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    catalogue cover
    Cloud Cuckoo Land A Novel Anthony Doerr
    9781982168438 Hardcover FICTION / Literary On Sale Date:September 28, 2021
    $39.99 CAD 152.4 x 228.6 x 43.18 mm | 2 lb | 640 pages Carton Quantity:10 Canadian Rights: Y Scribner
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      On the New York Times bestseller list for over 20 weeks * A New York Times Notable Book * A National Book Award Finalist * Named a Best Book of the Year by Fresh Air, Time, Entertainment Weekly, Associated Press, and many more

      “If you’re looking for a superb novel, look no further.” —The Washington Post

      From the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of All the Light We Cannot See, comes the instant New York Times bestseller that is a “wildly inventive, a humane and uplifting book for adults that’s infused with the magic of childhood reading experiences” (The New York Times Book Review).

      Among the most celebrated and beloved novels of recent times, Cloud Cuckoo Land is a triumph of imagination and compassion, a soaring story about children on the cusp of adulthood in worlds in peril, who find resilience, hope, and a book.

      In the 15th century, an orphan named Anna lives inside the formidable walls of Constantinople. She learns to read, and in this ancient city, famous for its libraries, she finds what might be the last copy of a centuries-old book, the story of Aethon, who longs to be turned into a bird so that he can fly to a utopian paradise in the sky. Outside the walls is Omeir, a village boy, conscripted with his beloved oxen into the army that will lay siege to the city. His path and Anna’s will cross.

      In the present day, in a library in Idaho, octogenarian Zeno rehearses children in a play adaptation of Aethon’s story, preserved against all odds through centuries. Tucked among the library shelves is a bomb, planted by a troubled, idealistic teenager, Seymour. This is another siege.

      And in a not-so-distant future, on the interstellar ship Argos, Konstance is alone in a vault, copying on scraps of sacking the story of Aethon, told to her by her father.

      Anna, Omeir, Seymour, Zeno, and Konstance are dreamers and outsiders whose lives are gloriously intertwined. Doerr’s dazzling imagination transports us to worlds so dramatic and immersive that we forget, for a time, our own.
      Anthony Doerr is the author of the New York Times bestselling Cloud Cuckoo Land, which was a finalist for the National Book Award, and All the Light We Cannot See, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, the Carnegie Medal, the Alex Award, and a #1 New York Times bestseller. He is also the author of the story collections Memory Wall and The Shell Collector, the novel About Grace, and the memoir Four Seasons in Rome. He has won five O. Henry Prizes, the Rome Prize, the New York Public Library’s Young Lions Award, the National Magazine Award for fiction, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and the Story Prize. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Doerr lives in Boise, Idaho, with his wife and two sons.
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      Praise for Anthony Doerr and Cloud Cuckoo Land


      “Sweeping and atmospheric.”

      “A magical (and hopeful) tale of humanity.”

      “As intimate as a bedtime story, a love letter to libraries and bibliophiles.”
      O Magazine

      “A dazzling epic of love, war, and the joy of books.”
      The Guardian

      “A novel of epic stature and ambition.”

      “[An] intricately braided story . . . [and] a stunning, mind-bending tale of survival and how closely we’re all connected.”
      Good Housekeeping

      "Doerr works literary magic to tell three cleverly entwined stories set centuries apart, celebrating children, and the natural world, and always, especially, libraries. We'll be talking about this one for a long time."
      St. Louis Post-Dispatch

      “Packed with lush details and a gripping narrative.”
      —Keziah Weir, Vanity Fair

      “A trip well worth taking with the inimitable Doerr.”
      —Rob Merrill, Associated Press

      “Of all our contemporary fiction writers, Anthony Doerr is the one whose novels seem to be the purest response to the primal request: tell me a story. . . . [Cloud Cuckoo Land] transports us far above the stars, and down into the mud. It dazzles, and disturbs. And I for one wanted Doerr’s vast and overwhelming story to last much, much longer.”
      —Maureen Corrigan, Fresh Air

      “Sprawling and ambitious and imaginative. . . . [Doerr] is a writer with the rare ability to achieve the universal and the specific simultaneously. His stories, both vast and intimate, are dazzling, sometimes dizzying in their scope. . . . [Cloud Cuckoo Land] is unlike anything you’ve ever read.”
      —Samantha Schoech, San Francisco Chronicle

      “Readers will come away from it with a greater appreciation for those invisible qualities that have bound human life across the ages—the love of a good story and the joy of returning home.”
      —Samantha Spengler, Wired

      “There’s no book like Cloud Cuckoo Land… the story is mesmerizing, and the carefully-crafted tapestry of themes pulls characters and time periods together into an incandescent whole—tempting the reader to start over as soon as the book is finished.”
      —Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Forbes

      "Doerr's prose casts a spell; his world-building is both defiant and tender, a virtuosic meditation on the alchemy of books. Come for the magician's tricks, stay for the exquisite storytelling."
      —Hamilton Cain, Star Tribune

      “The greatest joy in [Cloud Cuckoo Land] comes from watching the pieces snap into place. It is an epic of the quietest kind, whispering across 600 years in a voice no louder than a librarian's.”
      —Jason Sheehan, NPR.org

      “Doerr’s creation lifts off quickly, soars, and then, like the various wildfowl wheeling through the story, lands with practiced finesse. . . . Fueled by deep imagination and insistent compassion, Doerr weaves together his storylines with brisk pacing that never feels rushed.”
      —Erin Douglass, Christian Science Monitor

      “There is a kind of book a seasoned writer produces after a big success: large-hearted, wide in scope and joyous. Following his Pulitzer winner All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr’s Cloud Cuckoo Land is a deep lungful of fresh air–and a gift of a novel.”
      —Elizabeth Knox, The Guardian

      “In a big fiction year . . . Cloud Cuckoo Land stands out. . . . Doerr’s characters are astoundingly resilient, suggesting that we may yet save ourselves, with literature an essential tool.”
      —Hamilton Cain, Boston Globe
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    catalogue cover
    The Man Who Died Twice A Thursday Murder Club Mystery Richard Osman
    9781984880994 Hardcover FICTION / Mystery & Detective On Sale Date:September 28, 2021
    $37.99 CAD 6.2 x 9.28 x 1.24 in | 1.18 lb | 368 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y Pamela Dorman Books
    • Marketing Copy

      The second gripping novel in the New York Times bestselling Thursday Murder Club series, the first of which Kate Atkinson called “A little beacon of pleasure in the midst of the gloom…SUCH FUN!”

      Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron and Ibrahim—the Thursday Murder Club—are still riding high off their recent real-life murder case and are looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet at Cooper’s Chase, their posh retirement village.

      But they are out of luck.

      An unexpected visitor—an old pal of Elizabeth’s (or perhaps more than just a pal?)—arrives, desperate for her help. He has been accused of stealing diamonds worth millions from the wrong men and he’s seriously on the lam.

      Then, as night follows day, the first body is found. But not the last. Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron and Ibrahim are up against a ruthless murderer who wouldn’t bat an eyelid at knocking off four septuagenarians. Can our four friends catch the killer before the killer catches them?  And if they find the diamonds, too? Well, wouldn’t that be a bonus?  You should never put anything beyond the Thursday Murder Club.

      Richard Osman is back with everyone’s favorite mystery-solving quartet, and the second installment of The Thursday Murder Club series is just as clever and warm as the first—an unputdownable, laugh-out-loud pleasure of a read.

      Richard Osman is an author, producer, and television presenter. His first novel, The Thursday Murder Club, was a #1 million-copy international bestseller and a New York Times bestseller; The Man Who Died Twice was also a #1 international bestseller and a New York Times bestseller. Critics have already described The Man Who Died Twice as “his second novel,” and his third novel, The Bullet That Missed, is forthcoming. He lives in London with his partner, and Liesl the cat.

      Author Residence: London, UK
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        Author Social Media: Twitter: @RichardOsman; Facebook: @MrRichardOsman; Instagram: misterosman
    • Awards & Reviews

      Praise for The Man Who Died Twice:

      “These septuagenarian sleuths of the Thursday Murder Club don’t miss a beat…”

      “It’s taken a mere two books for Richard Osman to vault into the upper leagues of crime writers… The Man Who Died Twice. . . dives right into joyous fun. Osman’s writing reminds me of Anthony Berkeley’s in its mixing of sparkling humor and resonant emotion. . . No wonder readers, myself included, have surrendered to [the Thursday Murder Club members’] abundant charms.”
      —The New York Times Book Review

      “Think of the Thursday Murder Club itself as a senior version of 'The A-Team'. . . Funny, moving and suspenseful. . . So delicious, even adorable . . A wildly entertaining book.”
      —The Washington Post

      “[Feels] like a reunion with old friends. Clever, witty, and touching, this thriller has it all.”
      Lisa Gardner, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Before She Disappeared

      “A thing of joy. Osman has a natural sense of humor that he's able to translate into both character and dialogue.”
      Kate Atkinson, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Big Sky

      “Osman delivers another must read full of humor and heart. I loved it.”
      Harlan Coben, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Win

      “This book is SO MUCH FUN! Fiendishly clever and brimming with wit on every page, The Man Who Died Twice is the tonic we all need. Osman just gets better.”
      —Shari Lapena, New York Times bestselling author of The Couple Next Door

      “He’s back and he’s better than ever! By turns moving, hilarious, and brilliantly suspenseful, the novel keeps us flipping pages from start to finish.”
      —Jeffery Deaver, #1 international bestselling author of The Final Twist

      “Osman’s novels are so much more than just brilliantly engineered mysteries... They're also funny, warm, and big-hearted. He can't possibly write them fast enough to suit me. These books are absolute gold.”
      Joe Hill, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Fireman

      “Richard Osman’s action-packed second outing with the Thursday Murder Club overflows with wit, friendship, and derring-do, as the eccentric quartet of British crime solvers joins forces from a countryside retirement village. They tussle with the mafia, investigate murders, and, of course, enjoy teatime.”
      —The Christian Science Monitor

      “The club makes a triumphant return… The Man Who Died Twice, like its series predecessor, is an unalloyed delight, full of sharp writing, sudden surprises, heart, comedy, sorrow and great banter.”
      —Tom Nolan, The Wall Street Journal

      “Fun and ingenious … Osman blends humor and pathos while weaving his tangled web of intrigue and deception. This is the perfect book with which to unwind.”
      —Malcolm Forbes, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

      “Osman follows The Thursday Murder Club, his supremely entertaining debut, with an even better second installment. . . A clever, funny mystery peopled with captivating characters that enhance the story at every quirky turn.”
      —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

      “It’s impossible to single out any one feature that makes The Man Who Died Twice such an absolute treat... Richard Osman creates real magic with his characters. They are frequently laugh-out-loud hilarious but also entirely real and three-dimensional...If possible, this sequel is even better than the Osman’s charmer of a debut, The Thursday Murder Club. This series is both a load of fun and an ode to how the power of friendship is important throughout one’s life but especially during the final stretch. Don’t miss it.”
      —BookPage (starred review)

      “[The Man Who Died Twice] captures the spirit of older folks who don't want to be pigeonholed by their age and who capture the charming insouciance of those who've seen a lot. . . the dialogue at a sprightly clip, while the plot itself often gallops. But it is the four very different. . . but utterly endearing members of the club who will leave readers eager for Osman to call the next meeting to order.”

      “Riveting. . . The twisty plot, knotty issues of relationships with life partners, and steadfast loyalty among the sleuths provide depth and poignancy. Those who prefer their mysteries with touches of spycraft, humor, and eccentricity will be well pleased.”
      —Publishers Weekly

      “This slick sequel will leave you buzzing with 'the gentle hum of contentment.'”
      —The Times (London)

      “If you liked The Thursday Murder Club, you’re in for a treat, as this sequel is even better.”
      Good Housekeeping (UK)

      “It’s balm for the soul.”
      Daily Express (London)

      “It’s an unalloyed pleasure to spend time with Osman’s sparkling, well-observed characters who are also wittily perceptive about our foibles and the quirks of modern life.”
      Sunday Express (London)

      “Osman’s characters are beautifully drawn, and the result is a novel that’s pure pleasure to read.”
      The Observer (London)
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    catalogue cover
    The Strangers Katherena Vermette Canada
    9780735239616 Hardcover FICTION / Literary On Sale Date:September 28, 2021
    $29.95 CAD 6.3 x 9.2 x 1.2 in | 1.19 lb | 352 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y Hamish Hamilton
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      From the bestselling author of The Break comes a staggering intergenerational saga that explores how connected we are, even when we’re no longer together—even when we’re forced apart.

