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Doubleday Canada Fall 2021

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    Ghosts A Novel Dolly Alderton
    9780385697255 Paperback FICTION / Women On Sale Date:August 03, 2021
    $23.95 CAD 6.13 x 9.17 x 0.92 in | 1.03 lb | 320 pages Carton Quantity:24 Canadian Rights: Y Doubleday Canada
    • Marketing Copy

      A smart, sexy, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy about ex-boyfriends, imperfect parents, friends with kids, and a man who disappears the moment he says “I love you.”

      Nina Dean is not especially bothered that she’s single. She owns her own apartment, she’s about to publish her second book, she has a great relationship with her ex-boyfriend and enough friends to keep her social calendar full and her hangovers plentiful. And when she downloads a dating app, she does the seemingly impossible: she meets a great guy on her first date. Max is handsome and built like a lumberjack, he has floppy blond hair and is a financially successful accountant. But more surprising than anything else, Nina and Max have chemistry. Their conversations are witty and ironic, they both hate sports, they dance together like fools, they happily dig deep into the nuances of crappy music, and they create an entire universe of private jokes and chemical bliss.

      But when Max ghosts her, Nina is forced to deal with everything she’s been trying so hard to ignore: her father’s Alzheimer’s is getting worse, and so is her mother’s denial of it; her editor hates her new book idea; and her best friend from childhood is icing her out. Funny, tender and eminently, movingly relatable, Ghosts is a whip-smart tale of relationships and modern life.
      DOLLY ALDERTON is an award-winning author and journalist based in London. She is a columnist for The Sunday Times Style and has also written for GQ, Red, Marie Claire and Grazia. She co-hosts the weekly pop-culture and current affairs podcast The High Low alongside journalist Pandora Sykes. Her first book, Everything I Know About Love, became a top five Sunday Times bestseller in its first week of publication and won a National Book Award (UK) for Autobiography of the Year. Ghosts is her first novel.

      Author Residence: London, UK
      Marketing & Promotion
        Author Website: www.dollyalderton.com

        Author Social Media: Twitter and Instagram: @dollyalderton
    • Awards & Reviews

      Shortlisted for the 2021 British Book Award for Fiction Debut
      Shortlisted for the 2021 Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize for Comic Fiction

      An NPR Book of the Year

      "Ghosts is wonderful. Funny, sharply observed, poignant and full of truths about life and love and friendship." —Matt Haig, author of The Midnight Library

      "Ghosts is an absolute knock-out. Wickedly funny and, at turns, both cynical and sincere, Dolly Alderton's voice feels like your very favorite friend. I devoured it." —Taylor Jenkins Reid, author of Daisy Jones & The Six

      "A sharp-eyed debut." ―The Guardian

      "A funny, touching take on modern relationships, the struggles of adulthood and embracing life as it unfolds." —People

      "If you're looking for a whip-smart take on relationships, dating, and just generally getting your s--t together, [Ghosts] is the read for you." —Shondaland

      "Alderton brings her British wit and fresh writing to online dating and all its ups and downs. Marrieds vs. singles. The unfairness of online dating for women stressed about the tick of the biological clock. Add to it the difficulties of becoming a caregiver, and what you have is a book that is a reality check for many and a solace to those who feel like they're constantly swiping right without meeting Mr. or Ms. Right." —The Washington Post

      "A stunning achievement: I was laughing out loud, doing my best a few minutes later not to burst into tears and then angry that it had all come to an end. So moving, so funny, so beautifully written and so poignant. Brilliant." ―Stanley Tucci

      "There are sharply skewered set pieces, but also tender observations . . . a promising, deftly written, often entertaining and poignant debut novel." ―Sunday Times

      "Utter BRILLIANCE. Dolly is such an insightful commentator on love, longing, friendship and emotional landscapes. I absolutely LOVED it!" ―Marian Keyes

      "Ghosts is Bridget Jones's Diary for 2021. . . . A full, multifaceted picture. . . . Aside from accurately portraying the fallout of a partner ghosting you, Ghosts examines the idiosyncrasies of adult friendships—particularly those that have grown from childhood—and explores the hopelessness of watching someone you love struggle with dementia. . . . At first glance, Ghosts is another romantic comedy about dating in the digital age, but as you get further immersed into Nina's story, it reveals many beautiful and messy layers. . . . Dolly's writing will put you right into Nina's shoes, even if you’ve never been in situations quite like hers." —PopSugar

      "Favourite romantic comedy of the summer, Ghosts by Dolly Alderton is hilarious, heartwarming, and beautifully written." —Daily Hive

      "Ghosts is both a sharp, funny tale about a particularly 21st-century form of heartbreak, and a poignant and insightful look at the different ways people leave us—some with a quick left swipe and others in incremental steps over the course of years." —NPR

      "Ghosts is all heart and humour." Bustle

      "Ghosts is sharp, witty, insightful, and incredibly tender. Alderton is a keen observer of human behavior and daringly tells a story of how we love and the lengths we go to to hold onto love. Your heart will break and you’ll laugh out loud." —BuzzFeed

      "The perfect no-holds-barred modern day rom-com." —Stylist

      "A book so relatable you'll give yourself neck ache nodding in recognition." —Grazia

      "[This] sprightly . . . touching debut novel by British memoirist Alderton (Everything I Know About Love) follows a cookbook author through her life's "strangest year". . . . This should hit the spot for readers of women's fiction who appreciate the familiar." —Publishers Weekly

      "An astonishingly assured debut. . . . Deftly observed and deeply funny, Ghosts considers where we find, and how we hold onto love with what might well be described as haunting precision." —Vogue

      "Witty, touching without ever being sentimental, hugely enjoyable." —David Nicholls, author of One Day

      "Such clever writing, wonderfully funny; fab characters and delightful details. Divine." —Nina Stibbe, author of Reasons to be Cheerful

      "Dolly Alderton has clearly mastered every form of writing. Which is a surprise to nobody." —Candice Carty-Williams, author of Queenie

      "Dolly is such a fantastic writer." —Jill Mansell, author of And Now You're Back

      "Like having one of those glorious girls night in, where you drink till the early hours—laughing, venting, and feeling warm and seen." —Holly Bourne, author of How Do You Like Me Now?

      "A millennial-driven story that's actually deeply relatable, instead of insulting. . . . With hints of Bridget Jones (though thematically more serious), and shades of a younger Nora Ephron, Ghosts is a must-read for millennials looking to be seen and older and younger generations in search of a more accurate portrayal of the age group they love to roll their eyes at." —Purewow

      "This heartfelt tale is in turns smart, caustically witty and achingly sad." ―Sunday Mirror
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    The Second History Rebecca Silver Slayter Canada
    9780385694445 Paperback FICTION / Dystopian On Sale Date:August 03, 2021
    $24.95 CAD 5.69 x 8.24 x 0.77 in | 0.66 lb | 280 pages Carton Quantity:24 Doubleday Canada
    • Marketing Copy

      A novel of haunting beauty and ominous suspense, The Second History is a post-apocalyptic love story about a young couple embarking on a journey to understand, for the first time, what they’ve been hiding from all their lives.

      Born in a barren, altered future world, Eban has lived in hiding all his life without ever understanding why. After his mother’s death, he retreated into the northern Appalachians with Judy, the only other woman he has ever known.

      But as the years passed and Judy suffered multiple miscarriages, she began to wonder what happened to the cities their parents fled, where a strange sickness is said to have spread among those who stayed behind. To stop the headstrong woman he loves from leaving the safety of the hills to travel to the cities, Eban convinces Judy instead to set out on a journey to the fabled colony of the original mountain settlers, where he promises her they’ll find the answers she seeks.

