Along comes Robert Jones, Jr., who taps into his brilliant dome to unearth an engrossing and magically written debut novel….The Prophets is packed with otherworldly, and supremely artful storytelling, and readers will surely get lost in a radiant romance. But most important, Jones adds to the growing body of literature that reimagines slavery—Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad, Ta-Nehisi Coates’ The Water Dancer—and to queer theory, in which Jones’ predecessor James Baldwin shed light on, disrupted and intersected with race.” USA Today

      “[A] scintillating portrait of Black queerness and a bleak account of slavery in the antebellum South, captured in Jones’ lyrical yet incisive prose.” TIME

      “Robert Jones, Jr.’s debut novel The Prophets feels like it might be a classic one day….Illuminates Black experience by using effortless and artful entry into multiple consciousnesses, biblical allusion and supernatural elements….Audre Lorde wrote ‘Unless one lives and loves in the trenches, it is difficult to remember that the war against dehumanization is ceaseless.’ An ambitious debut, The Prophets is right there in the trenches, firing shots.” ­–San Francisco Chronicle 

      “A striking debut…Exceptional storytelling…There is no minor character in The Prophets, which delivers a dazzling gallery of unforgettable portraits….And by highlighting lives over plantation life—the humanity of the slaves over the inhumanity of slavery—the narrative remains centered on a Blackness with an imagination that doesn’t need whiteness in order to exist, breathe or even be free.” Los Angeles Times

      “[A] panoramic vision of love and cruelty…An unsparing portrayal of a barbaric system.” –The New Yorker

      “In his powerful debut novel, The Prophets, Robert Jones, Jr. depicts in exquisite, often excruciating detail the social ruination that slavery brought to the antebellum South…Jones takes a discursive approach, lacing his main story with chapters inspired by the Bible (mainly the Old Testament) or fueled by incantatory tales from pre-colonial Africa….Allow them to cast their spell. Together they bring historical sweep, magic and leavening flights of lyricism to the blood, sweat and tears of an earthbound world….Labeling The Prophets a ‘gay slave story’ fails to fully describe its ambition and imaginative richness. Jones’ astounding achievement is to open a world where love somehow dares to speak its name alongside our greatest national shame.” Minneapolis Star Tribune

      “Jones, and his stunner of a novel, embody what can only be called art….Lush language artistry characterizes the book from beginning to end, even as it nimbly changes perspective in every chapter….As the story layers itself and picks up to a devastating pace toward the end, it bursts forth in a crack of lightning and the reader is left aflame. The Prophets is an astounding book, at once potent and universe-level expansive, a sky unto itself. With it—and with his work at Son of Baldwin—Jones establishes himself as a writer, thinker and creative force to watch.” The Seattle Times

      “[A] bewitching literary debut…Jones’ strength lies in his ability to build interior worlds so imaginative and lush that it would be dreamy if it weren’t such a nightmare for the enslaved people tethered to it….[An] important new work and an integral addition to this period’s literary canon alongside works such as Charles R. Johnson’s Middle Passage and Marlon James’ The Book of Night Women.” Atlanta Journal Constitution 

      “A masterpiece.” New York Magazine, The Strategist

      “Powerful…This beautifully written story is heartbreaking and inspiring all at once.” CNN 

      “Pick up The Prophets by Robert Jones, Jr. for the exceptional writing. Stay for the tale of a forbidden love between two enslaved young men on a Mississippi plantation and the betrayal that threatens their existence.” Parade

      “A polyphonic novel, with exactingly rendered characters, about the love between two men enslaved on a Mississippi plantation.” Vanity Fair

      “In a can’t-miss debut, Robert Jones, Jr. fashions a nuanced story of love and legacy.” Elle

      “A devastating and beautifully written novel.” Marie Claire

      ”A brutal and beautiful love story between two enslaved men on a Mississippi plantation, a tale of rage and grace, of refuge among the ruins.” O, the Oprah Magazine

      “A love story of the most tragic proportions, revered writer Robert Jones, Jr. uses his debut novel to pry open our collective hearts.” Entertainment Weekly

      “In this powerful novel about a Deep South plantation, enslaved Isaiah and Samuel share a private, abiding love that’s a refuge from the daily brutality they endure—and that has consequences for everyone around them. The Prophets by Robert Jones Jr. is an original, heartbreaking testament to love, and to the supremacy of good over evil.” Real Simple
      “This beautifully written debut novel—and likely award magnet—is a love story about two enslaved men, Isaiah and Samuel, whose devotion to each other leads to trouble on a brutally run Mississippi plantation.” AARP 

      “Poised to become one of the most memorable books of the year: The Prophets is a stunning love story about two young men, Samuel and Isaiah, who are enslaved on an antebellum plantation in Mississippi….An extraordinary debut novel.” Goop 

      “This tender and surprising love story set against a plantation in Mississippi, The Prophets is Robert Jones, Jr.’s highly anticipated debut novel that everyone will be talking about this winter. A creative mind to watch rise and soar.” –Garden & Gun

      The Prophets chronicles much cruelty and misery and violence, as is inevitable in a book about slavery. But it’s not really a pessimistic book. Rather, the novel itself functions as an act of love and resistance, by expressing solidarity with those who love despite sanctions and oppression. Patriarchy and white supremacy insist on rigid roles for Black and white, male and female. The Prophets imagines a different past, and a different future.” The Observer

      “It is not hyperbole to say that The Prophets, which explores black queer lives on a Mississippi plantation known among the enslaved as ’Empty,’ evokes the best of Toni Morrison, while being its own distinct and virtuosic work….This, then, is a novel wedded to its period but also of our times, exploring the pressing questions that have plagued America since its founding. It manages to be many things at once, stirring both the heart and the intellect in an exploration of human desire and depravity. A trenchant study of character, it is refreshing in its portrayal of the daily negotiations of humanity under slavery, practiced by both the enslaved and the enslavers. It is an ode to an enduring love.” The Guardian

      “Jones skillfully brings us to a deep place of imagining and uncovers a discarded memory of two young men in love that transcends time. And Jones uses every ounce of his craft to telegraph the hope of the imagined and the depth of the loss….This novel is sophisticatedly constructed; it offers deep introspections and projections onto the screen of the modern world….The Prophets is a bold leap forward that will make new literature possible in its wake.” –Sarah Schulman, Lambda Literary 

