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Library Market Hornblower Group Fall 2022 complete list

Fall of the Iron Gods
By (author): Olivia Chadha
Olivia Chadha


Erewhon Books



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Teenage: Age (years) 14, Grade (US) 9
Apr 30, 2024
$24.95 CAD


8.5in x 5.5 in | 1.25 lb

Page Count:

384 pages
Erewhon Books
The sequel to the Colorado Book Award winning Rise of the Red Hand, a searing portrayal of the future of climate change in South Asia. After inflicting a devastating blow on the autocratic provincial government, Ashiva, Synch, and their remaining allies must infiltrate the planetary government before it can exterminate the Red Hand and everything they stand for.

Despite hard-won victories, the revolutionary forces known as the Red Hand are more endangered than ever: the Planetary Alliance Commission—the PAC—has branded them public enemy number one, ramping up their efforts to eliminate the Red Hand’s remaining members even as the pandemic rages on.  

In order to protect the progress they have made, the team must adopt new tactics. Ashiva, armed with a new bionic upgrade, leads a team back into the fray on a dangerous mission across a toxic wasteland wracked by storms. Synch sets out to fortify their hidden Himalayan stronghold, but his presence may hurt their cause more than the Red Hand knows. And Taru, determined to prove herself, punches deep into the heart of governmental research facilities in a desperate gamble to bring down the regime from the inside.

Greedy and unyielding, the PAC is all too willing to sacrifice the people of a province to achieve their optimal results, leaving Ashiva, Synch, and Taru to save their homeland from a government claiming to act for the greater planetary good.

Story Locale: Futuristic Mumbai, India

    ACCLAIMED, VERSATILE NEW VOICE: In addition to this award-winning series, the author has also worked in the comic book and literary fiction spaces, demonstrating great range and ability to cross genres.

    ACCESSIBLE STORY ABOUT CURRENT ISSUES: This is a tight, exciting sci-fi novel with the pacing of a thriller that tackles important and relevant issues—including poverty and class stratification, global warming, and bioethics—in an accessible way.

    #OWNVOICES REPRESENTATION: This is a story about a futuristic South Asia written by an Indian-American author, which gives it unique and underrepresented perspective in the English language market—one that we know is in demand among readers hungry for representation, especially in school and library markets.

Olivia Kaur Chadha began her writing career with a stint in Los Angeles writing comic book scripts for Fathom. She has a Ph.D in creative writing from Binghamton University and a master’s in creative writing from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her research centers on exile, folklore and fairy tales, and the environment. She is first-generation American of Punjabi Sikh and Latvian/German descent and lives in Colorado with her family and two very odd dogs.

Author Residence: Colorado

Marketing: • Use the word-of-mouth success of Rise of the Red Hand as an audience pathway to finding the sequel, as well as its recent win of the Colorado Book Award

• Build on what worked for Rise of the Red Hand: blogger interviews, podcasts, giveaways, character art, bookstagram touring, and more

• Create a marketing bundle with the Rise of the Red Hand trade paperback edition for joint promotion to encourage readers to begin the series

• Continue to position Olivia as a unique voice in the Young Adult Sci-Fi space, bringing a fresh perspective and voice, and welcome representation, to her genre

Author Website: www.oliviachadha.com/

Author Social Media: @oliviachadha

Praise for Rise of the Red Hand

“Rise of the Red Hand mixes the best of cyberpunk and anime with a tale of family and revolution to create something completely unique—intimate yet action-packed, touching yet thrilling. Olivia Chadha delivers as much action as she does heart, all with a healthy dose of mecha. It kicks ass.” —Mike Chen, author of Here and Now and Then

“A captivating sci-fi debut that masterfully weaves in commentary on climate change, technology, and class inequality. Rise of the Red Hand delivers on its promise of an action-packed story of rebellion and resistance, and you’ll be rooting for the badass revolutionary hero, Ashiva—a girl with teeth, and a metal fist.” —Farah Naz Rishi, author of I Hope You Get This Message

“This is speculative fiction as we rarely see it—with the global south speaking up in a powerful and compellingly imagined near future. Rise of the Red Hand explores the most urgent issues of our time, the soullessness of technology and the gap between rich and poor, with non-stop action propelled by a sharp young cast. More brilliant speculative fiction like this, please!” —Ausma Zehanat Khan, author of The Bloodprint

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