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    The Taste of Longing Ethel Mulvany and Her Starving Prisoners of War Cookbook Suzanne Evans Canada
    9781771134897 Paperback HISTORY / Military Publication Date:September 21, 2020
    $28.95 CAD 6 x 9 x 0.75 in | 523 gr | 306 pages Carton Quantity:11 Canadian Rights: Y Between the Lines
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      Half a world away from her home in Manitoulin Island, Ethel Mulvany is starving in Singapore’s infamous Changi Prison, along with hundreds of other women jailed there as POWs during the Second World War. They beat back pangs of hunger by playing decadent games of make-believe and writing down recipes filled with cream, raisins, chocolate, butter, cinnamon, ripe fruit – the unattainable ingredients of peacetime, of home, of memory.

      In this novelistic, immersive biography, Suzanne Evans presents a truly individual account of WWII through the eyes of Ethel – mercurial, enterprising, combative, stubborn, and wholly herself. The Taste of Longing follows Ethel through the fall of Singapore in 1942, the years of her internment, and beyond. As a prisoner, she devours dog biscuits and book spines, befriends spiders and smugglers, and endures torture and solitary confinement. As a free woman back in Canada, she fights to build a life for herself in the midst of trauma and burgeoning mental illness.

      Woven with vintage recipes and transcribed tape recordings, the story of Ethel and her fantastical POW Cookbook is a testament to the often-overlooked strength of women in wartime. It’s a story of the unbreakable power of imagination, generosity, and pure heart.


      Dr. Suzanne Evans holds a PhD in Religious Studies. After working, studying, and living in China, Indonesia, India, and Vietnam, she now lives and writes in Ottawa. She is the author of Mothers of Heroes, Mothers of Martyrs: World War I and the Politics of Grief. Her writing, which has appeared in academic and literary journals, newspapers, magazines, and books, has a strong focus on women and war.

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    • Awards & Reviews

      Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award - Biography (Adult Nonfiction) 2020, Winner
      Taste Canada Award, Culinary Narratives 2021, Winner
      Ottawa Book Award, English Non-Fiction 2021, Winner

      Suzanne Evans’s important and compelling account of a gifted and courageous Manitoulin Island woman who wanted to make a difference is a page-turner. With sensitivity, craft, and imagination, Evans significantly expands our understanding of Canadian women’s contributions to our history.

      The book takes the reader on a vivid journey, following Ethel Mulvany from Manitoulin Island to the prison camp at Changi, Singapore, and back again. Evans combines meticulous research with a very readable writing style to create a sweeping narrative that touches on food history, the history of mental illness and its treatment, and the experiences of civilians and POWs during the Second World War.

      I loved every minute of The Taste of Longing. Evans has captured Ethel, and put her in context, not shirking (or misunderstanding!) those complex aspects of her character that both pushed her to greatness, but also ultimately caused her so much suffering at times. This is an “I-can’t-put-it-down” book, an historical biography that reads like a novel—an ordinary life made extraordinary through circumstance and an inordinate amount of courage.

      "Suzanne Evans brings a novelist’s eye and an historian’s diligence to the story of Ethel Mulvany, a small-town girl with audacious ambitions and boundless confidence who embarks on?a?quixotic tour of the Asian Pacific on the brink of WWII. Amid the perils of war, she proves a courageous and clever survivor, enduring imprisonment, starvation and torture during the war, and a creative and resourceful entrepreneur and benefactor in the life she rebuilds for herself in Canada after her liberation.?In Suzanne Evans’ hands,?Mulvany’s story?becomes?moving, inspiring and unforgettable."

      “As gripping as a novel, The Taste of Longing is infused with Suzanne Evans’ keen sense of psychology and language. Its plot is made all the more riveting by the historical facts of the deprivation of the prisoners of war in Changi Prison. Ethel was a remarkable and fearless woman. This vivid biography is also a uniquely female history, infused with nourishment no less important for being imaginary.”

      This is a story of hardship, cruelty, and disease—but also of endurance, indomitability, and friendship. Centred around a remarkable cookbook, Evans vividly recounts Ethel’s resilience and commemoration of the war that marked her for life.

      This is a story about an unusual woman in an unbearable situation. Evans has delved deep and written with great sympathy about the long drama of picking up the pieces of a broken life.

      A fascinating story that begs to be told. Ethel directs the voyage of her life from her anchor, rural Manitoulin Island, to Changi Prison, where her energy and creativity did much to sustain the bodies and spirits of the some 400 women and children interned there. Among her projects were imaginary teas and dinner parties, fashion shows and quilts, and most poignant of all, a cookbook of remembered recipes the women longed for.

      Ethel’s experiences are harrowing and sad, triumphant yet lonely, mesmerizing and horrific. In this page-turner, the sisterhood and traitors of the POW camp resonate off the page, with the added culinary delights and comfort foods of the afternoon teas of Changi Prison.

      The stories of what women contribute, suffer, and carry in wartime are rarely told. With original research and an elegant style, Evans allows us to see Ethel, to realize the price many women pay in conflicts, and to appreciate their resilience and grace. Such remarkable stories of Canadian women need to be told.

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    Flat Out Delicious Your Definitive Guide to Saskatchewan’s Food Artisans Jenn Sharp Canada, Richard Marjan Canada
    9781771513043 Paperback TRAVEL / Canada On Sale Date:April 28, 2020
    $25.00 CAD 5.5 x 8.5 x 1 in | 1 gr | 352 pages Carton Quantity:20 Canadian Rights: Y TouchWood Editions
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      Shortlisted for a 2021 Taste Canada Award and four 2021 Saskatchewan Book Awards

      A robust and inspiring travel companion for both local and visiting food-lovers alike that reveals the stories, inspiration, and friendly faces of the people who craft great food in Saskatchewan.