      Now expecting a child once again, Judy and Eban begin their climb deep into the mountains. Along the way, the people they encounter and the secrets they uncover will threaten their lives and the ties between them, further complicating what they know of the world beyond the mountains and of each other.

      Set in a far-flung time and place that begin to feel increasingly familiar, The Second History explores the devastating effects of environmental catastrophe on human relationships. It is a story about the limits of our ability to know each other or understand the past…and about the courage it takes to invent the world again for those we love.
      REBECCA SILVER SLAYTER is the author of In the Land of Birdfishes, which was shortlisted for the William Saroyan International Prize for Writing. Named one of CBC’s Ten Writers to Watch, Rebecca is the director of the Cabot Trail Writers Festival and an editor of Brick, A Literary Journal. She lives in Nova Scotia.

      Author Residence: Antigonish, Nova Scotia
      Marketing & Promotion
    • Awards & Reviews

      “Silver Slayters examination of how humans carry on through apocalyptic hardship is complicated, contradictory, urgent with warning—but the turn at the end, a small readjustment that changes every understanding, gives a prickling, green-shoot feeling of that thing in short supply these days, hope.” —Marina Endicott
      The Second History brings the lovers Eban and Judy to life with such deep wisdom and exacting detail that they will last forever. This novel is about risks in desperate times, the paralyzing power fear, and the struggle for freedom. But mostly it’s about love, one of the most honest renderings of romantic love I’ve ever read. It’s about how we pull each other through. Here is a truly mesmeric story, tender, unflinching, quakingly good.” —Lisa Moore
      The Second History takes place in a post-post-Apocalyptic world where cities, and even communities, are fabled things of the distant past. It follows a young couple wandering through the frozen wilderness in search of a colony of humans, a haven they think is called Heaven. On the way, they survive unimaginable human and natural predations only to arrive in a place no rumour could ever have conjured. In this harrowing novel of human resilience, Rebecca Silver Slayter creates a world of dread and beauty so convincing it feels like it might be about tomorrow. Gorgeously written and packed with unforgettable scenes, The Second History is a towering achievement.” —Michael Redhill
      “Told in luminous, propulsive prose, The Second History is a unique love story that looks ahead to find its way home. A balancing act of grace and suspense.” —Iain Reid
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    9780385696173 Hardcover FICTION / Literary On Sale Date:August 24, 2021
    $25.00 CAD 5.76 x 8.51 x 0.85 in | 0.74 lb | 232 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y Anchor Canada
    • Marketing Copy

      Calling to mind smart, deadpan and unrepentant novels such as The New Me and My Year of Rest and Relaxation, Sophie McCreesh’s distinctive and arresting debut novel is about a young woman veering towards self-destruction.

      Once More, With Feeling follows Jane, an artist navigating her closest relationships while fixating on her own perceived failures and self-imposed isolation. When Jane receives a student grant to attend a workshop in London, England, she sees the opportunity to leave her tedious life behind and start anew, bringing along her new friend Kitty, who Jane will not admit she has little in common with other than a shared appreciation for boxed wine and various other drugs.

      In London, Jane struggles to improve both her craft and her mindset while Kitty thrives, and a once exciting trip abroad transforms the already uneven dynamic of their friendship, leaving Jane feeling more withdrawn than ever. As her increasingly destructive behaviour gets in the way of her artistic ambitions, her most important relationships—those with Kitty, her absent lover Richard and a discredited therapist named Anna—begin to deteriorate as Jane starts to examine her growing dependence on substances.

      Darkly funny, piercing and tender, Once More, With Feeling is a portrait of a detached young woman trapped in the perils of self-loathing and addiction, who is searching for originality in an age of profound social disconnection and anxiety.

      Story Locale: Toronto, ON; London, UK
      SOPHIE MCCREESH is a fiction writer living in Toronto. Her writing has appeared in Cosmonauts Avenue, Hobart, Bad Nudes and elsewhere. 

      Author Residence: Toronto, ON
      Marketing & Promotion
    • Awards & Reviews

      "McCreesh has a wonderfully dark sense of humour and she perfectly captures the struggle of young adulthood, amped up through addiction. . . . A great character portrait and Jane truly becomes someone you can care about." —Winnipeg Free Press

      Once More, With Feeling is an unflinching look into substance abuse, loneliness, vanity, and the follies of youth. . . . [It] pairs the ennui of literary realism with the hedonism of a rock memoir." —Jean Marc Ah-Sen, Maisonneuve

      "Sophie McCreesh has written an understated and brilliant work that explores how for young women being ambitious can be terrifying and asking for what they need shameful. . . . Jane is a wondrous character whose terrible life choices are both fascinating and heartbreakingly tender. Although no one around her can seem to love her, the reader most certainly does." —Heather O'Neill, award-winning author of The Lonely Hearts Hotel

      "Heart-breaking, funny and poignant, Once More, With Feeling is a beautifully subtle, unflinching balancing act of a novel. A striking and memorable accomplishment." —Iain Reid, award-winning author of I'm Thinking of Ending Things and Foe

      "What a compelling debut—from the very first page, Sophie McCreesh's novel hits you with brutality, charm, terror and guts. Every chapter made me twist with anguish and then laugh out loud, a remarkable study of the utter agony that comes with being young and self-destructive. Once More, With Feeling is one of those books that makes you feel a little less alone in how deeply alone you actually feel, a perfect salve for our hyper-anxious and hyper-connected age." —Scaachi Koul, nationally bestselling author of One Day We'll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter

      "Tragically funny, stark and brisk, Sophie McCreesh's brilliant debut about a young woman on the cusp perfectly captures that liminal period between youth and adulthood, being high and coming down, making stuff and becoming a real artist. She reminds me of a modern day Jane Bowles or Jean Rhys in her pitilessly honest depiction of what drinking does to and for the soul. Entrancing from start to finish." —Lisa Gabriele, nationally bestselling author of The Winters
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    catalogue cover
    A Slow Fire Burning A Novel Paula Hawkins
    9780385689663 Hardcover FICTION / Thrillers On Sale Date:August 31, 2021
    $35.00 CAD 6.2 x 9.3 x 1 in | 1.14 lb | 320 pages Carton Quantity:12 Doubleday Canada
    • Marketing Copy

      With the same propulsion that captivated millions of readers worldwide in The Girl on the Train and Into the Water, Paula Hawkins unfurls a gripping, twisting story of deceit, murder and revenge.

      Look what you started.

      When a young man is found gruesomely murdered in a London houseboat, it triggers questions about three women in particular. Laura is the troubled one-night-stand last seen in the victim’s home. Carla is the grief-stricken aunt, already mourning another family member who died only weeks earlier. And Miriam is the nosy neighbour who found the bloodied body but is keeping secrets from the police. Three women, mostly unknown to each other, with separate connections to the victim. Three women who are—for different reasons—simmering with resentment. Who are, whether they know it or not, burning to right the wrongs done to them. When it comes to revenge, even good people might be capable of terrible deeds. How far might any one of them go to find peace? How long can secrets smoulder before they explode into flame?

      Story Locale: London
      PAULA HAWKINS is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling novels Into The Water and The Girl on The Train. A #1 international bestseller, The Girl on the Train has sold almost 20 million copies worldwide and has been adapted into a major motion picture. Hawkins was born in Zimbabwe and now lives in London.