      Cedar has nearly forgotten what her family looks like. Phoenix has nearly forgotten what freedom feels like. And Elsie has nearly given up hope. Nearly.

      After time spent in foster homes, Cedar goes to live with her estranged father. Although she grapples with the pain of being separated from her mother, Elsie, and sister, Phoenix, she’s hoping for a new chapter in her life, only to find herself once again in a strange house surrounded by strangers. From a youth detention centre, Phoenix gives birth to a baby she’ll never get to raise and tries to forgive herself for all the harm she’s caused (while wondering if she even should). Elsie, struggling with addiction and determined to turn her life around, is buoyed by the idea of being reunited with her daughters and strives to be someone they can depend on, unlike her own distant mother. These are the Strangers, each haunted in her own way. Between flickering moments of warmth and support, the women diverge and reconnect, fighting to survive in a fractured system that pretends to offer success but expects them to fail. Facing the distinct blade of racism from those they trusted most, they urge one another to move through the darkness, all the while wondering if they’ll ever emerge safely on the other side. 

      A breathtaking companion to her bestselling debut The Break, Vermette’s The Strangers brings readers into the dynamic world of the Stranger family, the strength of their bond, the shared pain in their past, and the light that beckons from the horizon. This is a searing exploration of race, class, inherited trauma, and matrilineal bonds that—despite everything—refuse to be broken.
      KATHERENA VERMETTE (she/her) is a Red River Métis (Michif) writer from Treaty 1 territory, the heart of the Métis Nation. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia and has worked in poetry, novels, children’s literature, and film. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, her father’s roots run deep in St. Boniface, St. Norbert, and beyond. Her mother’s side is Mennonite from the Altona and Rosenfeld area (Treaty 1). Vermette received the Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry for her first book, North End Love Songs. Her first novel, The Break, won several awards including the Amazon First Novel Award, and was a bestseller in Canada. Her second novel, The Strangers, won the Atwood Gibson Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize, and was longlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize and named Indigo’s 2021 Book of the Year. She lives with her family in a cranky old house within skipping distance of the temperamental Red River.

      Author Hometown: Winnipeg, MB
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    • Awards & Reviews

      Atwood Gibson Writers' Trust Fiction Prize 2021, Winner
      Carol Shields Winnipeg Book Award 2022, Short-listed
      Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction 2022, Short-listed
      McNally Robinson Book of the Year 2022, Short-listed
      Scotiabank Giller Prize 2021, Long-listed

      One of:
      Quill & Quire's "2021 Best of Fall guide"
      CBC's "65 Canadian Works of Fiction to Watch Out for in Fall 2021"
      Chatelaine's "5 New Books to Read This Fall"
      Toronto Star's "35 Books you need to know about in fall 2021"
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      Shedoesthecity's "Fall Releases That Should Be On Your Radar"

      CBC's "33 Canadian books coming out in September we can't wait to read"
      NOW Magazine’s “15 best new books to read this fall”
      Elle’s “10 Books You’ll Want to Read This Fall”

      Praise for The Strangers:

      “Reminiscent of the hard-scrabble tales of the Métis in the Road Allowance days, Vermette offers up a beautiful, raw testament to those living on the margins. Brilliantly weaving the lives of the Strangers into stories within stories within stories, Vermette’s confident, understated prose walks the reader through the unforgiving reality of the descendants of those who stood with Riel and Dumont, grasping for survival in a world committed to a long-established campaign of dispossession. Cathartic and disturbing, The Strangers offers vital insight into the colonial brutality that still haunts the lives of the Métis.”
      —2021 Atwood Gibson Writers' Trust Fiction Prize Jury (Rebecca Fisseha, Michelle Good, and Steven Price)

      “Katherena Vermette’s The Strangers is a deeply moving story of how colonial institutions continue to bear down on and disrupt the lives of Indigenous women and girls. It is a powerful collective portrait of struggle and resistance, of what it’s like to be in an Indigenous body in twenty-first century Canada. In the end, it adds up to an engrossingly written ode to another kind of care, one against the grain of suffering. A brilliant follow-up!”
      —Billy-Ray Belcourt, bestselling author of A History of My Brief Body

      The Strangers is a unique and essential triumph of a novel. It is revelatory in its artistry—in its constellating of family against violent separation, in its austere poetics of voice and consciousness. Katherena Vermette has proven once again that she is among the most gifted and relevant writers of our time: someone with everything to teach us about the telling of necessary stories, about grieving the fallen, honouring survival, and revealing the fiercest beauty.”
      —David Chariandy, award-winning author of Brother and I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You

      “With its relevant subject matter and poignant prose, Vermette’s second novel is poised to be as triumphant as her first. [In The Strangers], the author crafts another strong, emotional portrait of Indigenous women.”
      Canadian Living

      “Filled with vulnerability and loss. . . . It’s an honest confrontation of Indigenous identity.”

      “Vermette has a way of seeing light through the crack in the wall of a dark room.”
      —NOW Magazine

      “A searing indictment of the pressures and travails placed on Indigenous women.”
      Toronto Star

      “Quite simply, Vermette. . . . [is] writing for Indigenous people, as opposed to just about Indigenous people.”

      The Strangers is a devastatingly beautiful dive deeper into. . . . [Phoenix’s] story, and that of her family.”
      —Quill & Quire (starred review)

      “This Writer’s Trust Prize-winning. . . . piece is a potent, audacious intergenerational saga that explores race, class, inherited trauma and the strength of matrilineal bonds.”
      —The Globe and Mail

      “Vermette has an uncanny ear for the rhythm and the cadences of all her characters’ voices. . . . [F]rom its opening pages, The Strangers. . . . speaks, starkly and eloquently, as if directly to the community of readers it creates.”
      Winnipeg Free Press

      “The story moves back and forward in time, solidifying the branches of a family tree that has grown from both mythology and a harsh realpolitik, growing stronger all the while. This is a fictional family to believe in.”