      “It requires great deftness to place a gay couple at the center of a story set in a time when the very words for their relationship had not yet been invented. Jones wisely takes a discursive approach, interlacing his main story with chapters inspired by the Bible [or] fueled by incantatory tales from pre-colonial Africa….Allow them to cast their spell. Together they bring historical sweep, magic, and flights of lyricism to the earthbound world.” Gay & Lesbian Review

      The Prophets is the kind of book for which one reading will not suffice. To understand it fully, you must return to its pages again. It is elusive in the best kind of way, written in a style that evokes—but does not mimic—Toni Morrison’s otherworldly poetic prose, where every word is heavy with meaning.” Shondaland

      The Prophets heralds the arrival of a monumental talent in Robert Jones, Jr., whose debut novel has the vibrating power of a thunder clap and the tender intimacy of a secret whispered by a loved one in the darkest night….Though Jones, Jr. is unflinching in his portrayal of the evils of white supremacy and fanaticism, he threads his novels with shimmering strands of hope, of heroism, and of reminders of how humanity has persevered even in the most inhumane of times.” Refinery29

      “A beautifully written narrative that explores gender and race from several characters’ points of view, The Prophets invites readers to reconsider their understanding of sexuality and reconnect with our shared humanity.” PopSugar

      “Told with a lyricism that echoes Toni Morrison, Robert Jones, Jr. has crafted a subtle masterpiece that will leave you mesmerized for days afterward. Enjoy one of the best books of 2021 has to offer.” Spy

      The Prophets reaches for humanity during the most inhumane moment of American history through the place of refuge the two men find in each other.” –Thrillist

      “This book, with its tender intimacy, its empathetic rendering of complex humanity, its gut-wrenching portrayals of crimes against humanity, its moving love story, will not disappoint.” Lit Hub

      “Jones excavates the tangled histories of race and gender which mark a profoundly resonant narrative.” The Millions 

      “Jones explores queerness through a new lens that has rarely been explored in literature. The Prophets is one of the most powerful Black queer historical novels ever written.” Electric Literature

      “A lyrical historical novel.” –BookRiot

      “At times dreamlike, at times horrifyingly realistic, this is a noel that stays with you for a long time.” –Booktrib

      “A heartbreaking love story set amongst the bleakest of landscapes.” Bookstr

      “One of the most original, imaginative novels I’ll ever read and a balm for all of us Black queer folx who have been long denied, and long deprived, of their love. Robert Jones, Jr. is an author of noble skill and lineage—Baldwin’s heir has arrived, indeed.” –Paperback Paris

      “This dazzling debut from Robert Jones, Jr., creator of the social justice community The Son of Baldwin, is as captivating as it is brutal. There are passages that will make readers cringe in horror, it’s true, but one can do no less when looking back at the monstrous period of American slavery. There are also scenes of immense beauty that inspire awe for the strength of the human spirit….The Prophets is a stark reminder of a horrific past, but also looks to the future with hope. Jones shapes the narrative with a deft and evocative lyricism and introduces characters that are multi-layered and pulsing with human vulnerability. That is sure to guarantee The Prophets a place among the literary greats.” Shelf Awareness

      “Kaleidoscopic…Anchored by the love story of two young men, this lyrical story evokes a vast spectrum of emotion and creates an epic that feels epic in scope, but also like each chapter is its own private universe.” –Northern Virginia Magazine

      “An epic tale of Black queerness…With The Prophets, it is clear [Jones] is following in James Baldwin’s literary footsteps….Magnificent.” Hey Alma

      “[An] ambitious debut…Jones weaves the tale skillfully, alternating points of view among Black, white, and mixed-race voices, and building the action to a stunning climax.” Historical Novel Society

      “Powerful and beautiful…The lyricism of The Prophets will recall the prose of James Baldwin. The strong cadences are equal to those in Faulkner’s Light in August. Sometimes the utterances in the short interpolated chapters seem as orphic as those in Thus Spake Zarathustra. If my comparisons seem excessive, they are rivaled only by Jones’s own pages and pages of acknowledgments. It seems it takes a village to make a masterpiece.” Publishers Weekly (starred Signature review by Edmund White)

      “Robert Jones Jr.’s remarkable first novel, The Prophets, accomplishes the exceptional literary feat of being at once an intimate, poetic love story and a sweeping, detailed and excruciating portrait of life on a Mississippi plantation….Though this is his first book, Jones is already a master stylist, writing gorgeous, lyrical and readable prose about some of the ugliest things that human beings feel and do to one another. Sometimes the prose reads like scripture. At other times, it’s poetry…[A] beautifully wrought, exceptionally accomplished queer love story about two men finding extraordinary connection in the most hostile and difficult of circumstances. This debut will be savored and remembered.” BookPage (starred review)

      “Brims with so much confidence and artful flourish that it’s hard to believe it’s Jones’s first book. Following a line of esteemed authors, he explores the story of enslavement in America and makes it his own….Jones’s expertly drawn characters have depth and purpose, and the writing is beautiful despite the subject matter. A work that will resonate with those moved by Charles Johnson’s Middle Passage and Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad.” Library Journal (starred review)

      “Exquisite…Jones conveys powerful truths with well-chosen words in spare prose….A masterfully told story that will haunt readres from beginning to end.” Booklist (starred review) 

      “An ambitious, imaginative, and important tale of Black queerness through history.” –Kirkus Reviews

      “How devastating and glorious this is. Epic in its scale, intimate in its force, and lyrical in its beauty. The Prophets shakes right down to the bone what the American novel is, should do, and can be. That shuffling sound you hear is Morrison, Baldwin, and Angelou whooping and hollering both in pride, and wonder.” –Marlon James, author of Black Leopard, Red Wolf

      “What a rare marvel this book is. The Prophets fashions an epic so rich in erudition, wisdom, clarity, and power, so full of hard-earned yet too-brief joys, that it reaffirms for me literature’s place as both balm and scalpel for the mind and soul. You can feel the decades of thinking embedded not only in these sentences but in how they question and build a world shamefully amputated from textbooks. Rarely is a book this finely wrought, the lives and histories it holds so tenderly felt, and rendered unforgettably true.” –Ocean Vuong, author of On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous

