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How to Be Miserable in Your Twenties
40 Strategies to Fail at Adulting
By (author): Randy J. Paterson PhD



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Paperback , Trade
Mar 01, 2020
$24.95 CAD


7in x 5 x 0.7 in | 280 gr

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280 pages
New Harbinger Publications
SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / Happiness
ABCT Self-Help Book Recommendation 2021
Following in the footsteps of his snarky self-help hit,How to Be Miserable, psychologist Randy J. Paterson uses his trademark wit and irony to help you tackle the most common roadblocks that stand in the way of successful “adulting.”

Are you living in your parent’s basement? Can you measure your life by the hours you spend video streaming or gaming? Do you have absolutely no idea who you really are or what matters to you? Are you emotionally stunted and incapable of mature relationships? Great! Keep it up. If you just can’t get enough of being miserable, you’re on the right path.

InHow to Be Miserable in Your Twenties, you won’t find platitudes or promises of love, happiness, and a fabulous life. What you will find are 40 strategies to help you cultivate a life of abject misery. On the other hand, if you want to take control of your destiny, find meaning and a sense of purpose, or just be a damn grownup, feel free to do the opposite of what this book says. You may yet join the ranks of happy people everywhere!

So, keep getting caught in the same self-defeating traps that have led you to an unfulfilling existence—or not! Either way, this book will help you take a good long look at yourself and your life, and come up with a solid action plan for your worst (or best) future.

Randy J. Paterson, PhD, is a psychologist and director of Changeways Clinic—a private psychotherapy service—in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He is author ofThe Assertiveness Workbook, How to Be Miserable, andYour Depression Map; and coauthor of the free onlineAntidepressant Skills Workbook. He presents lectures and workshops internationally on topics, including mental health policy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the nature and treatment of depression and anxiety disorders, and the failure-to-launch phenomenon. For more information, visit www.randypaterson.com.

- Canadian author, Randy Paterson lives in Vancouver
- the follow-up to How to Be Miserable which sold over 2k copies in Canada

“When you find yourself underlining so many passages that the whole book is basically one long underline...it’s time to recommend that book. Highly. And be grateful it exists.”
Lenore Skenazy, president of Let Grow, and founder of Free-Range Kids

“Pathological social withdrawal (called ‘hikikomori’ in Japan) is now increasingly considered a global mental health and socioeconomic concern. Withdrawal behaviors tend to be regarded as negative and maladaptive. Is this perception always correct? Randy Paterson’s book challenges such preconceptions and prejudices regarding hikikomori-related behaviors while also suggesting multidirectional solutions to this phenomenon.”
Takahiro A. Kato, MD, PhD, associate professor in the department of neuropsychiatry, and chair of the hikikomori research clinic at Kyushu University Hospital in Fukuoka, Japan

“Randy Paterson has done it again! In his latest book,How to Be Miserable in Your Twenties, Paterson provides insight into how young adults can avoid common traps that can contribute to unhappiness. It includes a range of well-tested, commonsense strategies that are especially relevant for those transitioning into adulthood and independence. This engaging and humorous book is a must-read for young adults (even those who are not in their twenties) who want to prevent the thoughts, behaviors, and habits that can lead to feeling overwhelmed, depressed, or anxious. I highly recommendit!”
Martin M. Antony, PhD, ABPP, professor in the department of psychology at Ryerson University in Toronto, ON, Canada; and coauthor ofTheShyness and Social Anxiety Workbookand The Anti-Anxiety Workbook

“Innovative and inspiring.... The provocative mood makes the reading easy; the structure in lessons makes the book an on-demand pool of instructions the reader can refer to whenever needed. Randy Paterson has made great work to collect life situations and convert them into such practical actions.”
Ivan Ferrero, PsyD, cyberpsychologist, speaker, trainer, educator, edge innovator, and futurologist

How to Be Miserable in Your Twenties reads with a tender irreverence. Paterson’s voice is heart-catching, imaginative, and wise as he invites emerging adults to abandon many of their self-defeating delusions which they have caught from their culture like a virus. Paterson gifts the reader with fresh agility to better dance with the paradoxical vicissitudes of life. You will find his creative re-rendering of the path to misery accessible, charming, and a helpful tool for reorienting you to a wise life.”
Scott Spradlin, LPC, LMAC, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) therapist and trainer in Wichita, KS; and author ofDon’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Life

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