      From the province’s southern grain fields to its northern boreal forests, from its city markets to its small-town diners, Saskatchewan is the humble heartland of some of the nation’s most delicious food.

      Author Jenn Sharp and photographer Richard Marjan spent four months travelling Saskatchewan, chatting at market stalls, in kitchens, bottling sheds, and stockrooms. Flat Out Delicious is the culmination of interviews with small-scale farmers and city gardeners, beekeepers and chocolatiers, ranchers, chefs, and winemakers. Together they tell the story of Saskatchewan’s unique food systems.

      The journey is organized into seven regions (including a chapter each for restaurant hotbeds Regina and Saskatoon), with essays that delve deeper—into traditional Indigenous moose hunts, wild rice farming in the remote north, and berry picking in the south. There are profiles of over 150 artisans, along with detailed maps, travel tips, and stunning photography, making the book the ideal companion for a road trip that involves plenty of stopping to eat along the way.

      You’ll meet a lettuce-grower who left a career in the city, and the small-town grad who worked his way up in the Saskatoon restaurant world; couples who are the first in their families to raise livestock, alongside new generations maintaining century-old operations. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or are Saskatchewan born and bred, prepare to be surprised by the abundance of personalities and culinary experiences to be found here in the land of living skies.


      Jenn Sharp is a writer based in Saskatoon. She was a features writer, columnist, and editor at the Saskatoon StarPhoenix for five years. Today, her Flat Out Food column runs in the StarPhoenix and the Regina Leader-Post. She's a regular contributor to CBC Saskatchewan and Eat North. Her work has appeared in the Globe and Mail and numerous other Canadian publications.

      Richard Marjan first picked up a camera when he was ten and has loved everything about taking pictures ever since. After thirty-five years as a photojournalist at the Saskatoon StarPhoenix, he's now retired and does occasional freelance photography. He's won several photography awards from the Canadian Press, and his work has appeared in Canadian Geographic, the New York Times, and the Globe and Mail.

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        • Baseline media outreach to Globe and Mail, Saskatoon StarPhoenix, Regina Leader-Post, Prairies North magazine, Price Albert Daily Herald, Moose Jaw Times-Herald, Davidson Leader, Western Producer, Flow Magazine, Industry West Magazine, WestJet Magazine, CBC’s The Morning Edition, CBC’s Saskatoon Morning, CBC’s Blue Sky, CBC’s The Afternoon Edition, CBC’s Saskatchewan Weekend, CTV Morning Live Saskatoon, CTV Morning Live Regina, Global Saskatoon Morning Show, Global Regina Morning Show
        • Festival submissions to Saskatchewan Festival of Words and Word on the Street Saskatoon
        • Direct marketing outreach to businesses, organizations, and artisans featured in the book
        Potential Endorsements from
        • Jennifer Cockrall-King, author of The Food Artisans of the Okanagan
        • Karen Anderson, co-author of The Food Artisans of Alberta
        • Renee Kohlman, author of All the Sweet Things
        • Dan Clapson, food critic / founder of Eat North
        • Twyla Campbell, food writer
        • Dee Hobsbawn-Smith, food writer
        • Noelle Chorney, food writer
        • Patricia Robertson, food writer
        • Tiffany Paulsen, City of Saskatoon city counsellor
        • Ashley Martin, columnist for the Regina Leader-Post reporter
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        • Regional and subject-specific print features, excerpts, review coverage, broadcast and television interviews
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        BISAC Codes:
        • TRV026120 TRAVEL / Special Interest / Culinary
        • TRV022000 TRAVEL / Food, Lodging & Transportation / Restaurants
        BISAC Regional Themes
        • Saskatchewan
        • Prairies
        BISAC Merchandising Themes
        • ET034 CULTURAL HERITAGE / Canadian
        • ET140 CULTURAL HERITAGE / Multicultural
        • ET150 CULTURAL HERITAGE / Native American
        THEMA Subject Codes
        • KNSB Food & drink service industries
        • KNSG Hospitality, leisure & tourism industries
        • WTHD Travel guides: food & drink regions
        • TV Agriculture & farming
        THEMA Place Qualifiers
        • 1KBC-CA-S Saskatchewan
        • 1QF-CA-P Canadian Prairies (AB, SK, MB)

    • Awards & Reviews

      "Discovering what makes Saskatchewan's culinary scene unique through Jenn Sharp's eyes is absolutely inspiring " —Dan Clapson, Eat North co-founder and The Globe and Mail Prairie Region restaurant critic

      "This book is going to surprise a lot of people. Saskatchewan’s culinary star has been quietly rising, and Jenn Sharp has captured the breadth and depth of its food artisans in this timely book." —Jennifer Cockrall-King, founder of the Okanagan Food and Wine Writers Workshop and award-winning author of Food Artisans of the Okanagan

      "SPIN farming’s pioneer Wally Satzewich, indigenous land-based healers, drive-through perogies and hipster chefs? Jenn Sharp’s making Saskatchewan’s food flat out famous." —Karen Anderson, president of Alberta Food Tours, Inc and award-winning author of Food Artisans of Alberta

