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    Double Pregnant Two Lesbians Make a Family Paperback Natalie Meisner 9781552666012 $20.95 FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS May 01, 2014
    Girl meets girl. Girl marries girl. They want to have babies … but they need a little help. Double Pregnant is author Natalie Meisner’s light-hearted, poignant and informative true story of two lesbians who want to have children. For a variety of reasons, one being that Natalie’s wife is a woman of colour who was adopted into a white family, the couple decides not to take the anonymous sperm clinic route. Natalie and Viviën want their children to have some connection to their donor if possible. Taking matters into their own hands leads the cou... + Read More
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    Grist Paperback Linda Little 9781552665992 $20.95 FICTION Apr 01, 2014
    "This is the story of how you were loved,” Penelope MacLaughlin whispers to her granddaughter. Penelope MacLaughlin marries a miller and gradually discovers he is not as she imagined. Nonetheless she remains determined to make the best of life at the lonely mill up the Gunn Brook as she struggles to build a home around her husband’s eccentricities. His increasing absence leaves Penelope to run the mill herself, providing her with a living but also destroying the people she loves most. Penelope struggles with loss and isolation and suffers the g... + Read More
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    If This Is Freedom A Novel Paperback Gloria Ann Wesley 9781552665718 $19.95 JUVENILE FICTION Sep 16, 2013
    If This Is Freedom continues the story of struggle for Loyalist settlers in Nova Scotia after the American Revolutionary War. In the black settlement of Birchtown, times are especially hard for the former slaves. They face the difficulties of a hardscrabble existence and continued discrimination from their white counterparts. Like many desperate Birchtowners, Sarah Redmond has signed an indenture agreement, a work contract meant to protect her rights and ensure a living wage. Sarah’s employers, the Blyes, do not honour the agreement, and Sarah... + Read More
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    Rock Reject Paperback Jim Williams 9781552665169 $19.95 FICTION Sep 01, 2012
    Though still a young man, Peter has experienced a life’s worth of heartache. Unable to face the reminders of his loss, he flees Toronto, exiling himself to a mountaintop mine in northern British Columbia. Into the stark, grey land of Stikine Peter arrives, broken and withdrawn. “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here,” reads the sign to Rock Reject, the dusty, noisy area of the mine where Peter shovels spilt rock and dust onto a conveyor belt. The year is 1974 and the Company is mining asbestos, which it claims poses no health risks to either mi... + Read More
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    Turn Us Again A Novel Book Charlotte R. Mendel 9781552665701 $0.00 FICTION Sep 15, 2013
    Winner of the Margaret and John Savage First Book Award, 2013 Atlantic Book Awards. Turn Us Again powerfully, painstakingly, and painfully explores a difficult theme, effectively shifting perspectives to show multiple sides of a shattered family history. Readers will find themselves pulled into the darker side of love, partnership and family, the part that usually comes after the movie ends. The writing here is well crafted, developing the complex, complete characters that drive the story heartward. It will stay with readers long after the las... + Read More
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    Rebel Without A Pause A Memoir Paperback Nick Ternette 9781552665725 $19.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Nov 01, 2013
    Rebel Without A Pause is the autobiography of Winnipeg’s best-known and most persistent political activist, Nick Ternette. For over forty years, Nick was one of the loudest voices of the Left, who ran for mayor multiple times and never shied away from asking elected officials tough questions. A champion of the rights of the poor and the disabled, sustainable ecology and public transit as well as a leader in Winnipeg’s peace movement, Nick was a thorn in the side of conservative politicians and city official for decades. Written before his deat... + Read More
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    The Lost Teachings / Panuijkatasikl Kina'masuti'l Paperback Michael James Isaac 9781552665343 $14.95 JUVENILE FICTION May 15, 2013
    One day as the great Eagle flew high above the forest he came upon a small bundle containing seven teachings, teachings that will bring balance harmony and peace to all who practice them. But the teachings come with a simple warning: beware of envy and greed. As Eagle spreads the seven teachings throughout the forest, he forgets to heed their warning and soon the forest is lost to jealousy, greed and selfishness. Eagle must save the forest, and he soon learns the most important teaching of all: truth. “When you see Eagle flying high in the be... + Read More
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    Sagkeeng Legends — Sagkeeng Aadizookaanag Stories by John C. Courchene Paperback Craig Charbonneau Fontaine 9781552665176 $14.95 LITERARY COLLECTIONS Sep 15, 2012
    John C. Courchene was born in Sagkeeng First Nation in 1914, where he attended the Fort Alexander Indian Residential School. Courchene’s time in the residential school was short; his brothers, "Joejay" and Louis, took John out school so he could help them cut wood in the bush. While this helped John make a lifetime commitment to hard work, it also resulted in John being “illiterate” in the European sense of the word. In the ways of the forest and his native language, Anishanabemowin, however, John was far from illiterate. Sagkeeng Legends is a ... + Read More
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    Everything Is So Political A Collection of Short Fiction by Canadian Writers Paperback Sandra McIntyre 9781552665497 $19.95 FICTION May 15, 2013
    The stories within Everything Is So Political explore the intersection between politics and the contemporary short story. From the overt to the subtle, this collection tackles a broad range of topics and themes, from women’s rights and Aboriginal culture to environmentalism, terrorism and totalitarianism. This is one of the few Canadian anthologies that focuses on political fiction, and it does so in a very powerful and artful way, flying in the face of readers, writers and critics alike who claim that writing with a political agenda occurs at ... + Read More
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    Tailings of Warren Peace Paperback Stephen Law 9781552665152 $19.95 FICTION Mar 15, 2013
    A corrupt mining company, repossessed gravestones, a man’s fractured past, mysterious notes posted to lampposts and murder deep in the highlands of Guatemala. In Tailings of Warren Peace, Stephen Law effortlessly weaves these elements into a powerful story of love and memory, exploring how the past haunts us and how solidarity can save us all. Mysterious, passionate and powerful, Tailings of Warren Peace shows us the interconnections that exist between us, transcending social class, culture and geography.
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    Chief Lightning Bolt Paperback Daniel N. Paul 9781552669693 $21.00 FICTION Oct 02, 2017


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