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    Series: Legal Series Probate Kit for British Columbia Everything you need to probate an estate Kit Mary-Jane Wilson 9781770400788 $39.95 LAW Feb 01, 2011
    Written in simple, non-technical language, the book demonstrates how to apply for and obtain letters of probate or administration and transfer assets. Step-by-step instructions are given in the book and all the required forms are included on the enclosed CD-ROM (in MS Word and PDF formats). This kit also contains Administration Forms, which are required when the deceased did not have a valid will. When someone has died, it must be proven by a legal process that a will has been validly made and executed. This book demonstrates in easy-to-unde... + Read More
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    Series: Legal Series Do Your Own Divorce Kit British Columbia Guide + Forms on CD-Rom Kit Alison Sawyer 9781770400610 $39.95 LAW Aug 15, 2010
    The British Columbia Do Your Own Divorce Kit is the most complete and up-to-date publication available, recently updated to reflect BC divorce law changes effective as of July 2010. The kit can be used whether an individual is filing a sole application, or a couple is filing a joint application. This kit includes everything a person needs to obtain an uncontested divorce in BC, including step-by-step instructions and all the necessary forms on CD-ROM, for use on any Windows-based PC.
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    Series: Legal Series Prenuptial Guide Contracts for Lovers Paperback David Greig 9781770401600 $21.95 LAW Apr 01, 2013
    'The Prenuptial Guide - Contracts for Lovers’ shows readers how to write their own cohabitation, prenuptial, or marriage contract. Written by a lawyer, the kit comes with plain-language instructions so it’s easy to use. Use this kit when marrying or living together to avoid future disputes, and decide how assets brought into the marriage should be handled.
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    Last Will & Living Will (forms only) Write you Last Will Loose-leaf Self-Counsel Press 9781551804002 $9.95 LAW May 01, 2002
    This paper forms kit will enable you to outline, clearly and legally, the key aspects of your estate and make it easier for your family and friends to deal with any unforeseen circumstances.
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    Series: Legal Series Write Your Legal Will in 3 Easy Steps - CAN Everything you need to write a legal will Paperback Tom Carter 9781551808017 $24.95 LAW Dec 01, 2007
    Ensure that your assets and belongings are passed on to the people who deserve them and according to your wishes. If you die without a proper, valid will, your relatives may be overwhelmed by complicated paperwork and expensive legal issues.
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    Series: Law / Taxation Series Tax Survival for Canadians Stand up to the CRA Paperback Dale Barrett 9781770400399 $22.95 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Mar 15, 2013
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    Series: Cross-Border Series Taxation of Canadians in America Are you at risk? Paperback Dale Walters 9781770401334 $19.95 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Feb 01, 2013
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    Series: Corss-Border Series Canadian's Best Tax Haven: The US Take your money and drive! Paperback Robert Keats 9781770401013 $19.95 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Feb 01, 2012
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    Series: Forms on CD Complete Canadian Wills Kit CD-ROM Alison Sawyer 9781551808284 $19.95 LAW Apr 17, 2008
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    Series: Wills and Estates Series Estate Planning for the Blended Family Paperback L. Paul Hood Jr. 9781770401037 $24.95 LAW Mar 01, 2012
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    Series: Personal Finance Series No More Mac 'n Cheese! The Real-World Guide to Managing Your Money for 20-Somethings Paperback Lise Andreana 9781770400900 $18.95 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Nov 01, 2011
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    Series: Business / Marketing Series Direct Mail in the Digital Age Paperback Lin Grensing-Pophal 9781770400719 $18.95 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS Apr 01, 2011
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    Series: Writing Series Writing Screenplays Paperback Jessie Coleman 9781770401044 $19.95 LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES Apr 15, 2012
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    Series: Forms on CD Landlord's Rental Forms - British Columbia (Paper) Loose-leaf Self-Counsel Press 9781551807942 $16.95 LAW Jan 09, 2007
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    Series: Forms on Paper Condominium Purchase & Sale British Columbia Loose-leaf Self-Counsel Press 9781551806532 $14.95 LAW Aug 01, 2005
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    Series: Forms on Paper Real Estate Purchase/Sale Forms - British Columbia (Paper) Loose-leaf Self-Counsel Press 9781551806228 $16.95 LAW Jan 31, 2005
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    Best Anchorages of the Inside Passage British Columbia's South Coast From the Gulf Island to Beyond Cape Caution, 2nd Paperback Anne Vipond 9781927747018 $39.95 SPORTS & RECREATION Jan 07, 2014
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    Series: Reference Series Chairing a Meeting The quick & essential guide Paperback Kevin Paul 9781770401662 $13.95 REFERENCE Oct 15, 2013
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    Series: Eldercare Series Creating a Happy Retirement A workbook for planning the life you want Paperback Dr. Ronald W. Richardson 9781770401655 $14.95 FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS Sep 01, 2013


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