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    Growing Under Cover Techniques for a More Productive, Weather-Resistant, Pest-Free Vegetable Garden Niki Jabbour Canada
    9781635861310 Paperback GARDENING / Techniques Publication Date:December 22, 2020
    $33.95 CAD 8.56 x 10.88 x 0.56 in | 1.12 lb | 216 pages Carton Quantity:20 Canadian Rights: Y Storey Publishing, LLC
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      Increasingly unpredictable weather patterns and pest infestations are challenging today’s vegetable gardeners. But best-selling author Niki Jabbour has a solution: Growing Under Cover. In this in-depth guide, Jabbour shows how to use small solutions like cloches, row covers, shade cloth, cold frames, and hoophouses, as well as larger protective structures like greenhouses and polytunnels, to create controlled growing spaces for vegetables to thrive. Photographed in her own super-productive garden, Jabbour highlights the many benefits of using protective covers to plant earlier, eliminate pests, and harvest a healthier, heartier bounty year round. With enthusiasm, inventive techniques, and proven, firsthand knowledge, this book provides invaluable advice from a popular and widely respected gardening authority.

      Niki Jabbour is the award-winning author of Growing Under CoverNiki Jabbours Veggie Garden Remix, The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener, and Groundbreaking Food Gardens. Her work is found in Fine Gardening, Garden Making, Birds & Blooms, Horticulture, and other publications, and she speaks widely on food gardening at events and shows across North America. She is the host and creator of The Weekend Gardener radio show. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and can be found online at nikijabbour.com. 

      Marketing & Promotion
        • Written by Niki Jabbour, the best-selling, awardwinning author of The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener (103,000 copies in print)
        • Provides essential information for extending the growing season, improving seed germination, and protecting plantings as unpredictable weather patterns increase
        • Presents growers in every region and climate a valuable approach to getting the most from the garden
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    • Awards & Reviews

      “Niki is who I repeatedly turn to for the nudge, and knowledge, to push the zone a little, stretch the season at either end, protect the plants, and get more, more, more from my efforts.”
      — Margaret Roach, author of A Way to Garden

      Growing Under Cover is my new favorite resource. It has all the knowledge you need to take the guesswork out of extending the season. Essential reading for learning how to use covers to extend the season, control pests naturally, and keep your garden growing strong.”
      — Joe Lamp’l, executive producer and host of Growing a Greener World

      “I can see Growing Under Cover becoming well-worn as it accompanies me throughout the garden in every season. I’m so excited to up my raised bed–garden game with Niki’s techniques and suggestions for materials — from preventing pests to overwintering crops — so I can enjoy fresh, healthy veggies all year long.”
      — Tara Nolan, author of Raised Bed Revolution

      Growing Under Cover is Niki Jabbour’s most beautiful book yet! It’s full of practical advice for any backyard food grower, from newbie to Jedi level, small yard to heavy-duty producer. Niki’s latest offering shares information that’s digestible to a gardener with any size plot while dropping a trail of aspirational breadcrumbs on how one could do more (and grow more!). This book is like getting smart, juicy gardening advice from a friend.”
      — Amanda Thomsen, author of Backyard Adventure and Kiss My Aster

      "[Jabbour] offers a helpful guide to creating enclosures for vegetable gardens, in order to 'grow more food for a longer period of time, grow higher-quality plants bothered by fewer pests and diseases, and mitigate the stresses caused by cold, heat, and extreme weather...' Her guidance will prove invaluable for vegetable gardeners determined to safeguard and prolong a robust harvest throughout the year."
      Publisher's Weekly
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    Peace by Chocolate The Hadhad Family’s Remarkable Journey from Syria to Canada Jon Tattrie Canada
    9781773101897 Paperback BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Business Publication Date:October 06, 2020
    $22.95 CAD 6 x 9 x 0.56 in | 257 gr | 216 pages Carton Quantity:38 Canadian Rights: Y Goose Lane Editions
    • Marketing Copy


      Finalist, Dartmouth Book Award for Non-Fiction, and Taste Canada Awards (Culinary Narratives)
      Nominated for 3 Gourmand Awards
      An Atlantic Bestseller
      A Hill Times Top 100 Selection

      February 2016. Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

      Tareq Hadhad was worried about his father: Isam did not know what to do with his life. Before the war began in Syria, Isam had run a chocolate company for over twenty years. But that life was gone now. The factory was destroyed, and he and his family had spent three years in limbo as refugees before coming to Canada. So, in an unfamiliar kitchen in a small town, Isam began to make chocolate again.

      This remarkable book tells the extraordinary story of the Hadhad family — Isam, his wife Shahnaz, and their sons and daughters — and the founding of the chocolatier, Peace by Chocolate. From the devastation of the Syrian civil war, through their life as refugees in Lebanon, to their arrival in a small town in Atlantic Canada, Peace by Chocolate is the story of one family. It is also the story of the people of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, and so many towns across Canada, who welcomed strangers and helped them face the challenges of settling in an unfamiliar land.