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    catalogue cover
    Matrix A Novel Lauren Groff
    9781594634499 Hardcover FICTION / Literary On Sale Date:September 07, 2021
    $37.00 CAD 6.21 x 9.26 x 0.92 in | 0.99 lb | 272 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y Riverhead Books
    • Marketing Copy

      One of our best American writers, Lauren Groff returns with her exhilarating first new novel since the groundbreaking Fates and Furies.

      Cast out of the royal court by Eleanor of Aquitaine, deemed too coarse and rough-hewn for marriage or courtly life, seventeen-year-old Marie de France is sent to England to be the new prioress of an impoverished abbey, its nuns on the brink of starvation and beset by disease.

      At first taken aback by the severity of her new life, Marie finds focus and love in collective life with her singular and mercurial sisters. In this crucible, Marie steadily supplants her desire for family, for her homeland, for the passions of her youth with something new to her: devotion to her sisters, and a conviction in her own divine visions. Marie, born the last in a long line of women warriors and crusaders, is determined to chart a bold new course for the women she now leads and protects. But in a world that is shifting and corroding in frightening ways, one that can never reconcile itself with her existence, will the sheer force of Marie’s vision be bulwark enough?

      Equally alive to the sacred and the profane, Matrix gathers currents of violence, sensuality, and religious ecstasy in a mesmerizing portrait of consuming passion, aberrant faith, and a woman that history moves both through and around. Lauren Groff’s new novel, her first since Fates and Furies, is a defiant and timely exploration of the raw power of female creativity in a corrupted world.

      Story Locale: 12th Century England and France
      Lauren Groff is a three-time National Book Award finalist and the New York Times bestselling author of the novels The Monsters of Templeton, Arcadia, Fates and Furies and Matrix, and the short story collections Delicate Edible Birds and Florida. She has won the Story Prize and has been a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. Groff’s work regularly appears in The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and else­where, and she was named one of Granta’s 2017 Best Young American Novelists.

      Author Residence: Gainsville, Florida
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        Author Website: LaurenGroff.com
    • Awards & Reviews

      National Book Award 2021, Long-listed
      Praise for Matrix:

      “A radiant novel about the 12th-century poet and mystic Marie de France. . . Groff richly imagines Marie's decades of exile in a royal convent, which she eventually leads. A charged novel about female ambition.” - Maureen Corrigan, NPR's Fresh Air

      “Just when it seems there are nothing but chronicles of decline and ruin comes Lauren Groff’s Matrix, about a self-sufficient abbey of 12th-century nuns—a shining, all-female utopian community… it is finally its spirit of celebration that gives this novel its many moments of beauty.” -Wall Street Journal

      "[T]hrilling and heartbreaking. Groff. . . crafts an electric work of historical fiction." -TIME

      “[A] page-by-page pleasure as we soar with her. ” - New York Times Book Review

      “Far more than a treat for history buffs. . . . [Groff] writes a creative, intelligent work that will last.” Boston Globe

      "Incandescent. . . a radiant work of imagination and accomplishment." -Esquire

      “In Lauren Groff’s hands, the tale of a medieval nunnery is must-read fiction." -The Washington Post

      “Stunning . . .grand, mythic . . .feels both ancient and urgent, as holy as it is deeply human.”- Entertainment Weekly

      “An electric reimagining . . . feminist, sensual . . . unforgettable.” – O, The Oprah Magazine

      “An inspiring novel that truly demonstrates the power women wield, regardless of the era. It has sisterhood, love, war, sex …[Q]uite impossible to put down.” - NPR

      “A relentless exhibition of Groff’s freakish talent. In just over 250 pages, she gives us a character study to rival Hilary Mantel’s Thomas Cromwell or Robert Caro’s Robert Moses.”– USA Today

      "The medieval nun drama you didn’t know you needed." -Vulture

      “A bold new direction for the accomplished writer.”- Vogue

      “[I]n an appealingly unpredictable move, Lauren Groff has turned her attentions to 12th-century English nuns. The result is a highly distinctive novel of great vigour and boldness ... we are carried on the force of her style, and held by the strength of an intelligence that lets comedy and emotional complexity work together ... an assertively modern novel about leadership, ambition and enterprise, and about the communal life of individuals.”- The Guardian

      "Transcendently beautiful … It’s surprisingly delicious to read fiction about a historical figure we know so little about.” -Shondaland

      “A propulsive, enchanting, and emotionally charged read.” -Washington Independent Review of Books

      “A mesmerizing study of faith, passion and violence.”- Harper's Bazaar

      “Sumptuous, sublime . . engrossing.”- Atlanta Journal-Constitution

      “Expansive . . . . passionately feminist, funny and even a bit profane.”- Good Housekeeping

      “This transportive and meditative tale that will swallow you up from the very start.” - Newsweek

      “A premier stylist, [Groff] continues to grow….The voice she finds for Marie de France…will hold readers fast.” – Los Angeles Times

      “Mesmerizing . . . . A bold, thrilling work that highlights the wild, wide range of Groff's imagination.” – Minneapolis Star-Tribune

      “Groff’s . . . most daring work to date. . . . sumptuous but brisk storytelling mines the Dark Age abbey for veins of violence, humor, empowerment, and spirituality and forges something compelling, strange, and recognizable to modern eyes." – Philadelphia Inquirer

      An unforgettable vision.” – Tampa Bay Times

      “Both epic and intimate, this sweeping novel explores questions of female ambition, creativity and passion with electrifying prose and sparkling wit. A propulsive, captivating read.”-Brit Bennett, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Vanishing Half

      “An audacious piece of storytelling, full of passion, wisdom and magic.” -Sarah Waters, New York Times bestselling author of The Paying Guests

      “A thrillingly vivid, adventurous story about women and power that will blow readers' minds. Left me gasping.” -Emma Donoghue, author of Room

