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October 2021 Canadian Fiction

Last Tide
By (author): Andy Zuliani



Product Form:


Form detail:

Paperback , Trade


Oct 01, 2021
$21.95 CAD


8.5in x 5.5 x 0 in | 1 lb

Page Count:

240 pages
NeWest Press
FICTION / Nature & the Environment
Narrative theme: Environmental issues|Adventure fiction|Fiction: general and literary
British Columbia

Ana and Win find themselves stuck, lifting the weight of their pasts, while frustrated by their present jobs: photographing vacant lots and decayed industrial sites, cataloguing the decline of capitalist excess to digitally scrub away humanity, making way for more gentrification.

When the pair is sent by their employers to a rustic island in the Pacific Northwest--home to hippies, runaways, and survivalist preppers--they meet Lena, an oceanographer and climate scientist, who has moved to the island in search of "the big one," the cataclysmic earthquake and tsunami that she knows is the island and the West Coast's due; and Kitt, an athleisure clothing mogul, who is overseeing the construction of a vacation home that will serve as his apocalypse-shelter.

These four people's lives intertwine as a police investigation throws life on the island into disarray, as activists and agents provocateurs take action, as dormant fault lines begin to tremble.

Andy Zuliani's Last Tide is a vital debut novel is an edgy glimpse at a world just beyond tomorrow, and a sharp reminder of what society deems valuable.

Andy Zuliani is a writer and multimedia artist who lives in the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. He was born in the suburbs of Vancouver, and educated at Simon Fraser University and New York University. In his written and audio-visual work, he is drawn to the cultural afterlives of the 1960s; to the possibilities of ambience, tone, and collective feeling; and to narratives of crisis, of healing, and of improvised communities of care.

Praise for Last Tide:

"With four emotionally complicated characters and a cunning setting, Last Tide's detailed story of gentrification and the power of money pales before the stunning power of nature."
~ Camille-Yvette Welsch, Foreword Reviews

"Andy Zuliani's writing is hyper-alive to landscape and culture of the West Coast. Dense, rich, evocative prose and imagery pull us into the narrative like an undertow. His debut novel submerges and tumbles us in a powerful wave of beauty and warning."
~ Karen Hofmann, author of A Brief View from the Coastal Suite and Echolocations

"Set in a sinister world of corporate blurrers and digital scrubbers, this profound and powerful novel sneaks up on the reader, ebbing and flowing so quietly that no one within its reach is fully prepared for the deadly sharpness of real life."
~ Rosie Chard, award-winning author of The Eavesdroppers and The Insistent Garden
"There is a telling phrase early in Andy Zuliani's remarkable debut, Last Tide: 'once the process gets going, it's hard to stop.' The multiple, layered, and entangled processes at the heart of this mesmerising story--personal grief and trauma, surveillance and data collection, real estate development and the looming presence of inevitable natural disaster--unfold, as the narrative does, with the precision of intricate clock-work. Like a calm coastal harbour, beneath the still surface of Zuliani's prose the human heart thrums against the pressures formed by the collision of capital and geology. This is the writing we need--compassionate, clear eyed, undaunted--in an age gripped by apocalyptic fear."
~ Stephen Collis, author of A History of the Theories of Rain

"Last Tide takes us on a fully satisfying, dystopic adventure with a motley crew of islanders. Unpredictable nature and expansionist industries compete in edgy plot lines that come together with Zuliani's highly skilled cross weave of imagery, allegory, and philosophical thought. This novel is like the futuristic fashion designed by its entrepreneurial villain: it feels alive, current, even as it anticipates the next catastrophic wave."
~ Thea Bowering, author of Love at Last Sight

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