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PGC Fall 2021 - Eye of Newt

Museum of Hidden Beings
an illustrated guide to Icelandic creatures of myth and legend
By (author): Arngrimur Sigurosson
Arngrimur Sigurosson


Eye of Newt



Product Form:


Form detail:

Dust jacket
Paperback , Dust jacket
Jul 12, 2022
Print Run: 5000
$29.95 CAD


9.92in x 8.01 x 0.27 in | 290 gr

Page Count:

86 pages


Illustrations Throughout
Eye of Newt Books
Eye of Newt
FICTION / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology
Iceland is a country of striking and sometimes surreal beauty is matched by its rich and extensive folklore. Since time immemorial, Icelanders have told tales of strange encounters and experiences they have had while on their travels. From the extraordinary Finngálkn, a halfbreed of man and beast to the Kráki, a giant octopus that preys on trawlers and oil rigs, Icelandic folklore is riddled with fantastic tales that expound natural phenomenon and circumstances with many peculiar supernatural creatures that make up the myth and legend of Iceland. Take these tales, passed down from generation to generation throughout the centuries, make with them what you will and share them again. First published in Iceland as Duldýrasafnið, The Museum of Hidden Beings is now available in English, worldwide, so that the creatures of Iceland legend might knock on new doors.

Arngrimur Sigurdsson trained as a painter at the Iceland Academy of the Arts and at the Academy of Fine Ats in Vienna. He published Duldýrasafnið, the Icelandic version of the Museum of Hidden Beings in late 2014, and has since been involved with a number of commissions, collaborative projects, and exhibitions in Iceland and abroad. 

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