      Author Residence: London, UK
      Marketing & Promotion
        Author Website: PaulaHawkinsBooks.com

        Author Social Media: Facebook: @PaulaHawkinsWriter; Instagram: @paulahawkins2010
    • Awards & Reviews


      NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF 2021 BY Marie Claire • Amazon • NPR

      A Slow Fire Burning is a hugely satisfying, brilliantly crafted novel about the entanglement of betrayal and retaliation, the damage of loss, and how tragedy reverberates in ways we can never expect. Wickedly dark and gorgeously written, this is a novel you’ll be thinking about long after the last delicious pages. Paula Hawkins is masterful.” —Ashley Audrain, #1 bestselling author of The Push

      “With a beautifully wrought cast of characters who are real and likeable even when they are complicated and flawed, a fantastic, picturesque London setting, twists and turns galore and exquisite prose, this is a high class read. Paula Hawkins is a genius.” —Lisa Jewell, New York Times bestselling author of The Family Upstairs

      “The flaws of each character will surprise and perhaps even enchant you—and only a clairvoyant could anticipate the book’s ending.”The New York Times Book Review

      “Paula Hawkins returns to the fertile ground of twisty murder mysteries with A Slow Fire Burning…. It’s a satisfying whodunit that will keep you guessing until the very end.”Vogue

      “I love Paula Hawkins, and this is why―A Slow Fire Burning twists and turns like a great thriller should, but it’s also deep, intelligent and intensely human…the characters are just like people you know…or maybe even just like you yourself. Hawkins is proving herself a worthy 21st century heir to Barbara Vine and Patricia Highsmith.” —Lee Child

      “The unreliable narrator is a hallmark of many a thriller, but this book is a master class in not knowing who to believe…. Paula Hawkins’ universe weaves together memory, imagination, wishful thinking and delusion to create a painful yet propulsive murder mystery in which no one comes out with their hands completely clean.” —NPR

      “Shocking, moving, full of heart…. Laced with humour and packed with moments of sheer horror, A Slow Fire Burning shows a writer at the height of her powers.” London Observer

      “Fast-paced, highly charged and carried off with so much confidence that it is impossible to resist.” Sunday Times

      “An intriguing, unputdownable thriller that is as much about the compelling, damaged characters as it is about the intricate plot.” The Bookseller

      “Paula Hawkins’s plotting is meticulous. A Slow Fire Burning is a clever onion of a book, expertly peeled.” —Belinda Bauer, author of Snap

      “[A Slow Fire Burning] is indeed a page-turner. You want to find out who did it and Hawkins reveals just enough to keep readers guessing…. To say much more would be to spoil the fun…. This one [simmers] like a good curry, layered with spices…leaving readers sated at the end.” Toronto Star

      “[Paula Hawkins’s] latest novel is better still: shocking, moving, full of heart—a deeply layered and intricately plotted thriller that explores how ordinary people can turn to murder…. Laced with humour and packed with moments of sheer horror, A Slow Fire Burning shows a writer at the height of her powers.”The Guardian

      A Slow Fire Burning is a classic whodunit that unfolds the mystery until the very last page.” USA Today

      “Sure to set the literary world on fire.” Good Morning America

      “This thrilling whodunnit barely lets you breathe as it barrels toward a shocking ending.” Good Housekeeping

      “Paula Hawkins is the queen of keeping us on the edge of our seats…. It’s the thriller of the summer.” —HelloGiggles

      The Girl on the Train author returns with a dark, intricate tale of three women tied to a bloody murder on a London houseboat. You’ll be gobsmacked by the end.” People

      “If you’re looking for a page-turner, this one is it.” Apartment Therapy

      “Readers will witness courage and ingenuity where it is least expected, satisfying revenge where none was thought possible, and salvation that is painfully long overdue. Lee Child calls Hawkins an ’intensely human’ writer, and this book puts her on a par with the supreme Ruth Rendell. Packed with OMG moments, this novel may be slow burning, but it’s a scorcher nonetheless.” Booklist (starred review)

      “Hawkins deftly spools out [her characters’] stories, expertly maneuvering suspenseful twists and turns as the characters’ flaws and motives are exposed…. [Hawkins] takes seemingly ordinary characters and peers deeply into their complicated lives, skillfully building tension and keeping readers guessing.” Library Journal

      “Paula Hawkins’s newest thriller A Slow Fire Burning follows the same highly engaging page-turning format as her previous hit The Girl on the Train, but this book is much, much more sinister, suspenseful, and downright jaw-dropping in all the right ways…. This novel is a whole new level of psychological terror. Deliciously dark and dangerously unsettlingly, A Slow Fire Burning will give you chills with every chapter…. A chilling story that’ll leave you with more questions than answers, [it] gives the term ”thriller“ a whole new meaning. With unexpected characters, unforeseen consequences, and unusual connections, Hawkins’s new book is a bloody masterpiece that’s darker than it appears…. An absolute page-turner.” PopSugar

      “Another mystery that will have your pulse racing and fingers itching to turn the page to discover the big twist.” E!

      “[Hawkins’s] third novel lives up to its predecessors in every way…. Superbly told, its twists and turns reveal the slow fire burning inside each which might just destroy them. Utterly compelling.” Daily Mail

      “Get ready for your next big thrill ride…. Filled with plot twists, [A Slow Fire Burning] promises to keep you guessing until the very end.” —CNN

      “A creeping psychological thriller about entanglement and strained family relations that spiral into viciousness…. Hawkins submerges readers into the troubled lives of her leading ladies…. Hawkins shapes the three women’s stories in a way that brings their simmering fears and grief to the surface.”AV Club

      A Slow Fire Burning is a treat: utterly readable, moving in parts and saturated with the kind of localised detail that made The Girl on the Train so compelling…. A return to form; a London book from an excellent writer on London, and a tender portrait of characters that stay in the mind long after you’ve finished reading.”The Guardian

      “A gripping page-turner [with] compellingly unpredictable characters.” The Star Tribune

      “Four years after her last novel, Paula Hawkins is back with a riveting new mystery…. Filled with unpredictable twists and turns, this compulsively readable thriller will keep you guessing until the final page.” —BookRiot

      “From the author of The Girl on the Train and Into the Water comes another read-it-in-one-night thriller…. [A Slow Fire Burning] proves that revenge is actually a dish best served hot, simmering and smoldering.” Town & Country

      “The master of the sophisticated psychological thriller is back with the addictive A Slow Fire Burning…[a] lurching, turning, weaving, winding whodunnit. Hawkins has created an exquisite sense of place. Pacey, each short chapter flips between the points of view of three central characters…bestowed with such carefully crafted and unspeakably tragic back stories…. Intricately interwoven plots and subplots, propulsive twists and a neat finale…A Slow Fire Burning is a deliciously easy psycho drama to hungrily tear through.” Evening Standard

      “An entertaining murder mystery slash character study.” —PureWow

      “Expect another tense, suspenseful and wholly surprising thriller. Yes, it’s grisly, but it’s the perfect holiday read: you won’t be able to put it down. Three women are united by a brutal murder. With twists at every turn, it’s a race to find out who was at the wrong place at the wrong time—and who is willing to kill.” The Irish News

      “From the first sentence to the last, this explosive, startling novel grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go.” —Kate Mosse

      “Gripping and intriguing, I loved every moment.” —S J Watson

      “Dark and disturbing, this twisted story with its cast of damaged characters builds to a brilliant conclusion. This one will stay with you for a long time.” —Shari Lapena

      “Paula Hawkins at her best.” —Renee Knight

      “A nuanced picture of the female psyche…. A cleverly crafted whodunit beginning with a brutal killing, A Slow Fire Burning revolves around an interconnected cast of damaged individuals…. Satisfyingly, Hawkins’ new characters refuse to be intimidated by authority, finding ways to be resourceful and aggressive instead of becoming compliant.” —The Conversation

      “Be prepared for flawed and unreliable narrators that will keep you guessing until the last pages. It’s a book that manipulates the reader’s sympathies, underlining how easily we can be convinced of a character’s innocence or guilt based on flimsy premises. This is a cerebral mystery that will pull you in and leave you thinking about it long after you’re done reading.” —BookRiot

