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Penguin: TarcherPerigee Spring 2019

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Authentic Gravitas
Who Stands Out and Why
By (author): Rebecca Newton Ph.D.
9780143132080 Hardcover English General Trade BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Personal Success Mar 12, 2019
$35.00 CAD
Active 6.3 x 9.26 x 0.91 in 272 pages Perigee TarcherPerigee
Having a powerful, meaningful impact on others is not about being the most dominant person in the room; it’s about being intentional, curious, and courageous.

Organizational psychologist and executive coach Rebecca Newton has found that even her most successful clients still want more of one quality: gravitas. They want their words to carry weight, to have a positive, lasting impact on those around them.

Gravitas can seem like an elusive, intangible quality, but it isn’t about adopting the style of another or being someone you’re not. Newton draws on extensive research and experience coaching business leaders to show what underpins authentic gravitas and how anyone can develop it. She presents the counterintuitive idea that in order to be valued, we shouldn’t spend all our time and energy trying to stand out from the crowd; instead, we should focus on the crowd—connecting with others and understanding their needs in order to make a significant difference.

Newton debunks the myths of gravitas and gives readers the practical tools to develop it by:

Minimizing the gaps between intention, action, and impact

Remaining true to yourself while adapting to work successfully with people who have different styles

Choosing to be courageous regardless of how confident you feel—as you engage in courageous behaviors, confidence naturally builds

Authentic gravitas extends beyond commanding presence in the room during a key meeting; it’s about the small things you can do beforehand, during, and in all the spaces in between—to be someone who genuinely adds substantive value in the workplace and beyond.

Timely subject matter: At a time when people are wary of political posturing and bluster, this book shows readers how to make real contributions in their communities and workplaces.

Author speaks all around the world: She has coached, trained, and advised leaders in corporations that include Bank of America, Barclays, Coca-Cola, HSBC, and Microsoft. She speaks widely on leadership, professional development, communication and influence, and culture transformation. The book includes interviews with top executives from Twitter, Google, Ernst and Young, and PwC, among others.

Author is a regular contributor to and the Harvard Business Review: Her Forbes and HBR blog pieces have attracted great interest in the business community and have been recommended online by influential organizations such as McKinsey, the EU Business School, and the American Management Association.

Rebecca Newton, PhD, is an organizational and social psychologist and Senior Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science in the Department of Management. She teaches on leadership, communication, professional development, and management practice. Newton is the CEO of CoachAdviser and has 20 years’ experience coaching business leaders and teams in companies around the world. She writes for the Harvard Business Review, was formerly a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University, and has facilitated executive education for the University of Cambridge.

Author Residence: London, England

“Gravitas must be caused by an agent acting constantly according to certain laws, and Rebecca Newton has found those laws. It doesn’t take confidence to matter, but it does take courage.”
—Seth Godin, New York Times bestselling author of This is Marketing

“A powerful, practical resource for people looking to bring their best self to work, and for leaders who want to equip others to do the same.”
—Melissa Daimler, former head of learning & organizational development at Adobe, Twitter, and WeWork

“Shortly after taking on my first senior leadership position, I was critiqued for needing ‘more gravitas.’ While I was not precisely sure what this meant, it resonated. The insight in Authentic Gravitas would have given me the permission and pathway to establish it with sincerity and purpose. Twelve years on, I am still on the journey and know that many others are too. How wonderful that we now have a resource, based on evidence and experience, to drive positive results—with gravitas.”
—Shanelle Hall, Deputy Executive Director and Assistant Secretary General of UNICEF
“We need more leaders with gravitas—people who are authentic, humble, and wise. Rebecca is one of a rare breed, a business psychologist as well as a genuine scholar—her book is full of practical wisdom and academic insight on how gravitas can be nurtured.”
— Alexander (Sandy) Pepper, Professor of Management Practice at the London School of Economics and Political Science

“For anyone who feels overlooked and underappreciated, Authentic Gravitas dispels the myth that gravitas is inherited rather than deliberatively developed. Newton reframes gravitas as a direct reflection of one’s ability and willingness to add value. In an age where it can feel like the loudest voice wins, this book shows that value-add trumps vainglory.” 
—Jane Mosbacher Morris, founder and CEO of To the Market and author of Buy the Change You Want to See

“Authentic gravitas is not about power or position but about how to lead with character and dignity. This book will certainly challenge your thinking and hopefully your behavior, as it has mine. A must-read.”  
—Flip Flippen, Chairman of The Flippen Group and New York Times-bestselling author of The Flip Side

“Rebecca dispels the myth of that ‘mythical something’ that few people seem to possess but we all seek to have: to have weight, value, influence; to catch and keep the attention of others. Delving into what makes gravitas, and the personal beliefs and habits that get in our way of embodying it, Rebecca helps the reader realize that gravitas, which is seemingly innate, spontaneous, and effortless in those who have it, is actually the result of practice and preparation. Rebecca’s book is a guide to being who we are, in the best way possible.” 
—Julie Okada, Managing Director, Duke Corporate Education

“A must-read for leaders who want to bring out the best in themselves and their people. The robust tools in this book will help you to identify practical ways to drive value and make a significant, meaningful impact.”
—Heidi K. Gardner, author of Smart Collaboration and Distinguished Scholar, Harvard Law School

Authentic Gravitas gives leaders a practical roadmap to achieve two things: a way to be much more effective in how they communicate; and, at the same time, a way to do this that is true to who they are. Every leader I know should read this book.”
—Elsbeth Johnson, PhD, Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management

“It is great to see a book that gets to the heart of what it means to influence well and how to do it. A must-read.”
—James Prior, Global Head of Leadership, Oncology, Novartis

“Full of thought provoking ideas and practical gems that will help you build gravitas and make you a stronger leader.”
—Hsern-Wei Ling, Executive Director, Learning and Development, PwC Malaysia 

“Newton elegantly weaves academic insight and deep hands-on experience into a convincing illumination of our understanding of gravitas. A must-read for leaders and coaches alike.”
—David Storey, Partner and EMEIA Talent Management Consulting Leader at Ernst & Young

“Rebecca Newton presents an approach to leadership that is both profoundly true and immensely practical. Essential reading for all leaders and aspiring leaders who want to succeed on their own terms.”
—Jim Prior, Global CEO of Superunion, WPP

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