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Black Girl In Love (with Herself)
A Guide to Self-Love, Healing, and Creating the Life You Truly Deserve
By (author): Trey Anthony
9781401960261 Paperback, Trade English General Trade SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / Self-Esteem Jan 05, 2021
$22.99 CAD
Active 5.56 x 8.56 x 0.66 in | 0.59 lb 256 pages Hay House Hay House Inc.
Speaker, writer, and producer Trey Anthony breaks it down, giving black women a relatable voice and personalized “keeping it real” to-do list on how to practice self-love and self-care.

Therapy is not just for white women-no matter what your momma told you!

After a lifetime of never truly relating to the personal development experts because of the color of her skin, Trey Anthony has written the book she needed to read as a black woman trying to navigate a world filled with unique challenges that often acts like she doesn’t exist.
On the outside Trey Anthony was the overachieving, reliable, and strong black woman she was raised to be, but on the inside the pressure of sacrificing her own needs to please others was building. When her grandmother and mother raised her strong, they also unknowingly taught her that self-love and expressing emotions were weak, creating an unhealthy dynamic that had Trey facing burnout and rock bottom.
In Black Girl in Love (with Herself), Trey breaks down the lessons and tools that she used to heal her life, including how to:
    Set clear and healthy boundaries-even with the people who raised you
    Quit being the family ATM
    Sort out who is a real friend, and who is just there for parties and gossip
    Confront microaggressions at work without missing a beat
    Forget who black women are “supposed” to be
And fall in love with yourself!

Powerful and timely topic: With recent conversations around diversity in wellness and the importance of including BIPOC voices in that ongoing discussion, Trey’s personal, honest, and readable story and clear, actionable advice will resonate with black readers feeling under-represented in this space. The strong title says just what the book is about and who it’s for.

Targeted marketing for this audience: This author sells out her yearly live empowerment events for black women in Toronto and Atlanta because she targets them specifically, placing ads on radio stations that play music they are listening to and working her connections. Now she will use her marketing expertise to target this specific demographic to sell this book.

Trey Anthony is an inspirational speaker, visionary coach, writer, actor, and producer, best known for her award-winning play and television series Da Kink in My Hair and her “A Black Girl in Love” live self-empowerment workshops in Toronto and Atlanta.

Author Residence: Los Angeles, CA

Marketing: Inclusion in Summits and speaking events—this author is a natural on stage.

Hay House will target TV, online and podcast hits like Essence, O Magazine, Today Show (and more) in an effort to bring widespread awareness to Trey and to the book.

Hay House will launch a social media campaign promoting Trey Anthony and Black Girl in Love (With Herself) that will reach an audience of 14 million followers.

Hay House will advertise on Amazon with Sponsored Product ads.

Author Social Media: Facebook Followers: 20K followers; Instagram Followers: 16K followers
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