      The Prophets is easily the most superb tutorial in writing and loving I have ever read. I’m convinced Morrison, Baldwin, and Bambara sat around sipping wine one night, talking about the day we’d read an offering like The Prophets. Robert Jones, Jr., is a once-in-a-generation cultural worker whose art thankfully will be imitated for generations.” –Kiese Laymon, author of Heavy: An American Memoir

      “I’ve loved the writing of Robert Jones, Jr., for years, and The Prophets is an absolute triumph, a symphonic evocation of the heights and depths of pain, joy, and love.” –R.O. Kwon, author of The Incendiaries

      “In The Prophets, Robert Jones, Jr.’s lens is at once epic and microscopic, equally capable of evoking historical crises and interpersonal ones. Painfully harsh and painfully tender, this inventive, kaleidoscopic love story is a marvel.” –Helen Phillips, author of The Need
  • 3
    catalogue cover
    9780735281493 Hardcover FICTION / Absurdist On Sale Date:January 05, 2021
    $29.95 CAD 5.6 x 8.5 x 1.1 in | 0.98 lb | 288 pages Carton Quantity:12 Knopf Canada
    • Marketing Copy

      An exhilarating, clever, funny debut novel from a prize-winning talent, chronicling the misadventures of a lovelorn Victorian lexicographer and the young woman who decodes his trail of made-up words a century later. Will enthrall readers of CS Richardson, Helen Simonson’s Major Pettigrew and Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine.

      Mountweazel n. the phenomenon of false entries within dictionaries and works of reference. Often used as a safeguard against copyright infringement.

      Peter Winceworth is a lexicographer in Victorian-era London, toiling away at the letter “S” for a multi-volume Encyclopaedic Dictionary. Secretly, he begins to insert unauthorized fictitious entries into the dictionary in an attempt to assert some artistic freedom.

      In the present day, Mallory is a young intern employed by the same publisher. Her task is to uncover these mountweazels before the dictionary is digitized. She also has to contend with threatening phone calls from an anonymous caller. Why, she wonders, is the change in the definition of “marriage” so upsetting to the caller? And does the caller really intend for the publisher’s staff to “burn in hell”?

      As these two narratives, characters and times entwine, both Winceworth and Mallory discover how they might negotiate the complexities of the nonsensical, relentless, untrustworthy, hoax-strewn and undefinable path we call life. An exhilarating debut from a formidably brilliant young writer, The Liar’s Dictionary celebrates the rigidity, fragility, absurdity and joy of language.

      Story Locale: London, UK
      ELEY WILLIAMS is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. She is the author of Attrib. and her work has appeared in The Penguin Book of the Contemporary British Short Story, Liberating the Canon, The Times Literary Supplement, and the London Review of Books. She lives in London, UK.

      Author Residence: London, UK
      Marketing & Promotion
        Author Website:

        Author Social Media: Twitter: @GiantRatSumatra
    • Awards & Reviews


      The Liar’s Dictionary is the book I was longing for. So eudaemonical, so felicific and habile! A harlequinade of cachinnation! It’s hilarious and smart and charming and I loved it. Read it. It’s the book you’re longing for.” —Andrew Sean Greer, 2018 Pulitzer Prize winner for Less

      “Infused with the essence of Wodehouse and Wilde, The Liar’s Dictionary is by turns madly eccentric, gracefully poignant, and laugh-out-loud funny. Eley Williams confirms her abilities as virtuoso wordsmith, offering an homage to the oddball-ishness of English (both the language and the nationality), as well as cautionary tales regarding, among other topics, the wrestling of pelicans and the ribald nature of certain museum statuary.” —CS Richardson, author of The End of the Alphabet

      “An improbably enchanting, rollicking novel about two generations of put-upon London lexicographers,The Liar’s Dictionary is positively intoxicated with the joy and wonder of language, both authentic and, often hilariously, counterfeit, and I can assure you that it’s quite the contact high. Eley Williams brings erudition and playfulness—and lovely sweetness—to every page.” —Benjamin DreyerNew York Times bestselling author of Dreyer’s English 

      “[W]onderful…. This book takes the most unpromising of heroes—two lexicographers—and then sets them loose in an effervescent romp about language, love and life. If you like puns, crosswords, Scrabble, the Urban Dictionary or simply enjoy witty writing, this sweet, slyly structured, unexpectedly touching book will go down like a hot fudge sundae…. Every page is intoxicated with words…. It is never less than a delight and a wise one at that.” —John Powers, NPR

      “A virtuoso performance full of charm…It’s simultaneously a love story, an office comedy, a sleuth mystery and a slice of gaslit late Victoriana…The Liar’s Dictionary is a glorious novel—a perfectly crafted investigation of our ability to define words and their power to define us.” —The Guardian

      “Perfectly calibrated…For a novel as finely tuned as this, to leave one with a sense of the intoxicating hopefulness of chance is its greatest achievement in a competitive field.” —Los Angeles Review of Books 

      “[A] pitch-perfect lexical romp filled with flawed-but-adorable characters and delightfully inventive words…. [B]e prepared to be dazzled.” —South China Morning Post

      “A remarkable novel…Original and often very funny, The Liar’s Dictionary is an offbeat exploration of both the delights of language and its limitations.” —Sunday Times (UK)

      “Comically inventine…The author combines a Nabokovian love of wordplay with an Ali Smith–like ability to create eccentric characters who will take up permanent residence in the reader’s heart. This is a sheer delight for word lovers.” —Publisher’s Weekly (starred review)
  • 4
    catalogue cover
    Serpentine An Alex Delaware Novel Jonathan Kellerman
    9780525618553 Hardcover FICTION / Thrillers On Sale Date:February 02, 2021
    $38.99 CAD 6.39 x 9.52 x 1.19 in | 1.28 lb | 368 pages Carton Quantity:12 Ballantine Books
    • Marketing Copy

      Psychologist Alex Delaware and detective Milo Sturgis search for answers to a brutal, decades-old crime in this electrifying psychological thriller from the #1 New York Times bestselling master of suspense.

