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Accessible Yoga
Poses and Practices for Every Body
By (author): Jivana Heyman
9781611807127 Paperback, Trade English General Trade HEALTH & FITNESS / Yoga Nov 05, 2019
$33.95 CAD
Active 8.01 x 9.47 x 0.63 in | 1.31 lb 224 pages Shambhala
This daring, visionary book revolutionizes yoga practice—and makes it truly accessible to everyone, in every body, at any age, and in any state of health.

Yoga practice has so much to offer us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. But many of us feel discouraged to practice because we see young, slim, flexible, well, and able-bodied people dominating yoga spaces. Yet, yoga is truly a practice for all—conferring enormous benefits to our overall well-being as our bodies change, age, and navigate various health challenges. Jivana Heyman, founder of Accessible Yoga, views yoga as a basic human right—saying we all deserve to practice it in whatever state we find our body or mind. Accessible Yoga offers a simple, clear, and wonderfully adaptable practice for all people regardless of ability, health, and body type. Heyman has spent over twenty years sharing yoga with people of all abilities and backgrounds, and in this book, he shares his knowledge by breaking down complex yoga poses, breathing practices, meditation techniques, and yoga teachings into clearly understandable and practical tools we can use every day, regardless of our limitations or challenges.

Food, water, shelter—and yoga: Heyman, an activist and social justice advocate, views yoga as a basic human right—one that supports the health and spiritual needs of all—and reclaims it as a personal practice that is available to all. He teaches that the tools of yoga can transform our lives by teaching us how to find that refuge of peace within ourselves, no matter what is happening to us or around us.

Anyone can benefit from yoga practice! This practical guide shows people in all states of ability, and offers a safe, accessible yoga program adapted for people with disabilities or health challenges.

Huge potential audience: Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal estimate that there are over 36 million Americans practicing yoga, and 80 million say they are interested in trying it. Heyman’s target audience is the 44 million Americans who fall into the gap between those two numbers: people who are interested in yoga, but may be afraid to begin a practice because they think yoga is not for them. This includes people with disabilities, larger bodies, those who are inactive, older, or anyone who is not already practicing yoga.

Required reading for the yoga community: According to Harvard Health, “Often, people see yoga as exclusive—designed primarily for young women or for those who are already flexible, athletic, or spiritual. This finding can hopefully inspire the yoga community to work on making yoga more accessible and inclusive, regardless of a person’s gender, age, current level of flexibility or fitness, or relationship with spirituality.”

JIVANA HEYMAN, C-IAYT, E-RYT500, is the founder and director of Accessible Yoga, an international non-profit organization dedicated to increasing access to the yoga teachings for people of all abilities and backgrounds. Accessible Yoga offers two Conferences per year, which focus on community-building and education, as well as a popular Ambassador program, and Accessible Yoga Trainings. Jivana is co-owner of the Santa Barbara Yoga Center and an Integral Yoga Minister. For over twenty-five years Jivana has specialized in teaching yoga to people with disabilities with an emphasis on social engagement. Find out more about Jivana’s work at

Author Residence: Santa Barbara, CA

Author Hometown: NYC, Westport CT

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Author Website:

Author Social Media: FB: AccessibleYogaProject (6K); Instagram: accessibleyoga (6K)

“With sincere compassion, progressive wisdom, and intelligent instruction, Jivana explores why it is necessary for all bodies—regardless of shape, size, gender, sexuality, race, socioeconomic status, or abilities—to have access to yoga and the myriad benefits it provides. This book should be included in every teacher’s training course worldwide. I know I will include it in mine.”—Seane Corn, author of Revolution of the Soul

“Jivana Heyman has a heart as wide as the world. Which is just as well, because his new book, Accessible Yoga, is exactly the direction that global yoga culture needs to move towards to restore the practical relevance of this great healing art. Whether you are thick or thin, young or old, ambulatory or need the assistance of a walker, wheelchair, or crutch, Jivana opens up the practice of yoga in the most delightful and creative ways to anyone who can breathe. Through offering progressive points of entry—from free standing, using a wall, sitting in a chair, or lying on the floor or even in bed—Accessible Yoga is a treasure trove of invaluable and practical information that will open many doors for people who might otherwise not have the courage to begin. What shines through in every word of this exceptional book is the clear mind, compassionate heart, and the passionate advocacy of a teacher who is a living and breathing testament of what Yoga, capital Y, is all about.”—Donna Farhi, author of Yoga, Mind Body & Spirit and Pathways to a Centered Body

“One of the most positive aspects of modern yoga is its inclusivity, not only in regard to age, gender, and ethnicity, but physical ability as well. Jivana's program in this well-written and comprehensive manual offers those with physical limitations of whatever kind, access to the full range of benefits each and every student might expect from the practice of yoga. This is also an invaluable reference resource for teachers no matter who their students are.” —Richard Rosen, author of Original Yoga

“Accessible Yoga is nothing less than a gem for yoga practitioners of all abilities. At some time or another we will all need the insights it offers to help us keep our yoga practice alive and meaningful, regardless of our age or health. Perfect for all levels of students.”—Judith Hanson Lasater, PhD, PT, and author of Restore and Rebalance

“In this essential book, Jivana Heyman not only explains how the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga can be truly accessible to everyone—including people who have previously felt excluded due to illness, physical limitations, age, body type, or race—but he also provides the tools for all of us to make the poses, practices, and philosophy our own and to help others do the same. His love for yoga and the people he advocates for shines through on every page.”—Nina Zolotow, coauthor of Yoga for Healthy Aging and Editor in Chief of the Yoga for Healthy Aging blog

Accessible Yoga: Poses and Practices for Every Body ought to be a required text in all 200-hour yoga teacher trainings. As public demand for yoga dramatically increases, teachers find themselves being asked to serve a wider audience of students than can be addressed in a foundational training. This text meets those teachers where they are, and clearly offers guidance and options to more appropriately bring yoga to those seeking its benefits. There's no pretense to making teachers health experts or therapists...just solid resources based on Heyman’s decades of experience and study.”—Matthew J. Taylor, PT, PhD, C-IAYT. Founder of SmartSafeYoga (

"This user-friendly manual provides a welcome and valuable service in potentially opening the world of yoga up to an even wider population."—Publishers Weekly

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