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Governor General's Literary Awards 2021

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    Tainna The Unseen Ones, Short Stories Paperback Dr. Norma Dunning 9781771622714 $19.95 FICTION Mar 27, 2021
    Drawing on both lived experience and cultural memory, Norma Dunning brings together six powerful new short stories centred on modern-day Inuk characters in Tainna. Ranging from homeless to extravagantly wealthy, from spiritual to jaded, young to elderly, and even from alive to deceased, Dunning’s characters are united by shared feelings of alienation, displacement and loneliness resulting from their experiences in southern Canada. In Tainna—meaning “the unseen ones” and pronounced Da-e-nn-a—a fraught reunion between sisters Sila and Amak ends i... + Read More
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    Fictional Father Paperback Joe Ollmann 9781770464636 $29.95 COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS Age (years) from 16 May 18, 2021
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    Home Waltz Paperback G.A. Grisenthwaite 9781989287644 $18.95 FICTION Sep 01, 2020
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    Second Place A Novel Hardcover Rachel Cusk 9781443458733 $29.99 FICTION May 04, 2021
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    You Are Eating an Orange. You Are Naked. Paperback Sheung-King 9781771666411 $20.00 FICTION Oct 27, 2020
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    The Junta of Happenstance Paperback Tolu Oloruntoba 9781989287729 $19.95 POETRY May 01, 2021
    Personal, primordial, and pulsing with syncopated language, Tolu Oloruntoba?s poetic debut, The Junta of Happenstance, is a compendium of dis-ease. This includes disease in the traditional sense, as informed by the poet?s time as a physician, and dis-ease as a primer for family dysfunction, the (im)migrant experience, and urban / corporate anxiety. In the face of struggles against social injustice, Oloruntoba navigates the contemporary moment with empathy and intelligence, finding beauty in chaos, and strength in suffering. The Junta of Happens... + Read More
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    A History of the Theories of Rain Paperback Stephen Collis 9781772012880 $16.95 POETRY Feb 08, 2021
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    A Thousand Times You Lose Your Treasure Paperback Hoa Nguyen 9781950268177 $26.95 POETRY Apr 16, 2021
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    sulphurtongue Paperback Rebecca Salazar 9780771094699 $19.95 POETRY Mar 23, 2021
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    The Untranslatable I Paperback Roxanna Bennett 9781774220177 $20.00 POETRY Feb 01, 2021
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    Sexual Misconduct of the Middle Classes Paperback Hannah Moscovitch 9780369102300 $18.95 DRAMA Jul 27, 2021
    The archetypal student-teacher romance is cleverly turned on its head for the post-#MeToo era in this striking new play by the acclaimed author of What a Young Wife Ought to Know and Bunny. Jon, a star professor and author, is racked with self-loathing after his third marriage crumbles around him when he finds himself admiring a student—a girl in a red coat. The girl, nineteen-year-old Annie, is a big fan of his work, and also happens to live down the street. From their doorways to his office to hotel rooms, their mutual admiration and sexual ... + Read More
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    Crippled Paperback Paul Power 9781550818932 $17.95 DRAMA Jul 01, 2021
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    Selfie Paperback Christine Quintana 9780369101259 $17.95 DRAMA Age (years) from 14 - 18 Nov 23, 2020
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    Take d Milk, Nah? Paperback Jivesh Parasram 9780369100986 $17.95 DRAMA May 11, 2021
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    Two Indians Paperback Falen Johnson 9781927922743 $15.95 DRAMA Apr 01, 2021
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    Alfabet/Alphabet Paperback Sadiqa de Meijer 9781989287606 $15.95 LITERARY COLLECTIONS Oct 01, 2020
    alfabet / alphabet is the record of Sadiqa de Meijer?s transition from speaking Dutch to English. Exploring questions of identity, landscape, family, and translation, the essays navigate the shifting cultural currents of language by using an eclectic approach to storytelling. As such, fellow linguistic migrants to anglophone Canada will recognize elements of their experience in alfabet / alphabet, while lifelong English speakers will perceive their mother tongue in a new light.
