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ECW Press Spring 2022 Trade

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    Distributor: Jaguar Book Group Availability: Available Expected Ship Date: Mar 29, 2022 On Sale Date: Apr 19, 2022 Carton Quantity: 40 $26.95 CAD
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Team Chemistry
30 Elements for Coaches to Foster Cohesion, Strengthen Communication Skills, and Create a Healthy Sport Culture
By (author): André Lachance By (author): Jean François Ménard
André Lachance , Jean François Ménard


ECW Press - Toronto



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Paperback , Trade


General Trade
Apr 19, 2022
$26.95 CAD


8.5in x 5.5 x 0.64 in | 0.79 lb

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280 pages


30 30 illustrations, black and white, 6 6 line drawings, black and white, 3 3 tables, black and white
ECW Press
SPORTS & RECREATION / Sports Psychology
Sports psychology
  • Short Description
Explores what is needed to foster a healthy culture — the common element in winning teams — and provides coaches and sports administrators, at all levels, with action plans for developing a positive environment that brings out the best in athletes and supports in-game success.

“A must-read!” — Derek Johnson, Director of Pitching, Cincinnati Reds, MLB

What is different about teams that are consistent winners, those teams that always seem to bring their A-game when the stakes are highest? A positive team culture is likely the answer.

We’ve all seen it happen: the team that looks great on paper, or has a league-leading regular season, but can’t pull out the wins or give their top performance when everything is on the line. As coaches and sport leaders what can we do to ensure that we maximize the potential of our athletes and teams so they are successful and continue to enjoy sport? How do we ensure that we coach in a way that benefits the team and remains respectful of the individual?

In their first book together, André Lachance and Jean François Ménard offer tangible and practical strategies to help sport leaders create efficient group dynamics, build team culture, and help a group of athletes to gel. Using the periodic table of elements to organize concepts into a modular framework, the authors have created a powerful new resource for coaches in every sport.

Building successful teams is not as simple as picking the best players: there are specific methods that coaches and leaders use to make their messages stick and to bring out the best in everyone within a group. Consistently, the healthiest team cultures have a huge impact on performance. That is the power of Team Chemistry.

Sales and Market Bullets

  • INFLUENCER SUPPORT: We expect endorsements and amplification at publication from prominent athletes and sports figures, including Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, guard, New York Jets, Super Bowl LIV champion; Scott Moir, figure Skater and coach, three-time Olympic and World Champion; Damian Warner, decathlete, 2020 Olympic gold medallist; and Kai Correa, coach, San Francisco Giants, MLB.


    • André Lachance is a world-renowned speaker, master facilitator, university professor, and baseball coach. Over the years, he has delivered hundreds of conferences and facilitated multiple workshops in 20 countries on a wide range of topics relating to leadership, team management, and group cohesion.

    • Jean François Ménard is an internationally acclaimed mental performance expert who has trained elite athletes including Mikaël Kingsbury, Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir, as well as Cirque du Soleil performers and business leaders across a variety of corporate sectors. His speaking abilities are unparalleled. He attracts people’s attention with his captivating passion, noticeable authenticity, and easy-to-use successful techniques. JFM is frequently sought after by the media as an expert on mental performance and mental wellness, in sports and in the workplace.

  • EXPERIENCED COACH: André Lachance is an award-winning professor and internationally acclaimed baseball coach who built Canada’s Women’s National Program. He was the Business and Sport Development Director at Baseball Canada and coach of the Team France women’s baseball team and recently accepted a role with Cirque du Soleil as their Director, Human Performance Services.


    • How to create an inclusive environment

    • How to assess an athlete’s current state

    • What and what not to say after wins and losses

    • How to build support systems among teammates

    • How to challenge conventional ways of setting goals

    • When to ask questions and give advice

    • .…and much more


    • André Lachance is the head coach of France’s National Women’s Baseball team, guiding them to a first European Title and a qualification for the World Cup.

    • Lachance has traveled extensively, giving presentations in France to the Ministry of Sport and the Fédération française des clubs omnisports, in Belgium at Université de Liège, and in Luxembourg he worked with the government to develop coaching curriculum. He has many international contacts.

    • Jean François Ménard coached athletes at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing and personally helped Canada take home six medals.

  • POPULARITY: Canada has over 2M registered participants in soccer, hockey, basketball, and baseball, with thousands of coaches (professional and volunteer) requiring resources to support their development and that of their players and teams.


  • Sports coaches, administrator, anyone involved in sport who is in a leadership role

  • Baseball fans and fantasy league participants

  • Sports executives

  • Olympians and Olympic coaches

  • Athletes, professional and amateur

  • Readers of The Comeback Quotient (VeloPress, 2020) and The Performance Cortex (Dutton, 2018)

André Lachance is an internationally acclaimed baseball coach who built Canada’s first Women’s National Program and has led the team to second place in the world rankings. In 2019, he was named head coach of France’s National Women’s Team, capturing the European Championship. He was the business and sport development director at Baseball Canada and is an award-winning professor in the School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. André is based in Gatineau, Québec, Canada.

Jean François Ménard is an internationally acclaimed mental performance expert with a specialty in coaching elite athletes. His clients are proven winners: Olympic gold medalists and Super Bowl and X Games champions. He is the bestselling author of Train (Your Brain) Like an Olympian, founder of Kambio Performance, and travels the globe as a professional speaker. He is based in Laval, Quebec.

“To become the best decathlete in the world, you must surround yourself with coaches who think outside the box and who are ready to do things differently. If you don’t, chances are, you will end up like your competitors. This book is all about that; it dives into concepts beyond traditional coaching methods. Team Chemistry represents very well how my coaches operate: keep an open mind, challenge the status quo and get creative to find a competitive edge.” — Damian Warner, Decathlete, 2020 Olympic Gold Medallist

“Sport leaders play such an important role to ensure team success. My favourite coaches weren’t only great technicians and tacticians; they communicated clearly, instilled confidence and cared about the players. Team Chemistry will be a valuable part of a coach’s toolkit.” — Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, guard, New York Jets, Super Bowl LIV champion

“Lachance and Ménard show us that building team chemistry one athlete, one staff member, one practice, and one day at a time is about more than just the results on the scoreboard. It is a skill that coaches at any level can learn and their book provides the tools to do so. Team Chemistry will become a trusted resource for coaches in every sport.” — Danielle Goyette, three-time Olympian, eight-time World Champion, Player and Coach, HHOF 2017

“I have been fortunate enough to work with and observe many talented coaches, the vast majority of them possessing great content knowledge and ability to teach their craft. However, the highly successful coaches were the ones who also invested their time and bandwidth in building a truly superior culture. Team Chemistry provides the tools and techniques to help sport leaders foster an elite culture, a culture of respect and responsibility that will in turn help players and staff reach their optimal performance. A terrific book that both aspiring and veteran coaches should read and put to use.” — Kai Correa, Coach, San Francisco Giants, MLB

“Creating a healthy culture goes hand in hand with developing how you play, your tactics and strategies, and might even be the most important part of a coach’s job. Just like the players we work with, coaches can always improve. Team Chemistry enhanced my thinking in this space and provided me with new ideas for creating the best environment for my players, my staff, and myself.” — Bev Priestman, Head Coach, Team Canada Women’s Soccer, 2020 Olympic Gold Medallist

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