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TouchWood Editions Fall 2020

Stories of Migration by Women from Around the World
Edited by: Lorna Jane Harvey

Edited by :

Lorna Jane Harvey



Product Form:


Form detail:

Paperback , Trade


Nov 03, 2020
$25.00 CAD


8in x 5.5 in

Page Count:

200 pages


colour illustrations throughout
TouchWood Editions
Literary essays|True stories: general|Migration, immigration and emigration|Ethnic groups and multicultural studies|Belgium|France|United Kingdom, Great Britain|Guernsey|Germany|Switzerland|Denmark|Norway|Italy|Hungary|Ukraine|Croatia|Greece|Romania|Syria|Afghanistan|India|Bangladesh|China|Hong Kong|Japan|Nigeria|Djibouti|United States of America, USA|Canada|Cuba|Mexico|Colombia|Guyana|Venezuela|Australia|New Zealand

An inspiring and timely collection of stories about migration, written from twenty women’s perspectives.

Somewhere is an inspiring collection of stories about migration. Written from twenty women’s perspectives, it brings a refreshing and uniting voice to this compelling and trending topic. More people are likely to be migrating now than at any other time in history, and this is set to increase as climate change and political unrest pushes even more people to relocate. The implications of migration, especially for women, are often unknown, unheard, unspoken. From the fleeing refugee to the political and economic migrant, a broad range of migration by people of many cultures, ethnicities, and beliefs is shared in this book. Identity, belonging, assimilation and alienation are some of the key topics in this sometimes sad but also joyful book. Treasures of wisdom and heartfelt honesty are found in the stories. The book will give the reader hope, encouragement, or insight into a globally relevant subject on a personal level rather than through distant, abstract news stories. Somewhere encourages open-mindedness and is filled with stories that will likely have a strong impact on the reader.

Lorna Jane Harvey is a British, Canadian, and Swiss writer currently located in New Zealand. She has written or edited several books including the novel Jet Black Stones and the book Beverley in 50 Buildings. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and a Masters in Communication and Applied Linguistics.

Media + Publicity:

  • Baseline media outreach to Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun, Macleans, Readers Digest, Kirkus Reviews, Publisher’s Weekly, Foreword Reviews, Library Journal, Quill and Quire, subTerrain, Broken Pencil
  • Outreach to podcast and bloggers with a focus on migration, travel, women’s studies

Marketing + Promo:

  • National, regional, and subject-specific print features, excerpts and review coverage
  • Blogger outreach, online ads and social media campaigns
  • Outreach to travel and tourism organizations
  • Electronic ARCs
  • Excerpts available

Marketing + Promo Deliverables

  • Electronic ARC
  • Press release

BISAC Codes:

  • LCO010000    LITERARY COLLECTIONS / Essays
  • LCO019000    LITERARY COLLECTIONS / Women Authors
  • SOC007000     SOCIAL SCIENCE / Emigration & Immigration
  • ET140 CULTURAL HERITAGE / Multicultural
  • TP090 TOPICAL / Women's Interest

BISAC Regional Themes>

  •          LEVEL_1 North America
  •    LEVEL_1 Europe
  •    LEVEL_1 Asia
  •    LEVEL_1 Africa
  •    LEVEL_2 Caribbean Islands
  •    LEVEL_1 South America
  •    LEVEL_1 Australasia, Oceania


  • DNL Literary Essays
  • DNX True Stories: general
  • JBFH Migration, immigration and emigration
  • JBSL1 Ethic Groups and Multicultural Studies
  • 1DXR Romania
  • 1DTH Hungary
  • 1DND Denmark
  • 1KJC Cuba
  • 1KLSC Colombia
  • 1KBB United States of America
  • 1DXC Croatia
  • 1FKB Bangladesh
  • 1DFH Switzerland
  • 1KBC Canada
  • 1MBN New Zealand
  • 1FCA Afghanistan
  • 1FKA India
  • 1FPCH Hong Kong
  • 1FPC China
  • 1KLSV Venezuela
  • 1MBF Australia
  • 1KLCM Mexico
  • 1FPJ Japan
  • 1FBS Syria
  • 1DFG Germany
  • 1DNN Norway
  • 1DDU United Kingdom, Great Britain
  • 1DXG Greece
  • 1DTN Ukraine
  • 1KLSG Guyana
  • 1DDU-GB-XG Guernsey
  • 1DST Italy
  • 1DDF France
  • 1HFGD Djibouti
  • 1DDB Belgium
  • 1HFDN Nigeria

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[email protected]
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