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Penguin: Portfolio & Sentinel Fall 2019

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How Untrained Brains Are Ruining America
By (author): Scott Adams
9780593083529 Hardcover English General Trade BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Personal Success Nov 05, 2019
$36.00 CAD
Active 6.2 x 9.2 x 0.93 in 256 pages Portfolio
From the creator of Dilbert and author of Win Bigly, a guide to spotting and avoiding loserthink: sneaky mental habits trapping victims in their own bubbles of reality.

If you’ve been on social media lately, or turned on your TV, you may have noticed a lot of dumb ideas floating around.

“We know when history will repeat and when it won’t.”

“We can tell the difference between evidence and coincidences.”

“The simplest explanation is usually true.”

Wrong, wrong, and dangerous!

If we’re not careful, loserthink would have us believe that every Trump supporter is a bigoted racist, addicts should be responsible for fixing the opioid epidemic, and that your relationship fell apart simply because you chewed with your mouth open.

Even the smartest people can slip into loserthink’s seductive grasp. This book will teach you how to spot and avoid it—and will give you scripts to respond when hollow arguments are being brandished against you, whether by well-intentioned friends, strangers on the internet, or political pundits. You’ll also learn how to spot the underlying causes of loserthink, like the inability to get ego out of your decisions, thinking with words instead of reasons, failing to imagine alternative explanations, and making too much of coincidences.

Your bubble of reality doesn’t have to be a prison. This book will show you how to break free—and, what’s more, to be among the most perceptive and respected thinkers in every conversation.

NEW AUDIENCE: Since Win Bigly put him on the map as a political pundit, Adams has attracted a new audience: usually right-leaning free-speech and free-thought advocates. Thought leaders Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, Tristan Harris and more interact with him regularly.

TRACK: How to Fail At Almost Everything And Still Win Big and Win Bigly were New York Times bestsellers, and sales have soared since the 2016 election. Adams is also still loved for his huge bestsellers of the 1990s—The Dilbert Principle and Dogbert’s Top Secret Management Handbook.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: He speaks to thousands of people a year through conferences and lectures and can incorporate the book into those speeches.

Scott Adams is the creator of Dilbert, one of the most popular comic strips of all time. He has been a full-time cartoonist since 1995, after sixteen years as a technology worker for companies such as Crocker National Bank and Pacific Bell. His many bestsellers include The Dilbert Principle, Dogbert’s Top Secret Management Handbook, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big, and Win Bigly. He is the cofounder of WhenHub, an online interface that enables anyone to quickly and easily find and connect with experts. He currently lives outside of San Francisco.

Author Residence: San Francisco

Marketing: Online adveritsing

Paid social media campaign 

Promotion on author’s Twitter (311K) 

Teaser video 

Preoder campaign via author’s blog 

Publicity: National publicity 

Coverage in the conservative press 

TV and radio interviews out of NYC 

Podcast campaign 

Oped at launch 

Author Website:

Author Social Media: Twitter: @scottadamssays 311K followers

Lavish Praise for Loserthink
 “They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but they never tell you why. So I went ahead and judged it. Looks great!” – Juan Variable
“Don’t think of this book as something you ‘read.’ Think of it as ‘survival.’ And you want to survive, don’t you?” – M. Wordthinker
“If you love this book, you are probably part of a clandestine global conspiracy to control the world. You’ll probably deny it, but I know what you are thinking.” – Reed Mines
“The simplest explanation for why you will love this book is that it is the best book in the world. Duh. Simple.” – Sir William of Ockham
“This is the only book I have ever read. I highly recommend it because I can’t imagine how any other book could be better.” – Noah Mashnashun
“There are many similarities between this book and the Holy Bible. For example, they both use words. I’m not saying the author of this book is a deity, but obviously things are heading in that direction.”  – Matthew, Mark, John
“I don’t recommend this book, but only because I’m an unsuccessful author marinating in my hatred for those who have succeeded. If I ever write a book, imagine how great it would be!” – A. Badriter

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