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Fiona the Fruit Bat
By (author): Dan Riskin Illustrated by: Rachel Qiuqi
Dan Riskin ,

Illustrated by :

Rachel Qiuqi


Greystone Kids



Product Form:


Form detail:

Printed dust jacket
Hardcover , Printed dust jacket


Juvenile: Age (years) 3 - 7, Grade (US) P - 2
Sep 13, 2022
$22.95 CAD


9.2in x 9.3 x 0.5 in | 420 gr

Page Count:

40 pages


Full color illustrations throughout
Greystone Books
Greystone Kids
JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Nocturnal

A sweet, fun, and informative picture book about bat echolocation for kids 3-7. Written by a scientist who works with bats in his everyday life!

It's time for Fiona the fruit bat to take her very first flight, but she's scared. How will she fly when she can't see in the dark? Mama just says, "listen." But how will listening help her to see? Then she hears a mysterious sound from deep in her cave. To find out what's making that noise—and to finally fly—Fiona will have to unlock a secret hidden inside herself.

Written by biologist and bestselling author Dan Riskin, and rooted in the real-life biology of short-tailed fruit bats, this adorable story features:

  • The fascinating science behind echolocation, including backmatter pages with information on fruit bats from the author.
  • A comforting message to help kids scared of the dark: Alongside Fiona, they'll learn there's nothing to be scared of!
  • A celebration of self-confidence and independence: Shows readers the amazing things they can accomplish all on their own.

Accompanied by delightful illustrations from Rachel Qiuqi, Fiona the Fruit Bat is a touching tale about overcoming the fear of new experiences and finding the courage to listen to your own voice.

  • The science of echolocation: Teaches echolocation in a fun, digestible way for young children, and includes backmatter with more information about it.
  • Can help kids scared of the dark: kids will relate to Fiona’s worry about flying in the dark and learn, alongside her, that there’s nothing to be scared of!
  • Self-confidence and independence: Shows readers the amazing things they can accomplish on their own
  • Written by a bat expert and best-selling author: Dan Riskin is a biologist who has spent decades researching bats and presenting about them on national television. His book for adults, Mother Nature is Trying to Kill You, was a bestseller.
  • Publishing ahead of Halloween and Bat Week, which runs from October 24-31.
  • Adorable illustrations: Readers are unlikely to forget up-and-coming illustrator Rachel Qiuqi’s depiction of Fiona.
  • Dan Riskin is a debut children's author.

Dan Riskin is obsessed with bats, and has spent decades researching the biomechanics of how bats move. Dan’s first book, Mother Nature is Trying to Kill You was a Canadian bestseller. He lives in Toronto with his wife, Shelby, and their three kids. This is his first picture book.

Rachel Qiuqi is an illustrator and author passionate about storytelling for children. She started drawing when she was little and has been drawing with the same naivete to this day. Rachel was born in Shanghai and now lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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"A worthy purchase where bat collections are looking for a refresh."
School Library Journal

"For kids who love stories about animals, this book truly delivers story and understanding."
—Youth Services Book Review

"Bats are so much more than Halloween symbols, as environmental biologist Dan Riskin makes clear…... Riskin interweaves intriguing facts about fruit bats and an easy-to-understand explanation of echolocation into an engaging tale... inspires youngsters to a greater curiosity and understanding about bats."
Washington Parent

Imagination Soup

Praise forMother Nature is Trying to Kill You written by Dan Riskin

A Globe & Mail Bestseller and a Toronto Star Bestseller.

Featured in a one-hour special for the Canadian Discovery Channel.

"A fact-filled and amusing trek through nature's dark side that adroitly combines learning and the yuck factor."
Kirkus Reviews

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