      Jon Tattrie is the author of seven books, including the Canadian bestseller The Hermit of Africville. He works as a journalist for CBC Nova Scotia.
      Marketing & Promotion
        National media relations, focusing on media interviews, essays, and features.
        National print and digital advertising
        Cross-Canada reading tour, including festivals, with events from coast to coast
        Social media campaign
    • Awards & Reviews

      Dartmouth Book Award for Non-Fiction 2021, Short-listed
      A <i>Hill Times</i> Top 100 Selection 2020, Short-listed
      Taste Canada Awards (Culinary Narratives) 2021, Short-listed
      Gourmand Award (Subject, Chocolate) 2022, Nominated
      Gourmand Award (Charity, North America Fun Raising) 2022, Nominated
      Gourmand Award (Charity, Peace) 2022, Nominated
      "Jon Tattrie expertly weaves the extraordinary story of the Hadhad family’s journey from Syria to Canada with a portrayal of the Antigonish community that came together to support them. Peace by Chocolate is a timely tale of triumph, a story about the gift of community and the power of determination, and one family’s passion for chocolate. We need more heartwarming stories like this, especially today."
      "A beautiful story of adversity, loss, love, and hope. This captivating read shows us the power and potential of vision, drive, and community through the incredible journey of the Hadhad family — truly inspiring."
      "An important, compassionate book, which everyone should read. It will change how you think about Syrian refugees. Peace by Chocolate will open your heart and mind and move you to reach out to people in need. This is a book about never losing hope."
      "I thought I knew about the Hadhad family’s journey, yet this book added depth and nuance to an already fascinating story. It encompasses the resilience of the Hadhads and the compassion and action of so many people – from the IRCC staff to the Antigonish community members who embraced the whole family."
      "Sad and sometimes harrowing, it is testament to the strength a loving family possesses, giving its members the endurance to overcome seemingly impossible odds."
      "Inspiring, uplifting, and essential reading for all."
      "A story that reminds us that even against enormous odds positive outcomes are possible and that remarkable things can be accomplished through hard work and perseverance."
      "I admit that when reading this, I had a few tears and felt so proud to be a Canadian!"
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    The Kitchen A journey through time-and the homes of Julia Child, Georgia O'Keeffe, Elvis Presley and many others-in search of the perfect design John Ota Canada
    9780525609896 Hardcover ARCHITECTURE / Interior Design On Sale Date:February 25, 2020
    $30.00 CAD 6.33 x 8.75 x 1.03 in | 1.05 lb | 336 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y Appetite by Random House
    • Marketing Copy

      One man’s quest to seek out—and be inspired by—the great historic kitchens of Canada and the USA.

      John Ota was a man on a mission—to put together the perfect kitchen. He and his wife had been making do with a room that was frankly no great advertisement for John’s architectural expertise. It just about did the job but for a room that’s supposed to be the beating heart of a home and a joy to cook in, the Otas’ left a lot to be desired. And so John set out on a quest across North America, exploring examples of excellent designs throughout history, to learn from them and apply their lessons to his own restoration. Along the way, he learned about the origins and evolution of the kitchen, its architecture and its appliances. He cooked, with expert instruction. And he learned too about the homes and their occupants, who range from pilgrims to President Thomas Jefferson, from turn of the century tenement dwellers to 21st century Vancouver idealists, from Julia Child to Georgia O’Keeffe, and from Elvis Presley to Louis Armstrong.

      John Ota has a refreshingly upbeat approach and a hunger for knowledge (and indeed for food). His energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and his insights of lasting value. Illustrated throughout, with photographs and also with drawings by the author, this is a book for homeowners, home makers, interior designers, cooks, armchair historians, and for anyone who—like John Ota before them—is looking for inspiration for a renovation.
      John Ota has been involved with architecture and design since 1978. He has written freelance articles for the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Azure Magazine, Canadian House and Home and Canadian Architect. He has worked in architecture offices in Toronto, New York and Vancouver and has degrees from the School of Architecture at Columbia University and the University of British Columbia.

      John has chaired the awards commitee of the Ontario Association of Architects. He has served as a Board Member on the Toronto Historical Board and has worked at the Ontario Ministry of Culture as the government lead on the Renaissance ROM project, the AGO Transformation project and the Revitalization of Ontario Place. In 2004, he was the lead curator on an exhibition called “Living Spaces, 21 contemporary Canadian houses” that toured Canada. John has acted as a guest critic at the Ryerson University School of Architecture and as an advisor to the Architecture Gallery at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto.

      Author Residence: Toronto

      Author Hometown: Toronto
      Marketing & Promotion
        Marketing: Paid and organic design influencers

        Targeted social ads

        Explore potential partnerships with Kitchen brands

        Leverage locations in books as partners

        Publicity: Tour cities: Toronto and Vancouver

        National review mailing

        Pitch for interview features and excerpts with national style, food and home media

        Pitch for in-person National broadcast media interviews and regionally based on tour cities

        Author Social Media: @johnotahome
    • Awards & Reviews

      “In The Kitchen, John Ota celebrates the room that is the heart of every home. As a designer dedicated to minimalism, Ota’s journey challenges him to rethink what’s important. From the warm memories of his mother’s lovingly chaotic cooking space to the premeditated clutter of Julia Child’s iconic kitchen, he digs deep to explore how our idea of the room has evolved; what it has been and what it will become. Impeccably researched and beautifully written, there is no other book I know of that is quite like it.” Bonnie Stern
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    catalogue cover
    Flavorbomb A Rogue Guide to Making Everything Taste Better Bob Blumer Canada
    9780525610892 Hardcover COOKING / Courses & Dishes On Sale Date:October 27, 2020
    $35.00 CAD 8.82 x 10.28 x 0.93 in | 2.71 lb | 272 pages Carton Quantity:10 Canadian Rights: Y Appetite by Random House
    • Marketing Copy

      GOLD WINNER 2021 - Taste Canada Awards - General Cookbooks

      If you live for wildly addictive, life-affirming taste sensations that knock you off your feet, but can’t figure out how to make them at home, you have just found your kindred cookbook spirit. Welcome to

      You keep a running list of restaurants you go to for your favorite flavorbombs—a vibrant, pungent Caesar salad, extra crispy garlic fries, or a spicy puttanesca pasta maybe. You might even be able to articulate exactly what it is about those dishes that you find so addictive. But when you try to reproduce the same flavors at home, you find yourself falling short. If any of the above sounds familiar, this book is for you.

