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October 2021 Canadian Fiction

The Lost Expert
By (author): Hal Niedzviecki



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Trade, Flaps
Paperback , Trade, Flaps


Nov 20, 2021
$24.95 CAD


8.5in x 5.5 in | 1 gr

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392 pages
Cormorant Books
FICTION / Literary
Fiction: general and literary|Contemporary lifestyle fiction|Narrative theme: Identity / belonging|Narrative theme: Coming of age|Southwestern Ontario: Greater Toronto Area

When Chris, an unambitious young waiter, walks through the park on his way home from work, he stumbles onto the set of a Hollywood film — and is promptly mistaken for the missing lead actor.

Corralled into filming a scene for The Lost Expert — director Bryant Reed’s last-ditch effort to restore his reputation — Chris assumes the identity of international action star Thomson Holmes, and disconnects from his real life. He falls deeply into his newfound identity as Holmes and as his character in the film, a struggling young man who has the ability to find lost people and things.

Tensions mount as Chris gradually learns of the real Thomson Holmes’ scandals and accusations of sexual misconduct. Meanwhile, the real Thomson Holmes has disappeared and Chris has reason to fear he’ll be next. As he tries to figure out what happened to the actor, he grapples with his role as imposter and whether he can — or even should — extricate himself from reinvention.

An unambitious young waiter is mistaken for a missing A-list Hollywood star on the set of his new film.

Explores the sweeping impact popular culture holds over everyday life while telling the story of a young man in way over his head.

Award-nominated author of more than 10 books; Mary Scorer Award for Best Book by a Manitoba Publisher (The Archeologists)

Author’s writing has been published across North America, including in The Guardian, the New York Times Magazine, Playboy, The Walrus, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, The Pacific Standard, and more.

One of author’s previous works, The Peep Diaries, was included in an O Magazine list of top 25 must-read summer books.

Hal Niedzviecki is a writer, speaker, culture commentator and editor whose work challenges preconceptions and confronts readers with the offenses of everyday life. He is the author of eleven books of fiction and nonfiction, including The Archaeologists, which was shortlisted for the Mary Scorer Award for Best Book by a Manitoba Publisher. Niedzviecki is also the founder and publisher of Broken Pencil: The magazine of zine culture and the independent arts. He lives in Toronto, ON with his wife, two daughters, and the family animal.

- Local radio and television media. - Will be pitched to The Next Chapter on CBC National and local CBC Radio. - Pitching to festivals - Advertising in literary journals, possibly Globe and Mail or Toronto Star - Live or virtual launch (TBA)
For more information contact
[email protected]

Praise for previous work, Trees on Mars​:

"Fortunately for us, there are writers and thinkers with the impudent gall to look down – to narrow their gaze into the fathomless chasm that seems to be awaiting us when our dreams of the future buckle and break under the full force of reality. Luckily there are writers like Niedzviecki and tech reporters like the New York Times' Quentin Hardy; people who bother to engage with the industry and ideas inherent in the tech sector instead of just drooling over the features of the latest smartphone. These are the people who view the future with a sense of bracing morality. For example, midway through his book, Niedzviecki broaches the question of whether or not it makes sense to consider Walmart 'evil.' Niedzviecki decides that, no, that doesn't make sense. Walmart, he says 'is just very good at doing what we're constantly being encouraged to do – innovate to own the future.' So if we're going to continue to root for the toxic notion of the future's 'inevitability,' of progress as some innately beneficial force, we're going to have to find a way to reconcile that belief with the realities of our race to the future."
- John Semley, Globe and Mail

Praise for previous work, The Archaeologists:

"More than beguiling … the author moves the characters briskly (thankfully) and skillfully from annoying to sympathetic. There are large themes rising above and dividing them, from Indigenous rights to ageism to environmentalism, but in the end each of the protagonists has the same plaintive demand: please listen to me."
- Maclean's Magazine

Praise for previous work, The Archaeologists:

"These characters and their stories feel familiar (especially to any Canadian who has lived in a suburb), but their tangling and untangling is riveting enough that they're never boring."
- Quill & Quire

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