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Greystone Books Adult Spring 2022

The Greatest Polar Expedition of All Time
The Arctic Mission to the Epicenter of Climate Change
By (author): Markus Rex Translated by: Sarah Pybus
Markus Rex ,

Translated by :

Sarah Pybus


Greystone Books



Product Form:


Form detail:

Printed dust jacket
Hardcover , Printed dust jacket


General Trade
May 17, 2022
$34.95 CAD


9.25in x 6.25 x 0.95 in | 520 gr

Page Count:

296 pages


B&W photos throughout, 8-page colour insert
Greystone Books
SCIENCE / Global Warming & Climate Change

​​For readers of Madhouse at the End of the Earth, Endurance, and other seafaring adventure stories comes a thrilling account of a 21st-century Arctic mission.

“ A contemporary classic!”—Ken McGoogan, author of Fatal Passage

“Show-stopping.”­Publisher’s Weekly STARRED Review

The Greatest Polar Expedition of All Time vividly describes one year aboard the Polarstern, a powerful ice-breaker ship that journeyed deep into the Arctic in 2019, carrying over 100 scientists and crew known as the MOSAiC Expedition. Hailing from across the world, they would become the largest expedition to ever survive a polar winter. Their purpose? To understand - and predict - the impacts of climate change on the Arctic.

Written by the expedition’s leader, the renowned atmospheric scientist Markus Rex, this page-turner reads like a captain’s log of daily life aboard the Polarstern. Living in one of the most remote, dangerous, and electrifying places on earth, Rex describes incredible sights: polar bears playing with scientific equipment, Christmas parties in the bitter cold, frostbitten scientists, and hair-raising storms that threaten to break the Polarstern’s cables and send it flying across the ice. He also reveals breathtaking science from deep inside the sea ice.

Filled with sobering, heart-warming, and bone-chilling moments, The Greatest Polar Expedition of All Time is a testament to Rex’s extraordinary drive to save a precious ecosystem. It’s also an ode to a place that has beguiled sailors and explorers for centuries.

  • The first account of the famous MOSAiC expedition, which ended in 2020 and was tracked by the New York Times, Guardian, Washington Post, and more media outlets.
  • The biggest-ever Arctic science mission was international andinvolved hundreds of rotating scientists from over 80 institutions that can help promote the book.
  • Canada was one of the 20 countries involved in the expedition; with scientists from the Universities of Waterloo, Manitoba, Calgary, and Victoria contributing to the research
  • History-making achievement: MOSAiC studied climate change in the Arctic for a full year including Polar Winter, which had never been done before.
  • A huge risk in the name of science: the MOSAiC team had their ship frozen into the ice and carried across the Arctic on the Transpolar Drift, an extremely dangerous maneuver that had never before been attempted.
  • World-changing scientific data: The data gained by the expedition will be used by scientists around the world and is expected to take climate research “to a whole new level.”
  • The captain’s tell-all tale: Markus Rex offers never-before-heard insights into his experience as captain of this famous expedition.
  • Suspenseful and compelling: Rex is a gifted writer, telling the story of terrifying storms, playful polar bears, and scientific discovery with a sense of suspense and adventure.
  • For readers of books about the Franklin Expedition and other Arctic adventures: Rex comments on expeditions past throughout the book.
  • A major feature documentary from Fremantle Films on the MOSAiC expedition will premier in Fall 2021 and Amazon Video, to coincide with the COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

Markus Rex is the head of atmospheric research at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, and a professor of atmospheric physics at the University of Potsdam. He has taken part in numerous expeditions to the Arctic, Antarctica, and other remote regions of the world to research the complex processes that can lead to dramatic changes in the climate. He heads the MOSAiC project, a unique research collaboration by ninety institutions from twenty countries.

  • Big mouth mailing: extensive digital and print galley send.
  • International review coverage: inBooks,Nature, Adventure, Environment, and Science outlets/websites/journals.
  • International radio spots: NPR, CBC, BBC.
  • Advertising: on Facebook, Instagram, Trade Journals, Literary Websites.
  • Online marketing: e-blasts and social campaigns.
  • Library marketing.
  • Cross-promotion with MOSAiC project participants: a powerful team of over 100 international scientists and their institutions.

“With Arctic ice in steep decline and the dangers inherent in our rapidly changing climate, there is no scientific research more crucial or urgent than the explorations launched by MOSAiC in 2019. In this compelling account, lead scientist Markus Rex shares the personal moments and the planetary stakes of the largest polar expedition in history.”
Andrea Pitzer, author of Icebound: Shipwrecked at the Edge of the World

“An illuminating portrait of a part of the planet that almost no one ever sees and of an undertaking whose scientific findings will be informing global decision making for years to come.”
James Raffan, author of Ice Walker and Emperor of the North

“This marvelous book brings us aboard a unique 21st-century Arctic expedition—science-driven, multi-national, unprecedented—as it sails into the epicenter of the worsening climate crisis. For anyone concerned about global warming—and that should be all of us —this book is essential reading. A contemporary classic!”
Ken McGoogan, author of Fatal Passage: The Story of John Rae, The Arctic Hero Time Forgot and Dead Reckoning: The Untold Story of the Northwest Passage

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