      For the past 25 years Bob Blumer has eaten his way around the globe, traveling millions of miles in search of culinary adventures and inspiring foods for three TV series and six cookbooks. Along the way, he’s broken eight food-related Guinness World Records, competed in some of the most outrageous food competitions on the planet, cooked alongside countless amazing chefs, and sampled every local street food imaginable at ramshackle carts, hawker stalls, and night markets from Italy to India. These collective experiences have formed the backbone of Bob’s cooking in ways that culinary school can’t begin to teach. In Flavorbomb he channels everything he has gleaned into recipes and practical tips to help you you create bold, stimulating flavors, that will leave those you cook for in a state of bliss. Prepare to become a rock star in your own kitchen.

      The first half of the book is the real “money.” It’s full of tips, strategies, ingredients, techniques, and gear that will help you crack the code—and gain the confidence to take the leap on your own and turn any dish into a flavorbomb. We’re talking developing the courage to season with wild abandon, brown your food to within an inch of its life, double down on the ingredients that can increase the pleasure factor, and taste and adjust on the fly.

      The second half consists of 75 step-by-step recipes that use all the tricks in your arsenal to deliver the addictive, life-affirming dishes we all crave. And because Bob gets more excited by tacos than truffles, his outsider approach to creating addictive flavors won’t require you to buy frivolous top-shelf ingredients or use super-sophisticated techniques. Instead, every recipe starts by building the foundation, and then adding layers of flavors and textures at every step of the way. If there’s a hack or a simple trick that can save you time or up the ante—it’s in here. Every recipe was thoroughly tested and had to earn its place in the book.

      Get ready to cook like every bite is your last. Read Flavorbomb and your cooking will be forever changed!
      Gastronaut, author, artist and eight-time Guinness World Record holder BOB BLUMER is best known as the creator and host of Food Network’s award-winning shows Surreal Gourmet and Glutton for Punishment. In his six cookbooks and appearances around the globe, Bob transforms ordinary ingredients into wow-inspiring dishes. Bob is an ambassador for Second Harvest in Toronto, and Love Food, Hate Waste, a national zero-waste initiative. He lives in Los Angeles, with his wife, under the D of the Hollywood sign.

      Author Residence: Los Angeles, California, USA

      Author Hometown: Montreal, QC, Canada
      Marketing & Promotion

        Create a video trailer to tell the message of the book

        Step-by-step videos bringing together some of the techniques from the book

        Extensive influencer mailing to Appetite and Bob’s network of culinary influencers

        Digital advertising reaching our target audience

        Ongoing social posts on Bob and Appetite’s channels, focusing on key periods (release, pre-holiday)

        US Plans:

        Food sections of lifestyle magazines including O Magazine, Esquire, GQ, Details.

        Coverage in dailies food sections such as The New York Times, LA Times, SF Chronicle, USA Today; AP, United News Syndicate, and Reuters, etc.

        Target food sites such as Food52, theKitchn

        Media from LA including KTLA and Hallmark Channel

        Social advertising

        Publicity: US/Canada plans:

        Pitch for ongoing national broadcast segments (TV/radio) out of Toronto & LA

        Target key recipe excerpt placement in national print publications

        Author interview/Q&A in national lifestyle magazines

        Author interview/Q&A in major mens magazines

        Outreach to online lifestyle sites

        Tour 2-3 major markets in CA & US (potential for more based on partnership opportunities)

        LA dinner event with key media, retailers and influencers

    • Awards & Reviews

      Taste Canada Awards - General Cookbooks 2021, Winner
      "Bob Blumer was the first TV chef that I really identified with—I wouldn't be doing what I do now if he hadn't ridden around in an Airstream making food exciting—and I can't believe I can call him a friend. Nothing Bob creates is mundane or lacluster; he is a human love bomb and with Flavourbomb you can see into his world and make his creative, beautiful food! This book is the guide we all need now more than ever! You're truly lucky he's so giving."
      —Matty Matheson, chef and internet megastar

      "Before reading Flavourbomb, all I could make was an omelette."
      —Diplo, DJ/producer

      "Whether you're just beginning your journey in the kitchen, or are already an experienced cook, Flavourbomb will up your game. It is chock-full of useful information, insider tips, and all the tools you need to take your food to the next level. And, like Bob, it never takes itself too seriously."
      —Jason Priestley, actor, director and cooking enthusiast

      "Flavorbomb is full of boundless creativity, fresh ideas and intuitive advice for making the most of every minute you spend in your kitchen."
      —Mary Sue Milliken, chef and recipient of the Julia Child Award
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    catalogue cover
    Hawksworth The Cookbook David Hawksworth Canada, Jacob Richler, Stéphanie Nöel, Philip Howard
    9780525610090 Hardcover COOKING / Individual Chefs & Restaurants On Sale Date:October 13, 2020
    $45.00 CAD 8.27 x 11.23 x 1.08 in | 3.3 lb | 336 pages Carton Quantity:8 Canadian Rights: Y Appetite by Random House
    • Marketing Copy

      SILVER WINNER 2021 - Taste Canada Awards - General Cookbooks

      From acclaimed and multi award-winning Chef David Hawksworth comes a stunning collection of the exquisite recipes that brought him to the top of Canada’s culinary world.

