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Turnstone Press Spring 2021

Postmodern Weather Report
By (author): Kristian Enright
Kristian Enright


Turnstone Press



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Paperback , Trade


General Trade
Apr 01, 2023
$21.95 CAD


8in x 8 x 0.68 in | 0.38 lb

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144 pages
Turnstone Press
POETRY / Canadian
Poetry by individual poets|Postmodernism

In today's world, space is at a premium to accommodate humans, nature, and ideas, but what, exactly, occupies the vast psychic space of the Prairie landscape? In Postmodern Weather Report, Kristian Enright expertly weaves critical theory with playful poetics to suffuse this space with reflections on science, semantics, pop culture, philosophy, and a blossoming emergence into new cultural awareness for a contemporary age.

Kristian Enright's work has been shortlisted for the Matrix Magazine Litpop awards and for the Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry. He has been featured in Juice, the University of Winnipeg's creative writing literary journal, five times, and is a long-time contributor to Winnipeg's cultural scene. Recently, he completed a Master's degree in creative literature at the University of Manitoba. Postmodern Weather Report is his second collection of poetry.

'How the hell...do you get into an accident...on a prairie field?' By reading Kristian Enright's new book. In Postmodern Weather Report Enright plays a "barb wire harp" with hammer-ons, loopiness and zeal to identify, dis-identify, re-identify, smudge, erase and reconstitute multiple possible and impossible objects in an entanglement that demolishes cause and effect in a radical dépaysement. The new book is a "collidescope", a vast pataphysical prairie tsunami, a 'damn burst" city of "owl drone", aphasia", "lunar toe-nail clippings", and "image madness pointing everywhere at once." For Enright there is no such thing as empty space; there is always a there "THERE", but "it will take time to make sense" and is filled with "speed bumps" as it deconstructs us and defamiliarizes the "object-if". Welcome to the weather report of the future.

--Brian Henderson author of Unidentified Poetic Object

Kristian Enright's Postmodern Weather Report is an ambitious work of poetry: a poet's book of poetry. Reading Enright's poetry is a consciousness-altering experience that a scholar could work on for a lifetime. Enright provides a "freshness of perspective" (36) on topics like climate change, the prairies, the urban environment, and deist theology. This work walks a tightrope of being joyous and playful, while being psychologically and theoretically complex. With this prairie poem collection, Enright can claim his rightful place among foundational Winnipeg poets like Dennis Cooley, Robert Kroetsch, and Deborah Schnitzer.

--Jamie Paris

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