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Macmillan Bloomsbury Spring 2019

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I, Mammal
The Story of What Makes Us Mammals
By (author): Liam Drew
9781472922915 Paperback, Trade English General Trade SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Zoology / Mammals Jul 30, 2019 Print Run: 10000
$24.00 CAD
Active 5.27 x 7.84 x 0.91 in | 250 gr 352 pages 14 black and white illustrations Bloomsbury Bloomsbury Sigma

What makes a mammal a mammal? The answer is more complicated than you think!

I, Mammal is a history of mammals and their ancestors and of how science came to grasp mammalian evolution. After a misdirected football left new father Liam Drew clutching a uniquely mammalian part of his anatomy, he decided to find out more. Considering himself as a mammal first and a human second, Liam delves into ancient biological history to understand what it means to be mammalian.

In his humorous and engaging style, Liam explores the different characteristics that distinguish mammals from other types of animals. He charts the evolution of milk, warm blood and burgeoning brains, and examines the emergence of sophisticated teeth, exquisite ears, and elaborate reproductive biology, plus a host of other mammalian innovations. Entwined are tales of zoological peculiarities and reflections on how being a mammal has shaped the author's life.

In celebrating our mammalian-ness, Liam Drew binds us a little more tightly to the five and a half thousand other species of mammal on this planet and reveals the deep roots of many traits humans hold dear.

Liam Drew is a writer, former neurobiologist and mammal. He has a PhD in sensory biology from University College London, and spent twelve years researching the neural and genetic basis of schizophrenia, the biology of pain and the birth of new neurons in the adult mammalian brain at Columbia University, New York and at UCL. His writing has appeared inNature,New Scientist,Slate and the Guardian. He is director of NeuWrite London, a London subsidiary of 'NeuWrite: a collaborative working group for scientists, writers, and those in between'. He lives in Kent with his wife and two daughters.


“Asplendid evolutionary study ... Drew is a wry guide to wonders such as the evolution of the scrotum and the epic journey of marsupial newborns.” —Nature

“An excellent combination of scientific principle and comedic wit that will appeal to biology fans and non-scientists alike.An excellent read.” —How It Works

A witty romp through evolution ...I, Mammal is just the sort of book that can spark a love of nature and an appreciation for the ever-changing, eternally correcting march of science.” —Science

“Quotable, heartfelt andfrequently fun.” —The Biologist

“Drew's immersion makes one proud to be a mammal.” —Booklist

“Drew vividly conveys the excitement of scientific discovery [and] combines detailed technical information with interesting natural-history tidbits. There'smuch to be savoured by scientists and nonscientists alike.” —Publishers Weekly

“From ice-sliding bison and tail-biting platypuses to cats and bats, hedgehogs and hooded seals,I, Mammal will change the way you think about hairy, milk-making, warm-blooded animals (yourself included). This carnival of mammals is science writing at its mostfunny, companionable and smart.” —Helen Scales, marine biologist, broadcaster and author of Spirals in Time

“Not only fun and instructive but alsowonderfully written,I, Mammaltakes us on an erudite journey through mammalian evolution. Liam Drew effortlessly weaves science together with all manner of often very funny anecdotes. Reading it will be a pleasure for scientists and non-specialists alike.” —René Hen, Professor of Neuroscience and Psychiatry, Columbia University

"I not onlyhighly recommend readingI, Mammal, I also recommend doing so – as I did – with a notebook and pencil ready at hand so as to be ready to record the many interesting points...It is a book that not only brings new information to light, it helps to make connections between facts that might have already been known by the reader but not yet placed in a relationship to one another." -Johannes E. Riutta, The Well-Read Naturalist

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