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Watkins Media Summer 2019

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The Art of Decision Making
How we Move from Indecision to Smart Choices
By (author): Joseph Bikart
9781786781710 Hardcover English General Trade BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Decision-Making & Problem Solving Jul 09, 2019
$24.95 CAD
Active 6.23 x 9.49 x 0.85 in 256 pages Watkins Media Watkins Publishing
Drawing from different ’fields’ such as philosophy, psychology, literature, and theology, Joseph Bikart uses decades of experience as a business coach for senior executives around the globe to explore how and why we make the decisions we do.

What is it that makes some of us better - or worse - than others at committing to a choice? What are the forces that hold us back, and how can we successfully overcome them? Every facet of our lives depends on the decisions we make. Yet, how often do we pause to reflect on our ability to make the best and smartest choices? The key is how we confront and refine the decision making process.
Joseph Bikart explores the intricacies of decision making, challenging us to understand why we make the choices we do. He explores how the true power of decisions, especially the toughest among them, help us to face our fears and may in turn change how we think about ourselves. The book is broken into four clear parts and punctuated with short practical essays Bikart presents a lively and compelling exploration of the process of decision making covering;
Indecision, indecision - what makes us indecisive? What holds us back and why? Where Art Thou? How and where we get stuck and the importance of relaxing one’s grip. The Momentum of Decisiveness - Keeping our focus and proactivity. The Deciding Mind - making our smartest choices.

Drawing from such different fields as philosophy, psychology, neurology, literature, art history and theology, we are taken on a journey from the depths of procrastination to the elation of decision making. Presenting a fresh perspective on what to do at the proverbial fork in the road, Bikart’s unique philosophy is insightful, thought provoking, and potentially life-changing.

Joseph co founded Templar Advisors, a leading communications consulting firm with offices around the world

Joseph is a corporate keynote speaker and also teaches Communication and Negotiation classes at the London Business School

Publicity and interviews expected in leading men’s interest media, business press and smart thinking portals

Joseph is a founder of Templar Advisors. Prior to this, he was a Senior Consultant in another international communications firm, and an Investment Banker with experience in Equity Capital Markets and Debt Finance (Project Finance). At Templar, Joseph has coached many senior management teams including the CEOs and CFOs of blue chip companies, mostly in Europe and America. He manages Templar’s relationships with firms like Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley. He is also very involved with Asset Management, Hedge Funds and Private Equity firms, assisting them with their fund raising, marketing and overall communications.

He teaches the Communication and Negotiation classes at the London Business School as part of its MBA Programme.

Author Residence: London, UK

Author Hometown: London, UK

Publicity: Trade outreach: PW, LJ, Foreword, Booklist, Kirkus, Book Page, and Sacramento Review.

Long-lead pitches Fast Company, Forbes, Forturne, Money, Inc, Entrepreneur, Strategy + Business, Harvard Business Review.

Outreach to business weeklies: Bloomberg Business Week, The Economist, Barron’s, Business Insider,

Pitches to The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Associated Press, NPR, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, SF Chronicle, Financial Times, CNN, CNBC.

’There is a Hamlet in each of us—troubled hours where we are called to choose and yet flee that appointment. In The Art of Decision Making, Joseph Bikart explores the anatomy of this perpetual dilemma: which factors lead to choice, and which keep us from choosing? Bikart leads the reader to greater understanding, greater accountability, and greater facility in cutting through the nettlesome thicket of life to a place of resolve.’
-James Hollis, Ph.D, Bestselling author of Living an Examined Life

’Joseph Bikart’s The Art of Decision Making is volatile. It shakes you by the scruff of your procrastination and wilfully wakes you from your slumber of indecision. As Eliot’s Prufrock soberly reminds us, every decision, even trouser leg style, has within it the potential to activate agony.
Navigating the complex world of how we decide or more urgently, how we avoid decision, is for many of us, a stormy sea. Bikart steers a brilliant course through these difficult waters and delivers his reader to new and clear-blue depths, encompassing the philosophy, psychology and cartography of every dimension of decision making. The best decision you will make today will be to clear your decks, inner and outer, and create space to devour this feast of wisdom. By turns erudite, creative, demanding, challenging, practical and insightful, The Art of Decision Making is blissfully relieving of the haunting tension of messy, clumsy and incompetent deciding.’
-Martin Lloyd-Elliott, Chartered psychologist, psychotherapist, business coach and bestselling author

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