      “An unflinching look at the damage sparked by grief, loss and betrayal—and the revenge and retribution that ensues. Compelling and intricately plotted, it was its flawed and utterly credible women, and the warmth and wit of their irreverent voices, that I loved the most.” —Sarah Vaughan, author of Anatomy of a Scandal

      “A new Paula Hawkins novel is always a cause for celebration. Her books have all the pleasing twists of the noir genre while at the same time having something to say that feels real and complex and true—her women characters feel like someone you actually know.” —Louise Doughty, author of Apple Tree Yard

      A Slow Fire Burning is a hugely gripping, character-based thriller, with great writing and brilliant twists. Highly recommended.” —John Boyne, author of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
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    9780385689878 Hardcover FICTION / Coming of Age On Sale Date:September 07, 2021
    $34.95 CAD 6.5 x 9.6 x 1.37 in | 1.76 lb | 464 pages Carton Quantity:12 Bond Street Books
    • Marketing Copy

      From the author of the PEN/Faulkner winning debut novel Preparation for the Next Life—a searing, tender, haunting story about fathers and sons, sons and mothers, and a young boy’s struggle to become a man.

      Corey Goltz is fifteen years old when his mother, Gloria, is diagnosed with ALS. Estranged from his father, and increasingly responsible for meeting both his mother’s needs and his own, Corey is determined to be the hero Gloria needs—at any cost.

      But when his father Leonard re-enters the picture, Corey’s beliefs—about honour and love, duty and devotion, and the uses and misuses of power—are sorely tested. Charismatic and cruel, Leonard is a man of outsize influence and dubious moral character, a man whose neglect of his wife and son amounts to a kind of barbarism. The closer Corey gets to understanding his father’s role in their family, the closer he comes to unmasking a violence that is beyond even his worst imaginings.

      Set against the backdrop of a small town in Massachusetts in the early 2000s, where the working-class world collides with the professional and academic worlds of nearby Boston and Cambridge, The War for Gloria tells the story of a young man straddling childhood and adulthood, whose yearning to protect his mother requires him to dismantle the myth of—and possibly destroy—his father. A gripping, indelible work from a fearless new voice in American fiction.
      ATTICUS LISH is the author of Preparation for the Next Life, which won the 2015 Pen/Faulkner Award for Fiction and the 2016 Grand Prix de Littérature Américaine. He lives in Kentucky.

      Author Residence: Louisville, Kentucky
      Marketing & Promotion
        Author Social Media: Twitter: @AtticusLish
    • Awards & Reviews

      A Publishers Weekly Top 10 Book of 2021
      Named one of the best books of 2021 by Amazon Kirkus Reviews • The New York Times Book Review

      “A deeply immersive novel.”The Washington Post

      “Profoundly affecting…From [The War for Gloria’s] hypnotic opening pages, we find ourselves in the sure hands of a roaming omniscient narrator, one who knows intimately the beating hearts of its two central characters…. Lish’s substantial gifts, first shown in his acclaimed debut novel, Preparation for the Next Life, are in abundant display here and throughout this gorgeously written book—his ability to render urban landscapes, the weather and its subtle effects on the emotions of his characters, the textural experience of poverty and class stratification in our early-21st-century America, physical labor, as well as physical and psychic violence. All of this is captured by a passionate narrative voice that has clearly been around, one that intimately knows not only the rigors of confined combat in a cage fight but also the bruised and hungry heart of a woman yearning to fulfill her potential before she dies. But at the core of The War for Gloria is the unforgettable character of Corey, a young man who is left to care for his dying mother alone, a boy who is hurled into the hard streets to find his solitary way. With this, only his second novel, Lish has not only created a work of enduring art, he has distinguished himself as one of our finest writers.” —Andre Dubus III, The New York Times Book Review

      “[The War for Gloria] is coming-of-age fiction in extremis, where the characters are pushed, by disease, cruelty or punishing self-discipline, to the ’internal limit’ of their physical endurance, and the reader is dragged well beyond safe emotional boundaries as well. The poise of Mr. Lish’s writing makes this bleak story so dangerously absorbing. Gloria’s inexorable degeneration from ALS is charted with devastating care and observational finesse…. This is a far fuller novel than I can indicate here. It’s interested in masculinity, father figures and the possibility of decency in a world ’with no rules except those that good people managed to enforce on their own.’…The powerfully ambiguous ending brings to a fitting close a remarkable portrait of a sensitive boy forced into a life of hardness and violence.” The Wall Street Journal

      “With staccato prose and razor-sharp descriptions of working-class Boston, PEN/Faulkner Award-winner Lish excels at storytelling. The descriptions of Gloria’s struggle with ALS and Corey’s role as caregiver are nothing short of brilliant…[The War for Gloria] is powered by remarkable empathy and humanity.” Booklist (starred review)

      “Atticus Lish’s second novel, The War for Gloria, is, by and large, a monster—solemn, punishing, kinetic, in easy contact with dark areas of the psyche, and yet heartbreaking in its portrait of a mother and son facing her mortal illness. It more than pays off on the promise of his first novel…. It may be the first great mixed martial arts—cage fighting—novel…. Powerful, intelligent, brooding and most of all convincing; it earns its emotions.”The New York Times

      “An ambitious book with a lot to say about family loyalty and love…peopled with well-drawn characters who live in precarious economic circumstances…. Lish is a sensational literary craftsman, using the words in his toolbelt to construct narrative that is at once coolly dispassionate and red hot with emotion…. I will be thinking about The War For Gloria for a long time. The book opens a disturbing window into a teenager’s losing battle to save his mother, our broken healthcare system, the power that humans have to inflict harm on one another, and one boy’s efforts to save not only his mother, but himself.” —NPR

      The War for Gloria begins as a poignant narrative about confronting mortality and the fragility of life and evolves into a taut, mesmerizing thriller. Vividly realized and researched.” —BuzzFeed

      “Unflinching and heartbreaking…Lish imbues the male characters’ varied pitches of toxic masculinity with great sadness, smoothing the edges off their macho posturing, and he writes with devastating empathy of Gloria’s highs and lows. This is a tremendous achievement.” Publishers Weekly (starred review)

      “Lish renders each character and relationship with specificity and kindness.” Literary Hub

      “Fascinating. …Lish’s writing…displays a virtuosic level of detail…. [He] has a great lyrical talent…. What a strange genius, this author, of a novel full of such tenderness and violence, such oedipal love and oedipal rage.” Harper’s Magazine

      The War For Gloria is a force, an epic coming-of-age tale filled with pain, heartache, fear, and undying love. When you think the story might turn one direction, it turns another. But what remains steadfast throughout is Corey’s devotion to his mother, his guttural need to do all he can to protect her…. Lish has crafted a compelling tale filled with complex and at times, frightening characters that will keep you intrigued.” —Associated Press News

      “Confident and humble, this is a once-in-a-decade triumph.” —Publishers Weekly

      “Brutally devastating…. The War for Gloria is an unrepentantly American novel—a big, unwieldy beast about the white working class, the travails of masculinity, Boston, and the ever-present ghosts of the past…. Lish [is] the kind of writer who doesn’t just put his characters through the wringer but slowly and methodically destroys them, makes clear that this is a novel not of quiet epiphany and triumph but of American devastation.” Washington Examiner
  • 6
    catalogue cover
    Snow Country Sebastian Faulks
    9780385687331 Hardcover FICTION / Historical On Sale Date:September 07, 2021
    $36.00 CAD 6.25 x 9.27 x 1.16 in | 1.25 lb | 368 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y Bond Street Books
    • Marketing Copy

      The spectacular, sweeping new novel from the internationally acclaimed author of Birdsong and Human Traces.

