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Patient Zero (revised edition)
Solving the Mysteries of Deadly Epidemics
By (author): Marilee Peters
Marilee Peters


Annick Press



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Paperback , Trade


Young Adult : Age (years) 10 - 14, Grade (CAN) 5 - 9, Grade (US) 5 - 9, Reading age 10 - 14
Apr 06, 2021
$16.95 CAD


8.9in x 6.5 x 0.8 in | 460 gr

Page Count:

200 pages
Annick Press
YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION / Science & Nature / History of Science

Engrossing true stories of the pioneers of epidemiology who risked their lives to find the source of deadly diseases—now revised to include updated information and a new chapter on Covid-19.

More people have died in disease epidemics than in wars or other disasters, but the process of identifying these diseases and determining how they spread is often a terrifying gamble. Epidemiologists have been ignored, mocked, or silenced all while trying to protect the population and identify “patient zero”—the first person to have contracted the disease, and a key piece in solving the epidemic puzzle.

Patient Zero tracks the gripping tales of eight epidemics and pandemics—how they started, how they spread, and the fight to stop them. This revised edition combines a brand-new design with updated information and features diseases such as Spanish Influenza, Ebola, and AIDS, as well as a new chapter on Covid-19.

*A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection

  • Massive interest: the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed sales to over 28,000 copies of the first edition
  • new interior design and cover
  • Revised intro that frames epidemiology in light of Covid-19. This also includes an expanded list of definitions that now includes some of the terms readers will have heard on the news recently, like contact tracing, PPE, flattening the curve, social distancing, etc.
  • A new chapter on Covid-19
  • A Note on the Second Edition, clarifying when Marilee was writing the updates and what prompted the update. The note also says that efforts to get reliable information have been complicated by the fact that we are still learning about Covid-19, and that readers should exercise caution when looking at sources. What we know about Covid will change as science never stands still, but this doesn't mean that we should discount the research of scientists and responsible public health officials.
  • Updates to the Ebola and AIDS chapters that cover new cases/new research into each disease, and also help contextualize each disease in light of Covid--for example, that delays in transportation and mail resulting from Covid will impact access to services and supplies, including to retroviral drugs. There could be as many as 500,000 additional deaths from AIDS in 2021 as a result.
  • Revised conclusion that centers around what the world might look like following COVID, and when/whether things will really "move on."
  • Updated glossary at the back of the book and updated further reading.

Marilee Peters is a former librarian who over the years has written about politics, theater, the environment, parenting, farming, and health, among other topics. She is the author of Patient Zero, 10 Rivers that Shaped the World, and Making It Right. She lives with her family in Vancouver, BC.

“Important and interesting.”

- SMS Nonfiction Book Reviews, 04/29/21

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