      LAPD homicide lieutenant Milo Sturgis is a master detective. He has a near-perfect solve rate and he’s written his own rulebook. Some of those successes—the toughest ones—have involved his best friend, the brilliant psychologist Alex Delaware. But Milo doesn’t call Alex in unless cases are “different.”

      This murder warrants an immediate call: Milo’s independence has been compromised as never before, as the department pressures him to cater to the demands of a mogul. A hard-to-fathom, mega-rich young woman obsessed with reopening the coldest of cases: the decades-old death of the mother she never knew.

      The facts describe a likely loser case: a mysterious woman found with a bullet in her head in a torched Cadillac that has overturned on infamously treacherous Mulholland Drive. No physical evidence, no witnesses, no apparent motive. And a slew of detectives have already worked the job and failed. But as Delaware and Sturgis begin digging, the mist begins to lift. Too many coincidences. Facts turn out to be anything but. And as they soon discover, very real threats are lurking in the present.

      This is Delaware and Sturgis at their best: traversing the beautiful but forbidding place known as Los Angeles and exhuming the past in order to bring a vicious killer to justice.

      Story Locale: Los Angeles, CA
      Jonathan Kellerman is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than forty crime novels, including the Alex Delaware series, The Butcher’s Theater, Billy Straight, The Conspiracy Club, Twisted, True Detectives, and The Murderer’s Daughter. With his wife, bestselling novelist Faye Kellerman, he co-authored Double Homicide and Capital Crimes. With his son, bestselling novelist Jesse Kellerman, he co-authored A Measure of Darkness, Crime Scene, The Golem of Hollywood, and The Golem of Paris. He is the author of two children’s books and numerous nonfiction works, including Savage Spawn: Reflections on Violent Children and With Strings Attached: The Art and Beauty of Vintage Guitars. He has won the Goldwyn, Edgar, and Anthony awards and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Psychological Association, and has been nominated for a Shamus Award. Jonathan and Faye Kellerman live in California and New Mexico.

      Author Residence: Beverly Hills, CA / Santa Fe, NM

      Author Hometown: New York, NY / Los Angeles, CA
      Marketing & Promotion
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        National advertising campaign

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        Random House e-newsletters and websites

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        Digital review and feature attention

        Targeted blogger outreach

        Local author promotion: Los Angeles, CA

  • 5
    catalogue cover
    A Bright Ray of Darkness A novel Ethan Hawke
    9780385352383 Hardcover FICTION / Literary On Sale Date:February 02, 2021
    $36.95 CAD 6.39 x 9.52 x 0.99 in | 1.18 lb | 256 pages Carton Quantity:12 Knopf
    • Marketing Copy

      The blistering story of a young man making his Broadway debut in Henry IV just as his marriage implodes—an utterly transfixing book about art and love, fame and heartbreak from the acclaimed actor/writer/director.

      Hawke’s first novel in nearly twenty years is a bracing meditation on fame and celebrity, and the redemptive, healing power of art; a portrait of the ravages of disappointment and divorce; a poignant consideration of the rites of fatherhood and manhood; a novel soaked in rage and sex, longing and despair; and a passionate love letter to the world of theater. A Bright Ray of Darkness showcases Ethan Hawke’s gifts as a novelist as never before.

      Hawke’s narrator is a young man in torment, disgusted with himself after the collapse of his marriage, still half-hoping for a reconciliation that would allow him to forgive himself and move on as he clumsily, and sometimes hilariously, tries to manage the wreckage of his personal life with whiskey and sex. What saves him is theater: in particular, the challenge of performing the role of Hotspur in a production of Henry IV under the leadership of a brilliant director, helmed by one of the most electrifying—and narcissistic—Falstaff’s of all time. Searing and raw, A Bright Ray of Darkness is a novel about shame and beauty and faith, and the moral power of art.
      A four-time Academy Award nominee, twice for writing and twice for acting, ETHAN HAWKE has starred in the films Dead Poets Society, Reality Bites, Gattaca, and Training Day, as well as Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise trilogy and Boyhood. He is the author of Rules for a Knight, The Hottest State, and Ash Wednesday. He lives in Brooklyn with his four children and his wife.

      Author Residence: Brooklyn, NY

      Author Hometown: Austin, TX
      Marketing & Promotion
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        Major Facebook and Instagram Campaign targeting fans of Ethan Hawke and authors such as Cheryl Strayed, Stephanie Danler, Trevor Noah, and others

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        Online Interviews, Reviews, and Literary Blog Coverage

        National Review Attention

        Author Events

    • Awards & Reviews

      “Explores the demands of acting and the delusions of manhood with tremendous verve and insight…the work of an author who knows every aspect of the profession from the inside…Hawke is a genius at conjuring the hush of the auditorium, the thrill of live actors, the magical sense of a performance moving through time. He’s written a witty, wise, and heartfelt novel…a deeply hopeful story…Bravo.”
      —Ron Charles, The Washington Post

      “[Hawke’s] writing evokes both the beauty and tawdriness of New York. And he teaches the reader a lot about theater… an engaging book for those who love theater and Shakespeare.”
      The Christian Science Monitor

      “Ethan Hawke is a true writer and his duality as an artist is skillfully reflected in A Bright Ray of Darkness. Hawke circles, descends, and crawls into his characters skin. Grimy shadows pass over the footlights, into the bowels of the theatre, where a struggling actor, perhaps mirroring the writer, seeks the vine of redemption, and claws his way into becoming. Bright Ray is a riveting work.”
      —Patti Smith
      “A brilliant insider’s account of the joys and terrors of acting, the trials of celebrity, and the secrets of Henry IV.”
      Kirkus Reviews
  • 6
    catalogue cover
    9780385694216 Paperback FICTION / Thrillers On Sale Date:February 09, 2021
    $22.00 CAD 6.1 x 9.2 x 0.9 in | 0.94 lb | 352 pages Carton Quantity:24 Doubleday Canada
    • Marketing Copy

      A woman trying to outrun her past uncovers a great evil in the fourth riveting and psychologically compelling novel from the acclaimed author of The Chalk Man.

      Welcome to Keeper’s Croft. Five hundred years ago, protestant martyrs were burned at the stake. Forty years ago, two teenaged girls disappeared without a trace. And two months ago, the vicar of the local parish killed himself.