      Looking back to the Vienna of Klimt and Freud and forward to the shadow that is starting to fall over Europe, Sebastian Faulks’s new novel is an intensely personal story that focuses on Lena, a spirited girl born with nothing, and Anton, a man of passion and self-doubt.

      Lena was born with nothing but her own strength of character to an alcoholic mother in a small town in southern Austria in 1906. Anton is the restless son of a bourgeois family who sets out to make his fortune in pre-First World War Vienna. Their lives become fatally entwined at the Schloss Seeblick in 1933, with Europe precariously placed between two wars.

      This novel looks at yearning and desire, at memories true and false, and at how the most private moments of our lives are shaped by the invisible forces of history. Thematically complex, it is held together by a narrative that drives to an unforgettable ending.

      Story Locale: Austria
      SEBASTIAN FAULKS worked as a journalist for fourteen years before taking up writing full-time in 1991. In 1995, he was voted Author of the Year by the British Book Awards for Birdsong. His other books include Paris Echo, Where My Heart Used to Beat, Human Traces, On Green Dolphin Street, Charlotte Gray, The Fatal Englishman, The Girl at the Lion d’Or, Engleby and the James Bond novel Devil May Care. He lives in London with his wife and three children.

      Author Residence: London, UK

      Author Hometown: Donnington, Berkshire, UK
      Marketing & Promotion
        Author Website: www.sebastianfaulks.com

        Author Social Media: Twitter: @SebastianFaulks
    • Awards & Reviews

      Longlisted for the 2022 Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction

      "A fine and profoundly intelligent novel, written by an author who balances big ideas with human emotion. Wistful, yearning and wise." —Elizabeth Day

      "Faulks has returned to the terrain of Human Traces, geographically and thematically, with his new novel, Snow Country, the second in a planned Austrian trilogy that spans the first half of the 20th century and the reshaping of Europe through war. . . . The narrative moves between corresponding states of foreboding and reflection, rarely looking directly at the great war itself. . . . Through the gradual convergence of his characters' lives, Faulks powerfully evokes the mood of a continent that still has not processed its collective trauma, even as the threat of another looms. . . . In Snow Country, Faulks has created a richly melancholic novel of ideas that celebrates the pity, the comedy and the beauty of our brief lives." —The Guardian

      "Snow Country is a sprawling novel that ebbs and flows through decades as two deeply sensitive people find each other, lose each other, find others and lose others. . . . Among the tangled minutiae of human connection, Faulks laces the political and social upheaval of Europe in the first 30 years of the last century. The scope of this is remarkable; characters' lives play out in immense detail while retaining the observational quality Faulks has perfected rather than crossing over into mundane exposition. . . . Faulks has the rare ability to hold the human experience taut on the line, ready for inspection, examining each gleaming scale until veering towards the hypnotic. . . . Its own unique and expansive love story, ambling through decades." —The Irish Times

      "Beautifully written, shot through with a sense of the frailty of love that is at times reminiscent of William Faulkner's The Wild Palms. . . . [A] superb novel, a love story of enormous emotional weight and a portrait of Europe torn apart, and preparing to rend itself once again." —The Spectator (Australia)

      "Faulks's most poignant love story yet." —Antony Beevor, author of Stalingrad

      "Flawless prose. Snow Country's pensive wandering expresses mental resilience and wistful yearning in a love story that struggles to bloom in the lugubrious period between two world wars." —Independent

      "A yearning, wistful, lovelorn novel, intent on exploring the price of being human." —Sunday Times

      "Faulks on his best form." —Telegraph

      "Fascinating. . . . impeccably researched." —The Times

      "A magnificent, moving novel." —Independent

      "A tale of love—lost and found—and the strength of the human spirit." —Sunday Telegraph
  • 7
    catalogue cover
    Harlem Shuffle A Novel Colson Whitehead
    9780385693998 Hardcover FICTION / Historical On Sale Date:September 14, 2021
    $36.00 CAD 6.51 x 9.56 x 1.25 in | 1.39 lb | 336 pages Carton Quantity:12 Bond Street Books
    • Marketing Copy


      From two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning author Colson Whitehead, a gloriously entertaining novel of heists, shakedowns and rip-offs set in Harlem in the 1960s.

      “Ray Carney was only slightly bent when it came to being crooked….”

      To his customers and neighbours on 125th street, Carney is an upstanding salesman of reasonably priced furniture, making a life for himself and his family. He and his wife Elizabeth are expecting their second child, and if her parents on Striver’s Row don’t approve of him or their cramped apartment across from the subway tracks, it’s still home.

      Few people know he descends from a line of uptown hoods and crooks, and that his façade of normalcy has more than a few cracks in it. Cracks that are getting bigger and bigger all the time. See, cash is tight, especially with all those installment-plan sofas, so if his cousin Freddie occasionally drops off the odd ring or necklace at the furniture store, Ray doesn’t see the need to ask where it comes from. He knows a discreet jeweller downtown who also doesn’t ask questions. Then Freddie falls in with a crew who plans to rob the Hotel Theresa—the “Waldorf of Harlem”—and volunteers Ray’s services as the fence. The heist doesn’t go as planned; they rarely do, after all. Now Ray has to cater to a new clientele, one made up of shady cops on the take, vicious minions of the local crime lord and numerous other Harlem lowlifes.

      Thus begins the internal tussle between Ray the striver and Ray the crook. As Ray navigates this double life, he starts to see the truth about who actually pulls the strings in Harlem. Can Ray avoid getting killed, save his cousin and grab his share of the big score, all while maintaining his reputation as the go-to source for all your quality home furniture needs?

      Harlem Shuffle is driven by an ingeniously intricate plot that plays out in a beautifully recreated Harlem of the early 1960s. It’s a family saga masquerading as a crime novel, a hilarious morality play, a social novel about race and power, and ultimately a love letter to Harlem. But mostly, it’s a joy to read, another dazzling novel from the Pulitzer Prize- and National Book Award-winning Colson Whitehead.

      Story Locale: Harlem, NY
      COLSON WHITEHEAD is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of ten works of fiction and nonfiction, and is a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, for The Nickel Boys and The Underground Railroad, which also won the National Book Award. A recipient of MacArthur and Guggenheim fellowships, he lives in New York City.

      Author Residence: New York, NY
      Marketing & Promotion
        Author Website: www.colsonwhitehead.com

        Author Social Media: Twitter: @colsonwhitehead
    • Awards & Reviews

      Kirkus Prize for Fiction 2021, Short-listed
      NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work 2022, Short-listed
      National Book Critics Circle Awards 2021, Short-listed


      NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF 2021 by Publishers Weekly Kirkus Reviews • The Globe and Mail Washington Post • The New York Times Book Review • The Guardian • Slate • Boston Globe Financial Times • NPR Daily Mail Town & Country Barnes and Noble • Amazon Oprah Daily

      Harlem Shuffle brings Whitehead’s unwavering eloquence to a mix of city history, niche hangouts, racial stratification, high hopes and low individuals. All of these are somehow worked into a rich, wild book that could pass for genre fiction. It’s much more, but the entertainment value alone should ensure it the same kind of popular success that greeted his last two novels, The Underground Railroad and The Nickel Boys. It reads like a book whose author thoroughly enjoyed what he was doing…. A steady, suspenseful churn of events… Harlem Shuffle has dialogue that crackles, a final third that nearly explodes, hangouts that invite even if they’re Chock Full o’ Nuts and characters you won’t forget even if they don’t stick around for more than a few pages.” —Janet Maslin, The New York Times