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    Care Of Letters, Connections, and Cures Hardcover Ivan Coyote 9780771051722 $25.00 LITERARY COLLECTIONS Jun 08, 2021
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    Revery A Year of Bees Paperback Jenna Butler 9781989496138 $18.00 NATURE Oct 20, 2020
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    The Day the World Stops Shopping Hardcover J.B. Mackinnon 9780735275539 $32.95 SOCIAL SCIENCE May 18, 2021
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    What I Remember, What I Know The Life of a High Arctic Exile English Edition Paperback Larry Audlaluk 9781772272376 $25.95 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY Oct 06, 2020
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    Firefly Paperback Philippa Dowding 9781770865983 $13.95 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 9 - 12 Feb 06, 2021
    Winner of the 2021 Governor General’s Literary Award for Young People’s Literature - Text Firefly lived in the park across from her mother’s home. It was safer there. But after the bad night happens, and her baseball-bat-wielding mother is taken away, social services sends Firefly to live with her Aunt Gayle. She hardly knows Gayle, but discovers that she owns a costume shop. Yes, Firefly might be suffering from PTSD, but she can get used to taking baths, sleeping on a bed again, and wearing as many costumes as she can to school. But where ... + Read More
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    Series: Blood Like Magic Blood Like Magic Hardcover Liselle Sambury 9781534465282 $24.99 YOUNG ADULT FICTION Age (years) from 14 - 99 Jun 15, 2021
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    Peter Lee's Notes from the Field Hardcover Angela Ahn 9780735268241 $21.99 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 9 - 12 Mar 02, 2021
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    The Fabulous Zed Watson! Hardcover Basil Sylvester 9781443460910 $21.99 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 8 - 12 Jan 26, 2021
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    Unravel Paperback Sharon Jennings 9780889956193 $14.95 YOUNG ADULT FICTION Age (years) from 12 Feb 15, 2021
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    On the Trapline Hardcover David A. Robertson 9780735266681 $21.99 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 4 - 8 May 04, 2021
    A picture book celebrating Indigenous culture and traditions. The Governor General Award—winning team behind When We Were Alone shares a story that honors our connections to our past and our grandfathers and fathers.A boy and Moshom, his grandpa, take a trip together to visit a place of great meaning to Moshom. A trapline is where people hunt and live off the land, and it was where Moshom grew up. As they embark on their northern journey, the child repeatedly asks his grandfather, “Is this your trapline?” Along the way, the boy finds himself im... + Read More
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    Mii maanda ezhi-gkendmaanh / This Is How I Know Niibing, dgwaagig, bboong, mnookmig dbaadjigaade maanpii mzin’igning / A Book about the Seasons Hardcover Brittany Luby 9781773063263 $18.95 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 3 - 7 Mar 01, 2021
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    Out into the Big Wide Lake Hardcover Paul Harbridge 9780735265592 $22.99 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 4 - 8 May 18, 2021
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    The Library Bus Hardcover Bahram Rahman 9781772781014 $22.95 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 5 - 8 Nov 24, 2020
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    The Wind and the Trees Hardcover Todd Stewart 9781771474337 $19.95 JUVENILE FICTION Age (years) from 4 - 8 Mar 15, 2021
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    This Radiant Life Paperback Chantal Neveu 9781771666336 $20.00 POETRY Nov 19, 2020
    Winner of the 2021 Governor General's Literary Award for TranslationWinner of the 2021 Nelson Ball Poetry Prize In this stunning long poem, Chantal Neveu draws from the lexicons of science, art, revolution and corporeal movement to forge intense and extended rhythms that invoke the elements and spaces making up our world. This is poetry capable of holding life and death, solidarity and love. Renewal. Breathing. In its brevity and persistence, This Radiant Life is a material call for action: it asks us to let go, even just a little bit, of our i... + Read More
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    A Cemetery for Bees Paperback Alina Dumitrescu 9781773900834 $18.95 FICTION Feb 01, 2021
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    Paul at Home Paperback Michel Rabagliati 9781770464148 $29.95 COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS Age (years) from 14 Nov 17, 2020
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    Series: McGill-Queen's French Atlantic Worlds Series People, State, and War under the French Regime in Canada Paperback Louise Dechêne 9780228006770 $44.95 HISTORY Jul 15, 2021
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    The Lover, the Lake Paperback Virginia Pesemapeo Bordeleau 9781988298849 $21.95 FICTION May 01, 2021

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