      Reverend Alex Brooks, a single mother with a fourteen-year-old daughter and a heavy conscience, arrives in the village hoping to make a fresh start and find some peace. She left Nottingham after a vulnerable child died. It’s a death she could have prevented, one that still haunts her. But Alex discovers that peace is the last thing she will find in Keeper’s Croft.

      Instead, the previous vicar has left a message. An old exorcism kit and a suicide note instruct Alex to search for the truth about the village’s history and the girls’ disappearance. And when both Alex and her daughter Flo are troubled by strange sightings in the old chapel—apparitions that seem all too real—it becomes apparent that there are ghosts here that refuse to be laid to rest.

      But discovering the truth is hard in a village where everyone has something to protect, everyone has links with the village’s bloody past and no one trusts an outsider.

      Story Locale: England
      C. J. TUDOR is the author of The Hiding Place and The Chalk Man, which won the International Thriller Writers Award for Best First Novel and the Strand Magazine Award for Best Debut Novel. Over the years, she has worked as a copywriter, television presenter, voice-over artist and dog walker. She is now thrilled to be able to write full-time, and doesn’t miss chasing wet dogs through muddy fields all that much. She lives in England with her partner and daughter.

      Author Residence: Punnetts Town, England

      Author Hometown: Salisbury, UK
      Marketing & Promotion
    • Awards & Reviews

      “Fans of Gillian Flynn, Tana French and Jess Lourey will leap at the chance to read Tudor’s new psychological thriller…. Tudor is undeniably talented at producing a slow burn, weaving each piece of the story together to form a creepy yet satisfying conclusion. Jack is a relatable protagonist, stepping away from the stereotypical personality of a vicar by projecting a raw, yet still empathetic, exterior. Gruesome and haunting, The Burning Girls is worth every page turn. Readers will surely be eager for more.” ―Booklist (starred review)

      “[The Burning Girls is] definitely the best of Tudor’s books to date, which says a lot. This is one talented author and her international reputation is well-deserved…. A great novel for a dark night in a snowstorm.” —The Globe and Mail

      “[Tudor] steadily cranks up the scares and the suspense while smoothly toggling between multiple narratives…. Readers will savor the final, breathless twists. Top-notch and deliciously creepy storytelling.” —Kirkus Reviews

      “Rarely have the secrets of an English village been used to greater effect than in this tautly suspenseful mystery from Thriller Award–winner Tudor…. The tension become[s] nearly unbearable. Tudor expertly doles out the plot twists…one so shocking that it turns the entire story inside out. Jack, Flo, and the other fully realized characters and their eventual fates won’t be easily forgotten by any reader.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

      “The kind of novel that’s so creepy, it might just seep into your dreams.” —PopSugar

      “Tudor…strikes again with another thriller filled with twists and turns right up to the mind-bending ending.” —Library Journal

      “Tudor operates on the border between credulity and disbelief, creating an atmosphere of menace.” —The Sunday Times

      “Tudor’s uncanny twisty plot is populated with intriguing, damaged characters and the slow-burning suspense leads to a crackling ending.” —Minneapolis Star Tribune

      “A mesmerising and atmospheric page-turner, with plenty of shocks and a surprise twist for a finale. Her best novel yet.” —Sunday Express
  • 7
    catalogue cover
    Khalil A Novel Yasmina Khadra, John Cullen
    9780385545914 Hardcover FICTION / Literary On Sale Date:February 16, 2021
    $34.95 CAD 5.98 x 8.55 x 0.93 in | 0.95 lb | 240 pages Carton Quantity:12 Nan A. Talese
    • Marketing Copy

      From the internationally bestselling author of The Attack and The Swallows of Kabul, a gripping first-person narrative about one young man’s involvement in France’s worst terrorist attack.

      Khalil, a twenty-three-year-old Belgian of Moroccan descent, plans to detonate a suicide vest in a crowd outside the Stade de France on November 13, 2015. Explosions are rocking Paris, at cafés and the Bataclan theater, and when other bombs drive the stadium crowd to flee in his direction, near the Metro, his time has come. He presses his button, and…nothing. Fearing he has failed in his mission for Fraternel Solidarity (FS), an ISIS affiliate, Khalil has little choice but to blend in with his would-be victims and run. Back in Belgium, he must lie low and avoid his militant brethren and the authorities. He relies on his family and friends for places to stay, but he keeps the truth about himself secret. All the while, he contemplates what he almost did, and what he will do next—particularly when it comes to light that his vest accidently had been a harmless training unit all along, and FS has a new mission planned for him.
           In this daring, propulsive literary thriller, Yasmina Khadra takes readers to the margins of Europe’s glittering capitals, through neighborhoods isolated by government neglect and popular apathy, if not outright racism. And he brings to life an unusual protagonist, a young man struggling with family, religion, and politics who makes fateful choices, and in doing so dramatizes powerful questions about society and human nature.
      YASMINA KHADRA is the pen name of the former Algerian army officer Mohammed Moulessehoul. He adopted his wife’s name as a pseudonym to avoid military censorship. He is the author of more than twenty books, at least six of which have been published in English, among them The Swallows of Kabul and The Attack, both short-listed for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. He has twice been honored by the Académie française, winning both the Médaille de Vermeil (2001) and Grand Prix de Littérature (2011). He lives in France.

      Translated by John Cullen.

      Author Residence: Paris, France
      Marketing & Promotion
        Publicity: National Review Appearances

        National Online Interviews, Reviews, and Blog Coverage

        Literary and Political Press and Media

    • Awards & Reviews

      “Direct and irresistible… This novel is both timely and, sadly, timeless. In examining the anatomy of radicalism, Khadra shows that all forms of extremism, whether political, religious or otherwise, stem from the same source: a refusal to see things from an opposing point of view. For Khalil and many others who feel called to commit atrocities in the name of a higher cause, the outcome is only tragedy.”
      —The New York Times Book Review

      “Khadra…skillfully shows how someone like Khalil can be turned into a terrorist from a young age. With Khalil’s fate—and those of countless potential victims—perpetually hanging in the balance, the book becomes a gripping existential inquiry that earns the author comparisons with Camus. An exciting work of fiction rooted in docu-like reality.”

