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    catalogue cover
    Green Glass Ghosts Rae Spoon Canada, Gem Hall Canada
    9781551528380 Paperback YOUNG ADULT FICTION / LGBTQ+ Age (years) from 14 Publication Date:May 04, 2021
    $19.95 CAD 6 x 8 x 0.6 in | 340 gr | 256 pages Carton Quantity:30 Canadian Rights: Y Arsenal Pulp Press
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      From writer and musician Rae Spoon: a rollicking yet introspective young adult adventure about screwing up, finding yourself, and forging a new life on your own.

      At age nineteen in the year 2000, the queer narrator of Green Glass Ghosts steps off a bus on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver, a city where the faceless condo towers of the wealthy loom over the streets to of the east side where folks are just trying to get by, against the deceptively beautiful backdrop of snow-capped mountains and sparkling ocean.

      Armed with only their guitar and their voice, our hopeful hero arrives on the West Coast at the beginning of the new millennium and on the cusp of adulthood, fleeing a traumatic childhood in an unsafe family plagued by religious extremism, mental health crises, and abuse in a conservative city not known for accepting difference. They're eager to build a better life among like-minded folks, and before they know it, they've got a job, an apartment, openly non-binary friends, and a new queer love, dancing, busking, and making out in bars, parks, art spaces, and apartments. But their search for belonging and stability is disrupted by excessive drinking, jealousy, and painful memories of the past, distracting the protagonist from their ultimate goal of playing live music and spurring them to an emotional crisis. If they can't learn to care for themselves, how will they ever find true connection and community?

      The haunting illustrations by Gem Hall conjure the moody, misty urban landscape and represent a deep collaboration with the author based on their shared experience of seeking safety, authenticity, and acceptance on the West Coast. Green Glass Ghosts is an evocation of that delicate, aching moment between youth and adulthood when we are trying, and often failing, to become the person we dream ourselves to be.


      Rae Spoon is a non-binary musician, producer, and author from Treaty 7 (Calgary) living on Lekwungen territory (Victoria). Rae is the author of the Lambda Literary Award finalist First Spring Grass Fire (2012), and co-author (with Ivan Coyote) of Gender Failure (2014). Rae was awarded a Dayne Ogilvie Prize Honour of Distinction by the Writers' Trust of Canada. They are the subject of a National Film Board documentary entitled My Prairie Home (2013), which screened at film festivals internationally, including the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. They have released ten albums for which they have been nominated for two Polaris Prizes and a Western Canada Music award. They are the founder of Coax Records, dedicated to work by marginalized musicians traditionally underrepresented in the music industry.

      Gem Hall is an itinerant interdisciplinary artist of mixed Romani/British heritage currently based on Coast Salish lands. Gem is interested in creative work as a means of survival and language to express stories & songs of resilience, recovery, diaspora, and the magic of storytelling and witnessing. With a background in DIY/zine culture & queer and trans community organizing, they use illustration, textile work, writing, harp playing, tarot reading, and plant medicines to hold liminal spaces between worlds and ways of being.

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      Glass Ghosts is hopeful and raw in its honest depiction of how survivors experience and interface through their filters, the cautionary tale of 'medicine' becoming poison, how we sometimes need to be taught self-care, patiently by loving Others, those surrogate strangers, gently moving us toward trust, as we imperfectly seek stability on an ever-shifting coastline. -Imogen Di Sapia, associate member, European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC); writer/textile artist (The Selkie: Weaving and the Wild Feminine)

      Lonely and spectral and hopeful. A book about being young and queer. About trying to find community, create a home, and stay in the world despite old trauma and new harms in the places you seek safety. A tether for when you feel yourself floating away. -Jaime Burnet, musician (Sockfoot), writer (Crocuses Hatch from Snow)

      This book is wild and familiar, not unlike young queer lust, love, or existence. It perfectly encapsulates the balances between being wide-eyed and resourceful, running away and running to. Spoon and Hall clearly know that survival is a messy landscape, with as many hands pulling you down as there are lifting you up. Reading this book is being lifted up, a firm reminder of still being here. -Tara-Michelle Ziniuk, editor (THIS Magazine), writer (Whatever, Iceberg, Somewhere to Run From, Emergency Contact)