      “Luminous, divine, her masterpiece.”-Daisy Johnson, author of Sisters

      Matrix is alive with lust and glory. In the incandescent Marie de France – visionary, cantankerous and uncowed by the constraints of her sex – Groff paints a portrait of sisterhood that shines out of the past and into the lives of women today.”-C Pam Zhang, author of How Much of These Hills is Gold

      “Groff has created a labyrinth of jewel-like moments . . . and transformed it into a novel that is perfect for right now.”-BookPage, STARRED review

      “Splendid with rich description and period vocabulary, this courageous and spine-tingling novel shows an incredible range for Groff (Florida, 2018), and will envelop readers fully in Marie's world, interior and exterior, all senses lit up. It is both a complete departure and an easy-to-envision tale of faith, power, and temptation.” - Booklist, STARRED review

      "Set in early medieval Europe, this book paints a rousing portrait of an abbess seizing and holding power. . .Groff’s trademarkworthy sentences bring vivid buoyancy to a magisterial story." - Kirkus, STARRED review

      “Transcendent prose and vividly described settings bring to life historic events, from the Crusades to the papal interdict of 1208. Groff has outdone herself with an accomplishment as radiant as Marie’s visions.” - Publishers Weekly, STARRED review
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    catalogue cover
    9781472275035 Paperback FICTION / Romance On Sale Date:September 14, 2021
    $17.99 CAD 5.13 x 7.75 x 0.75 in | 0.57 lb | 368 pages Carton Quantity:30 Canadian Rights: Y Headline
    • Marketing Copy



      'If you are a fan of Sophie Kinsella you'll love this . . . I could so see this book being made into a movie' ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
      'You can't put it down once you've started it!' ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
      'A beautiful and romantic story that literally took my breath away' ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


      Everyone gives their friends advice when it comes to dating, but what happens when it all goes wrong?

      Eve doesn't have time for dating, but having watched her best friend and flatmate have her heart broken one too many times, she reluctantly volunteers to play her Cupid.

      Max is too much of a hopeless romantic to find the algorithms of online dating anything other than clinical, but he lives with his romantically-challenged best friend who desperately needs his advice.

      And after all, what are friends for?

      As Eve and Max become more involved in their best friends' relationship, they quickly realise there is a fine line between instruction and imitation.

      Especially when they find they can't stop thinking about their best friend's date. . .

      SLIDING DOORS meets THE FLATSHARE and ONE DAY IN DECEMBER in this sweeping, romantic comedy for the digital age! Perfect for fans of Josie Silver and Beth O'Leary.

      *Lizzie's new novel HATE AT FIRST SIGHT is available to pre-order NOW!*


      Readers LOVE Lizzie O'Hagan!

      'Such a clever book, a beautifully written modern story of 'will they, won't they', but so much more. Highly recommended!'

      'The perfect will they/won't they romance'
      ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

      'I adored this book from start to finish!'
      ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

      'The perfect mix of love, friendship, drama and humour'
      ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

      'If you enjoyed The Flatshare you will enjoy this novel. The perfect holiday read'
      ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

      'A little piece of escapism'
      ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

      'It made me wish there were more pages!'
      ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

      Lizzie O'Hagan studied Law before going into publishing, where she now works as a book editor at an independent press. She writes and paints in her spare time and can usually be found behind a laptop in one of Bermondsey Street's many coffee shops near her house share in London Bridge.
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    • Awards & Reviews

      With humour and poignancy, this is such a clever book, a beautifully written modern story of 'will they, won't they', but so much more. Highly recommended!Hot Brands, Cool Places
  • 6
    catalogue cover
    All Day Baking Savoury, Not Sweet Pippa James
    9781743796993 Hardcover COOKING / Methods On Sale Date:September 07, 2021
    $53.00 CAD 7.8 x 10.05 x 1.1 in | 960 gr | 224 pages Carton Quantity:14 Canadian Rights: Y Hardie Grant
    • Marketing Copy

      For every two lovers of sweet baked treats, there is at least another who will take the gruyere gougere or the curry pastie every time, thank you. All Day Baking: Savoury, Not Sweet is a baking cookbook – at last – for them. Its mission is to deliver comforting, inventive and wholegrain-forward ideas for pies, sausage rolls, pasties and myriad other mostly pastry-based recipes, alongside gutsy accompaniments that equip the reader with the tools to transform delicious bakes into nourishing any-time-of-day meals.

      Author Michael James is a Michelin-restaurant chef by training who was drawn early to the art, precision, and satisfaction of baking. In All Day Baking, his second book, he turns his attention to the pasties of his UK childhood, the pies he creates today for his young family, and the quiches, sausage rolls, palmiers and galettes that have earned him a cultish following around the world. As well, he delivers a master class in pastry &ndahs; from puff to rye to vegan and gluten-free &ndahs; gifting readers a foundation knowledge that sets them on a path to their own freewheeling baking adventures.

      The book is structured across the arc of a day but the recipes at their heart are interchangeable – if you fancy beetroot & shallot galette for breakfast or bacon & onion quiche for dinner – that's perfectly ok. And throughout there is a nod to Michael and wife Pippa James' ethos, rooted in sustainability, seasonality and a desire to minimize their waste footprint.
      Michael James is an accomplished chef and baker who grew up in Penzance, West Cornwall, before moving to London where he met Pippa over the pass at the two-Michelin starred restaurant Pied A Terre. They moved to Australia in 2004 and opened the Tivoli Road Bakery in 2013. After garnering a loyal following for their bakery in Melbourne and beyond, and writing their first book together, The Tivoli Road Baker, Michael and Pippa sold the business to focus on new opportunities. Together they are committed to sustainability and remain active members of baking, grain growing and milling communities. He consults internationally and runs regular baking classes.
      Marketing & Promotion
    • Awards & Reviews


      "All Day Baking is a perfect marriage of the finesse of pastry craft and thoughtful, honest food ethos. Generous with knowledge, Michael and Pippa will inspire you to reach past packets of plain white flour to become a grain-inclusive baker with a repertoire of ingenious flavour combinations. These are recipes to always keep close to your hearth." – Natalie Paull

