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    Series: The Mysteries of Nature The Secret Wisdom of Nature Trees, Animals, and the Extraordinary Balance of All Living Things -— Stories from Science and Observation Hardcover Peter Wohlleben 9781771643887 $29.95 SCIENCE Mar 05, 2019
    “Peter Wohlleben’s curiosity about the natural world, his sense of wonder at its complexity and beauty, and his clear and compelling writing have combined in The Secret Wisdom of Nature. As you read these pages you will understand why I so admire him and am so in love with his work.” —Jane GoodallThe third book in The Mysteries of Nature Trilogy: Book One, The Hidden Life of Trees, and Book Two, The Inner Life of Animals, are available now.Nature is full of surprises: deciduous trees affect the rotation of the Earth, cranes sabotage the product... + Read More
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    Vanishing Fish Shifting Baselines and the Future of Global Fisheries Hardcover Daniel Pauly 9781771643986 $34.95 TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING May 28, 2019
    "Daniel Pauly is a friend whose work has inspired me for years."—Ted Danson, actor, ocean activist, and co-author of Oceana"This wonderfully personal and accessible book by the world’s greatest living fisheries biologist summarizes and expands on the causes of collapse and the essential actions that will be required to rebuild fish stocks for future generations.”—Dr. Jeremy Jackson, ocean scientist and author of BreakpointThe world’s fisheries are in crisis. Their catches are declining, and the stocks of key species, such as cod and bluefin tun... + Read More
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    Rise of the Necrofauna The Science, Ethics, and Risks of De-Extinction Paperback Britt Wray 9781771644723 $21.95 SCIENCE May 21, 2019
    NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR by The New Yorker and Science News What happens when you try to recreate a woolly mammoth—fascinating science, or conservation catastrophe? Jurassic Park meets The Sixth Extinction in Rise of the Necrofauna, a provocative look at de-extinction from acclaimed documentarist and science writer Britt Wray, PhD. In Rise of the Necrofauna, Wray takes us deep into the minds and labs of some of the world’s most progressive thinkers to find out. She introduces us to renowned futurists like Stewart Brand and sci... + Read More
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    Stories of Ice Adventure, Commerce and Creativity on Canada’s Glaciers Paperback Lynn Martel 9781771603898 $40.00 NATURE Sep 29, 2020
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    What Bears Teach Us Hardcover Sarah Elmeligi 9781771603935 $45.00 NATURE Oct 27, 2020
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    Takaya Lone Wolf Paperback Cheryl Alexander 9781771603737 $30.00 NATURE Sep 29, 2020
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    Paradise Won The Struggle to Create Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve 2nd edition Paperback Elizabeth May 9781771604581 $25.00 NATURE Sep 29, 2020
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    The Third Dive An Investigation Into the Death of Rob Stewart Hardcover Robert Osborne 9781771603553 $30.00 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Oct 06, 2020
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    Out Here Wisdom from the Wilderness Paperback Carolyn Highland 9781771604499 $20.00 SPORTS & RECREATION Sep 29, 2020
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    The Heartbeat of Trees Embracing Our Ancient Bond with Forests and Nature Hardcover Peter Wohlleben 9781771646895 $32.95 NATURE Jul 13, 2021
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    Series: The Alpha Wolves of Yellowstone The Reign of Wolf 21 The Saga of Yellowstone's Legendary Druid Pack Hardcover Rick McIntyre 9781771645249 $34.95 NATURE Sep 29, 2020
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    The Rise of Wolf 8 Witnessing the Triumph of Yellowstone's Underdog Paperback Rick McIntyre 9781771647809 $24.95 NATURE Sep 29, 2020
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    Seaweed, An Enchanting Miscellany Hardcover Miek Zwamborn 9781771645997 $26.95 NATURE Sep 22, 2020
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    The Blue Wonder Why the Sea Glows, Fish Sing, and Other Astonishing Insights from the Ocean Hardcover Frauke Bagusche 9781771646048 $34.95 NATURE Jun 08, 2021
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    Hope Matters Why Changing the Way We Think Is Critical to Solving the Environmental Crisis Paperback Elin Kelsey 9781771647779 $22.95 SCIENCE Oct 27, 2020
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    Out of the Woods Nature, Sexuality, and Faith in the Forest Hardcover Luke Turner 9781771647229 $32.95 NATURE Apr 13, 2021
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    Angry Weather Heat Waves, Floods, Storms, and the New Science of Climate Change Hardcover Friederike Otto 9781771646147 $32.95 SCIENCE Sep 15, 2020


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