      As a leader in contemporary Canadian cuisine, Chef Hawksworth’s restaurants, Hawksworth and Nightingale, have been fixtures of Vancouver’s dining scene for the past 10 years, aweing diners with the intricate, beautiful and refined dishes that have become synonymous with his name. In this book, he shares for the first time the artfully developed recipes that have brought him unparalelled success over the years, and challenges readers to recreate these dishes for an unforgettable dining experience.

      Hawksworth is a celebration of Chef Hawksworth’s career to date, with recipes ranging from his time training in London with Michelin-starred chefs, to Ouest, the first restaurant where he served as head chef, to opening his own fine dining restaurant. The book’s simpler and more casual recipes reflect the family-style dishes served at Nightingale and the casual fare of Bel Café (a downtown lunchtime go-to destination). The recipes included require varying levels of skill and time commitments, from weekday meals like Crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Pickled Ramps Ranch to show-stopping feats of culinary skill like Wagyu Beef Carpaccio with Piquillo Pepper, Parsley, and Beef Tendon. Casual foodies and adventurous cooks alike will find new culinary pleasures with Chef Hawksworth as their guide.
      CHEF DAVID HAWKSWORTH is widely regarded as one of North America’s greatest chefs. Born and raised in Vancouver, he spent a decade training at Michelin-starred restaurants in the UK, such as Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, L’Escargot, and The Square. He returned to Vancouver in 2000 and took his first Head Chef position at Ouest (later renamed West). In 2008 he became the youngest chef inducted into the BC Restaurant Hall of Fame. Chef Hawksworth opened his eponymous restaurant in 2011, at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. It was named 2012 and 2013 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant of the Year and Chef of the Year, followed by five consecutive wins for Best Upscale Dining, and was in enRoute magazine’s top three Best New Restaurants, and as Maclean’s magazine’s Restaurant of the Year. Chef Hawksworth opened his second restaurant, Nightintale, in 2013. He also operates two locations of Bel Café, Hawksworth Catering, the Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship Foundation, and an exclusive culinary partnership with Air Canada.

      Author Residence: Vancouver, B.C.

      Author Hometown: Vancouver, B.C.
      Marketing & Promotion
    • Awards & Reviews

      Taste Canada Awards - General Cookbooks 2021, Winner
      Praise for Hawksworth The Cookbook:
      “Chef Hawksworth has been a force in the Canadian culinary industry for over two decades. He is a leader in contemporary cuisine, always striving for perfection in his dishes, and pushing boundaries with unique Pacific Coast ingredients. This cookbook showcases his exceptional style, which has made his restaurants—Hawksworth and Nightingale—foundations of Vancouver’s dining scene. The incredible dishes in this book reflect his hands-on approach, and the many years of dedication to his craft.” —CHEF MARK MCEWAN

      “I have been a fan of Chef David Hawksworth’s precise French school-style, and Pacific Northwest ingredient-driven cuisine for over 20 years. This book is an incredible tool, full of secrets and techniques, for all cooks to up their game—at home and at work. Well played.” —CHEF DAVID MCMILLAN, JOE BEEF RESTAURANT GROUP

      "I set out to find the [recipes that are] walks in the park, and I think they’re here ... But honestly, you don’t buy a book like Hawksworth for those recipes alone. You buy it to marvel at dishes like Symphony of the Sea, which begins with a brunoise confetti and is topped with a swirl of scallops, halibut, salmon, prawns, and oysters. Or you flip through it just to contemplate making fruit gels, pastry shards, and something called crispy vanilla milk for any of the book’s various ambitious desserts. Does anyone do this stuff at home? I have no idea. Even if not, it sure is fun to imagine giving it a go.”—Epicurious

      "This is a book that will give you the opportunity to kick up your culinary repertoire."—BC Living

      Praise for David Hawksworth:

      "Chef Hawksworth's cooking techniques are of the finest pedigree, never deployed for flash and attention but only to achieve the best result."—Nuvo

      "David Hawksworth's compositions are playful, artistically colourful, and feature bold flavours, along with an increasing--nearly Asian--preoccupation with texture and mouth feel."—Maclean's

      Praise for Hawksworth restaurant:
      "Reaffirming itself as one of the city’s elite rooms is Hawksworth, where David Hawksworth and executive chef Quinton Bennett are likewise turning out ingredient-driven treatises on locavorism in the most elegant room in town, usually packed with the city’s who’s who."—Vancouver Magazine
  • 8
    catalogue cover
    Diala's Kitchen Plant-Forward and Pescatarian Recipes Inspired by Home and Travel Diala Canelo Canada
    9780735234932 Hardcover COOKING / Regional & Ethnic On Sale Date:August 04, 2020
    $38.00 CAD 7.93 x 10.92 x 1.15 in | 2.66 lb | 296 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y Penguin Canada
    • Marketing Copy

      Food and travel writer Diala Canelo shares 100 healthy, vegetable-forward recipes inspired by her international travel.

      On any given day, you’ll find Diala Canelo travelling around the world, walking the streets of her favourite cities—including Barcelona, Paris, Melbourne, Mexico City, Florence, and Santo Domingo, where she grew up near the sea—places that inspire her flavourful and nourishing cooking. Influenced by local flavours, fresh ingredients, and a passion for healthy meals made from scratch, Diala’s recipes embrace the beauty in simply prepared, vegetable-forward, pescatarian-friendly cooking.