      Green Glass Ghosts chronicles the realities of queer protagonists navigating love, health, addiction, and healing in Vancouver on the cusp of the new millennium. The chaos in survival is documented by Rae Spoon's iconically poetic prose and illustrated by Gem Hall's bold yet haunting ink drawings. Green Glass Ghosts walks us through both the grit and camaraderie of underworld subcultures, with art and storytelling that doesn't alienate but encourages us to normalize our disarray. -Cristy Road Carrera, author of Next World Tarot, Spit and Passion, and Choked Up

      Rae Spoon and Gem Hall's Green Glass Ghosts documents a time that hasn't been written much about, and needs to be - a particular kind of working-class, queer/trans kid life in early 2000s Vancouver. Spoon and Hall craft a portrait of the many kinds of ghosts - of trauma, colonization, and displacement - in that place and time, and the messy, persisting dollar pizza-eating queer and trans kids trying to get by and make something different, even if we don't know how. Hall's artwork does a beautiful job of capturing this place and all the beings on both sides of the veil who inhabit this queer space of becoming. -Leah Piepzna-Samarasinha, author of Care Work and Dirty River

      Green Glass Ghosts is a compelling coming-of-age story that is so specific and yet so universal. Every queer and trans person will recognize themselves, their friends, someone they've known, loved, and lost in this novel. The collaboration between Gem Hall and Rae Spoon is tender, haunting, raw, honest, asking of us to not only look back at our past selves but also dream up different possibilities for our future. This is a book to hold in our hearts. -Kama La Mackerel, author of ZOM-FAM

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    Series: Untold Lives
    Driven The Secret Lives of Taxi Drivers Marcello Di Cintio Canada
    9781771963848 Paperback SOCIAL SCIENCE / Anthropology Publication Date:May 04, 2021
    $22.95 CAD 5.5 x 8.5 x 0.68 in | 340 gr | 280 pages Carton Quantity:24 Canadian Rights: Y Biblioasis
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      Shortlisted for the Bressani Literary Prize • A Globe and Mail Book of the Year • A CBC Books Best Canadian Nonfiction of 2021

      In conversations with drivers ranging from veterans of foreign wars to Indigenous women protecting one another, Di Cintio explores the borderland of the North American taxi.

      “The taxi,” writes Marcello Di Cintio, “is a border.” Occupying the space between public and private, a cab brings together people who might otherwise never have met—yet most of us sit in the back and stare at our phones. Nowhere else do people occupy such intimate quarters and share so little. In a series of interviews with drivers, their backgrounds ranging from the Iraqi National Guard, to the Westboro Baptist Church, to an arranged marriage that left one woman stranded in a foreign country with nothing but a suitcase, Driven seeks out those missed conversations, revealing the unknown stories that surround us.

      Travelling across borders of all kinds, from battlefields and occupied lands to midnight fares and Tim Hortons parking lots, Di Cintio chronicles the many journeys each driver made merely for the privilege to turn on their rooflight. Yet these lives aren’t defined by tragedy or frustration but by ingenuity and generosity, hope and indomitable hard work. From night school and sixteen-hour shifts to schemes for athletic careers and the secret Shakespeare of Dylan’s lyrics, Di Cintio’s subjects share the passions and triumphs that drive them.

      Like the people encountered in its pages, Driven is an unexpected delight, and that most wondrous of all things: a book that will change the way you see the world around you. A paean to the power of personality and perseverance, it’s a compassionate and joyful tribute to the men and women who take us where we want to go.


      Marcello Di Cintio is the author of four books, including Walls: Travels Along the Barricades and Pay No Heed to the Rockets: Palestine in the Present Tense, both winners of the W. O. Mitchell City of Calgary Book Prize. His magazine writing has appeared in appeared in publications such as The International New York Times, The Walrus, Canadian Geographic, and Afar. Di Cintio has served as a writer-in-residence at the Calgary Public Library, the University of Calgary, and the Palestine Writing Workshop, and he teaches nonfiction writing at the annual WordsWorth youth writing residency.

