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Title Suggestions for BCFI (2022) - Non-Fiction

Notable Native People
50 Indigenous Leaders, Dreamers, and Changemakers from Past and Present
By (author): Adrienne Keene Illustrated by: Ciara Sana
Adrienne Keene ,

Illustrated by :

Ciara Sana


Ten Speed Press



Product Form:



General / adult
Oct 19, 2021
$24.99 CAD


9.34in x 7.3 x 0.65 in | 1.29 lb

Page Count:

144 pages


Ten Speed Press
HISTORY / Indigenous Peoples of the Americas
An accessible and educational illustrated book profiling 50 notable American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian people, from NBA star Kyrie Irving of the Standing Rock Lakota to Wilma Mankiller, the first female principal chief of the Cherokee Nation.

Celebrate the lives, stories, and contributions of Indigenous artists, activists, scientists, athletes, and other changemakers in this beautifully illustrated collection. From luminaries of the past, like nineteenth-century sculptor Edmonia Lewis—the first Black and Native American female artist to achieve international fame—to contemporary figures like linguist jessie little doe baird, who revived the Wampanoag language, Notable Native People highlights the vital impact Indigenous dreamers and leaders have made on the world.

This informative and inspiring collection also offers accessible primers on important Indigenous issues, from the legacy of colonialism and cultural appropriation to food sovereignty, land and water rights, and more. Notable Native People is an indispensable read for people of all backgrounds seeking to learn about Native American heritages, histories, and cultures, and will educate and inspire readers of all ages.

UNIQUELY BRINGS IMPORTANT HISTORY AND ISSUES TO LIFE: The first accessible, illustrated book for a wide audience that celebrates important Native people and educates about significant Indigenous issues.

AUTHENTIC: Dr. Keene is a recognized expert on Native issues—a professor of American and ethnic studies, the writer behind the blog and social media platform Native Appropriations (39K Instagram followers and over 7M blog views) and cohost of one of the leading Indigeous voices podcasts, All My Relations (886K LTD downloads).

INCREASING AMPLIFICATION OF NATIVE STORIES AND ISSUES ON SOCIAL MEDIA via voices such as @lilnativeboy, @ndncollective, @illuminatives, @riseindigenous, @seedingsoverignty, @nativeapprops, and @indigenousrising.

PRODUCT FEATURES: 7 x 9 jacketless hardcover with foil on the front, 144 pages with 60 full-color illustrations.

IDEALLY TIMED to release just ahead of Indigenous Peoples’ Day (October 11, 2021) and Native American Heritage Month (November).

Adrienne Keene is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, an assistant professor of American studies and ethnic studies at Brown University, and holds a doctorate in culture, communities, and education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She cohosts the podcast All My Relations and is the longtime author of Native Appropriations, a blog discussing representations of Native peoples in popular culture. Her writing has appeared in such outlets as Teen Vogue, the New York Times, Stanford Magazine, and Indian Country Today, and she has appeared on NPR, CBC, Al Jazeera, PBS, BuzzFeed, and Slate’s Represent podcast.

Author Residence: Providence, RI

Author Hometown: San Diego, CA

Marketing: Pre-pub consumer outreach and reviews

National advertising campaign

Social media and influencer campaign

Targeted email marketing

Random House e-newsletters and websites

Library and academic outreach

Publicity: National Publicity

Targeted Review Mailing

Online and Print Features

Podcasts and Radio Interviews

Feature Website: NativeAppropriations.com: 7M+ LTD views

Author Website: www.adriennekeene.com/

Author Social Media: IG @nativeapprops: 39K, FB @nativeappropriations: 105K, Podcast
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