      "This book is AMAZING." – Chad Robertson

      "Michael and Pippa have created a collection of recipes, thoughts and stories that manage to consider all the best bits about a local, honest and traceable food culture. They've included generous nods to place, season and growers, the value of health and time with family and provided insight and inspiration around the fun and craft of savoury baking. Plus, everything is delicious." – Dan Hunter

      "I met Michael and Pippa years back at a grain gathering at the bread lab at Washington State University. What struck me first was their sincere passion for the foundation of all good things bread and pastry. This was beautifully represented at their world-renowned Tivoli Road Bakery in Melbourne. In their first book, The Tivoli Road Baker, Michael’s full arsenal was on display. In this second book, he and Pippa give us the feeling and flavour of home, a focused all-day arc of savoury pies and pastry pulling from Michael’s roots in Cornwall England, kissed with time and a professional journey well spent." – Chris Bianco

      "I have been known to join the queue for Michael James’ delicious food, and while I delight in his beautiful cakes and sweet treats, I marvel at his exquisite savoury baking: perfect pastry, on-point seasoning and interesting but never gratuitous, flavours. In All Day Baking, Michael and Pippa have given us a collection of irresistible pies and pasties, homely scones and quiches, gorgeous galettes and tarts. And of course, those famous sausage rolls. Practical tips and friendly guidance ensure our efforts are rewarded, and a wonderful section on ketchups, relishes and chutneys tempt us even more to get (savoury!) baking. My only apprehension is that, with this book, I really will want to bake all day!" – Helen Goh

      "A declaration for the joys of savoury baking. As exciting as any sweet baking book, it is filled with recipes you’ll make time and time again. From bacon and egg breakfast buns to butter chicken pie, this was a book I devoured, from its beautiful design and imagery, to its modern, thoughtful recipes, this is a book that should find a place in any bakers kitchen." – Edd Kimber

      "The lure of pastry never ceases to excite me, yet my natural bent is savoury. In All Day Baking, Michael and Pippa have thrown themselves into the pages savoury first. And in so many cases, offered step-by-step photographs to give the novice huge confidence. I love this book." – Maggie Beer

      "Michael and Pippa James have written an inviting collection of recipes that celebrates deeply savoury flavours in the creative seasonal kitchen. Written in an approachable manner with suggestions to increase wholegrain flours, both aspirational and experienced home bakers will expand their pastry skills with these reliable and flexible techniques. From Asparagus, Ham, and Cheese Bostocks, to Beetroot and Shallot Tarte Tatin and Buckwheat English Muffins made with sourdough, these delectable recipes are rooted in old-world traditions but with the modern and accessible flair of an experienced chef. Considerate recommendations for substitute ingredients are present throughout, with clever tips and expertly explained instructions that encourage intuitive prowess while maintaining respect for the process. This will be your handy, beautifully-photographed book of back-pocket recipes that bring enjoyment to any meal." – Sarah Owens

      "Michael's book is both extraordinarily beautiful and inspiring, but more importantly it is also comprehensive; with superb easy to follow step-by-step instructions for utterly delicious recipes that you actually bake, making it perfect for any level of baker." – Vanessa Kimbell

      "I have been a massive fan of Michael James ever since I visited him at Tivoli Road Bakery, where he was baking some of the best bread and pastries in Melbourne. We loved his first book, The Tivoli Road Baker, and its always on the shelf in our kitchen and bakery. His new book, All Day Baking, is savoury baking genius, with the chapters set out beautifully, and not surprisingly full of the most tempting and delicious recipes for the whole family. We can't wait to bake from his book." – Justin Gellatly

      "Michael's book has everything I look for in a baking book – a wide breadth of classic and unique flavours, meticulous notes and instructions on techniques, recipes that can be trusted, and an author who is smart, generous and genuinely wants the reader to succeed. Avid weekend bakers and professionals alike will refer to this book again and again both for fundamentals and inspiration. I look forward to adding many of these recipes to my repertoire." – Bonnie Ohara

  • 7
    catalogue cover
    9780735281639 Hardcover FICTION / Literary On Sale Date:September 21, 2021
    $36.00 CAD 6.42 x 9.29 x 1.85 in | 1.75 lb | 560 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y Knopf Canada
    • Marketing Copy


      The Mystery of Right and Wrong is a masterwork from one of the country’s most critically acclaimed and beloved writers that is both compulsively readable and heartstopping in the vital truth it unfolds. In a novel that grapples with sexual abuse, male violence and madness, Wayne Johnston reveals haunting family secrets he’s kept for more than thirty years.

      Wade Jackson, a young man from a Newfoundland outport, wants to be a writer. In the university library in St. John’s, where he goes every day to absorb the great books of the world, he encounters the fascinating, South African-born Rachel van Hout, and soon they are lovers.

      Rachel is the youngest of four van Hout daughters. Her father, Hans, lived in Amsterdam during the Second World War, and says he was in the Dutch resistance. When the war ended, he emigrated to South Africa, where he met his wife, Myra, had his daughters and worked as an accounting professor at the University of Cape Town. Something happened, though, that caused him to uproot his family and move them all, unhappily, to Newfoundland.

      Wade soon discovers that Rachel and her sisters are each in their own way a wounded soul. The oldest, Gloria, has a string of broken marriages behind her. Carmen is addicted to every drug her Afrikaner dealer husband, Fritz, can lay his hands on. Bethany, the most sardonic of the sisters, is fighting a losing battle with anorexia. And then there is Rachel, who reads The Diary of Anne Frank obsessively, and diarizes her days in a secret language of her own invention, writing to the point of breakdown and beyond—an obsession that has deeper and more disturbing roots than Wade could ever have imagined.

      Confronting the central mystery of his character Rachel’s life—and his own—Wayne Johnston has created a tour-de-force that pulls the reader toward a conclusion both inevitable and impossible to foresee. As he writes, “The Mystery of Right and Wrong is a memorialization of the lost, the missing women of the world, and of my world. I see it not as a dark book, but as one that sheds light—a lot of light—on things that, once illuminated, lose their power to distort the truth.”