      Diala’s Kitchen is a collection of bold and flavourful recipes inspired by home and travel, with stunning food and photography from afar, that food-lovers will want to cook and enjoy with family and friends. With over 100 recipes including Salmon Tacos with Chipotle Crema, Blackened Fish with Creamy Yucca Fries, Wild Mushrooms Over Creamy Polenta with Mascarpone, Coconut Flan, Salted Caramel and Vanilla Pots de Crème, and Caramelized Banana and Cinnamon Loaf, Diala will take you to all the corners of the world and animate your kitchen with lively flavours.
      DIALA CANELO is the recipe creator and writer of Diala’s Kitchen, a food and travel blog where she shares recipes inspired by her trips around the world. She grew up near the sea in Dominican Republic, and later moved to Canada where she fell in love with all things cooking and baking. She graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Mexico City, where she obtained a Grand Diploma in pastry and bread making. Her diverse travel experiences as a flight attendant have given her the chance to taste food from many different cultures and share her gorgegous photography. Diala has been featured on Food52, The Feed Feed, and Flare magazine. She lives near Toronto, Canada with her daughters, Isabella and Gabriela, her partner, Warren, and their two pets, Oliver and Blue.

      Author Residence: Grimsby, Ontario

      Author Hometown: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
      Marketing & Promotion
        Marketing: Instagram advertising

        Influencer mailing

        Social support to amplify media tour

        US Plans: 

        Longlead targets include Good Housekeeping, O Magazine, Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, and Real Simple

        Review mailing to outlets such as Food52, The Kitchn, Design Sponge, Cup of Jo, and The Splendid Table

        Online Marketing Campaign targeting plant forward consumers 

        Influencer mailing targeting foodies and culinary travelers

        Publicity: Pitch for national TV interviews

        Extensive interview and feature coverage in lifestyle magazines

        Outreach to lifestyle sites

        Select feature/interview coverage in print newspapers

        Potential to tour based on author’s existing partnerships

        Indie bookstore visits and signings

        Indigo bookstore visits and signings

    • Awards & Reviews

      Taste Canada Awards - General Cookbooks 2021, Short-listed
      “Diala's food philosophy is one I love: eat seasonally, listen to your body, and celebrate the sense of community that comes from sharing good food. Her gorgeous new book features an array of accessible, jaw-dropping recipes inspired by international travel, from creative lunches to decadent desserts. Diala's Kitchen brings flavors from around the world into your kitchen, encouraging you to share delicious, wholesome meals with the people around you.”
      —Jeanine Donofrio, author of Love & Lemons Every Day and The Love & Lemons Cookbook

      “You can sense that Diala's heart is focused on family, tradition, and true connection—all lovingly built over time and countless meals. Her recipes are exactly the thing for bringing all of your people together: comforting, abundant, well balanced, and beautifully woven together with the vivid experiences of her travels. This is truly intuitive eating with an equal reverence for pleasure and nourishment. Diala's Kitchen will inspire you to cook, travel, and to gather friends around the table more often.”
      —Laura Wright, author of The First Mess Cookbook

      “Prepare for Diala Canelo to take you around the world on a mouthwatering adventure with her plant-forward recipes that are both modern and timeless. Part travel diary, part culinary memoir, Diala’s Kitchen is brimming with healthy yet indulgent food that I want to eat every day.”
      —Hetty McKinnon, food writer and award-winning and bestselling author of Community, Neighbourhood, and Family

      “With equal enthusiasm and sincerity, Diala pulls from a repertoire informed by a broad worldview partnered with an earnest concern for well-being and sustainability. Her balanced approach celebrates the indulgent—including her famous Sunday Waffles—as well as the vibrant and feel-good, with her undeniable voice coming through on every page.”
      —Tara O'Brady, food writer and author of Seven Spoons

      “Warm and delightful just like Diala, this book takes you around the world and back to her kitchen where she recreates a splendid assortment of dishes inspired by her travels.”
      —Nik Sharma, author of the James Beard-nominated cookbook Season: Big Flavors, Beautiful Food

      “A burst of colour and flavour is what we crave from summer’s bounty. The plant-forward and pescatarian fare in Diala’s Kitchen by blogger Diala Canelo deliver, and are easy to prep, leaving you time to savour the season.”
      Style at Home

      “For vegetarians and pescatarian inspiration, look to Toronto cookbook author Diala Canelo.”
      House & Home

      “[Diala’s Kitchen] features 100 drool-worth and easy recipes suitable for dinner parties, casual meals and awesome lunches . . . the Passionfruit Vodka martini recipe is sassy and delicious, too.”
      —The Northern News
  • 9
    catalogue cover
    Mandy's Gourmet Salads Recipes for Lettuce and Life Mandy Wolfe Canada, Rebecca Wolfe Canada, Meredith Erickson
    9780525610472 Hardcover COOKING / Courses & Dishes On Sale Date:July 07, 2020
    $35.00 CAD 8.52 x 10.79 x 0.9 in | 2.65 lb | 256 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y Appetite by Random House
    • Marketing Copy


      #1 BESTSELLING COOKBOOK! An overwhelmingly gorgeous cookbook ideal for summer living, packed with simple and delicious recipes for salads and more!

      There’s nothing a Mandy’s salad can’t fix. Want an explosion of color, texture, flavor and fabulousness? Look no further. Inside the pages of this stunning cookbook (and the Mandy’s restaurants it’s named after) lies everything you need to take your salad game from a meh-maybe, to wooooah, baby!!

