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That Light Feeling Under Your Feet
By (author): Kayla Geitzler
Kayla Geitzler


NeWest Press



Product Form:


Form detail:

Paperback , Trade


General Trade
Apr 01, 2018
$19.95 CAD


9in x 6 x 0 in | 1 lb

Page Count:

112 pages
NeWest Press
POETRY / Subjects & Themes / Places
New Brunswick
The Fiddlehead Poetry Book Prize at the New Brunswick Book Awards 2019, Nominated Robert Kroetsch Award for Poetry at the Alberta Book Publishing Awards 2019, Nominated

Finalist for The Fiddlehead Poetry Book Prize at the New Brunswick Book Awards!
Shortlisted for the Robert Kroetsch Award for Poetry at the 2019 Alberta Book Publishing Awards!

That Light Feeling Under Your Feet plunges headfirst into the surreal and slogging world of cruise ship workers. These masterfully crafted poems challenge perpetuating colonial and class relations, as well as the hedonistic lifestyle attributed to the employees of these floating resorts. Kayla Geitzler's debut collection interprets isolation, alienation, racism and assimilation into the margins as inevitable consequences for the seafaring workforce of the most profitable sector of the tourism industry.

Exploring the liminal space between labour and leisure, the poems in That Light Feeling Under Your Feet are at once buoyant and weighty, with language that cuts like a keel through the sea.

Kayla Geitzler is an editor and writing consultant from Moncton, NB. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in Gnaw & Gnarl: A Chapbook of NB Writers, Hamilton Arts & Lights, Les Effeuilleuses, Poetry Is Dead, The Fiddlehead, QWERTY, and Galleon. Her first collection of poetry, That Light Feeling Under Your Feet about the slogging and surreal world of cruise ship workers, was published by NeWest Press in April 2018. She is a recipient of the Bailey Prize for Best Unpublished Manuscript and has been nationally recognized by the CBC as a poet who reflects "the enduring strength of the literary form in this country."

Praise for That Light Feeling Under Your Feet:

"It's an effective (and affective) look at the unglamorous behind-the-scenes of a (temporary) life at sea."
~ Breanna Mroczek, Avenue Edmonton

"Some of these poems seem to walk on water, on the froth from a swell where capital meets little human moments, an odd place full of sadness, humour and terror."
~ Symon Jory Stevens-Guille, Parallel Universe: The Poetries of New Brunswick

"In her formidable poetic debut, Kayla Geitzler navigates a world of 'unregulated overtime and tip skimming' aboard the cruise ship Saturnalia. No mere three-hour tour, That Light Feeling Under Your Feet is an unflinching portrait of life at sea, and the discrimination, racism, and misogyny inherent in the tourism industry. Darkly humorous and deftly realized, the poems in That Light Feeling Under Your Feet stick in the mind like 'endless leviathans' harnessing the controlled chaos of the word."
~ Jim Johnstone, author of The Chemical Life

"Like a workaday Virgil, Kayla Geitzler takes us from the upper decks of rum cocktails, jackpot bingo, and conga lines into the underworkings of cruise ships--the sale-to-sail palliative powers of simulacrum, the trinket-exhausted ports, and the forced smiles of deck staff under a manager's beady gaze. In poem after startling poem, Geitzler's sustained meditation forces our attention back to this absurd microcosm, proving herself a provocative emissary to frantic mass tourism. These imperial floating wedding cakes, she insists, are always ready to blot out the sky, taking those on board with them."
~ Tammy Armstrong, author of Take Us Quietly

"Armed with wit, an anthropologist's curiosity and a gift-shop service job, Kayla Geitzler charts cruise ship life from below deck (way below) and behind the counter, navigating culturally specific hangover cures and avoiding the sexual advances of the Food and Beverage manager. If David Foster Wallace--with his compassion and writerly acumen--had worked on a cruise instead of taken a cruise, it might have looked like this."
~ Sue Sinclair, author of Heaven's Thieves

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