      “Award-winning Yasmina Khadra has penned another fast-paced, thought-provoking and immersive story within a ravishing novel. Khalil tackles the blurry moral edges of agency, right and wrong, guilt, as well as coming to terms with choices and mistakes. Can control of one’s life ever be regained once it has set on a seemingly irreversible course? There is a degree of unsettling intimacy in Khalil’s writing.”
      —Asian Review of Books

      “[Khadra] succeeds…in addressing the statelessness many first generations feel, in which neither conformity nor diversity is rewarded. The systemic contempt of these communities erodes any possibility of hope, and this is a form of violence too.”
      —The Daily Beast
  • 8
    catalogue cover
    9780735281271 Hardcover FICTION / Small Town & Rural On Sale Date:February 16, 2021
    $32.00 CAD 5.9 x 8.5 x 1 in | 0.92 lb | 304 pages Carton Quantity:12 Knopf Canada
    • Marketing Copy


      New York Times
      bestselling author Mary Lawson, acclaimed for digging into the “wilderness of the human heart”, is back after almost a decade with a fresh and timely novel that is different in subject but just as emotional and atmospheric as her beloved earlier work.

      A Town Called Solace—the brilliant and emotionally radiant new novel from Mary Lawson, her first in nearly a decade—opens on a family in crisis: rebellious teenager Rose been missing for weeks with no word, and Rose’s younger sister, the feisty and fierce Clara, keeps a daily vigil at the living-room window, hoping for her sibling’s return.

      Enter thirtyish Liam Kane, newly divorced, newly unemployed, newly arrived in this small northern town, where he promptly moves into the house next door—watched suspiciously by astonished and dismayed Clara, whose elderly friend, Mrs. Orchard, owns that home. Around the time of Rose’s disappearance, Mrs. Orchard was sent for a short stay in hospital, and Clara promised to keep an eye on the house and its remaining occupant, Mrs. Orchard’s cat, Moses. As the novel unfolds, so does the mystery of what has transpired between Mrs Orchard and the newly arrived stranger.

      Told through three distinct, compelling points of view—Clara’s, Mrs. Orchard’s, and Liam Kane’s—the novel cuts back and forth among these unforgettable characters to uncover the layers of grief, remorse, and love that connect families, both the ones we’re born into and the ones we choose. A Town Called Solace is a masterful, suspenseful and deeply humane novel by one of our great storytellers.

      Story Locale: Northern Ontario
      Mary Lawson was born and brought up in a small farming community in Ontario. She is the author of three previous nationally and internationally bestselling novels, Crow Lake, The Other Side of the Bridge, and Road Ends. Crow Lake was a New York Times bestseller and was chosen as a Book of the Year by The New York Times and The Washington Post, among others. The Other Side of the Bridge was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize. Lawson lives in England but returns to Canada frequently.

      Author Residence: Kingston upon Thames, UK

      Author Hometown: Blackwell, Ontario
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        Author Website:
    • Awards & Reviews



      “A lovely, gentle novel with edge.” —Saga (UK)

      A Town Called Solace is engrossing. It’s delightful. It’s satisfying: you’ll chuckle, you’ll grin with recognition, your eyes may well with tears. The novel encourages hope, roots for redemption and grants enlightenment for its characters without for a moment denying life’s complexity or hardships, or forgetting about humankind’s capacity for self-delusion and misguided choices…. Lawson’s plotting is deft, expert. And while the principal characters are completely absorbing, the supports…are rendered as snapshots worthy of their own novels. A Town Called Solace pleases at every level. It’s a captivating tale suffused with wisdom and compassion.” —Toronto Star

      “Anne Tyler is a big fan of this Canadian author and so am I. At the heart of the novel are a girl devastated by her sister’s disappearance, a man escaping a broken marriage and a woman trying to make amends for a tragedy. The connections between them slowly unfold in this quiet drama.” —Joanne Finney, Good Housekeeping (UK)
      “That clear-eyed humanism—the sort that is rooted firmly in the reality of life, but holds out a glimmer of potential for a measured, minor-key redemption—is classic Mary Lawson.” —The Globe and Mail

      “Lawson is a graceful writer whose un-showy style always hides surprising depths.” —Toronto Public Library 

       “This is Mary Lawson’s fourth novel and I’d recommend a binge immersion. She has carved out a world in northern Ontario that’s vividly, absorbingly real; she captures tones and voices with exactitude in writing that’s idiomatic but never flashy and carries you along from midnight to dawn, oblivious of the time.” —Literary Review (UK)

      “There’s a beauty and simplicity to [Lawson’s] stories.” —Prima (UK)

      “I’ve been trying to tell everybody I know about…Mary Lawson…[Each of her novels is] just a marvel.” —Anne Tyler

      “Poised, elegant prose, paired with quiet drama that will break your heart. The sort of book that seems as if it has always existed because of its timeless perfection.” —Graham Norton, bestselling author of Holding and A Keeper

      “An assured and engaging look at one of my favourite subjects: what we owe to other people. How long must we keep their secrets, and how long do we wait for those we love? Darkened by pain, A Town Called Solace is even so a kindly book; Clara’s lost sister flashes through it like a red-winged blackbird. Warm, clear, and beautifully grounded in the bedrock of the Canadian Shield.” —Marina Endicott 
  • 9
    catalogue cover
    Beginners The Joy and Transformative Power of Lifelong Learning Tom Vanderbilt
    9781524732165 Hardcover SELF-HELP / Personal Growth On Sale Date:January 05, 2021
    $35.95 CAD 5.8 x 9.4 x 1.2 in | 1.12 lb | 320 pages Carton Quantity:12 Knopf
    • Marketing Copy

      Beginners is ultimately about more than learning. It’s about the possibilities that reside in all of us.”
      —Daniel H. Pink, New York Times best-selling author of When, Drive, and To Sell is Human

      The best-selling author of Traffic and You May Also Like gives us an inspirational journey into the transformative joys that come with starting something new, no matter your age

      Why do so many of us stop learning new skills as adults? Are we afraid to fail? Have we forgotten the sheer pleasure of being a beginner? Or is it simply a fact that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

      Inspired by his young daughter’s insatiable need to know how to do almost everything, and stymied by his own rut of mid-career competence, Tom Vanderbilt begins a year of learning purely for the sake of learning. He tackles five main skills (and picks up a few more along the way), choosing them for their difficulty to master and their distinct lack of career marketability—chess, singing, surfing, drawing, and juggling.

