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By (author): Ian De Haes
Ian De Haes


Annick Press



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Picture book
Hardcover , Picture book


Juvenile: Age (years) 3 - 7, Grade (CAN) P - 2, Grade (US) P - 2, Reading age 3 - 7
Mar 10, 2020
$21.95 CAD


10.1in x 9.75 x 0.35 in | 380 gr

Page Count:

36 pages
Annick Press
JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance
  • Short Description

A (literally) brilliant young girl named Nour shines a light everywhere she goes, until she’s told her glow isn’t a real superpower. As her light dims, Nour’s world darkens… until she finds an unexpected way to make it bright again. The story echoes themes of isolation and not belonging in books like Lila and the Crow, but has its own unique spin. Ultimately it’s a story about bravery, self-confidence, empathy, and the power of imagination. It’s also, somewhat unexpectedly, an original take on the tried and true sibling narrative—this is not your average "how to be a good sibling" story. With magical, enchanting art and a diverse main character.

Nour loves the luminous glow she was born with, but it’s only when it starts to dim that she discovers the true power of her brilliant light.

Nour has a superpower: she glows. Her light shines so bright, she feels like a star in the night sky. But when kids at school notice her glow, they’re not impressed. If she had a real superpower, they say, she could fly or turn invisible. So Nour stops feeling special. And as her light dims, her world darkens . . . until a nighttime cry from her baby sister shows her how powerful her glow can be.

Ian De Haes’s heartfelt story and radiant illustrations highlight themes of self-confidence, bravery, empathy, and the imaginative power of a strong female protagonist—whose name means light in Arabic.

  • A story about bravery, self-confidence, empathy, and the power of imagination. It’s also, somewhat unexpectedly, an original take on the tried and true sibling narrative—with magical, enchanting art and a diverse main character.
  • Key Title
  • Originally published in 2018 by Belgian publisher Alice éditions under the title Superlumineuse
  • It shows a powerful and supportive family dynamic.

  • Superluminous lightly deals with the concept of bullying and how to overcome it in a positive way, by seeing the beauty within yourself.

  • Representation in a diverse, female main character. Nour seeing herself as a superhero shatters gender and racial stereotypes.

IAN DE HAES is a former bookseller and graphic designer. He started creating picture books with his wife, who writes many of the stories he illustrates. He lives in Brussels, Belgium.

“The story is simple, but written well. The illustrations are the real star.”

- The Ladybug Reads, 11/09/19, The Ladybug Reads, 11/09/19

“A tender narrative about self-image with striking illustrations.”

- Publishers Weekly, 01/09/2020, Publishers Weekly, 01/09/2020

“[A] lovely story, whose emotional depth stands up to many readings . . . Warm and satisfying.”

- Kirkus Reviews, *starred review, 01/21/20, Kirkus Reviews, *starred review, 01/21/20

“This is such a special book for children to read–all the important messages of compassion, confidence, empathy, and self-love are all rolled into this beautiful story.”

- Youth Services Book Review, *starred review, 01/01/20, Youth Services Book Review, *starred review, 01/01/20

“Warm backgrounds with radiant golden tones are sure to capture attention and elicit some ‘aah’ moments during the reading.”

- Sal’s Fiction Addiction, 03/18/20

“DeHaes’s illustrations are luminous and expressive. The story is almost perfect . . . Use this as a conversation starter about ways that we get jealous and attack others who are different from we are.”

- Kiss the Book Jr, 01/26/20

“Representing dwindling self-confidence with a dying light . . . is executed skilfully in the illustrations.”

- Quill & Quire, 03/19/20

“Presents a positive perspective on racial diversity and acceptance . . . Superluminous presents an alternative role model, one who is a little shy and unsure of herself but who learns that her uniqueness can help brighten the world. Superluminous would be a great addition to a school or public library and is recommended for readers who might feel a little nervous about starting at preschool or kindergarten. Highly Recommended.”

- CM Reviews, 11/11/20

“A welcoming palette of golden yellows and calming teals invites lingering over this story about claiming—and sharing—your personal ‘superpowers.’”

- Foreword Reviews, 03/22

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