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London Bookfair Fall 2021

Complete Guide to Winter Camping
Second Edition, Revised and Expanded
By (author): Kevin Callan
Kevin Callan


Firefly Books



Product Form:


Form detail:

Paperback , Trade


General Trade
Nov 17, 2021
$24.95 CAD


9in x 7 x 0.5 in | 0.57 kg

Page Count:

208 pages


150 color photos, further reading, index
Firefly Books

Enjoy winter camping in warmth and comfort!

With careful planning, tenting during the year's coldest months can be safe and fun. Complete Guide to Winter Camping offers advice on selecting a four-season tent and constructing other types of shelter, maintaining personal hygiene, cooking in the cold, choosing a sleep system and getting the right amount of warmth to properly enjoy winter. Chapters on how to read animal tracks, travel safely on ice and identify trees and firewood make this unique book a must-read for anyone tired of spending half their year cooped up indoors!

This updated and revised edition also includes chapters on:

  • Weather forecasting
  • Ice fishing
  • Map and compass navigation
  • How to read nature to navigate
  • Dutch ovens and baking in the bush
  • Clothing, boots and snowshow selection.
  • Complete with color photos and expert advice from seasoned winter campers and travelers, this book will appeal to both car-camping families and adventurous individuals looking to extend their outdoor activities into another season.

    • Kevin Callan is an indefatigable promoter. He has a very successful YouTube channel, attends (did them virtually last year and probably again this year) all the outdoor and sporting goods shows.
    • Winter camping is more popular than people think, especially given Covid.

    Kevin Callan is the author of numerous books, including The Paddler's Guide to Algonquin Park and the bestselling The Happy Camper. He is a featured speaker at many of North America's largest paddling and outdoors events, and his YouTube channel presents many tips, tricks and wisdom for anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors.

    • Kevin will provide video assets for social media ads and promotion.
    • He'll promote to his 22.6k KCHappyCamper followers.

    Kevin Callan's Guide to Winter Camping will not only give you the confidence to try it, but you will continually be returning to reference the incredible wealth of knowledge within. - Traversing Blog

    [Review of previous edition:] Offers instruction on just about everything from building a shelter in the backcountry and gear selection to first-aid and traveling with your gear stowed on a tobaggon that you pull. There's even a chapter on animal track and tree identification, with the bonus of the author's listing of BTUs per cord of firewood from the various tree species. You'll find tips and advice on things like the various types of shelter you can resort to, the use of traditional wood-framed snowshoes, and even how to pick good companions for heading out into the winter weather. It's an intriguing book in that it goes against our instant gratification approach to life, where we want life easy and easily attained. Going out into zero-degree weather with heavy snow is not an adventure many would choose willingly to pursue, and it can be overly challenging and even deadly for the novice. But it also can definitely be character-building and open a new, or greater, appreciation for nature and how we cope with it. - Kurt Repanshek, National Parks Traveler

    Winter camping is a burly endeavor and Callan's new book definitely lets you know that, acknowledging that it is indeed hard work. This book also breaks it down, and makes winter camping seem like a possibility to those who may be considering it but are hesitant. From eating well to hot tenting, ice fishing, cooking in the cold to personal hygiene, this book is filled with tips, advice, and color photos. - Joshua Berman, Tranquilo Traveler Blog

    [Review of previous edition:] Skillfully covers the basics of winter camping and showcases tips and tales from some of North America's most accomplished winter campers. Check it out if you're planning a trip and want to learn from the best. - Connor McGuigan, Sierra Magazine

    [Review of previous edition:] If you've never been Winter Camping before then this book is the perfect chance to hop aboard and discover what it's all about... I highly recommend this book to anyone whether you are just curious about extending your camping season past the shoulder seasons to venturing out into the dense backcountry in the dead of winter. The personal tips from both Kevin and the contributors are well appreciated. This book will help you on your way to enjoying more of the year outdoors and hopefully you too will continue the social gathering online and in person with other campers to learn more and share your Winter Camping experiences. - Traversing Blog

    Highly readable for folks snug at home or preparing for ice fishing, shelter building, or axe sharpening. Callan's mix of encouragement and safety-first practicality will be helpful to those planning winter outings. - Maggie Knapp, Library Journal

    This book by Callan makes winter camping sound -- dare I say it -- fun. I love that the author eats well on his trips and suggests you can, too, by offering recipes such as Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quinoa Chili and No-Knead Garlic Rosemary Bread. There is lots of information on these pages and quick tips, checklists, and lots of pictures. - Lisa Day, Followsummer Blog

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