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Orca SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) HONOR through December 2022

Choosing to Live, Choosing to Die
The Complexities of Assisted Dying
By (author): Nikki Tate Illustrated by: Belle Wuthrich
Nikki Tate ,

Illustrated by :

Belle Wuthrich


Orca Book Publishers - Victoria



Product Form:


Form detail:

Trade, Flaps
Paperback , Trade, Flaps


Young Adult : Age (years) 12, Grade (CAN) 8 - 12, Grade (US) 8 - 12, Reading age 12
Sep 17, 2019
$19.95 CAD


8.5in x 6 x 0.63 in | 460 gr

Page Count:

176 pages


74 Halftones, color , 27 Colour illustrations , 1 Glossary , 1 Index
Orca Book Publishers
YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION / Social Topics / Death, Grief, Bereavement
Children’s / Teenage personal and social topics: Death and bereavement|Interest age: from c 12 years|Ethical issues: euthanasia and right to die|Children’s / Teenage personal and social topics: Emotions, moods and feelings
OLA Best Bets—Top Ten 2019, Commended CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens 2020, Commended
  • Short Description
This nonfiction book for teens examines the complex issue of medical assistance in dying from multiple perspectives. Illustrated with photographs.
Is there such a thing as a good death?

? “Tate’s sprawling work is a fascinating guide that belongs in all middle school, high school, and public libraries. This resource will help tweens and teens looking to better understand death and dying for personal or academic purposes.”—School Library Journal, starred review

With many jurisdictions considering whether or not to implement new assisted-death legislation, Choosing to Live, Choosing to Die is a timely look at the subject for teen readers who may not yet have had much experience with death and dying.

Readers are introduced to the topic of assisted dying through the author's own story. The issue continues to be hotly debated in families, communities and countries around the world, and there are no easy answers. Choosing to Live, Choosing to Die looks at the issue from multiple perspectives and encourages readers to listen with an open mind and a kind heart and reach their own conclusions.

Nikki Tate is the author of more than 30 books, most of which are for children and teens. Her Footprints title, Deep Roots: How Trees Sustain Our Planet, received several award nominations and was named by the New York Public Library as one of 2016’s Best 100 Books for Kids. She lives in Canmore, Alberta.

Contributor Website

Belle Wuthrich is an illustrator and designer specializing in books for young readers. Based in Vancouver, Belle has contributed to more than a dozen books for kids, a number of which have won awards or been republished internationally, including the Montaigne Medal Award–winning Eyes and Spies: How You’re Tracked and Why You Should Know and the Silver Birch Award nominee Eat Up: An Infographic Exploration of Food.

? “Tate’s sprawling work is a fascinating guide that belongs in all middle school, high school, and public libraries. This resource will help tweens and teens looking to better understand death and dying for personal or academic purposes.” - School Library Journal, starred review

“[An] accessible guide that respects the ability of teen readers to understand the nuances surrounding a complex topic. A thought-provoking, easy-to-understand resource.” - Kirkus Reviews

“[Tate] presents these complex questions in very accessible prose...Definitely a book that has a place in Grade 9-12 library collections...Tate doesn’t pretend to have all the answers, and she does an excellent job of posing many questions for consideration.” - CM: Canadian Review of Materials

“For readers who want a balanced, thoughtful dive into a difficult issue, this has a lot to offer." - Booklist

“An important work that fills a void, Choosing to Live, Choosing to Die honestly addresses one of the hardest realities of growing up.” - Quill & Quire

“A difficult, important topic, and Tate handles it gracefully. Choosing to Live, Choosing to Die may be controversial reading in some communities, but teens (and adults) need opportunities for the critical thinking and personal reflection that the book requires.” - Resource Links

“Tate does an extraordinary job for her target audience making this book a must-have for an ethics class, a health class, a debate topic or a philosophy course.” - Must Read Lit: K thru YA

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