      What he doesn’t expect is finding himself having rapturous experiences singing Spice Girls songs in an amateur choir, losing games of chess to eight-year-olds, and dodging scorpions at a surf camp in Costa Rica. Along the way, he interviews dozens of experts to explore the fascinating psychology and science behind the benefits of becoming an adult beginner. Weaving comprehensive research and surprising insight gained from his year of learning dangerously, Vanderbilt shows how anyone can begin again—and, more important, why they should take those first awkward steps. Ultimately, he shares how a refreshed sense of curiosity opened him up to a profound happiness and a deeper connection to the people around him—and how small acts of reinvention, at any age, can make life seem magical.
      TOM VANDERBILT has written for many publications, including The New York Times Magazine, The Wall Street Journal Magazine, Popular Science, Financial Times, Smithsonian, and London Review of Books, among many others. He is a contributing editor of Wired UK, Outside, and Artforum. He is author of You May Also Like: Taste in an Age of Endless Choice, Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us), and Survival City: Adventures Among the Ruins of Atomic America. He has appeared on a wide range of television and radio programs, from the Today show to the BBC’s World Service to NPR’s Fresh Air. He has been a visiting scholar at NYU’s Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management, a research fellow at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, a fellow at the Design Trust for Public Space, and a winner of the Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant, among other honors. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

      Author Residence: Brooklyn
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        Coverage in and on Parenting Publications and Sites

        Select Author Appearances

    • Awards & Reviews

      “A great book about the power of being a beginner.”
      —Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project

      “Tom Vanderbilt shows us why it’s never too late to be a beginner, and that there should be no shame associated with the word ‘dilettante.’ Now I’m off to learn how to play the trombone, speak Portuguese and bake soufflés”
      — A.J. Jacobs, bestselling author of The Year of Living Biblically 

      “Tom Vanderbilt’s book explores how to learn completely new skills, how to change our world - even after we’re supposed to be done with schooling. This is a book about how to become a beginner again, and it makes you want to plunge in with both feet.” 
      Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit and Smarter Faster Better

      “Tom Vanderbilt elegantly and persuasively tackles one of the most pernicious of the lies we tells ourselves—that the pleasures of learning are reserved for the young. Beginners belongs with David Epstein’s Range on the list of books that have changed the way I understand my own limitations.“
      — Malcolm Gladwell, best-selling author of Outliers

      Beginners is ultimately about more than learning. It’s about the possibilities that reside in all of us.”
      — Daniel H. Pink, New York Times bestselling author of When, Drive, and To Sell is Human

      ”Vanderbilt dedicates a chapter or so to each pursuit, using his personal narrative, rich in obligatory self-deprecation and infectious excitement, to introduce relevant scientific studies…  Vanderbilt [relies] on a keen instinct for interesting characters and a willingness to let stories unfold at their own pace. The result is an entertaining read that avoids the trap of forced anecdotes and excessive contrarianism that plague lesser titles in the genre… When read against the backdrop of the current pandemic, however, Beginners attains a deeper level of meaning…Beginners provides a primer of sorts for re-engaging with life“
      —Cal Newport, The New York Times

      “Tom Vanderbilt takes up pursuits that are actually fun—surfing, chess, even juggling—and finds power in being a novice.” 
      Matthew Kronsberg, Bloomberg

      Vanderbilt is good on the specific joys and embarrassments of being a late-blooming novice, or “kook,” as surfers sometimes call gauche beginners… I was entranced… I’d sort of forgotten the youthful pleasure of moving our little tokens ahead on a bunch of winding pathways of aptitude, lagging behind here, surging ahead there… If learning like a child sounds a little airy-fairy, whatever the neuroscience research says, try recalling what it felt like to learn how to do something new when you didn’t really care what your performance of it said about your place in the world, when you didn’t know what you didn’t know. It might feel like a whole new beginning.“
      Margaret Talbot, The New Yorker

      ”A thoughtful and stirring look into the art and science of lifelong learning. Currently, I’m learning Gaelic, dressmaking and how to lay floors. Last year, it was knitting and coding. I’m 50, and not supposed to be a beginner any more—according to society’s conventions—but Tom Vanderbilt turns that flawed assumption on its head with the grace with which he learns to reach a high note or surf a wave.“
      Rose George, author of Ninety Percent of Everything

      ”[Vanderbilt] describes frankly (and humorously) the embarrassment that comes with repeated failures as well as quiet triumphs… The joy is transcendent…He will encourage you to spend 2021 finding delight in honing new or forgotten skills.“
      Catherine Foster, Christian Science Monitor

      ”As the new year unfolds, Vanderbilt’s book is, above all, a call to action for a world facing ongoing lockdowns and pandemic fatigue. That’s because the greatest benefit of learning something new might be starting 2021 with a fresh pair of eyes.“
      —CNN Health

      ”A wonderful and inspirational book. The only thing that will make you put it down is a burning desire to try something new. It’s full of the sort of encouragement and wisdom that bridges the small, tricky gulf between enthusiasm and action. A book that will launch thousands of journeys that might not otherwise have happened and prove life-changing for many who take those first steps.“
      —Tristan Gooley, author of The Natural Navigator

      ”An uplifting, fascinating book about the value and addictive pleasure of returning to the status of a beginner. Vanderbilt is a fantastic writer…Delightful.“
      Barbara Oakley, Ph.D, co-author of Uncommon Sense Teaching

      ”You don’t have to try all the activities that Tom Vanderbilt took on in his heroic, self-sacrificial effort to persuade us of the benefits of learning throughout life. After you read this invigorating book, you might want to take a nap. But then you’ll get up, refreshed, ready to learn a new skill. You’ll be ready to begin.“
      —Carol Tavris, Ph.D., co-author of Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me)

      ”Accessible and highly informative, the book is a fast-paced exploration of the science of skill acquisition and a delightful account of journalist Vanderbilt’s personal adventures among fellow new learners…  Despite the inevitable setbacks, his is an empowering story that will have adventuresome readers eager to head off in search of some new challenge the moment they’ve put it down.  An engaging perspective on the joys of embarking on the process of learning something new.“
      Shelf Awareness

