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August 2022 Juvenile Fiction

Afraid of Your Neighbor
By (author): Katharina E. Volk Illustrated by: Malgorzata Zajac
Katharina E. Volk ,

Illustrated by :

Malgorzata Zajac


Kind World Publishing



Product Form:


Form detail:

Trade binding
Hardcover , Trade binding


Age (years) 4 - 8
Aug 12, 2022
$25.50 CAD


10in x 10 x 0.28 in | 360 gr

Page Count:

32 pages


Full-color illustrations
Kind World Publishing
JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / Strangers

A story about fear of the unknown, how easy it can be to follow a crowd, and how it only takes one friend to model kindness.

The forest has a new neighbor. No one has met him, but Frog’s ball is missing and he’s certain the neighbor must have stolen it! Most of the animal friends plan an attack . . . but Mouse has other ideas. She is determined to hear the other side of the story and give the new neighbor a chance. When the ball is returned, will the animal friends learn an important lesson?

Originally published in Belgium and The Netherlands by Clavis Books, the English translation of Afraid of Your Neighbor is now being published in North America. This clever fable cautions against the dangers of prejudice and models a heartening example of standing up for what’s right—both timely lessons sure to resonate with readers of all ages.

Katharina E. Volk was born in springtime into a large family in Witten, Westphalia. She discovered her love of language and poetry even before she graduated from high school. This was followed by a degree in German studies, work in a kindergarten and trips to various professional areas. This brought some inspiration and ultimately led to the creative desk which is currently situated in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance in Germany. The author’s books are full of endearing beings of all kinds.

Malgosia Zajac is a Polish illustrator. She lives with her family in a very old city called Kraków. This city is known for its famous dragon (unfortunately no longer in good shape) and for Wawel Royal Castle (still in perfect shape). Małgorzata strongly believes that imagination is the most important thing in life. Her head is always full of all kind of creatures, imaginary friends, magical worlds and entire stories. She uses her drawing skills and different techniques to create those nonexistent worlds on paper. The shelves in Małgorzata’s workshop are filled with beautiful books illustrated by her favorite artists from all over the world. She admires them and learns something new from them every day. She dreams that her picture books will one day be on someone’s Favorites shelves too.

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