      “Whitehead adds another genre to an ever-diversifying portfolio with his first crime novel, and it’s a corker…. Whitehead delivers a portrait of Harlem in the early ’60s, culminating with the Harlem Riot of 1964, that is brushed with lovingly etched detail and features a wonderful panoply of characters who spring to full-bodied life, blending joy, humor, and tragedy. A triumph on every level…. Whitehead seems destined for more honors with [this] novel.” Booklist (starred review)

      “The best of the best of any year, Whitehead takes us to a Harlem on the verge of social change that no one, as yet, sees coming. The dialogue snaps and crackles and the images flow like, in Whitehead’s own words, ’black molasses.’ There’s hope for a sequel but this one stands on its own.” —The Globe and Mail

      “Whitehead’s latest showcases yet more of his range as a storyteller, as Harlem Shuffle follows a 1960s furniture salesman leading a double life of crime. What ensues is part heist novel and part family drama, all set against the backdrop of Harlem, which the author captures in rich, visceral prose.” TIME

      Harlem Shuffle is a spectacularly pleasurable read, and while it is, of course, literary, it’s also a pure, unapologetic crime-fiction page-turner.” Los Angeles Times

      “A master of genre-hopping, Whitehead tackles crime fiction in this compelling read about how people justify becoming criminals. Like his recent novels, Whitehead takes a setting in Black America and fully develops it into its own character, in this case, 1960s Harlem…. [Whitehead’s] gift of bringing historical African American settings to life is a consistent theme, and this one is well worth reading.” BuzzFeed

      “Whitehead’s writing is snappy and forceful, moving the plot along at a pace that will keep the reader furiously turning the pages…. At once a crime novel and a family saga, Harlem Shuffle is a love letter to Harlem and the larger-than-life characters who inhabit it.” —Vulture

      “Two-time Pulitzer winner Whitehead returns with a sizzling heist novel set in civil rights–era Harlem…. It’s a superlative story, but the most impressive achievement is Whitehead’s loving depiction of a Harlem 60 years gone…which lands as detailed and vivid as Joyce’s Dublin. Don’t be surprised if this one wins Whitehead another major award.” Publishers Weekly (starred review)

      “[A] loving homage to noir fiction and nostalgic look at the city that never sleeps…. Harlem Shuffle is a wildly entertaining romp. But as you might expect with this two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and MacArthur genius, Whitehead also delivers a devastating, historically grounded indictment of the separate and unequal lives of Blacks and whites in mid-20th century New York…. Twisty…[with] countless beautifully written, erudite passages.” —Associated Press

      “A powerful tale of a man’s love for his family and the neighborhood where he lives. And the man at the center of that tale is a devastatingly enjoyable character who has a true gift for words—if not always the smartest actions…. Vividly cinematic…. Colson Whitehead has a couple of Pulitzers under his belt, along with several other awards celebrating his outstanding novels. Harlem Shuffle is a suspenseful crime thriller that’s sure to add to the tally—it’s a fabulous novel you must read.” —NPR

      “A cool, funny, slyly elegant genre outing that deftly weaves in weightier themes around the edges of a story about crooks and schemers in mid-20th-century New York.” Slate

      “A tale of 1960s New York gangsters, rendered with superbly observed, affectionate, page-turning brio…. Whether in high literary form or entertaining, page-turner mode, the man is simply incapable of writing a bad book…. Whitehead capably fulfils the genre’s expectations while gently parodying them…. Set 60 years ago, the novel nonetheless has a number of parallels to our time…. Whitehead makes it easy for us to live in that period and place, so well rendered is his Harlem.” —Ian Williams, author of Disorientation: Being Black in the World, for The Guardian

      “The crime caper Harlem Shuffle is a much calmer, shiftier and warmer book; a book that luxuriates in the seedy spaces of late night…. Yet this book too is driven by a serious historical purpose, showing us the micro-changes in the landscape of Harlem and the prospects of Black Americans in the North in the 1960s…. Had I not known Whitehead was a talented shape-shifter, I—as an outsider to Harlem— would have believed he had only ever written about this setting…. Whitehead’s research in Harlem Shuffle feels richly integrated with the story; he knows the people of Harlem in the 1960s; and the people are just that: real people…. An American master.” —Karan Mahajan, The New York Times

      ”A warm, involving novel that reveals gradual changes in Harlem, in New York City and in the protagonist himself…. In his eminently enjoyable new novel, Mr. Whitehead’s various powers have attained something like equilibrium. The humor and flashes of the old-word wizardry are there, as is the philosophical subtext; race…is woven inextricably into the background, like subtle but affective film music; and we are made to care about, and root for, the main character.“ The Wall Street Journal

      ”This most eclectic of contemporary masters never repeats himself, and his new novel is as audacious, ingenious, and spellbinding as any of his previous period pieces…. Readers will be captivated by a Dickensian array of colorful, idiosyncratic characters, from itchy-fingered gangsters to working-class women with a low threshold for male folly. What’s even more impressive is Whitehead’s densely layered, intricately woven rendering of New York City in the Kennedy era, a time filled with both the bright promise of greater economic opportunity and looming despair due to the growing heroin plague.“ Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

      ”Wildly entertaining…. Whitehead also delivers a devastating, historically grounded indictment of the separate and unequal lives of Blacks and whites in mid-20th century New York.“Daily Mail

      ”Colson Whitehead is perhaps our most protean novelist, shape-shifting with each book, a jack of all trades and master of all. His enthralling, cinematic new work, Harlem Shuffle, capers away from the weightiness of The Underground Railroad and The Nickel Boys, both winners of the Pulitzer Prize; here he tweaks a simple heist story to limn enduring conflicts of race and class…. Whitehead’s evocation of early 1960s Harlem—strewn with double-crosses and double standards, broken glass and broken dreams—is irresistible…. While a valentine to a time and place, Harlem Shuffle brilliantly tackles the daunting challenges of any American era.“StarTribune

      Harlem Shuffle is something of a retreat from the seriousness of [The Underground Railroad and The Nickel Boys]. Set in the early 1960s, it’s an homage to the era’s hard-boiled crime writers like Chester Himes, Donald Westlake and Elmore Leonard…. Whitehead, as ever, has a photographic eye for the particulars of the city and its moment in time…. The story flies when it focuses on Carney’s split personality. He’s both an engrossing character and a compelling allegory for the ways a city—and country—are divided yet interlaced.“ USA Today

      ”Set against a backdrop of the 1964 Harlem race riots, looting, gentrification, and corrupt Black capitalists, Harlem Shuffle is a story about property and the vexed relationship that African Americans have with it. Indeed, what is theft for a people who were themselves once property, and for whom their very freedom was the ultimate heist?…The murky distinction between legality and illegality sits at the core of Harlem Shuffle…. Whitehead employ[s] crime fiction subversively, using the genre against itself to expose the hypocrisies of the justice system, the false moral dictates set by capitalism, and the very fact that America itself was born of a theft that we are all complicit in.“ The Atlantic

      ”A dazzling trip back in time from a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner who never stops reinventing himself…. Whitehead’s Harlem pulses with a vibrant heartbeat…. In this page-turning novel about how good people come to justify lives of crime, a master storyteller delivers beautifully rendered people and places.“ Esquire

      ”The prose glistens most dazzlingly…. The conviviality of Harlem, brimming with life and sin of all kinds, produces characters who are almost too human—that is, complex and contradictory in the most mundane but familiar ways.“ Bookforum

      ”A brilliant crime novel that doubles as a meditation on the nature of Black geography…. So careful is Whitehead’s mapping that the novel could double as a script for a walking tour of Harlem, a move that is certainly a nod to the neighbourhood’s long status as a destination for white voyeurs…. The brilliance of Harlem Shuffle is the way it yanks readers down from the top of the tour bus, away from the high-gloss clubs and cabarets that lured visitors uptown, and onto the sweltering pavement…. Whitehead leaves us with the notion that to map Harlem is to follow the perpetually changing routes of its makers and takers.“ Financial Times