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        • Excerpts in ChatelaineToronto Star, Globe and Mail, The Walrus

    • Awards & Reviews


      Praise for Driven

      “No big event kicks Driven into gear. Nobody is a celebrity. There is no specific wrong to be righted, no particular injustice to be exposed. Indeed, Di Cintio consciously abjures the best-known tropes of cab driving ... Instead, he sticks to wanting to know about cab drivers, and this impulse—plain, old-fashioned inquisitiveness—is a journalistic force not to be underestimated … It takes up a subject so ordinary that you hardly notice it, but it becomes more interesting the closer you look. In fact, the closer you look, the more your view is not of a single subject at all but of an entire world.”Literary Review of Canada

      "A blend of reportage, social history, and personal profile, Driven is a triumph of curiosity and compassion."—The Walrus

      "In Driven: The Secret Lives of Taxi Drivers, Marcello Di Cintio takes the time and trouble to engage with a cross-Canada range of people representing a profession too often taken for granted. Most of them are immigrants; all of them are subject to scarcely conceivable challenges and obstacles, often exacerbated by the onset of Uber."—Montreal Gazette

      Driven is a collection of short essays laying out the backstory for an eclectic array of immigrant cabbies ... All of the characters are driven by an incredible work ethic, where 17-hour days are not uncommon ... If you have spent any time at all in cabs, chances are you will have met some of the character types in this easy-reading collection.”—Winnipeg Free Press

      "A varied, eclectic collection of stories from the frontlines of North America’s taxi industry, showcasing the indomitable hope of the people who literally keep our cities moving forward."Maclean's

      “A masterpiece of original sociological research, Driven: The Secret Lives of Taxi Drivers is an extraordinary and deftly presented series of perspectives. Unique, engaging, entertaining, inherently fascinating, thoughtful and thought-provoking.”—Midwest Book Review

      “Alongside Di Cintio we discover the magic behind these people and their stories, painting a picture of the often turbulent lives of these blue collar workers that are so often forgotten by society ... Di Cintio’s journalism skills are clearly evident in the rich descriptions and conversations he relays in these pages, but what makes his writing even better are the small asides he offers us when making personal observations about people, or poking fun at himself ... I was happily engaged from beginning to end.”—I’ve Read This

      "Driven is an engaging, impeccably investigated, character-driven work of narrative nonfiction, told with Di Cintio’s wonderful dark humour, keen empathy, and rich journalistic eye. The book is a searing testament to the power of untold stories, of people who exist in the margins, of hidden histories, as well as an examination of Canada’s immigration laws. Driven urges us to rethink the enduring toll on those individuals who labour for us and take us where we need to go. A truly fine blend of heart-break, guffaws, and research."—Lindsay Wong, author of The Woo-Woo and My Summer of Love and Misfortune

      "In these deeply researched and richly—often shockingly—detailed portraits of Canadian taxi drivers from all over the world, Di Cintio reveals, among other things, the heavy price exacted by getting here, and staying here. The funny, savage, and poignant stories in these pages give a fresh urgency to an old saying that all of us should remember the next time we get into a taxi: 'Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.'"—John Vaillant, author of The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival

      "An astonishing book about folks from all over, many of whom have been through total hell but have somehow made their way out ... You never know who's driving you. Each person contains multitudes."—Margaret Atwood on Twitter

      “Fascinating … Nuanced … In Driven, Di Cintio stayed in his own country and paid close attention to the men and women most of us take for granted. Most were immigrants. Many came from war-torn nations. Many were what Di Cintio calls ‘chess masters of their own lives,’ possessing a genius and ingenuity that few of us recognize.”—Calgary Herald

      Praise for Marcello Di Cintio

      "Di Cintio researches his subjects thoroughly, conducts in depth reporting, and writes with vigour and humility."—Kamal Al-Solaylee, Quill & Quire

      "Di Cintio weaves together history with a sense of place and infuses character with dialogue and humor ... masterful."—Selma Dabbagh, The Electronic Intifada

