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PGC Fall 2021 Adult Book Fair

Grand Electric Thought Power Mother
By (author): Lale Westvind
Lale Westvind





Product Form:


Form detail:

Paper over boards
Hardcover , Paper over boards


General Trade
Jul 08, 2022
$48.95 CAD
No longer our product


10in x 7.5 x 0 in | 10 gr

Page Count:

324 pages


illustrations throughout
COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS / Contemporary Women

Grand Electric Thought Power Mother is a collection of Lale Westvind's critically acclaimed risograph comics, available for major distribution for the first time, with new work. This highly influential body of work is comprised of epic stories with spiritual themes. Poetic and intellectual, the content explores the line between thoughts and reality and perception, the nature of energy and consciousness, collective consciousness and experience, and how will and intent can create collective action. It all plays out in narratives of women warriors literally battling and wrestling through these states and concepts against science fiction, mythological and psychic backdrops.

Muscular women warriors fill the pages with their energy, power, speed, force, gravity, and weight. This powerful collection fills a space for physically and psychologically strong female characters that is rarely occupied in our culture or comics as a whole.

The artwork includes paintings, drawings and illustrated renderings of stills taken from Westvind's video work, primarily in black and white, with cover art and some interior panels in three colors. Comics included in this collection: Now and Here, Other Way, Trial One, Tornar and Riparna; Double Head Tour, Yazar and Arkadas, and Mary.

This is the birthing of an entire cast of truly original characters, the likes of which Marvel and DC have not imagined. These are stories which are queer in their essence. They seek to describe that which does not exist yet. Within these tales are countless new technologies, philosophies, creatures and beings; A treasure trove of new ideas. The author sought to explore the idea that thought has an effect on one's surroundings. To explore the beginning of the cosmos. Thought as a force unto itself. Intention as a force of energy to be controlled.

Grand Electric Thought Power Mother reads like the found spiritual scripture of an alien world.

Author Lale Westvind is an artist living in Philadelphia. She is an Ignatz Award winner and one of the most critically acclaimed contemporary comics artists, known for her risograph comics, paintings and drawings. Her work has been compared to that of Jack Kirby and Fletcher Hanks. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has been published in Best American Comics, Kramer's Ergot, Smoke Signal, Arthur, Strapazin, and others. Westvind won the Ignatz Award for Promising New Talent in 2012 for Hot Dog Beach #2 and was nominated for the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Comic in 2012 and 2013.

Editor Kim Jooha is a comics critic and editor, living in Canada. She writes for the Comics Journal and her own blog, Good Comics by Kim. She co-edited 2018's Vanishing Perspective by Alexis Beauclair with Bill Kartalopolous.

"The body of zines collected here are guided meditations upon the aesthetic and thematic concerns that animate Lale Westvind’s body of work. We follow her powerful, female figures as they stride like Boccioni sculptures through dreamlike, science-fictional worlds towards metaphysical transcendence, and are led by them — and by Westvind — to remember our own human potential in the waking here and now." – Bill Kartalopoulos

"In a series of mind-expanding sci-fi stories, Lale Westvind channels the power of myth to manifest beings of light and shadow, meat and motorcycle. Clones, doppelgangers and girl gangs, temples in ancient town squares and gleaming cities of cast iron and chrome teem from these pages. First and foremost, the book is an anthem, an ode, a hymn and an incantation to the transformative power of love. Minds meet across time and space, connecting against impossible odds, reaching together towards morning. “Is it by imagining day that I see a glow? The glow grows...Is it dawn?" – Anya Davidson

"I first read Lale’s work after picking up one of her comics at a zine fest 10 years ago. Knowing absolutely nothing about the artist, I read it on the subway, expecting to simply pass the time. Instead, that moment remains one of the most exhilarating comic reading experiences of my life, as an intensely charismatic artistic vision revealed itself to me. For a lesser artist, that formidable high would have been enough to sustain me through thousands and thousands of mediocre pages. Westvind, instead, ups the ante with every new comic...maybe she’ll disappoint someday, but it’ll be against a standard of her own excellence, a benchmark rarely seen in this medium.

Lots of people in comics gravitate to Lale’s work as being some kind of synthesis of Kirby/Heavy Metal, etc. I think what’s happening is far more noteworthy than the pastiche genre fever dreams everyone wants to live in: I took as key an offhand remark by Westvind that ‘understanding what happens in my story isn’t really that important.’ Yes, exactly, someone finally speaks the truth & understands their own worth. What IS important, obviously, is all the things you experience and feel in a Westvind story beyond mere understanding. This is work that should appeal to the most radical and conservative comic readers simultaneously, while destroying all their prejudices from within. In summary: top notch, 10/10, A++, you are at the register purchasing this book now if you are not a dunce." -- Austin English

The work of Lale Westvind has burst into the world of alternative comics like an arrow piercing open a new dimension overflowing with pure energy. Her stories are like kinetic experiences captured on paper, a feminine power that absorbs as much as releases. Her characters are both real, organic women and cold-blooded, single-focus machines, always pulsing and accelerating towards something beyond our reality. Get lost in the chaos zone that contains these stories and you too will find something special and indescribable shimmering underneath Westvind's unique artwork and never-ending action.

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