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Literary Press Group Adult Fall 2021

rump + flank
By (author): Carol Steski
Carol Steski


NeWest Press



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Form detail:

Paperback , Trade


General Trade
Sep 01, 2021
$19.95 CAD


9in x 5.5 x 1 in | 1 lb

Page Count:

96 pages
NeWest Press
POETRY / Canadian / General

Carol Harvey Steski's tenacious and unapologetic debut, rump + flank, explores the body in nature's many incarnations: human, animal, plant, microbe, even chemical. The result is a fantastical poetic work that sheds light on what bodies--especially female ones--endure, probing the full range of experiences from pleasure and hope to deep loss and trauma.

These poems are piercingly humorous, sexy, and peppered with startling absurdities, but are grounded by an undercurrent of nostalgia (and a soupçon of feminist rage): mercury reproduces like funhouse mirrors, oysters are whole notes dropped into eternal song, cancer is a surly character taking and discarding lovers, a domestic chore turns dark as a mother channels her inner Lady Macbeth. Lush imagery melds with organic rhythms to spawn a visceral experience, a tendon-and-muscle-driven engine that readers can feel racing within their own bodies.

Carol Harvey Steski grew up under the wide Winnipeg sky. Her poems have been published in the poetry anthology Another Dysfunctional Cancer Poem Anthology, and literary magazines including Room, Prairie Fire, FreeFall, untethered, Contemporary Verse 2, and CAROUSEL. Her work was featured in Winnipeg Transit's "Poetry in Motion" program and tootled around town on buses. Twice she was a finalist in FreeFall's annual poetry contest. As a young-adult survivor of melanoma she has been a guest on CBC Radio-Manitoba speaking about the therapeutic benefits of writing through disease. She lives in Toronto with her husband and daughter, working in corporate communications. rump + flank is her debut poetry collection. Visit her website: carolharveysteski.com. Connect with her on Twitter: @charveysteski and Instagram: @carolharveysteski.

Praise for rump + flank:

"Years of personal and poetic experience have been consolidated in Carol Harvey Steski's marvellous collection rump + flank. Agile, with a flowing immediacy to the language, these poems are richly inventive and resonant. This is a visceral, sometimes raw, book with hidden time bombs just beneath the surface. Harvey Steski's voice is unique and superbly confident, speaking with a fluent urgency. It's a book I've been anticipating for years."
~ Patrick Friesen, author of Outlasting the Weather: Selected and New Poems 1994-2020

"Cutting, sharp and sonically rich, the poems in rump + flank dazzle with rhythm, image and meaning. Open and compact they 'break apart + enter' with verve and skill. A playful confidence shakes and shimmers 'with one fell swoop/+ last gasp relieved' so readers are 'swallowed wave after wave.' Subject matter, often rooted in the body, includes the personality behind typeface and a cancerous growth named Clog. An accomplished debut."
~ Catherine Graham, author of The Celery Forest and Aether: An Out-of-Body Lyric

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