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not a nun's diary
By (author): Concetta Principe
Concetta Principe


DC Books



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Paperback , Trade


General Trade
Mar 15, 2013
$17.95 CAD


8in x 5 x 0.23 in | 0.3 lb

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102 pages
DC Books
POETRY / General

Concetta Principe's deeply intimate Walking explores religious difference and secular politics, God and promises through the meditative lens of prose poetry. Walking occurs in the mind through dreams, in memory and as a relentless process of bearing witness to the earthly, quotidian activities that challenge super-natural abstractions. As the unconverted pilgrim of the book eats nothing, she is led through these poems into encounters with God, birds, stones, and other humans who inhabit the stairways and closed doors of Jerusalem. Together, this collection of prose poems functions as a revelatory maze of mystery and discovery.

Concetta Principe is the author of two previous books-Stained Glass (1997) and Interference (1999)-and has written and directed for TV, including the Vision TV series on Biblical archaeology, The Naked Archaeologist. She is currently completing her PhD at York University, where her work considers representations of the messiah and the Muselmann in twentieth century cultural and intellectual works, arguing that these figures are evidence of a trauma of secularism dating to first century Judea. She has managed to find coherence in her unconscious compulsion to think politics and revelation together.

Compelling. Heart wrenching. Concetta Principe'sWalking: Not a Nun's Diarygrabbed me and would not let me go. Today's book of poetry would tell you that grace under pressure is where the hardest gems are formed. Principe is a flaneur in the Michael Herr fashion and these poems are like punches to the stomach, little bombs that you can't avoid, arrows straight to the heart. -- Michael Dennis, Today's book of poetry

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