      ”With Harlem Shuffle, Whitehead makes his foray into crime fiction, to transportive effect…. A meticulous researcher, Whitehead re-creates the Harlem of the late 1950s and early 1960s through sights and sounds, including the music of the era and calls for justice during the 1964 riot…. What most grounds the novel in its setting, perhaps more than the rich historical details, are the characters: Harlem natives and transplants; strivers and schemers; the straight and the crooked…. It is, in many ways, a very American story.“ AV Club

      ”Like Dante leading us through the levels of hell, Whitehead presents the reader with the levels of rottenness in early to mid-1960s New York City…. Harlem Shuffle is yet another Colson Whitehead masterpiece.“ BookPage

      ”[Harlem Shuffle] brings the Black community of the 1960s to life with insight, grace, research, an outstanding cast of characters, and humor that is by turns gritty, culturally observant and wickedly funny…. A powerful must-read.“ —NPR

      ”Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning author Colson Whitehead returns with a book that solidifies his mastery in a new genre: the crime novel. It’s lighter and funnier fare than Whitehead’s most recent novels…but it’s also a nimble exploration of class, identity and family.“ —TIME

      ”One of the best storytellers out there flexes new muscles in this perfect blend of noir and humor that’s full of hilarious dialogue and engaging plot twists." —The Boston Globe
  • 8
    catalogue cover
    Permanent Astonishment Growing Up Cree in the Land of Snow and Sky Tomson Highway Canada
    9780385696203 Hardcover BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs On Sale Date:September 28, 2021
    $32.95 CAD 6.25 x 9.29 x 1.13 in | 1.2 lb | 344 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y Doubleday Canada
    • Marketing Copy


      Capricious, big-hearted, joyful: an epic memoir from one of Canada’s most acclaimed Indigenous writers and performers

      Tomson Highway was born in a snowbank on an island in the sub-Arctic, the eleventh of twelve children in a nomadic, caribou-hunting Cree family. Growing up in a land of ten thousand lakes and islands, Tomson relished being pulled by dogsled beneath a night sky alive with stars, sucking the juices from roasted muskrat tails, and singing country music songs with his impossibly beautiful older sister and her teenaged friends. Surrounded by the love of his family and the vast, mesmerizing landscape they called home, his was in many ways an idyllic far-north childhood. But five of Tomson’s siblings died in childhood, and Balazee and Joe Highway, who loved their surviving children profoundly, wanted their two youngest sons, Tomson and Rene, to enjoy opportunities as big as the world. And so when Tomson was six, he was flown south by float plane to attend a residential school. A year later Rene joined him to begin the rest of their education. In 1990 Rene Highway, a world-renowned dancer, died of an AIDS-related illness. Permanent Astonishment: Growing Up in the Land of Snow and Sky is Tomson’s extravagant embrace of his younger brother’s final words: “Don’t mourn me, be joyful.” His memoir offers insights, both hilarious and profound, into the Cree experience of culture, conquest, and survival.

      TOMSON HIGHWAY is best known for the plays The Rez Sisters and Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing, as well as the bestselling novel Kiss of the Fur Queen. He divides his year between Gatineau, Quebec, and Naples, Italy.

      Author Residence: Northern Ontario (near Sudbury) and Gatineau, QC

      Author Hometown: Northern Manitoba
      Marketing & Promotion
        Author Website: www.tomsonhighway.com
    • Awards & Reviews

      OLA Evergreen Award 2022, Nominated

      Named one of the best books of 2021 by The Globe and Mail • Winnipeg Free Press • CBC

      "Mesmerizing." The Globe and Mail

      "Exquisitely written and both hilarious and painful, Permanent Astonishment is a testament to the power of culture, language, family and the land." Winnipeg Free Press

      "Permanent Astonishment is a mesmerizing story rich in detail about growing up in a Cree-speaking family in Northern Manitoba and later in a residential school. Highway’s writing delights in tales of eating muskrat tails, speaking Cree (and learning English), preparing for a Christmas concert, and listening to Hank Snow on a transistor radio. While unstinting about the abuse he and others suffered, Highway makes a bold personal choice to accentuate the wondrousness of his school years resulting in a book that shines with the foundational sparks of adolescence: innocence, fear, and amazement." —2021 Hilary Weston Writers' Trust Prize for Nonfiction jury

      "Brilliant, funny, beautiful . . . Permanent Astonishment is a stirring, powerful account of finding joy on the upper side of hardship and beauty in both darkness and light. Recounted in musical English prose inflected with Cree words and concepts, it's a vision of a vanished world and a keen insight into one of Canada's most important writers." Quill and Quire, starred review

      "Tomson Highway is one of Canada's most masterful magicians when it comes to literary prose. . . . The Cree writer and playwright from Brochet, Manitoba, conjures and evokes emotions like no other. . . . The land, language and culture weave throughout his storytelling of his formative years. . . . Permanent Astonishment is many things, as much of Highway's writing tends to be. But the most impactful is that it is a road map to what matters—a moment of pause for any of us who languish in existential angst." Winnipeg Free Press

      "Permanent Astonishment propels itself wholeheartedly toward joy, whether it's the joy of the Cree language, the naughty nicknames for friends and rivals, the white-sand beaches of Reindeer Lake, of dances and school sporting events, of escaping harrowing near tragedies. . . . [Highway] write[s] with so much beautiful detail about the world that [he] was born into." —Xtra
  • 9
    catalogue cover
    All Over the Map Rambles and Ruminations from the Canadian Road Ron James Canada
    9780385671132 Hardcover HUMOR / Topic On Sale Date:September 28, 2021
    $29.95 CAD 6.23 x 9.27 x 1 in | 1.09 lb | 296 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y Doubleday Canada
    • Marketing Copy

      Canada’s most verbally virtuosic comic makes his literary debut—and he’s just as richly, uproariously funny on the page as on stage.

      His legion of fans—the ones who ensure his every show the length and breadth of Canada is sold out—recognize Ron James as one of the great stand-ups of his generation. His seemingly improvisational flights of fancy—no two shows are ever the same—are crammed with inventive phrase-making, feature a vocabulary Donald Trump could only fantasize about and put every word into the service of uproarious comedy.

      He sounds like a man born to write a great book—and now at last he has. But this is a book he has been writing for most of his life, in his head, in his car, while driving from gig to gig.

      In All Over the Map, Ron has brilliantly captured the voice that has enthralled millions on stage and screen. He also lets up a little on the usually relentless laughs (though there are still plenty of those) to reveal a new dimension to his beloved showbiz character. His hilarious reminsences of growing up in Nova Scotia and his early struggles as an aspiring comic, his reveries on such topics as family, country, celebrity and lessons learned from myriad chance encounters will deepen our appreciation for this great comic and win him many new fans in his new role as author.

      Story Locale: Throughout Canada
      Born to the 1958 Cape Breton coal town road of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, and primarily raised in Halifax, RON JAMES moved to Toronto after graduating from Acadia University with a BA in History. Once in Toronto, he joined the premiere breeding ground of North American comedy, the Second City.

      In 1990 he and his young family moved to Los Angeles at the behest of the Imagine Entertainment production company when he was cast in the syndicated series My Talk Show. After that series was cancelled he chased the sitcom grail for three years but mostly was unemployed and slowly going broke. Upon his return to Toronto in 1993 he chronicled that LA sojourn in his critically acclaimed one-man show Up and Down in Shaky Town: One Man’s Journey Through the California Dream. This experience moved him into the world of stand-up comedy.

