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New Society Publishers Spring 2020

The Art of Plant-Based Cheesemaking, Second Edition
How to Craft Real, Cultured, Non-Dairy Cheese
2nd edition
By (author): Karen McAthy
9780865719385 Paperback, Trade, Adhesive bound English General Trade COOKING / Vegetarian Dec 15, 2020 Print Run: 7000
$24.99 CAD
Cancelled 7.5 x 9 x 0.38 in | 0.71 lb 160 pages 100 Colour illustrations 100% recycled content FSC certified – recycled C016245 New Society Publishers
Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2017, Winner Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2018, Winner International Association of Culinary Professionals Awards 2017, Winner

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, 2018, Vegan Category Winner

Making real, full-flavored and richly textured cheese without the use of dairy has long remained a mystery — until now! With step-by-step guidance from acknowledged master plant-based cheesemaker Karen McAthy, anyone can learn to craft authentic, delicious vegan cheese.

Drawing deep from the well of traditional cheesemaking but extending and developing the methods into plant-based ingredients, this new edition of the award-winning The Art of Plant-based Cheesemaking is a lavishly illustrated, practical guide packed with step-by-step recipes and straightforward processes from beginner to advanced. Coverage includes:

  • Equipment, sanitation, food safety
  • Non-cultured beginner recipes through to advanced cultured cheeses
  • How to grow your own plant-based cultures, including rejuvelac, sprouting, fermentation, kefir, and probiotic capsules
  • Using emulsifiers, starches, and binders
  • Flavors, aging, rind curing, and working with molds
  • Troubleshooting tips and tricks
  • Updated step-by-step guidance and a detailed breakdown of the culturing process.

The Art of Plant-based Cheesemaking, 2nd edition makes incredible homemade vegan cheese accessible for beginners, aspiring DIY non-dairy cheesemakers, and serious foodies alike. The texture, the sharpness, the taste; you will be proud to serve up your creations.

  • Award-winning first edition – Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, 2018, Winner, Best in World, Vegan Category
  • International Association of Culinary Professionals Awards, Winner, 2017
  • Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, 2017, Winner, Canadian selection, Vegan Cookbooks
  • Previous edition sold 5,500
  • Author is the well-known chef and founder and co-owner of Blue Heron Creamery, a dairy-free, plant-based artisan cheese and foods company.
  • She is at the cutting edge of vegan cheese development and experimentation.
  • Research from the Plant Based Foods Association shows that retails sales in plant-based dairy alternatives grew 50% in 2018.
  • The author has significant connections with US through customers and consulting for vegan cheese companies.
  • The author has 12.5 K followers on Instagram from around the world.
  • This second edition includes the update to refinements in this emerging art.
  • Second edition is 35% new material including:
    • updated methodology for several recipes
    • revised conceptual elements
    • new methods including vegan blue cheese, camembert/white mold cheese
    • clarification of discussion of cultures
    • improved culturing methodology
    • chapters 1-6 completely revised
  • Part of the Homegrown City Life series of introductory books for living sustainably in the city
  • New Society Publishers are committed to the highest environmental practices in the industry, including: printing all their books in North America, on 100% post-consumer recycled FSC-certified paper, using vegetable-based, low-VOC inks; and offsetting their emissions to make all of their business operations carbon neutral and is proudly B Corp certified. Their books are so Green you could eat them!

Audience: Process-oriented cooks, both home and professional; chefs looking to broaden their vegan cheesemaking skills, DIY foodies who like to make their own food stuffs, cookbook collectors

Regional: Regions where the author has a significant customer base. California – vegan cheese companies; Texas; Florida – growing vegan community; New York – vegan cheese companies and chefs; Washington, especially Seattle; Oregon – vegan cheese companies, author will be featured chef at Farm Spirit restaurant in Portland

Canada: "Cheesegate" in 2018 (the complaint filed with CFIA regarding the use of the word “cheese”) pushed Blue Heron Creamery into the national headlines for most of February and March. Author was interviewed on Global TV, CBC TV, CBC Radio, and several blogs and magazines.

Karen McAthy is founder and co-owner of Blue Heron Creamery, a dairy-free, plant-based artisan cheese and vegan foods company in Vancouver, BC, which creates authentic and cultured non-dairy cheeses. McAthy is a sought-after educator in the world of plant-based food and award-winning author.

"Karen brings an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience to the world of plant-based cheese making. Her innovative techniques that honor time-tested tradition will inform the future of dairy-free food products. Having had the opportunity to taste many Blue Heron Creamery cheeses, it is clear that under Karen's lead, a revolution in dairy freedom has been sparked. "
— Margaret Coons founder and CEO, Nuts for Cheese

"More than a compilation of recipes, The Art of Plant-Based Cheesemaking is an in-depth course for every would-be cheese crafter and culinary artisan. With luscious, full-color photos of finished cheeses and step-by-step instructions replete with visual aids, McAthy deconstructs the cheesemaking process to make it accessible to everybody. From quick non-cultured cheezes to fresh and aged cultured cheeses, no curd is left behind. Think it's impossible to go vegan because you can't live without cheese? Think again! This book will quash all your excuses."
— Jo Stepaniak, MSEd author, Low-FODMAP and Vegan, The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook, and Vegan Vittles

"Delightful, inspiring, and delicious! The Art of Plant-based Cheesemaking is alive with possibilities, beauty, and love. This book draws a map for pleasure and exploration, simple and complex—like life."
— Laura Cushnie co-founder and Executive Chef, la Dulse Vie

"The Art of Plant-Based Cheesemaking is an intimate and academic invitation into the brilliant mind and fermenting-friendly kitchen of Karen McAthy. For the time that I have known Karen, I have always wondered what magic she inserted into her delicious and innovative plant-inspired food. From the first time I tried her cheeze at Graze to the incredible pate that she included in my book launch, I am filled with intense excitement at the opportunity to take her mind into my kitchen and create these evolutionary products. Karen has created an approachable and researched method for both vegans and non-vegans to appreciate and enjoy this lifestyle with ease and confidence."
— Chloe Elgar holistic nutritionist and author and founder, Chloe's Countertop

"Once upon a time cheese was the stumbling block for many on the path to a plant-based diet. Plant-based cheeses were both unhealthful and unpalatable. The tide has turned. The Art of Plant-Based Cheesemaking is destined to be a classic that propels plant-based cheesemaking to the next level. For everyone who ever wanted to knock someone's socks off with non-dairy cheese, this book is your ticket to success. It is a beautiful compilation of exquisite recipes masterfully crafted by Karen McAthy. We are both awed and grateful!"
— Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina registered dietitians and co-authors, Becoming Vegan: Comprehensive Edition,

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