      ”[A] charming celebration of lifelong learning…[Vanderbilt] makes a persuasive case for the benefits—cognitive, physical, emotional, and social—of being a beginner. This enjoyable reminder to embrace the ’small acts of reinvention, at any age, that can make life seem magical’ will appeal to those who enjoyed Robert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.“
      Publishers Weekly

      ‘Witty, well-researched, myth-busting and curiously of the moment. Vanderbilt tells a compelling tale. Eighty pages in, I joined a choir.’ 
      —Robert Penn, author of It’s All About the Bike: The Pursuit of Happiness on Two Wheels

      ”It’s impossible to pick up a book by Tom Vanderbilt without learning something. An engaging and fascinating mix of the personal and the general. I never thought I’d read a book that could persuade me to take up juggling, but this one did it.“
      —Robert Colvile

      ”Vanderbilt.. composes lucid prose and explains concepts…with relative ease, and his thesis is practical and worthwhile…compelling… A solid beginner’s guide to beginning."
  • 10
    catalogue cover
    How to Avoid a Climate Disaster The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need Bill Gates
    9780735280441 Hardcover SCIENCE / Global Warming & Climate Change On Sale Date:February 16, 2021
    $34.00 CAD 6.5 x 9.5 x 0.98 in | 1.25 lb | 272 pages Carton Quantity:12 Knopf Canada
    • Marketing Copy

      In this urgent, authoritative book, Bill Gates sets out a wide-ranging, practical—and accessible—plan for how the world can get to zero greenhouse gas emissions in time to avoid an irreversible 

      climate catastrophe.

      Bill Gates has spent a decade investigating the causes and effects of climate change. With the help and guidance of experts in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, political science and finance, he has focused on what must be done in order to stop the planet’s slide to certain environmental disaster. In this book, he not only why we need to fully grasp how important it is that we work toward net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases, but also details what we need to do to achieve this profoundly important goal.

      He gives us a clear-eyed description of the challenges we face. Drawing on his understanding of innovation and what it takes to get new ideas into the market, he describes the areas in which technology is already helping to reduce emissions, where and how the current technology can be made to function more effectively, where breakthrough technologies are needed, and who is working on these essential innovations. Finally, he lays out a concrete, practical plan for achieving the goal of zero emissions—suggesting not only policies that governments should adopt, but what we as individuals can do to keep our government, our employers, and ourselves accountable in this crucial enterprise.

      As Bill Gates makes clear, achieving zero emissions will not be simple or easy to do, but by following the plan he sets out here, it is a goal firmly within our reach.
      BILL GATES is a technologist, business leader, and philanthropist. In 1975, he co-founded Microsoft with his childhood friend Paul Allen; today he and his wife, Melinda, are co-chairs of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He

      also launched Breakthrough Energy, an effort to commercialize clean energy and other climate-related technologies. He and Melinda have three children and live in Medina, Washington.
      Marketing & Promotion
        Marketing: Online advertising campaign

        E-Newsletter advertising campaign, including LiveIntent and Goodreads

        Podcast advertising campaign

        Extensive social media advertising, including pre-order advertising (launching on Earth Day) and video advertising

        Partnership with Gates Ventures

        Extensive big mouth mailings, including to Bill Gates’s personal list of contacts and connections

        Reddit AMA

        Amazon+ content

        Publicity: National Review Mailing

        Targeted feature interviews (CBC Radio 1 “The Current”, CBC TV “The National”, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star)

        1-3 city Canadian Tour (Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver)

        High-impact large-scale public events

        Seeking event presenting partners from the festival, arts and business communities

        Author Website:

        Author Social Media: Instagram: @ThisisBillGates Facebook/Twitter: @BillGates
    • Awards & Reviews


      “This book arrives at a critical moment.” —The New York Times

      “[Gates’s] expertise, gleaned from interactions with climate scientists, glaciologists, energy scholars, agriculture experts, and others, is apparent in the book’s lucid explanations of the scientific aspects of climate change. The solutions he outlines are pragmatic and grounded in forward-thinking economic reasoning.” —Science 

      “[How to Avoid a Climate Disaster] presents a compelling explanation of how the world can stop global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions effectively to zero…. Gates knows how to frame issues in terms with which everybody should be able to engage, without dumbing down the material…. [R]eaders will discover from his book that he is a serious and genuine force for good on climate change.” —The Guardian

      “[How to Avoid a Climate Disaster]—aimed at both…academics and the general public—explains the science, what we’re dealing with and what Gates thinks we need to do, in clear language and chapters…. There’s an intensity to Gates as he speaks that’s contagious. It’s not just about what he’s doing—he wants to get everyone on board.” —Toronto Star

      “A persuasive, optimistic strategy for reducing greenhouse emissions to zero by midcentury…. Gates makes a significant contribution to the rapidly growing shelf of books that not only acknowledge climate change, but also propose viable solutions…Gates moves several steps further in a comprehensible…text that provides detailed plans. The author relates a compelling vision of what the potential devastation will look like, assessing the scale and range of expected damage, but he is more interested in clearly communicating the multitiered facets of his plan. While drawing on his expertise and instincts as a successful tech innovator, investor, and philanthropist, Gates relies on teams of experts in science, engineering, and public policy to flesh out the details…. Though Gates doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the daunting challenges ahead, his narrative contains enough confidence—and hard science and economics—to convince many readers that his blueprint is one of the most viable yet. A supremely authoritative and accessible plan for how we can avoid a climate catastrophe.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

      “In this urgent, authoritative book, Bill Gates proposes a practical plan for preventing the worst effects of climate change by articulating what it will take to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. Gates takes what he’s learned over the last decade from experts across physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, political science, economics and finance, and translates the complex issue of climate change into an approachable style…. Gates offers a clear-eyed account of the challenges we face. He shows we need new tools for fighting climate change…[i]dentifying the solutions we should deploy now and the innovations we need to develop…. How to Avoid a Climate Disaster provides a wide-ranging, concrete plan to achieve our goals.” —The Deccan Herald (India)

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