      Story Locale: Newfoundland; Cape Town; Amsterdam
      WAYNE JOHNSTON was born and raised in Goulds, Newfoundland. Widely acclaimed for his magical weaving of fact and fiction, his masterful plotting, and his gift for both description and character, his #1 nationally bestselling novels include The Divine Ryans, A World Elsewhere, The Custodian of Paradise, The Navigator of New York and The Colony of Unrequited Dreams. His first book, The Story of Bobby O’Malley, published when he was just 26 years old, won the WH Smith/Books in Canada First Novel Award. Baltimore’s Mansion, a memoir about his father and grandfather, won the inaugural Charles Taylor Prize for literary non-fiction. The Colony of Unrequited Dreams, published in 1998, was nominated for sixteen national and international awards including the Scotiabank Giller Prize and the Governor General’s Literary Award for Fiction, and was a Canada Reads finalist defended by Justin Trudeau. A theatrical adaptation of the novel recently toured Canada. Johnston’s most recent novel, First Snow, Last Light, was a national bestseller and longlisted for the IMPAC Dublin prize.

      Author Residence: Toronto, Ontario

      Author Hometown: Goulds, Newfoundland
      Marketing & Promotion
        Author Website: waynejohnston.ca

        Author Social Media: facebook.com/waynejohnstonauthor Twitter: @waynejohnston17
    • Awards & Reviews


      The Mystery of Right and Wrong is among the most disturbing books I have ever read. With the intensity of a thriller, the intimacy of a diary, Wayne Johnston maps the warped world that people create for themselves, then force others to live within. It twists history and herstory, fiction and fact, into a dark fairy tale, an epic poem, a case study of pathology, a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. Johnston shows us how hard it is to escape our family’s reach and how easily our coping mechanisms can become prisons of their own. An absolutely unforgettable novel. As morally and formally challenging as Nabokov. I’m still reeling.” Ian Williams, Scotiabank Giller Prize-winning author of Reproduction

      The Mystery of Right and Wrong is unyieldingly intense, a harrowing portrait of a family mired in madness, dark secrets and the long-term impact of sexual abuse that will stay with the reader long after the last page is turned.” —Calgary Herald

      “I don't expect to read, this year, anything more disturbing, more powerful, more brave, or more amazingly written than this latest from Wayne Johnston. You have to wonder how he kept this one inside him all this time.” —Linwood Barclay


      “If St. John’s looms large in the Canadian literary psyche, this is due in no small measure to the novels of Wayne Johnston, a native of Newfoundland’s capital city and one of its most diligent chroniclers.” —Quill & Quire

      “[Johnston is] a literary giant who has god-given talent.”Will Ferguson, The Globe and Mail

      “Wayne Johnston spins wonderful stories; he is a gather-you-round-and-I-will-enchant-you raconteur. He has absorbed the world around him—the tall tales, the history, the epic of a place—and adapted it to a narrative style that is clearly his own. His stories charm and beguile. He writes about the ordinary and extraordinary people of Newfoundland with great empathy and without a shred of sentimentality. At the same time his fiction has a mythic quality: Smallwood walking across the island through drifted snow; a father and son surviving a long trek through winter woods by holding onto a horse and one another; an iceberg with the likeness of the Virgin Mary. Wayne Johnston’s fiction is subtle, his passion understated, his humour underpinned by tragedy. All of his work, superbly written, is a powerful combination of insight, talent and revelation. It is made to endure.” Writers’ Trust Engel/Findley Award jury citation (David Bergen, Joan Clark and Miriam Toews)
  • 8
    catalogue cover
    The Last Graduate A Novel Naomi Novik
    9780593128862 Hardcover FICTION / Fantasy On Sale Date:September 28, 2021
    $34.95 CAD 5.77 x 8.52 x 1.38 in | 1.13 lb | 400 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y Del Rey
    • Marketing Copy

      A budding dark sorceress determined not to use her formidable powers uncovers yet more secrets about the workings of her world in the stunning sequel to A Deadly Education, the start of Naomi Novik’s groundbreaking crossover series.

      At the Scholomance, El, Orion, and the other students are faced with their final year…and the looming specter of graduation: a deadly ritual that barely half the students survive. El is determined that her group will make it out alive, but their prospects are dimming by the day as the savagery of the school ramps up. Until El realizes that sometimes winning the game means throwing out all the rules…

      Story Locale: Fantasy world
      Naomi Novik is the acclaimed author of A Deadly Education, the Temeraire series, and the award-winning novels Uprooted and Spinning Silver. She is a founder of the Organization for Transformative Works and the Archive of Our Own. She lives in New York City with her family and six computers.

      Author Residence: New York, NY

      Author Hometown: Roslyn Heights, NY
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        Author Website: naominovik.com

        Author Social Media: Twitter: @naominovik
    • Awards & Reviews

      Praise for The Last Graduate

      “[The Last Graduate] rips along like a force of nature. In the abstract, this is a story about relying on others—but in the concrete, it is about how to survive when the odds are against you. As she did with [A Deadly Education], Novik changes the game again with the very last line.”Locus

      “Truly one of the best fantasy series out there right now, and it’s not close.”Culturess

      “[The Last Graduate] is as compulsive a read as [A Deadly Education]. As a warning, it ends on another killer cliffhanger.”—BuzzFeed

      “Naomi Novik’s Scholomance series, about kids at a preposterously deadly magical school, stands out in a ridiculously crowded field. Its sheer viciousness, its grim humor, and its complicated interpersonal politics are an immediate draw.”Polygon

      “Sardonic students, gruesome monsters, growing friendships, and a touch of romance create a highly readable story. Some questions remain to be answered in the trilogy’s last volume. The end of this installment ensures that book three can’t come fast enough.”Library Journal (starred review)

      Praise for A Deadly Education

      “Eyeball-meltingly brilliant—Novik is, quite simply, a genius.”—Kiersten White, New York Times bestselling author of And I Darken

      “Naomi Novik has written the wizard-school book that we all deserve! Constant peril, a fresh magic system, and a deeper discussion of how educational inequality currently functions than I ever expected to see in fantasy.”—Hank Green, author of A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor

      “Novik skillfully combines sharp humor with layers of imagination to build a fantasy that delights on every level.”—Stephanie Garber, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Caraval series

      “The Scholomance is the dark school of magic I’ve been waiting for.”—Katherine Arden, New York Times bestselling author of The Bear and the Nightingale

      “A gorgeous book about monsters and monstrousness, chockablock with action, cleverness, and wit.”—Holly Black, #1 New York Times bestselling author
  • 9
    catalogue cover
    Celebrate with Kim-Joy Cute Cakes and Bakes to Make Every Occasion Joyful Kim-Joy
    9781787137899 Hardcover COOKING / Courses & Dishes On Sale Date:November 09, 2021
    $44.99 CAD 9.57 x 0.99 x 0.12 in | 840 gr | 192 pages Carton Quantity:12 Canadian Rights: Y Quadrille Publishing
    • Marketing Copy

      Let Kim-Joy and her signature cuteness brighten your celebrations. From birthday cakes to year-round events, all occasions are covered!