      "Illuminating reading from a highly engaged author."—Kirkus Reviews

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    catalogue cover
    Defending the Arctic Refuge A Photographer, an Indigenous Nation, and a Fight for Environmental Justice Finis Dunaway Canada
    9781469661100 Hardcover SCIENCE / Environmental Science Publication Date:May 17, 2021
    $44.95 CAD 6.12 x 9.25 x 1 in | 840 gr | 344 pages Carton Quantity:14 Canadian Rights: Y The University of North Carolina Press
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      Tucked away in the northeastern corner of Alaska is one of the most contested landscapes in all of North America: the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Considered sacred by Indigenous peoples in Alaska and Canada and treasured by environmentalists, the refuge provides life-sustaining habitat for caribou, polar bears, migratory birds, and other species. For decades, though, the fossil fuel industry and powerful politicians have sought to turn this unique ecosystem into an oil field. Defending the Arctic Refuge tells the improbable story of how the people fought back. At the center of the story is the unlikely figure of Lenny Kohm (1939–2014), a former jazz drummer and aspiring photographer who passionately committed himself to Arctic Refuge activism. With the aid of a trusty slide show, Kohm and representatives of the Gwich'in Nation traveled across the United States to mobilize grassroots opposition to oil drilling. From Indigenous villages north of the Arctic Circle to Capitol Hill and many places in between, this book shows how Kohm and Gwich'in leaders and environmental activists helped build a political movement that transformed the debate into a struggle for environmental justice.

      In its final weeks, the Trump administration fulfilled a long-sought dream of drilling proponents: leasing much of the Arctic Refuge coastal plain for fossil fuel development. Yet the fight to protect this place is certainly not over. Defending the Arctic Refuge traces the history of a movement that is alive today—and that will continue to galvanize diverse groups to safeguard this threatened land.

      Finis Dunaway is professor of history at Trent University.
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    • Awards & Reviews

      Inspirational reading for environmental crusaders of all walks of life."—Library Journal


      Dunaway . . . has written a terrific book that contributes to the history of environmental activism by focusing squarely on the grassroots. . . . The book's other significant contribution is its discussion of the sometimes powerful, other times fraught, alliances between Indigenous peoples and mainstream environmental groups that were almost always led by non-Indigenous whites."—H-Environment

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    catalogue cover
    Trans Pride A Coloring Book Fox Fisher
    9781787758223 Paperback GAMES & ACTIVITIES / Coloring Books Age (years) from 5 - 99 Publication Date:May 21, 2021
    $20.95 CAD 214 x 278 x 10 mm | 370 gr | 112 pages Carton Quantity:36 Canadian Rights: Y Jessica Kingsley Publishers
    • Marketing Copy

      Trans rights are human rights!

      This fun and beautifully illustrated coloring book is perfect for inspiring children aged 5+ to explore their creative expression and learn about the beauty and diversity of trans lives. With over 100 pages of positive transgender and non-binary representation, the book includes illustrations of key figures in trans history, gender flags, key terms, empowering statements, awareness days and humorous drawings of tigers, seahorses, bunnies and so much more!

      Designed by award-winning campaigner and artist, Fox Fisher, this book is a celebration of gender diversity and fluidity and will empower all children to be true to themselves, stand up for trans rights and let their imagination run wild!

      What you will find inside this book:

      • Black and white designs
      • Child-friendly with bold, age-appropriate pictures
      • Suitable for children aged 5+
      • Designs in various skill levels
      • A nice large format easy for children to use

      Fox Fisher is an award-winning artist, film-maker and prominent trans-rights campaigner. They are the co-founder of Trans Pride Brighton and the popular film project My Genderation and the co-author of the hugely successful Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?, Trans Teen Survival Guide and Trans Survival Workbook. Fox lives in Brighton with their partner, Owl, and their dog Solider.
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    • Awards & Reviews

      This colouring book is a delight, mixing images of inclusion and love in a practical and fun application which can be enjoyed across all age ranges. All too often at present, transgender and gender diverse children and young people see themselves portrayed in a negative light, this fun and engaging colouring book is a ray of light in a dark time.
      Super proud of what Fox has produced. Highlighting the story of Nemo is so important. This awesome colouring book is about sharing knowledge, feeling empowered, positivity, boldness, love & Trans pride, all this whilst having fun.

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