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Calendar Tale
By (author): NISIOISIN Illustrated by: Vofan
9781947194489 Paperback, Trade English General Trade FICTION / Fantasy / Contemporary Jun 17, 2019
$18.95 CAD
Active 5.5 x 7.49 x 0.66 in 0 pages Vertical
Presented in two parts with covers that will form a diptych, Calendar Tale, narrated by our titular hero, sends us to various earlier points in the story where certain events had yet to occur—when, for instance, the shady “expert” Oshino was still in town, and the ex-legendary vampire Shinobu hadn’t tired of sulking in a corner.
Weaving in a motif of ways, paths, roads, and streets—walks of life—the nostalgic vignettes hark back to the “case files” feel of the series-launching Monster Tale, but with a twist. Not all oddities are supernatural: stones and flowers; sand and water; the wind and the tree can just be plain weird without being aberrations.
In this installment, say hello from the future to class president among class presidents Hanekawa, acid-tongued girlfriend Senjogahara, cheeky lost child Hachikuji, smutty athlete Kanbaru, pathologically shy Sengoku, and justice-loving martial artist Karen, young ladies who love to make our young man sweat.

Story Locale: Japan

Coordinated Major Anime Tie-in: The Monogatari series’ ongoing TV adaptations, considered a high watermark for the medium, already enjoy a sustained popularity on services such as Crunchyroll. Moreover, this stand-alone prequel will be receiving a full theatrical anime release in Japan shortly after the publication of the English translation.

Proven Seller and still going strong: The soon-to-be wrapped up Monogatari series has sold millions of copies over 18 entries in Japan. For the North American market too, the series has a strong following and sales have been solid.

New cover art for U.S. versions: As with previous titles, renowned artist VOFAN will create a new cover for the novels which has been a strong selling point and cover reveals have been something the fans have looked forward to. In addition, since we are breaking this into 2 novels, cover of part 2 will be something totally brand new that even JP fans haven’t seen.

A New Murakami: After a fruitful dozen years, Nishio has become the author who speaks to Japanese youth, and judging from the stateside success of the anime adaptations and the Death Note novel, and in light of Haruki Murakami’s own reception, the Pacific may not be such a wide gap for him either. Nishio is the much-awaited “Next” Murakami, based on his sales, but more importantly, similar in some ways but a fresh departure from the master, he is a New Murakami, for a new generation, for new sensibilities and new market tastes.

There are few authors in Japan who have reached the heights of success as NisiOisin. Born in 1981, Nisio dropped out of Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, to pursue a career in story-telling. Initially he had ambitions to be a comic artist, but when he realized his art was not up to snuff, he began to focus on his writing, eventually winning the 23rd Mephisto Prize, for Kubikiri Cycle (Del Rey) recognizing his talents as a mystery writer, at the age of 20. Since his debut in 2002 Nisio has penned more than 50 novels and a number of comics. And he has quickly become one of Japan’s top selling author’s in recent memory with more than 5 million units sold since 2009. In 2014, as in 2012, he was the top selling author in Japan (outselling Haruki Murakami by more than half a million units).

Nishio’s works often cover themes of youth, but are framed in genres that are familiar to the masses. His works tend to mix mystery with comedy and touches or romance and/or the supernatural. He is a modern author in every sense, sometimes even experiementing with the Japanese language itself.

Many of his works have been adapted into animated television series and films. His best known works are the Monogatari series and Katanagatari.

Author Residence: Tokyo, Japan

Marketing: Packaging and design by Peter Mendelsund.

Promotion at summmer events, such as ACEN (Chicago), Anime Fest (Dallas), Anime NEXT (New Jersey), Anime Expo (LA).

Collaboration with Aniplex to promote series.

Advertising in print and online will be coordinated.

Publicity: Distributed in the US by SONY Entertainment’s Aniplex USA, their Monogatari DVD/Blu-Ray releases have long been hits with fans and best-sellers in the direct market as well as Amazon. With a coordinated film release to launch soon, streamed through Bandai Entertainment’s DAISUKI streaming service, after the book release, interest should remain high from a broad range of retail channels.

Place ads with media outlets such as Publishers Weekly, Otaku USA and Anime News Network.

Author Social Media:
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