      The 60 sweet recipes are bursting with color, imagination and fun and there's something for everyone, no matter what their baking skills.

      Big occasions include birthdays, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas, weddings; and there are plenty of other celebrations too - Graduation Day, New Year's, new baby, Pride, Thanksgiving, Day of the Dead, Pancake Day and many more.

      Vegan and gluten-free alternatives are provided so that no one needs to miss out!

      This joyful collection of recipes includes all the step-by-step photography, clear instructions and words of positivity you need to learn to bake and decorate just like Kim-Joy.
      Kim-Joy made it to the final of the Great British Baking Show 2018 with her unique, intricate baked creations that captured viewers' hearts. Her iced woodland creatures, space turtles and beautifully decorated cakes – along with her calmness and vibrant positivity – put a smile on everyone's face and Kim-Joy has since earned a legion of baking fans around the world. Having previously worked in mental health, she now devotes her time to creating cakes and treats that bring a little Kim-Joy to as many people as possible. Her books Baking with Kim-Joy and Christmas with Kim-Joy have become international bestsellers.
      Marketing & Promotion
  • 10
    catalogue cover
    Dark Things I Adore A Novel Katie Lattari
    9781728229843 Hardcover FICTION / Thrillers On Sale Date:September 14, 2021
    $40.99 CAD 6.33 x 9.28 x 1.39 in | 660 gr | 416 pages Carton Quantity:24 Canadian Rights: Y Sourcebooks Landmark
    • Marketing Copy


      "[C]areful and sinewy plotting, which reveals in chilling detail who gets to make art, and who gets subsumed in the process."—New York Times Book Review

      A debut thriller for fans of Lucy Foley and Liz Moore, Dark Things I Adore is a stunning Gone Girl-esque tale of atonement that proves that in the grasp of manipulative men, women may momentarily fall. But in the hands of fierce women, men will be brought to their knees.

      Three campfire secrets. Two witnesses. One dead in the trees. And the woman, thirty years later, bent on making the guilty finally pay.

      1988. A group of outcasts gather at a small, prestigious arts camp nestled in the Maine woods. They're the painters: bright, hopeful, teeming with potential. But secrets and dark ambitions rise like smoke from a campfire, and the truths they tell will come back to haunt them in ways more deadly than they dreamed.

      2018. Esteemed art professor Max Durant arrives at his protégé's remote home to view her graduate thesis collection. He knows Audra is beautiful and brilliant. He knows being invited into her private world is a rare gift. But he doesn't know that Audra has engineered every aspect of their weekend together. Every detail, every conversation. Audra has woven the perfect web.

      Only Audra knows what happened that summer in 1988. Max's secret, and the dark things that followed. And even though it won't be easy, Audra knows someone must pay.

      A searing psychological thriller of trauma, dark academia, complicity, and revenge, Dark Things I Adore unravels the realities behind campfire legends—the horrors that happen in the dark, the girls who become cautionary tales, and the guilty who go unpunished. Until now.

      "A smart, nuanced exploration of victims and villains, inspiration and theft, and the intersection of these things, in every artist. Pay attention to Katie Lattari. She's the real deal."—Sarah Langan, author of Good Neighbors

      Katie Lattari holds a BA and an MA in English from the University of Maine and an MFA in Fiction Writing/Prose from the University of Notre Dame.
      Marketing & Promotion
    • Awards & Reviews

      "Careful and sinewy plotting, which reveals in chilling detail who gets to make art, and who gets subsumed in the process." — New York Times Book Review
      "Dark Things I Adore is a captivating story about desire, ambition, and revenge. It takes the reader on a dark, twisted journey with prose so lush it will make you weep. The pace is so intense and fraught it had me turning pages long into the night. Everything about this I adored. Katie Lattari is a masterful storyteller who paints with her words on a unique canvas that will stay with you long after the story comes to its unexpected end." — Leslie Zemeckis, actress, writer, and award-winning documentarian
      "This vengeful tale that pits artistic genius against mental health and happiness will captivate fans of dark suspense." — Library Journal, STARRED Review
      "A complex, deeply disturbing tale of vengeance." — Publishers Weekly
      "A dark tale of relationships, ambition, and revenge." — Kirkus
      "Dark Things I Adore combines suspense and mystery with the art world in a dynamic and atmospheric debut." — New York Journal of Books
      "Dark Things I Adore is one of the most interesting psychological thriller tales of revenge I have read in quite some time… a nerve-wracking ride." —The Book Reporter
      "A smart, nuanced exploration of victims and villains, inspiration and theft, and the intersection of these things, in every artist. Pay attention to Katie Lattari. She's the real deal." — Sarah Langan, author of Good Neighbors
      "I felt like I was being physically pulled into a dark forest while reading this psychological cat-and-mouse game, always aware that more danger lay ahead. With a constant sense of foreboding and lush imagery, Dark Things I Adore is a haunting, mesmerizing tour de force, everything about it a brutal sort of beauty." — Zoje Stage, USA Today and internationally bestselling author of Baby Teeth and Getaway
      "Gorgeous and absorbing, Dark Things I Adore is a stunningly executed tale of art, trauma and revenge. At once propulsive in plot and lyrical in style, it's the kind of novel you'll want to savor every sentence of—dark and deeply satisfying." — Katie Lowe, author of The Furies and Possession
      "Pulsing with seductive menace, Dark Things I Adore is a beautiful package, set to explode." — Eliza Jane Brazier, author of If I Disappear

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