      Mandy’s gourmet salads are a jewel of Montreal’s (jam-packed) food scene. What started as a 3ft counter at the back of Mimi & Coco clothing store is now an 8 location success story, with ongoing expansion in every direction. Behind Mandy’s are the irresistable Wolfe sisters, Mandy and Rebecca. Mandy is in charge of menu inspiration and creation; Rebecca leads the design of all their restaurant locations. More is more is the mantra for both: more colour, more texture, more vibrancy, more life!

      In Mandy’s Gourmet Salads, Mandy and Rebecca talk you through how to create their coveted salads at home, including easy prep steps for essential ingredients, how to mix their famous dressings, and how to combine flavours and textures to create a salad masterpiece. Also inside are recipes for Mandy’s nutritious, filling and fantastic grain bowls (for those who want a bit more sustenance) as well as chapters dedicated to smoothies and sweets (sharing Mandy’s famous chocolate chip cookie recipe for the first time…). Perfectly timed for fresh summer living, Mandy’s Gourmet Salads is a feast, for the eyes as well as the tastebuds!

      MANDY and REBECCA WOLFE are the founders and creative minds behind Mandy’s. Mandy is the company’s creative food director and head chef, while Rebecca works as the brand manager and designs each of the restaurant locations. Together they founded the charity The Welcome Collective, an organization that welcomes asylum seekers to Canada. Both live in Montreal: Rebecca in Westmount with her husband and three children, and Mandy in Little Burgundy with her husband and four kids.

      MEREDITH ERICKSON is the co-author of the bestselling Joe Beef cookbooks, among many others. Her first solo cookbook, Alpine Cooking, is published in Fall 2019. Her work has appeared in publications including The New York Times, Elle, Saveur, Monocle and Lucky Peach.

      Author Residence: Montreal, Canada

      Author Hometown: Montreal, Canada
      Marketing & Promotion
        Marketing: Book announcement + cover reveal on social

        Pre-order campaign

        Book trailer

        In store collateral - postcards, posters, other swag

        Influencer mailings with salad dressing, great packaging

        Owned channel social promotion

        Facebook ads

        Instagram ads (from their account)

        US Plans: 

        Target parenting media including magazines and websites for review and excerpts

        Influencer campaign

        Facebook promotion

        Publicity: Tour cities: Montreal and Toronto

        National review mailing

        Pitch for interview features and excerpts with food media

        Pitch for in-person food segments with national broadcast media and regional media based on tour cities

        Montreal launch event at on-sale leveraging the authors’ restaurant

        Author Website: www.mandys.ca

        Author Social Media: Instagram: @mandysalads (30k), @ericksonmeredith (3k) Twitter: @MandysSalads
    • Awards & Reviews

      "The Montreal salad shop’s first cookbook isn’t just about how to artfully compose the perfect salad: it’s the story of two sisters and a shared love of good food." — Chatelaine

      “With brightly coloured photos of greens, bowls and sweets practically popping off the pages, Mandy’s Gourmet Salads will inspire summer picnics, BBQs and much more.” — HELLO!

  • 10
    catalogue cover
    9781419747489 Hardcover COOKING / Individual Chefs & Restaurants On Sale Date:September 29, 2020
    $40.00 CAD 203.2 x 254 x 33.66 mm | 2.99 lb | 368 pages Carton Quantity:8 Canadian Rights: Y Abrams
    • Marketing Copy

      Chef Matty Matheson follows up his New York Times bestseller with an even bigger book that is all about quality home cooking.

      Matty returns with 135 of his absolute favorite recipes to cook at home for his family and friends, so you can cook them for the people you love. Home Style Cookery is his definitive guide to mastering your kitchen, covering everything from pantry staples (breads, stocks, and pickles) to party favorites (dips, fried foods, and grilled meats), to weeknight go-tos (stews, pastas, salads), and special occasion show-stoppers (roasts, smoked meats, and desserts). It starts with basics like Molasses Bread in an Apple Juice Can, Beef and Bone Marrow Stock, Kitchen Sink Salad, Thanksgiving Stuffing Butternut Squash, and the tallest Seven-Layer Dip you have ever seen. Next it covers comforting recipes like Littleneck Clam Orecchiette, Pho Ga, Sichuan Newfoundland Cod, Double Beef Patty Melt with Gruyere and Molasses Bread, and Matty’s take on the ultimate Submarine sandwich. And it closes with bangers like Fish Sticks with Kewpie Tartar Sauce, Salt Crust Leg of Lamb and Yukon Golds with Creamed Spinach, Texas-Style Prime Rib, T-bone Steak and Fine Herb Chimichurri, and Lobster Thermidor with Bearnaise and Salt and Vinegar Chips. It even has desserts like his wife Trish’s Chocolate Chip Cookies and Creme Caramel.

      In Home Style Cookery, Matty shares his bold style of cooking. Along with beautiful photographs of Matty’s dishes and his farm, this book is filled with signature recipes that are equal parts approachable and tasty. Matty’s first book shared his culinary story, Home Style Cookery will help you build yours.
      Matty Matheson is the funniest and most illustrious person on YouTube, the host of Viceland’s It’s Suppertime! and Dead Set on Life, the father of three bundles of joy, the greatest husband to the greatest wife in the world, and a chef phenom. He is the author of the New York Times bestselling book Matty Matheson: A Cookbook.
      Marketing & Promotion

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