      After five years spent honing his act in the Toronto club scene, Ron was invited to launch the premiere season of CTV’s Comedy Network, when Shaky Town was given its own ninety-minute special. The next several years saw him voted Comedian of the Year at the Canadian Comedy Awards, appear half a dozen times at Just for Laughs, the Halifax and Winnipeg Comedy Festivals, Edinburgh Festival, and star in the first television series of his own creation, Blackfly, which ran for two seasons on Global.

      Blackfly ended and Ron hit the road…hard! When Montreal’s internationally renowned comedy festival Just for Laughs commissioned a one-man show, The Road Between My Ears was born and in 2003 became the first of a record-breaking nine one-hour specials on CBC that fast became a New Year’s Eve viewing tradition, annually seen by 1.4 million Canadians. For five year Ron also had a CBC series, The Ron James Show.

      Ron is the proud recipient of an honorary Doctorate in the Humanities from Acadia University. He splits his time between Toronto and Nova Scotia.

      Author Residence: Toronto, ON

      Author Hometown: Glace Bay and Halifax, NS
      Marketing & Promotion
        Marketing: Pre-pub—

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        Event advertising where necessary

        Focus of Penguin Random House Canada and Doubleday Canada social media accounts and newsletters

        Publicity: Author tour for media and events, leveraging his Fall stand-up tour

        National and local television, including CTV Your Morning, etalk, ET Canada, Global Morning, Breakfast Television, CP24 Breakfast, CTV Comedy

        National print, online and radio media

        Interview opportunities with key syndicated outlets including Postmedia, Canadian Press

        Regional media tied to tour

        Author Website: www.ronjames.ca

        Author Social Media: Facebook: @RonJamesComedy; Twitter: @TheRonJamesShow; Instagram: @ramblinronjames
    • Awards & Reviews


      “In these times of anxiety and social combat over COVID-19, laughter is closer to medicine than merriment, and All Over The Map provides plenty…. While the rants and wisecracks are still there in spades, quite a few of his words on paper are kindly and persuasive, and you feel at home with him. He’s a good writer.”Winnipeg Free Press

      “One thing Ron James has always been is a writer. And the journals he kept along the way helped him write his new book, All Over the Map. The book is full of Ron’s encounters with memorable strangers from the road as well as his childhood growing up in Nova Scotia. And I mentioned his use of language? It is jaw-dropping.” —Tom Power, q, CBC

      “Ron James offers a hilarious tour through some of the unfunny realities of life as a Canadian comedian—enough to make a grown-up laugh and cry, cringe and think.” —Linden MacIntyre

      “This book is more than just another funny memoir. It’s an eloquent and beautiful tribute to this great country ours and the wonderful people who populate, written by one of Canada’s greatest comedians. Hilarious, poignant and perceptive, the stories will stay with you long after your laughter has subsided. Read slowly. You’ll miss it when it’s gone.” —Mark Critch

      “A virtuosic piece of brilliantly spun storytelling. Wonderfully entertaining.” Ottawa Life Magazine

      Praise for Ron James:

      “Insightful, clever and witty.” Toronto Star

      “A master comedian with a distinctly Canadian viewpoint.” St. John’s Telegram

      “A high wire act of hilarity.”Edmonton Journal

      “A virtuoso comedic performance.” The Globe and Mail

      “Scarcely time to breath between helpless fits of laughter.” Chronicle Herald
  • 10
    catalogue cover
    The Audacity Katherine Ryan Canada
    9780385696838 Hardcover HUMOR / Form On Sale Date:September 28, 2021
    $32.95 CAD 6.24 x 9.26 x 1.19 in | 1.24 lb | 336 pages Carton Quantity:12 Doubleday Canada
    • Marketing Copy

      From the star of the hit Netflix series The Duchess comes a brilliantly funny, fiercely honest, and dangerously astute handbook of life instruction.

      “I’ve come to accept that being audacious is a gift I can’t escape.”

      People “know” my on-stage comedy persona or my scripted ballsy characters and wrongly assume that I must stomp around all day in designer dresses eviscerating those who dare to cross my path. But mostly, I’m just sat eating pickles and being nice to some dogs. 

      Whatever strangers think of me is fine with me. How audacious is that? I can always take a joke, I don’t waste time worrying about things I can’t control. I embrace the reality that you just can’t please everyone, so you might as well put yourself out there and have a laugh. As my mother always said, “Katherine, if we all liked the same thing, we’d all be married to your father.” 

      I’m often asked how I developed my lurid level of courage and assurance and for tips on how others can match. The Audacity is my chance to share my blueprint for just that. You will learn:

      • How To Be the Most Popular Girl in School

      • How to Waste All Your Money on Designer Dogs

      • How To Attract Toxic Men… AND Keep Them Interested!

      And so much more…

      Secrets are my favourite things to be told and I figured I’d better tell a few juicy ones myself, too. Why not? No matter what I do, there will always be something about me that reads as simply, outrageously audacious.

      Story Locale: Canada and UK
      Katherine Ryan is an award-winning comedian, writer, presenter and actress. Born and raised in Canada, she has lived in the UK since 2008.

      Katherine created, starred in, wrote and produced the Netflix sitcom The Duchess. Her two Netflix stand-up specials, Glitter Room and In Trouble, were also critically acclaimed.

      A stalwart on all major UK panel shows, Katherine has also been a judge on Roast Battle and The Fix, and hosted Your Face or Mine? and, most recently, All That Glitters for the BBC.

      Katherine’s unique stand-up shows sell out across the world, with her new tour, MISSUS, beginning in autumn 2021. She is also the host of Telling Everybody Everything, her podcast which goes straight to the top of the charts every week.

      Author Residence: United Kingdom

      Author Hometown: Sarnia, ON
      Marketing & Promotion
        Author Social Media: Twitter and Instagram: @kathbum
    • Awards & Reviews

      Named a best book of 2021 by the Financial Times and The Times

      “Wildly readable…. Tremendous.” —The Times (UK)

      “Frank and funny…. A laugh-out-loud read packed full of warmth.” —Red

      “Insightful…with unwavering honesty and hilarious observations. A thoroughly enjoyable read that sparkles with wit, warmth and wisdom.” —Woman’s Own

      “A fearless origin story that shows women how to be absolutely fucking awesome at all times. Having Katherine Ryan as the new voice in your head might well be the next stage in women’s evolution. If she can’t be your best friend, this book is the next best option.” —Caitlin Moran

      “Outrageously brilliant! Katherine’s straight-talking, no-nonsense book is the honesty we all need. I’m buying this for all my friends.” —Laura Whitmore

      “Like Katherine, this book is witty as hell, sharp as a razor and yet still sensitive, insightful and kind.” —Tom Allen

      “Massively recommend…. I laughed, cried a little and ended up feeling proud to be a strange, small-town sister.” —Scarlett Moffatt

      “Katherine is one of the smartest, funniest voices in comedy…an icon of our time. This book is absolutely hilarious, deeply insightful and truly original. You will love and devour The Audacity.” —Lou Sanders

      “Like Katherine Ryan herself, The Audacity is hilarious, sharp and brilliantly honest.” —Josh Widdicombe

      “I am in love with Katherine’s writing. The Audacity is exhilarating—fierce, funny and brilliantly written, but there is so much tenderness, honesty and generosity too. I loved every joke but was also deeply moved by its frankness, and the story of contemporary womanhood. It’s a book I want to give to every woman I love.” —Daisy Buchanan

      “There is nothing more powerful and dick-shrivelling than an audaciously liberated woman living her truth. If there was a North Star for uncompromising confidence, it would be Katherine. This book feels like a hilarious and comforting hug from your best friend.” —Grace Campbell

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