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Self-Help - July 2022

101 Affirmations for Addiction & Recovery
A Practical Guide for Self-Empowerment
By (author): Erica Spiegelman
Erica Spiegelman


Hatherleigh Press



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General / adult
Dec 13, 2022
$20.00 CAD


8.29in x 5.25 x 0.61 in | 0.59 lb

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144 pages
Hatherleigh Books
Hatherleigh Press
SELF-HELP / Affirmations
An essential collection of daily affirmations to help with recovery from Erica Spiegelman, author of best-selling book Rewired.

Conquer negative thinking. Banish self-doubt. Create a vision of hope.

The journey of recovery lasts a lifetime — and it’s never too late to take the first step. Every day, we have the opportunity to form new neural pathways based on our experiences — and unlock the door to successful recovery from addiction.

By reframing our situation in ways positive, uplifting and empowering, we learn to nurture and support ourselves with proper self-care while we work to develop healthy behaviors and thought habits.

From Erica Spiegelman, author of breakout book Rewired, comes 101 Affirmations for Addiction & Recovery, a complete collection of personal affirmations for those in need of healing from current or previous addictions.

Touching on important topics like coping skills, setting healthy boundaries and embracing authenticity, these affirmations closely align with the Rewired Program, a best-selling series of recovery tools that are used worldwide in the treatment of addiction. 

COMPLEMENTARY TO BEST-SELLING REWIRED SERIES. Selling more than 40,000 copies, Erica Spiegelman’s Rewired series offers a bold new approach to addiction and recovery.

PROMOTES POSITIVITY AND STRENGTH IN DIFFICULT SITUATIONS. Struggling with personal addiction is an emotionally draining and time-consuming process. 101 Affirmations for Addiction & Recovery provides carefully crafted and thought-provoking affirmations to provide these individuals with much-needed comfort during trying times.

PROVIDES INSPIRATION AND ENCOURAGEMENT. It can be easy to lose sight of ourselves in coping with addiction. Serving both as a source of emotional support and personal guidance, 101 Affirmations for Addiction & Recovery helps you separate yourself from your addiction, coming to terms with—and moving on from—these issues.

MAKES A HELPFUL AND THOUGHTFUL GIFT. The inspirational and beautiful presentation of this book makes this the perfect gesture for those struggling with addiction and recovery.

Erica Spiegelman is a consultant, author, counselor and speaker who has made an indelible mark in the field of addiction recovery. She has founded a multi-media health and wellness platform, providing consulting and counseling solutions for clients by providing them with tools on how to reach emotional, mental and physical freedom. She holds a Bachelors degree in Literature from the University of Arizona and a degree as a California State Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor (CADAC-I) from University of California, Los Angeles. Erica has a consulting business and works with numerous patient care centers in California, including the Living Rebos Treatment Center, Klean Treatment Center, and Passages Malibu. She is a regular contributor to online health outlets, writes for Maria Shriver, and often co-hosts a weekly radio show Klean Radio on Sirius XM.

Author Residence: Los Angeles, CA

Author Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Marketing: Targeted outreach to author’s professional connections and clients

Targeted outreach to addiction centers, rehabilitation places, and support groups

Feature on Hatherleigh Press website, hatherleighpress.com

Feature on author’s website, ericaspiegelman.com

Feature on author’s RadioMD show

Viral marketing to mental health, addiction recovery and self-help communities

Online webinars/courses led by the author

Email announcement to 20,000+ Hatherleigh consumer mailing list

Social media outreach (to influencers) and giveaways (twitter, goodreads, youtube, facebook)

Cross-promotion with author’s complete Rewired book series and Rewired online program

Publicity: Review copies available to key media, targeting self-help, addiction recovery, and mental health reviewers, and publications

Postcards and press release made available to key media and authors’ contacts

Feature stories emailed and placed in hundreds of weekly and daily newspapers

Author events (virtual included) and book signings

Author personal connection to social media influencers posting about the book

Feature Website: ericaspiegelman.com

Author Website: ericaspiegelman.com

Author Social Media: facebook, twitter, instagram

“This book is for everyone who wants a new and better life—one of bravery, joy and empowerment.” —Pamela Brinker, LCSW, author of Conscious Bravery: Caring for Someone with Addiction

“Instrumental for raising self-awareness, this book helped me look inward on any negative thoughts around daily life topics and turn the focus to the positive and gain clarity on them.” —Vivian Ulrich, Certified Addiction Recovery Coach, lead podcaster for “Sobertownpodcast”

“A choose-your-own-adventure book for anyone who wants to rewire their brain.” —Anna David, New York Times bestselling author of Party Girl

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