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Self-Help - July 2022

Morning Meditations Journal
Positive Prompts & Affirmations to Start Your Day
The Editors of Hay House


Hay House Inc.



Product Form:



General / adult
Jul 19, 2022
$19.99 CAD


7.5in x 5.5 x 0.37 in | 0.42 lb

Page Count:

128 pages


Hay House
Hay House Inc.
SELF-HELP / Journaling
A guided journal filled with prompts, quotes, exercises, and plenty of space to write as you develop a morning meditation practice that allows you to start each day grounded, centered, connected, and ready for whatever comes your way.

“My day begins and ends with gratitude and joy.” -Louise Hay
Whether you already have an established morning meditation practice, or you are newly committed to creating one, use this journal to bring you back to center and greet each new day from a place of peace, love, and mindfulness.
The writing prompts, exercises, and quotes in this colorfully illustrated book are designed to help you discover your personal routine and encourage you to keep with it. Each page is a new surprise with plenty of space to write, inspiring you with different techniques and perspectives as you use morning meditations as a foundation to build a happier, healthier, more joyful life.

As you meditate with this book as your teacher, you will:
  • Try out different techniques from loving kindness, to transcendental, to silent meditation.
  • Create and recite morning affirmations.
  • Set an intention for the day.
  • Build a morning routine around meditation and reflection.
  • Discover brief, accessible 5-minute guided meditations and visualizations.
  • Learn breathing techniques and body movements to promote calm and wakefulness.
  • Incorporate crystals, herbs, and essential oils into your practice.
  • Color and draw mindfully.

    MEDITATION IS MAINSTREAM: The powerful impact of daily meditation has been proved many times over, both through the experiences and through thorough scientific inquiry. It’s no longer a fringe concept, but a respected and well-known self-care practice recommended by traditional allopathic medical doctors.

    JOURNALING IS TRENDING TOO: Journaling is a deeply beneficial daily habit for spiritual seekers and those seeking self-knowledge and the many bestselling guided journals on the market make the practice accessible.

    BRIGHT, COLORFUL, WHIMSICAL ILLUSTRATIONS: What better way to get inspired to build a personalized and doable morning meditation practice than with a beautiful book designed to do just that, bursting with color and fun.

    HAY HOUSE BRANDED SERIES: Hay House readers will definitely be interested to check out this journal by “The Editors of Hay House” because of their trust and loyalty to the brand and to Louise’s work.

    Author Residence: New York, NY

    Marketing: Tie the promotion of this book and others in this series into messaging for other Hay House events, products, challenges, etc.

    Feature journal prompts on social media, encouraging followers to respond or comment with their own answers.

    Feature illustrations on social media, for example pages that are full-page quotes or images.

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