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ECW Press Spring 2022 Trade

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    Distributor: Jaguar Book Group Availability: Not yet available Expected Ship Date: Mar 15, 2022 On Sale Date: Apr 05, 2022 Carton Quantity: 1 $22.95 CAD
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    Distributor: BTPS Availability: Not yet available Expected Ship Date: Mar 15, 2022 On Sale Date: Apr 05, 2022 Carton Quantity: 1 $17.95 USD
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This Is Your Captain Speaking
Stories from the Flight Deck
By (author): Doug Morris


ECW Press - Toronto



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Paperback , Trade


Apr 05, 2022
$22.95 CAD


9in x 6 in

Page Count:

304 pages


10 10 photographs, colourHalftones, color, 4 B&W illustrations4 illustrations, black and white
ECW Press
TRANSPORTATION / Aviation / Commercial
Meteorology and climatology|Aviation skills and piloting|Aircraft and aviation
  • Short Description
From the science of weather to the theory of flight, Doug Morris chats about the A to Zs of the airline world. It takes 55 departments to get an airliner off the ground and Doug brings to light all the people involved — with some entertaining anecdotes along the way.

For everyone from frequent fliers to aviation geeks, travel buffs to nervous travelers, Captain Doug Morris tells you everything you want (and need!) to know about flight

Captain Doug Morris has been writing for his airline’s inflight magazine for 23 years and has answered a gamut of questions. This Is Your Captain Speaking will draw from his extensive experience and explain everything you ever wanted to know about airline travel: whether airliners have keys, why the bumps, what aircrew get up to on layovers, what’s the deal with “mile high memberships”, how to become a pilot. It also provides entertaining anecdotes from air travel’s unsung heroes — flight attendants. It’s the A to Z of airline travel with a twist of humor. The flight deck door will always be closed, but Doug exposes the unique inner world of aviation to the public.

Sales and Market Bullets

  • Doug Morris has written a monthly column for enRoute, Air Canada’s inflight magazine, since 1997.

  • Doug Morris is an expert in commercial aviation, having flown more than 25,000 flying hours — the equivalent of driving from New York to Boston and back every day for six years, and is a certified meteorologist, working as a forecaster with Environment Canada.

  • Doug Morris wrote a piece about the realities of flying during a global pandemic and talks about hygiene, air circulation, and layoffs.

  • A great read for those afraid of flying who would like to alleviate concerns, or for those who are interested in the inner workings of flight and aircraft.


  • Readers of Cockpit Confidential

  • Nervous and curious flyers

  • CAA members

Captain Doug Morris flies the B787, aka the Dreamliner, worldwide for an airline with a maple leaf emblazoned in its livery. He is a meteorologist and has written for his company’s inflight magazine for 23 years and counting. He resides in downtown Toronto with his wife and has three adult children. This is his fourth book.

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